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On the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

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  • On the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

    Recently I'd come across a book titled "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America". I've yet to purchase it however I entirely intend to. Whether or not you're familiar; this is likely not the topic of this thread, Only vaguely relating to who may be perpetrating this.

    I've rushed through accelerated programs the majority of my scholastic life, and I've constantly seen the patterns coming forth before they're presented, whether it may be math, science or linguistics; while others have struggled through. It occured to me recently that I could be erroneously taught Many things, but tricked into learning them for myself. For a long time I'd simply taken it for granted but Now; I'm curious as to the validity of the education system I went through.
    It Seems after studying quite a few people involved in these forums; that there is a general stupidity built into the education system. An informational plague. For a long time I didn't believe it; however, more recently I've come to observe quite a few odd phenomena and I was curious if anyone had anything to relate.

    Firstly; It's long been known to me that the history is written by the victor. That however, indicated to me that there was a war to be fought, whether it was opposing Ideals or perhaps opposing armies. More recently, I've come to discover what I understand as the bookmafia of the western world. It would seem that every required college text I purchase is published by Pearson LLC, a British education conglomerate. At first I'd thought nothing of it; but, as I've continued to study I've picked up quite a few early 20th century hardcopies of books surrounding the fields of mathematics, electronics, electrical science and history. They frequently approach the subjects of today's world in a completely different perspective and with different ideas. What confuses me however, is that the mathematics have changed as well. Also, Obama accepted a 65 million dollar deal in order for pearson to secure our public education system as I understand.

    Furthermore, I've been watching an excessive amount of Aaron's video's, among others, and I've found that no matter How many times I erase my youtube browsing history and clear all data, The Moment I watch one of Aaron's videos specifically; the Royal Institution Completely takes over my suggested feed. I Can Not look for Any suggested videos outside of them, unless I return to search and do so manually.

    On another note almost completely besides these, In my studies of Thomas Townsend Brown, searching through the digital royal patent archive at, I can NOT pull 300,311; TTB's electrostatic motor, from their site. I can download a from OTHER sites searched Off of google, but even google patent refuses to acknowledge its' existence beyond an abstract and allowing other cited patents to trace to it.

    WIth this all being said; I'm having serious difficulties with structuring my learning, with fear that I will have to unlearn it once more. I would really appreciate any guidance that you may have in aiding me to further understand electrical phenomena. I'm working my way through Historical texts, and dollard's books; however, I'd like to find more a more workable structure beyond.