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The war with China

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  • The war with China

    This war has been going on for quite some time. To a certain degree, this is all related to the Thucydides Trap.
    Anastasia Lin has called for a new cold war against the Chinese government, not the Chinese people.
    She makes a good case about the "iron fist" of the Chinese communist party. She talks knowledgeably about all the crimes against the common people.
    We have been at economic and cyber war with China for many years. This has gone into high gear.
    Armstrong brings the worst of news;
    "the Democrats have nothing to stand on but the virus for the 2020 election. They used the Russians for the 2016 election and this time they are using China. They seem hell-bent on creating World War III simply for political gain which they may think will not come to blows – in that they are wrong!"
    "Make no mistake about it, this will not be just a war with China – but also against Russia."

    I'll add some headlines to give a better idea of where we are.
    5/22 China’s cyber war against America – Gatestone Institute
    5/25 China threatens action if U.S. intervenes in Hong Kong – Reuters
    5/25 Former HK governor: China’s aggression should be on G7 agenda – Reuters
    5/25 U.S. likely to impose sanctions against China over Hong Kong law – CNBC
    America is looking for a cause célèbre to bring the mainstream around to the idea of "evil China".

    In the interest of making sure that the Chinese are clear about an open declaration of war, America sold some heavy torpedoes to Taiwan.
    Trump's economic war against China has been in high gear for some time. He has cut off the dollar supply just when they need dollars for servicing their foreign debt.
    Will China fall back on selling gold to keep afloat,,,,, dunno
    The Russian bond market collapsed and, Russia sold oil out the back door to survive.

    5/25 China lowers yuan midpoint to weakest since Great Recession – Reuters
    Armstrong made it clear; the reserve currency will not suffer hyperinflation. We are playing that trick to the limit. China can NOT do that because of the "impossible trinity"
    5/25 Why isn’t the dollar collapsing given trillions in printing? – The Street
    5/26 Greyerz – Jim Sinclair $87,000 gold and China’s 20,000 tonnes of gold – KWN
    It just is NOT that simple.
    5/25 “Only a matter of time before developing-market stocks unravel” – Zero Hedge
    This unravelling is going to be spectacular.
    Will China go to kinetic war to have a somebody to blame economic collapse on? Dunno,but, it is likely.

    5/25 China unveils US$500 bil fiscal stimulus, refrains from going all-in – SCMP
    China is losing markets so,they will print money.

    "“We Chinese value peace, harmony, sincerity and integrity. We never pick a fight or bully others, but we have principles.“ That as the Foreign Minster publicly warned the US should give up “wishful thinking” that it can change China, and that its actions (to counter China, in US eyes) were pushing the two countries towards a new Cold War that is “dangerous and will endanger global peace.” (Regular readers will recall we have been saying this is the reality for years.)

    In short, both sides are saying they are the victims and the good guys: in fact Xi Jinping yesterday referred to China as “the broadest, most genuine, and most effective democracy to safeguard the fundamental interests of the people.
    Yeah, as long as they are not Chinese people.

    Capital flows to where it is most respected / protected. Anglo-America can prod China to crack down violently on Hong Kong. The Communist leadership is too stupid and dogmatic to see that a very light hand over Hong Kong would be in their best interests in the long run. Great Britain has offered sanctuary to Hong Kongers.
    The Communist mentality in Beijing will eventually bring them to direct confrontation with the West.

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    The anti-China States are grouping.
    Here are some youtube video titles to give you an idea of who will be engaged in the war.
    'Panicky and aggressive' China is 'uniting the west' against it
    This is from Australian news. Australia will be forced to side with the anglo-American side
    The autocratic communist regime has an iron hold on the Chinese mainland. They are stupidly acting like they have an iron hold on the West. This attitude will be their downfall. NOBODY will trust them. They invested heavily in the Belt & Road initiative. Then, they stole water from 2 billion of their neighbors. Xi and the communists have over reached by believing their own propaganda.

    China could lose the control of 3 major and extremely important ports
    Only President Trump can 'save Hong Kong from communist China's scourge' Sky News
    China warns ‘the US will not come to Australia's rescue’ during attack on Mike Pom
    Showdown: 800-1000 Chinese troops cross into India.. RT America

    India And US Unite To Expose China | The Debate With Arnab Goswami

    Modi isn't completely stupid. He knows that America has no territorial ambitions in India. He knows that China would happily make India into a satrap.
    Europe Must Side With US Against China: Economic War Expert Says | NTD
    You are government mouthpiece,' Trump sets new rule for Chinese media
    CCP Method: Chinese Communist Party’s global agenda—coronavirus outbreak is the latest wakeup call
    Security concerns sufficient to 'break China's lease on the Port of Darwin'

    The West has ‘tolerated’ China’s authoritarianism for too long Sky News
    Australia is in a difficult position in regards to it's dependence on China for export markets.
    Pompeo warns Australia over Belt and Road deal

