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The Patents of Thomas Townsend Brown

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  • The Patents of Thomas Townsend Brown

    Over the passed few months I've been working on expanding my knowledge of electrical engineering, wave propagation, and reading throughout the history of our 'discoveries'. Before this I had a few inspirations that had lead me towards the field, one of which was Thomas Townsend Brown. I have actually read over the last year most of these patents in their entirety, however; I am honestly unable to comprehend His ideas his education differs greatly from mine.
    *The Search tool has indicated to me that this type of archive has not been created here*
    *My understanding of patent law is fairly limited, so I do not understand whether or not the concepts presented ever had been prototyped and or whether or not they've been verified by "masters of the art"*
    *The provided links to google patents include the original file in PDF form, unfiltered by google's digital upload*

    Originally patented in Great Britain 300,311A
    1930 - The Electrostatic Motor - US1974483A
    "This invention relates to a method of producing force or motion by applying and maintaining high potential electro-static charges in a system of chargeable masses and associated electrodes"

    1957 - The Electrokinetic Apparatus US2949550A

    "The invention utilizes a heretofore unknown electrokinetic phenomenon which I have discovered; namely, that when a pair of electrodes of appropriate form are held in a certain fixed spaced relation to each other and immersed in a dielectric medium and then oppositely charged to an appropriate degree, a force is produced tending to move the pair of electrodes through the medium. The invention is concerned primarily with certain apparatus for utilizing such phenomenon in various manners to be described."

    1957 - Electrokinetic Generator US3022430A
    "Priorly, the thermal energy of burning fuel has been first converted into mechanical energy of motion which in turn was used to generate electrical energy, the wellknown boiler-steam-turbine electrical generator arrangement being a familiar example. However, in accordance with this invention the energy of a burning fuel is directly converted into electrical energy. In accordance with other aspects of this invention, the kinetic energy of a stream of dielectric fluid such as carbon dioxide may be converted directly into electrical energy. Further, the principles of this invention may be applied to apparatus for the generation of very high voltages by a series of conversion devices. Still further, the electrical energy so generated may be employed as a motive force to propel the generator relative to the surrounding medium."

    2003 - US Army Research Laboratory
    "When a high voltage (~30 kV) is applied to a capacitor whose electrodes have different physical dimensions, the capacitor experiences a net force toward the smaller electrode (Biefeld-Brown effect). We have verified this effect by building four capacitors of different shapes. The effect may have applications to vehicle propulsion and dielectric pumps. We review the history of this effect briefly through the history of patents by Thomas Townsend Brown. At present, the physical basis for the Biefeld-Brown effect is not understood."

    October 2004 - NASA Asymmetrial Capactior
    "Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters have been proposed as a source of propulsion. For over eighty years it has been known that a thrust results when a high voltage is placed across an asymmetrical capacitor, when that voltage causes a leakage current to flow. However, there is surprisingly little experimental or theoretical data explaining this effect. This paper reports on the results of tests of several Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters (ACTs)."

    Also, upon further investigation I found Emediapress has a wonderful video on this that I wish I found sooner and indicates to me that I am just a little behind the curve

    Thank you for your interest.

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    After watching the Gravity Control video I now am doubting the ability of the search bar in respect to finding the information in the forum, multiple of these links are referenced within.