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Healing Disease Through Diet

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  • Healing Disease Through Diet

    Thought I'd share this wonderful story about a woman who is in remission from Lyme by integrating Dr. Terry Wahls' Paleo Plus Diet and herbal protocol of herbalist Stephen Buhner:

    Wahls Paleo Diet for Lyme Disease – Real Food Rebel
    Success with Buhner’s Protocol for Lyme – Real Food Rebel

    The body can heal itself if we stop putting in toxins and begin giving it what is truly needed to rebuild and thrive.

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    Healing Disease Through Diet

    Yup! I strongly agree with you that a healthy diet could help heal a certain disease. It's a matter of self discipline also in having our meals


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      fasting made properly

      Properly made fasting is much more effective and efficient. Removes most health problems within the period of time from a few days to few weeks.
      Fasting means you do not eat at all. The only consumption allowed is water. When dry fasting, one does not drink water too. Dry fasting is much more dangerous but about three time more efficient.
      Fasting must be tailored individually to your body.
      Inedia, Breatharianism, Non-Eating, Living on Light, Fasting. :: Index
      or search for "heal fasting", "fasting for health" etc.