    There is a ‘frightening bigger picture’ behind Beijing’s threats ...Sky News
    Somebody must have given Oz a copy of China's 10 year plan.
    $70M Sent from China to US University, Biden Center;
    China picked a retarded horse for this horse race. EVERYBODY is outing Biden.
    Gravitas: U.S-China clash over Pak's debt crisis
    Yep, Pakistan will be in this war deeply.
    Australia needs to 'rethink both multilateral and international relationships'

    Trump's final blow to Huawei will ensure its end....The Frustrated Indian - English
    Taiwan and Hong Kong come together to take on the PRC
    Taiwan knew that the dragon would come for them, eventually.
    Dislodging China from North Africa: Confrontation Drums Beat
    China poisoned a LOT of their farmland with coal-ash fallout of heavy metals, etc.
    They need farmland in Africa.

    China flags willingness to 'retake Taiwan' with aggressive tactics

    All of this will play out over time. BUT, it seems that things are speeding up drastically.


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      China and India are on a collision course.
      US and China all set to collide
      Sky News is heavily into fear porn.
      Australia would be massive 'collateral damage' in a war between US and China

      Huawei is feeling the heat.

      The Chinese are pissed off. Chinese business owners furiously smash machinery and set fires on factory |CCP Virus | COVID-19
      Victoria is breaking with the rest of Australia and, signing on with the Chinese communists.
      Victoria's Belt and Road consultant has 'strong ties to powerful Chinese communists'
      Pompeo is throwing his weight around wherever he can.

      The communists have put a garrison in Hong Kong.
      "Prepare For Worst-Case Scenarios": Xi Jinping To Chinese Military

      India needs to assert themselves soon or, they lose support.
      5/28 ‘All-out combat’ feared as India, China engage in border standoff – Al Jazeera
      5/28 Trump says U.S. to take action on China over Hong Kong this week – Reuters
      "The nuclear option would be “block Chinese banks from the U.S. dollar clearing system,” which is unlikely at this stage, according to Enodo Economics."
      That too will come in time.


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        It appears that China has already lost the "confidence" war.
        Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN
        This group of China's neighbors is now patrolling the South China Sea because they do NOT trust China. China has already stolen their water.
        China is on a Borg-like mission. Their neighbors do not want to be assimilated. Trump will keep ratcheting up the sanctions and prtessure


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          Britain wants an alliance of 10 nations to take on China. Evidently, there is blood in the water and Britain smells a profit.

          The 10 nations in the ASEAN bloc have started patrolling the South China Sea to try to stop China's expansionist plans.

          6/04 China’s bond traders brace for more pain as slump deepens – Yahoo!
          China moved 300+ million self-sufficient peasants to the cities and, put them to work in the export markets. The export business has run aground like a big ship in the mud. Globalism only benefited 6 countries. The rest have rejected globalism to gain back employment. China needs to keep all these people employed so, they do the only thing that they know. They are pumping $trillions into more unneeded infrastructure. As the Chinese economy slumps, the communist party looks at war as a way to divert attention from economic conditions.
          Reportedly, China has a new system / strategy for war,

          Australia is in a precarious security position regarding Australia. Sky News Australia has been particularly vocal in pounding the war drums.

          China ALWAYS fights her wars in her border provinces. That is what the Viet Nam war was all about. China is now raping her border provinces. That would be like; America starting a war with Mexico and Canada. Sure, America could invade and prevail in such a war. But, it would be stupid.
          To further prove their stupidity, China is making territorial problems with India.
          China has nukes and aircraft carriers and, lots of soldiers. Stupidly, they think that this hardware is what wins wars. China was banned from the international space station in 2011. Napoleon warned the world about China many years ago.
          As the economic crash worsens in China, war will look ever-more attractive.


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            Once again, everything erased.

            Amazing stuff going on. China overstepped the boundaries with it's neighbors. Russia has sided with India and America against China. China has sided with Pakistan against India. Lo and behold; Biden threatens India and, backs Pakistan.
            Apparently, Biden is a lover of China.
            The Indian navy is now blocking Chinese ships.
            Ukraine has now released tons of damning information on Biden

            To make matters worse, the Chinese army is now against premier Xi
            The ASEAN nations have turned against China because of bad-faith debts and, territorial ambitions.
            China is executing cyber-war against everybody, especially Germany and Australia.

            China has now had 40 days and 40 nights of rain. They said that it will continue through the summer.
            Their banking system is melting down along with the infrastructure.
            China is also being accused of creating the C/V pandemic.
            There is even talk of China splitting up.
            China and Russia got off to a good start / alliance but, Chinese territorial ambitions have ruined the arrangement.
            There won't be a kinetic war between China and America.


