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Raymon Grace on Programming Water

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  • Raymon Grace on Programming Water

    Speaks at the Total Health Show, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, sponsored by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada on March 29, 2003

    "Using Water to Change Energy - Using Energy to Change and Clean Water"

    Raymon Grace, from Saltville, Virginia, one of the most highly regarded dowsing teachers in the western world, inspired the Toronto Dowers to commence The Water Project, on November 26, 2002. This project began with his concept and his energy. The Toronto Dowsers took it to a next step, taking the water he energized, putting it in to bottles, distributing it and using it, for many different purposes. Each purpose intends healing.

    Raymon Grace is rapidly becoming a favorite teacher across North America for those interested in understanding, using, moving and changing energy to create more positive outcomes in life for them selves, their families and friends.

    This kind, simple mountain man, from Virginia, has been a guest lecturer at the Ozark Research Institute at Fayetteville, Arkansas; all the major Dowsing conventions in North America, an award winning teacher for the Silva Method, learned from famous native healers such as Rolling Thunder and Chief Two Trees. He speaks to church groups, police officers and has had numerous radio interviews.
    Raymon teaches people how to empower themselves using simple techniques and the power of your own mind.

    The Consumer Health Organization of Canada (CHOC) and the Toronto Dowsers invited Raymon to Toronto for a 2nd year to speak at CHOC's annual Total Health Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, attended by thousands of people. The Toronto Dowsers has been growing with monthly meetings offering presentations since its modest beginnings September 2000. Dowsing is one of the main tools Raymon uses to move energy.

    One of Raymon's two presentations was about water: "Using Water to Change Energy - Using Energy to Change and Clean Water". This informal talk gave some real life examples of using dowsing and energy to clean up all the bodies of water on our planet and to demonstrate the programmability of water. Raymon showed how water can be energized to improve our mental, physical and emotional health.

    What follows next is the transcript of Raymon's words at that talk:

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    Love, Light & Blessings,
    Theta Healing
    Paths 2 Potential

    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"

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    My husband has had the privilege of talking to Raymon Grace. I have 2 of his books, "The Future is Yours" and "Techniques That Work For Me", as well as the DVD, "Energizes Water".

    His website is: Dowsing And Alternative Healing Methods by Raymon Grace

    Any dowsers here?


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      Raymon Grace - Blueprint For Freedom

      Raymon Grace has produced a public service DVD that is online at Youtube.

      He does the work and you provide the focus:

      Blue Print For Freedom by Raymon Grace Part I
      YouTube - Blue Print For Freedom by Raymon Grace Part I

      There are 8 parts and something that can be immediately applied to self and others from the comfort of your own couch.