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German Takeover of NYSE

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  • German Takeover of NYSE

    German takeover of NYSE seen next week - Business - World business -

    Is this good or bad? I don't know but it is a surprise.

    It will force Europe to meet the U.S. disclosure standards?
    Not as if it actually has helped us any whatever our standards
    are but if Europe is worse that that, maybe this is a good thing?
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    That's the first time I've seen it called a takeover. NYSE has been dropping marketshare for almost a decade (since 9/11) so the only surprise to me is it hasn't been dumped yet, because it's hemoraging money for it's owners.

    I skimmed over some news of this a couple of weeks ago, finance isn't really one of my areas of interest but I thought the report of a merger between the NYSE and it's German counterpart was odd. Most people would assume each country's sharemarkets would be some kind of government institution or national utility but in reality it's yet another private financial paradigm with an overblown and over reported role in our day to day lives that exists to profit it owners and nobody else. In reality it's a bank, but instead of holding other people's money in computers, it holds their shares in companies in computers, and it profits from the trades of those shares.

    Bottom line for me, I don't own any shares traded in any share market anywhere on the planet, so I really, quite honestly, don't care who owns the banks that trade them. It's yet another advantage of not having any money or fiscal stake in the state of the world. You get to not care about things that make other people dive out windows of tall buildings. (which shows me maybe we care too much about things that don't ultimately matter.)
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      Could this maybe help stabilize the markets if they had to increase their oversight and play by more stringent rules? At least stabilize things in the sense that there won't be any more "meltdowns" caused by pure greed, as markets naturally fluctuate.