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The war with China

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    China formed the ASEAN bloc and the Belt & Road economic master plan.
    Then, they proceeded to thrash all their neighbors. It's all falling apart quickly.
    Here's what they have to say in OZ;
    US should permanently place a new First Fleet in Darwin: Babones

    War begins (Jan 05,2021) China Navy fires Missiles to Warn UK Aircraft carrier & US Warships in SCS

    Chinese billionaire Jack Ma suspected missing since October
    That will definitely cause capital flight.

    Japan is not a member of the Five Eyes group till now but China has already turned pale

    China wanted to game international laws with expensive artificial islands, but they are sinking

    Japan & Vietnam come together to drill oil under China's nose & Jinping can't do anything about it

    How “Captive Nations” Are Fighting China and the Chinese Communist Party