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Gravity wheel from Overunity by Mallaradet

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  • Gravity wheel from Overunity by Mallaradet

    The drawing for this is here
    Since overunity is locked I hope we can continue this discussion here.
    It is clear to me that the switching of the arm/weight from balanced at noon to leaning toward 1 causing an unbalance and rotation works quite well but then the reset must be at 6 pm where the arm is level and will cause no loss to reset it back to balanced. So It seems to be it cannon continue to run but must stop at noon and 6 for the set to unbalanced and reset to balanced. But where does that energy/work come from. Perhaps from the falling weight and rotation a reset can be done. I doubt that a cam would do this well without big losses.

    Anxious to hear what others have to say.

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    Perhaps 2 weights could be lifted and 1 can be used to set the arm/weight at noon and the other can be used to reset the arm/weight at 6 pm.. If the wheel was stopped and level at noon and 6 pm very little work would be required to set and reset. Norman


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