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              China is crashing badly and, running out of food. Xi needs a war to focus attention somewhere else.
              "I must warn people in the US and Taiwan who hold this kind of thinking. Once they take the step of returning US forces to Taiwan, the PLA will definitely start a just war to safeguard China’s territorial integrity. China’s Anti-Secession Law is a tiger with teeth."
              So far, the war against China has been economic. They have plenty of problems with rivers still rising.
              They are fighting with all their neighbors;


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                China under premier Xi has risen up to embrace their manifest destiny of being the powerhouse of Asia. They formed ASEAN and, The Belt and Road. These are economic agreements.
                Somewhere along the line, China forgot to rein in it's dreams of empire that were NOT in alignment with it's economic treaties. The East, both near & far has no reason to trust the West. They thought that they would be treated fairly by China. China, with it's huge military decided that it didn't need to be nice to anybody. They now have border disputes with 23 of their neighbors. They have stolen water from about 2 billion people.
                They have grave internal problems too.
                "China saw 180,000 protests, riots, and mass demonstrations in 2010 alone -- on average about 500 every day"
                China admits that the 3 Gorges Dam is falling apart and, that it is almost useless to stop flooding.
                The flooding combined with the African Swine flu has created huge food shortages. China has tried to make up the difference by fishing in forbidden waters.

                South Korea Shot 5 Chinese Fishermen and Arrested 14 others | South China sea
                We are wrong! China admits Three Gorges Dam 'deformed' by the flood, CCP Xi Jinping apologizes
                Small Island Palau Blows Up Cluster of Chinese Ships roaming in their Sea
                Hot 25/10: Argentina sank a Chinese ship, killing 28 fishermen. The CCP continues to be threatened
                Malaysia detains Chinese vessels for trespassing in territorial waters.

                Not happy with just pissing off their Asian neighbors, they did something worse.
                36 CHINESE ARRESTED, China Is Done , Russia Sinks Chinese Ships | South china Sea
                China wants Russia to go against the Quad but Putin has a habit of not making wrong decisions


                20 Indian soldiers killed in border clashes with Chinese forces | DW News
                China Paying Heavy Price For Provoking India

                China’s Armed Fishermen Militia Is Plundering the Ocean | Environmental | Fishing | South China Sea
                Philippine gunboat rams Chinese fishing vessel in the South China Sea, seized 25 Chinese ships
                Ecuador and US NAVY chase 300 Chinese Fishing Ships Off South America Coast.

                China thought that they didn't need to worry about making enemies.
                China READY FOR WAR, Taiwan Sent explosive warning as army boast 'WE ARE READY TO GO'

                Tension Rise (Oct 26, 2020) - China Threatens War If Taiwan Resumes Diplomatic Ties With US
                China warns U.S. to 'terminate arms sales, military contact' with Taiwan
                China tells UK to ‘correct mistakes’ after visa offer for almost 3mn in Hong Kong
                China threatens retaliation over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan

                The war on China has brought out a LOT of enemies.
                10/19 Chinese military beefs up coastal forces for invasion of Taiwan – SCMP
                China is collapsing economically. As usual, the leaders are hoping that a war will unite & divert the people.
                Retired Chinese General Warns Of Surprise Attack By India

                The Chinese are depending way too much on Sun Tzu, The Art of war. Sun Tzu never heard of cyber war. Economic war can be more effective.
                Finland, China’s all-weather ally in Europe has dumped it very openly

                The West and, much of the far East has turned against China.


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                  Shots fired between China and Taiwan


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                    Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                    Shots fired between China and Taiwan
                    Ah yes, I'm so simple minded, what a fool I am, a dunce, a pair of ragged claw's scuttling across the bottom of a scrambled electronic void ; obviously they are going to try to rail road a situation & create the perfect setup, for how else can the Dajjal come out of the closet?

                    It's interesting that Inno games has a great building in it's forge of empire game called "Truce Tower" along with avatars & across whose foreheads are interesting icons.
                    Sort of lubing up the next gen on how cool scribbling across your forehead may be in the future.

                    Just some FYI: This appears to be playing out pretty closely to what G.A. Stewart has forecast based on his interpretations of Nostramus Quatrains.

                    Also this is pretty interesting. Esp the the bit about the writing across the forehead, and then the wording which is to be written across the forehead of the Dajjal.

                    Jesus, is the penultimate prophet and messenger of God and the Messiah
                    ʿĪsā ibn Maryam Arabic: عِيسَى ٱبْنُ مَرْيَمَ ‎, lit. 'Jesus, son of Mary',
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                    "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


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                      There are lots of prophecies'
                      Many are point to a prophecy by an Irish saint of how many popes there would be. The prophecies of the Irish Saint Malachy, the 12th-century bishop of Armagh, have thrilled and dismayed readers for centuries. He has stated there would be only one more pope after Benedict, and during his reign comes the end of the world. So Francis could be the last."
                      He was accurate for about 400 years but, not so much after that.
                      Then, there is the mother of all prophecies. It IS playing out.