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    If you want to understand more about Ho`oponopono, go to the Zero Limits web site. There you can for a fee of $97.00, download the seminar that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Joe Vitale did about the book Zero Limits before it came out. I have read the book and also listened to the seminar. The seminar is absolutely awesome!
    You will get a better perspective of what Dr. Len is sharing with all. Ho`oponopono is very simple, but it is not easy because it is so simple. The cost of $97.00 is well worth the money!

    I will add here I have not been a huge fan of Joe Vitale because of his type of marketing and I really had wondered why Dr. Len would choose him to write his story, but after listening to this, you will better understand why Dr Len had Joe write his book.
    I have also been on several call with Dr. Len and he is an absolute amazing down to earth man!
    Check it out, you won't feel you have wasted a penny!!!!
    Blessing with Aloha
    Blessings with Aloha Keoi
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    Keys To Awakening Your Inner Psychic


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      Sharyn, thanks for posting the Ho' oponopono thread!
      Bella, congratulations on your progress!! I learned about Ho' a few weeks before starting PATHS, was on the ZERO LIMITS site and have the image as my wallpaper -- it's great seeing and reading the 4 phrases which I'll do sometimes while waiting for something to download, etc. etc.
      Bella, I hear you with: " I think there is some benefit to just mentally saying, "I love you, I'm sorry for the error in my thinking that created this 'problem." and would've said the same thing before, but I found that just using the four phrases takes you out of the, ah, "guilty party" thoughts and shifts you (like Matrix Energetics) towards an empowered way to fulfillment. <- that's helped me
      I did discover after 2 weeks of doing Ho' and in talking to my friend across the country, things in a cosmic way started happening to her during those weeks without me mentioning Ho' oponopono.
      Gotta love that!
      I personally have noticed more of a "loving feeling" to myself and my world around me after discovering Ho'. The PATHS program has taken it to another level.
      Hmmm... almost like the being in love feeling, where everything just looks better -- it's been awhile, so that's cool.
      Wish you the best,
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        I just remembered this...

        Hey, I just remembered this... A few days before Sharon posted all this information on this thread I decided to do a Google search for Ho Oponopono (Where does Jeniffer post the pronunciation?) I found this poorly designed web site that had a bunch of information on it. It had written out what to say, and a bunch of articles on it... Unfortunately, I have now NO idea of what the URL was! Hmmmm should have saved it to favorites, but it did come up on the top of the search engine. It also had a worldwide sessions that they do online together every hour of the day! I am a beginner to all of this and was looking for more of an explanation of what it is, and so I continued on looking for more information.... Then Sharon came on with what I was looking for! Now maybe I could make more sense of that site! I have been using the BL process and it has been very powerful for me, but this sounded very good too! Mostly I love the module and what it is doing for me, and that is why I went looking for more info on what this was about!

        I hope this helps a little bit! I will look for the website for you all when I get home tonight... right now I have to go to a group party that is halloween themed! This is an area I desparately need to process and deal with, because I would prefer to do anything other than go to a halloween party not just tonight but any time or year! Group is hard enough, but that is required!!!

        love and gratitude zartgirl sj


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          Hi Everyone,
          Thanks for all your thoughts & comments.

          Ok pronunciation - Ho o pono pono - Hoh oh pohno pohno

          Zartgirl - I think that it sounds like the site that you found is "The Foundation of I" - which is where these articles came from, which I think I mentioned in my last post. It is a site which is a bit difficult to navigate around in places.

          For myself, I find that saying the 4 short phrases (in any order that comes to mind) is sufficient & brings powerful waves of peace to me. The first time that I repeated the phrases I could feel an immense power behind them. It was more like a sense of recognition & a "Knowingness".

          I frequently come across articles, information etc & I immediately "know" that it has come to me for a reason & that it has an importance & significance to me which I need to take note of. It is more of a very strong intuitive feeling that I get & this was one of those times when I first encountered Ho'Oponopono.

          Here's another extract which summarizes some of the key points:

          Thank you for your interest in the work of the Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos.

          Listed below are high lights of Self Identity through Ho'oponopono:

          1. Only Divinity has the power to forgive through transmutation of errors in the subconscious Mind that replay what Shakespeare notes in one of his sonnets as "...fore bemoan moans;"

          2. A problem is a re-problem in the Subconscious Mind, "fore bemoan moans." There is no new problem under the sky; wars are wars reenacted; judgment is judgment replayed, and on and on and on again and again on the stage of the Subconscious Mind;

          3. Repentance precedes forgiveness. With repentance, the person acknowledges that he/she is responsible for the "fore bemoan moans" that are replaying in his/her Subconscious Mind. "I am sorry Divinity for whatever is going in me that I experience as "fore bemoan moans. "Please forgive me."

          4. What are these memories replaying grief, anger, resentment, hate, disease, my Subconscious Mind? Only Divinity knows.

          Who can understand his errors? cleanse thou me from secret fault.
          Psalm 19, v 12

          5. Again, only Divinity can correct "secret faults," memories replaying "fore bemoan moans." in the Subconscious Mind through transmutation. Transmutation is the delete button of Divinity that voids errors to nothing, to nada, to zilch, to zero, to what Shakespeare calls "blanks;"

          6. Transmutation by Divinity resurrects, reestablishes Mind back to its original State of Zero, of Void, and,

          7. It is from Zero State -- Pure State -- that Mind is infused with manna, the HA that Hawaiians call the Breath of Life. Manna establishes life again in Mind.

          Again, thank you for your interest in the work of the Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos. I am grateful.

          I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.

          Peace of I,

          Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.
          The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos

          Love, Light & Blessings,
          Theta Healing
          Paths 2 Potential

          "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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            Hi -

            I have been amazed at the apparent affect this module has had on my life.
            I am starting to really understand (on a subconscious level)that the more we love and forgive ourselves, the more we have to give others. This of course has the added benefit of what we send to others seems to come back tenfold...SO COOL!

            I am writing to share that I also went to the website and purchased a 10 minute meditation cd that I listen to most mornings before I get out of bed.
            I really love this and wanted to pass it on. I think it has supercharged the modules affect.



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              good stuff

              Glad to hear Maggie
              Since using the Ho'oponopono Module, I've even noticed less stress in traffic... that is, me not getting angry or mad about people driving slow, etc. Getting angry isn't good for your health, especially your
              From the ZERO LIMITS book, I found a site that has a cool Ho' oponopono screen saver at click on Ceeport Products for the screen saver.
              I think it's really cool how this philosophy helps the world in a synergistic way with just working on yourself and helping others at the same time. good stuff

              Thanks PATHS for this Module!!!
              With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

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                Thanks - I will check out the screensaver.
                I have had really good results with the other Paths modules I have been on, but nothing had has such a profound impact. I have so much more compassion for myself and others.

                My husband and I were out running errands yesterday and ran into some people with a lot of that holiday anger- i.e. one guy flipped out out over a parking spot he thought we were trying to take and went into a tirade. I was amazed at how I was able to stay completely disengaged. In the past I wouldnt have engaged with him directly, but it would have upset me greatly.

                I am also way more self posessed. I work for a rather large company, with approx. 300 employees in one building. I have noticed that my elevator rides have completely changed.
                People that are normally pretty stiff and untalkative are open and communicative with me. Cool stuff.