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What is health care as a commodity?

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  • What is health care as a commodity?

    Hello everybody,

    Health care is a generic product,compared to other commodities which have unique characteristic. It needs a lot of services available to get the patients healthy. If one service is bad, it might affect the whole patient's health. The price of health care is not transparent. If it is not paid by insurance, the patients will do everything to survive, even going to foreign countries for a risky service.

    Thanks a lot
    Ademola Okubena

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    In his keynote address at the Triological Society’s Combined Sections Meeting held here Feb. 4-7, Dr. Palmisano, who served as the 158th president of the American Medical Association from 2003 to 2004, asserted that the U.S. offers “the best medical care in the world,” and that many of the problems with access to medical care “are due to government intervention in the practice of medicine.”