Compilation/ Brief Summary of a few Challenges to Relativity
(with LOTS of Math!)

Regarding GPS Claims and Atomic Clocks
Mass to Energy Interchange Misconception
Misinterpretation/ Refining E = mc˛
Illusion of Mass Increasing with Velocity
Sagnac Effect, Optical Gyroscopes and Shapiro Delay
Perihelion of Mercury Alternative
Deflection of Light in a Gravitational Field Alternative
Gravitational Redshift Alternative
Perihelion of Binary Pulsar PSR1913+16 Alternative
Re-interpreting Michaelson-Morlay Fringes
Time-Dilation Misinterpretation / Frames of Reference
Re-Emission of Light vs Distortion of Light
Fallacy of Gravitational Lensing
History and Misconception of Aether