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    For those of us suffering from vision problems, Glasses are not necessary and can be thrown away if one learns how to see. Dr Bates was so much treated like Tesla by the organized scientific community back in 1900s.
    He definitely discovered the ULTIMATE cause and cure for most (if not all) of the problems associated with the eye (vision).

    Take a look at: Imagination Blindness - A Site Dedicated to the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement

    The mentioned website has enough Information as well as a community forum for those searching for a cure, so I will not say anything further.

    Just go to the site and SEE.

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    elias this is amaaaaazing

    thanks a million for the very useful link



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      I have been reading through this info since the link was originally posted on this forum. There are a lot of interesting and controversial ideas presented by Mr. Bates.

      One of the most controversial thoughts presented was that sunglasses actually contribute to poor eye health. According to Mr. Bates, the eyeball and surronding muscles and tissues need the sun for optimum health. Being a sun worshipper, this was good news for me - haha. However, I always wear sunglasses while outside, even on an overcast day. I have grown so dependent on them, even a little sun is uncomfortable to my eyes.

      I have also been practicing Mr. Bates palming method. I usually do this while meditating because it is a convenient time and I can remember to do it then.

      My vision, near and far, has always been perfect. However, in the past few years, I have found I must have reading glasses for all reading, computer work, or doing anything up close. Since doing the palming excercises, I have noticed I am having difficulty reading with some of my glasses. I have quite a few pairs in strengths ranging from 1.0, 1.5, and 1.75. I am not sure, but I think the stronger pairs are now too strong for me.

      One of my original intentions at the beginning of 2007 (after discovering LOA, PATHS, etc) was to be able to read without glasses before the end of the year. I will let you know how I am progressing
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        People should feel a sense of gratitude towards Dr. Bates who invented the highly-effective Bates Method. With this method, people can gain a perfect eyesight. People who hate to wear glasses, can try this method and get to see without glasses or contact lense.
        Without glasses