I was watching the video of the water spark plug circuit and the push mower video again, and I remembered a question I thought of a couple years ago after first seeing them and the MSD Ignition 41510 Small Engine Ignition Control Module.

The question was "What if we could pull this off without a battery and with the flywheel magneto on a generator?" and I drew up a concept MS Paint image.

This was the raw idea I came up with, based on my experience building Joe Tate's APM and fiddling with small transformers.

If this could at the very bare minimum be used on a generator, that would be great, because if this thing could be used on a generator, it could make the generators a little more independent and be another brilliant use for the plasma ignition!

Now if the magnet inside the flywheel is too weak, then maybe you could machine a neodymium magnet of a similar size and same shape into it if that were an issue.

I just wanted to exchange thoughts on this with you guys on this hypothesis and see what you think, because I'm curious on the input.