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Did North Korea Torpedo "The Deepwater Horizon"

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  • Did North Korea Torpedo "The Deepwater Horizon"

    Hi everyone,

    Is there possibly a cover up going on .... could this be a "Act of War" ??

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    I don’t know if I would jump to blaming N Korea. But something here sure doesn’t smell right.
    When I first heard that there was an explosion and fire that sounded reasonable. But then when we were told that the platform had sunk and all the safety devices to prevent an oil leak failed that set off the alarm bells that maybe this was not be just a simple explosion and fire.

    When BO was running for office one of the many things he promised was no off shore drilling, yet recently he reversed his position on this, along with many other things. So could this be a case of the real “powers that be” deciding that he had gone too far and needed to be shown just who is in control.
    By drilling for more of our own oil this could cause serious ripples in the economy, why even the price of oil might drop and the oil companies might have to make due with a smaller profit.

    But what if just by chance there were a major oil spill from an off shore drilling rig wouldn't this force government to stop any new drilling until the cause was determined?


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      Blame "aliens" too; or Free Energy advocates lol.

      Lol, it would be just like their propaganda units to take the blame away from Big Oil, and conveniently put it on another country that can then be demonized and attacked

      In fact, it is so obvious that is hilarious.

      Or, like Rush Limbaugh is trying to do now, pinning it on "eco-terrorists", lol... What a friggin joke. These people will say anything.

      There is ample reason to believe this is a "natural" disaster without creating boogie men: The under the sea bed "oil bubble" cracked like an egg; this is why it is so much worse than a regular blow-out... The natural gas escaping from the crack came to the surface in large quantities, and caused the explosion (...the "eternal flame" burn-off on the rig.. gee, anyone think that might be "flammable" lol?).

      It has happened before without blaming anything but poor judgment and bad geology info.

      There is evidence that they knew this was possible, and went ahead and drilled there anyway.

      But OMG, we cant have BP and Haliburton blamed! Lol.

      This will badly backfire on them.


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        What about the complete lack of oil booms for collecting and burning off the oil spill? There are oil rigs in the gulf but not one oil drilling entity nor the EPA had any available? Why did the government wait 8 days before even addressing this issue? Whether it's a conspiracy or complete incompetence makes no difference when the end result will likely be serious harm to a huge sector of the U.S. economy. How much worse do things have to get?