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adam: what salt you recommend?

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  • adam: what salt you recommend?

    i've been enjoying your posts, mr. ant, & even got myself on the sea salt cleanse -- in fact, i'm on my 2nd day as we speak

    now my question is: what are the reasons you do not recommend himalaya crystal salt or real salt from utah?
    i'm intrigued

    i've been making sole with himalaya crystal ever since the book on water & salt by hendel & ferreira came out in english (
    it seems that i got indoctrinated by them & this may, or may not, be the right time to make some changes

    thanks & be well

    Be-atrix Bora
    atrium borabora

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    my motivation

    it seems that 2 main reasons led me to experiment with the sea salt cleanse:
    [1] the weather is nice, the moon is waxing beautifully: the right environment for an autumn cleanse after spending the summer enjoying so much variety & quality of fruits from around the world, raw pasture eggs, scharffen berger, cod liver oil, etc. etc.

    [2] i tend to think that washing the body in water & salt (plus a few juicy low-sweet fruits) can only enhance my experience of my paths modules -- we'll see

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    Be-atrix Bora
    atrium borabora


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      bora, if i remember correctly, himalayan salt is a land based salt. it does have a lot of benefits to it, but also is loaded with heavy metals, and inland contamination via acid rains, run-off, and others. it is not optimal.
      the same goes for Real Salt... i have a copy of their mineral analysis laying around here somewhere.

      inland salts are not energized the same(sunlight), are not free floating and "spun" like sea salts, and sea salts have a much more perfect balance for the human body. inland salts do have their purposes, but it is not really for internal human consumption. if it is all you have, it is still 100 times better than epsom salts, table salt, and any other processed salts.


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        Could you please post a link of where to get the Sea Clearly salt you have mentioned?

        If that is not available, would you please post a link of the next best salt that you recommend?


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          Sea Clearly isnt a salt company per se, it is a company i am affiliated with to produce and research quantum products. we are not yet marketing our products because of FDA, mainstream science obstacles, politics, and many other reasons. (dangerous if used imporperly). you will not find us on the web at all, we are at this stage private.

          De Souza is the company that i recommend to get your Sea Salt. i am not affiliated with them, but through our (Sea CLearly) research, we have found their salt to be the perfect product. i will try and find their phone number if i can.


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            from bali

            personally, i do not like celtic salt for 2 reasons:
            ~ the area between france & the uk is highly polluted
            ~ all the celtic salt i've seen comes in non-biodegradable plastic bags, which means that the salt, strong as it is, eats the plastic & thus carries some of the plastic chemicals into the eater's body

            here's some nice sea salt from bali:
            Bali Sea Salt by Salt Traders Inc.

            & here some wildcrafted raw seaweeds:
            Rising Tide Sea Vegetables -

            shortly i'll post some info that supports what adam said about sea salt earlier in this thread

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            Be-atrix Bora
            atrium borabora


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              david jubb says

              this is from secrets of an alkaline body: the new science of colloidal biology by annie & david jubb, 2004 (1-55643-481-2)

              "phytoplankton, algae, & plants deliver minerals to us in their most assimilative form, for colloids have been part of a complex biological system; minerals coming in the form of colloids from these natural biological life forms are imbued with vital energetics ..." (p.76)

              "for minerals to be absorbable by the body they have to be in colloidal form; they also need to have been part of a biological system, like algae, friendly bacteria, to be within their whole food mineral complex such as you would generally find in nature ..." (p.179)

              this is from jubbs cell rejuvenation: the science behind lifefood cleansing by david jubb, 2006 (1-55643-555-x)

              "sun dried sea salt is a star performer [...] this sun dried salt is special as it is still bound to its living phytoplankton, which is a veritable software program for rejuvenating a mineral starved cell.
              "while the salt crystal remains moist, it retains its minerals & can change into an acid in the presence of a base, or an alkali in the presence of an acid [...] salt crosses the barrier of both the cell membrane & the membrane within the cell surrounding the nucleus ...
              "seawater is an isotonic fluid, like blood serum; naturally crystallized sun dried salt has reactive properties that affect the human organism positively; cosmic rays ionize seawater at depths up to a few hundred feet, & radioactive trace/macro elements well up; organic & mineral nutrient rich elements are created by this ionization; pathogenic bacteria are unable to survive in seawater; this property is only found in sun dried sea salt & fresh seawater ..." (pp.65-66)

              "sea salt -- sundried, unprocessed; bears the wealth of minerals of the ocean, up to 92 trace minerals, many of which are no longer found in the soils; superior to rock salt; recently sun dried sea salt still retains biophotons, while sea salt coming from ancient sea beds, though it still has some life in it, is missing its more volatile minerals which have been lost with time" (p.160)

              Be-atrix Bora
              atrium borabora


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                you are correct about the Celtic Sea salt, i included that info somewhere in these threads.

                do you have a mineral analysis of the bali product, or are you just taking their word? as with Celtic, bali is another inland based sea salt... it even states on the site that they harvest this on black sand. black sand is usually high in iron oxides, magnatite, silicates, and feces.(bird, human, animals etc.)

                btw, the presence of iron oxides usually indicates that any surrounding hills or mountains are ripe with gold.


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                  I just received my Celtic sea salt package. Will try the toploading procedure tomorrow. After that I will post how it went
                  It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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                    ok, just make sure that you strain the salt water through a paper towel or something to catch the silicates. (sand)

                    good luck.

                    if you will, give me a run down on the procedure you are going to do.



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                      I just read your top loading procedure one more time. And I will do everything according to it. I will take two litres of distilled water, dissolve four table spoons of sea salt in it and then filter the saltwater through a coffee filter to remove the silicates. I will dose this amount so that I can use it all up over the 24 hour period taking small amounts each 10 minutes. I will drink some fresh water if I desire it and eat some salad If I will be hungry, but nothing heavy. After the 24 hour period I will eat some yogurt and go to sleep.
                      I guess that is all.
                      It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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                        how often should this cleanse be done


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                          be careful with your alchemy, jetijs

                          1 lt = 4 cups = 1/4 gal
                          2 lt = 8 cups = 1/2 gal

                          i seem to remember that adam suggests 4 tablespoons of salt for 1 gallon of water

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                          Be-atrix Bora
                          atrium borabora


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                            I was reffering to this:
                            For ME, that comes out to be about Four TABLESPOONS per gallon of water, or Two tablespoons per liter (approx). Now this can even change, as it does for me. This happens as your body senses that it has enough, and tells your tongue to desire a lesser amount (or greater if you need more)
                            I will re-read the topload procedure, because I want to do everything exactly right. The gallons and ounces just confuse me a bit, we have litres and grams

                            Edit: Ok here's what I am gonna do. Two gallons is approx 8 litres. Four table spoons per gallon is eight table spoons per 2 gallons. That means I should use about 1 table spoon of salt per litre.
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                            It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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                              It seems to me from Bryan's instructions that it is important to get the ratio to your preferred taste.

                              XO Jessica
                              Keep your mind on the aether