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    Move Greenwich Zulu to Cario and Latitude to the apex of the Great Pyramid of Cheop's, and label the four hemispheric quadrants (+L-1, - L-1) and. (+L-2, - L-2).
    8 geometric Octals appear labeled Mu. M-1 through M-8 at the imaginary points. A triangulation to the inside of a Quadrant would apex at a Mu point.

    Angor Watt in Cambodia and Teotiuacan in Mexico appear at Mu points. A Google Earth magnification of the Pacific floor reveals a colossal Pyramid at a Mu point submerged under the Pacific Ocean.
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    Sounds interesting - can you post some images to show this laid out?
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      Under the Indian Ocean same Cheop's longitude as Gorina Shoria, Southern Hemisphere mu. This gives us two quadrant mimes Cheops and Yonaguni in Japan and two Mu points Gornia Shoria and the submerged Mu point grid in the Indian Ocean. the mu points are on the same Cheop's longitude. equilibrium counter points. precise geographical counterpoints. pushes our history back Eons.

      Three pyramids are connected to the Grid: One in Antarctica, one in Alaska and one in Serbia, The "Pyramid of the Sun". A fourth Pyramid can be seen beneath the Pacific Ocean.
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        The "Pyramid of the Sun" in Bosnia would be where a Tesla Receiver would be located if the Wardenclyffe transmitter were positioned at the North Pole and so on due to the nature of the Earth's 7.8hz Shumman Frequency. Like sand on a glass varying geometric shape. with frequency.

        The Earth had a wireless grid Eon's ago, and we need to reinstall the resonating receivers at the same locations if we want to resurrect it.
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          atlantic pyramid
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            Amazing resonance: Mars has a grid from the "Face" at identical Geodes as Earth or "Marsodes". Watch 345 Hz at :50 sec:


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              The researcher determined UFO's are using the ancient energy pathways to travel:


              The Quanta is infinite voltage. Gravity is a dielectric. The Pyramid generates 1.8 millivilots of power inside and around it because of the "Casmir" effect. The voltage encounters the dielectric and a "Capacitor" effect begins to vortex the charge. Ambient voltage in L.A. is .08 millivolts.

              Might these voltage nodes be navigation beacons for travel through the Quanta or 5th dimension?
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                Our earliest Cuniform written accounts are of a Planet of elliptical orbit that collided with Earth and picked a colony of exoskeleton creatures up as it passed. These creatures evolved on a different World then traveled to Earth as our Anunaki overlords. We are a dog kennel.

                These Creatures were of enormous strength and surveyed the Geode grid millions of years ago!

                Nibiru collided with a Planet now the asteroid belt and Earth. It took a termite colony and swung back out into deep Space. The dark star interior nurtured a race of space farers who returned to Earth and bred a workforce.

                Both the Anuki and the Human race share the Tribolite as a common ancestor.
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                  Based on the Milankovich Ice age cycles and the age of Gornaya Shoria, the Great Pyramid and undersea structures as Millions of years old, it's possible they were constructed by a Race of giant Crustaceans. These creatures arose from the sea floor of Nibiru and then colonized Outer Space. They help protect our Planet from other Earth bourne Space Races, serial colonizing "Reptiloid" and "Multiple Homo Sapiens" and "Hominoid Races" who war for dominance between the Moon's and Planet's of our Solar System.

                  Our "Orion" Crustacean Supervisor's help patrol other Hydrogen based Planetary Systems in our Galaxy as well.

                  Remember; There's a million mile long "Thermocouple" in stationary solar orbit positioned behind the Sun that generates infinite electric power. A "Peltier Module" of solid alloy, cold on one side and hot on the other.


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                    What we see here is the Eon's old artifacts of a Solar Microwave Tesla Grid that beamed Electrical Power from the Sun to a Polar broadcasting Grid here on the Planet Earth millions of years ago!

                    We were a race of Arboreal Simians when this Grid was in use.
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                      We have technology that surpasses that ancient system in Area 51. A dark matter Thermocouple powers current Galactic Starcraft.


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                        2 solar salvagings; The wedge shaped image on the left is actually a series of same size collectors smaller in the distance then the foreground due to Paralax distortion:
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                          Look at the Resonance Towers on the Pyramid of the Yonaguni heiroglyphic:
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                            Zigzag Structure: 5156’5.50″S 533’2.62″W. This is identical to the Zigzag structure located on the bottom of the Indian Ocean at the Mu point. Take a quick measure of around 60 miles across each!

                            A "Sphere in a Cube" would yield an X Longitude a Y Latitude and a third Zaxis. The Cube has 8 corners. The Mu points are at the Corners.

                            Yonaguni is at the conjunction of the Z axis and the Y Latitude 90 degrees from Cheop's. The hieroglyph shows two resonating receivers on the top of the Pyramid. A depiction of the "Solar Thermocouple" can be seen below the Pyramid on the carving too!

                            The Ice Age theories place the origin of these structures to remote Eons ago, predating the emergence of Homo sapiens as a Specie on the Planet.
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                              Mu point Southern Hemisphere. Connecting the 2 suboceanic zigzag patterns Atlantic and Indian Ocean would run a line directly through the center of the planet. they appear to be polar groundsI am declaring myself the discoverer of and naming them the "Synchro Grounds". How astonishing that these two identically sized grid patterns should appear at an exact 180 degree opposition directly through the center of the Planet! This amounts to a Profound Discovery of mine! I am declaring myself the Father of:

                              "Tesla Archeology"

                              These artificial Grids are identically Isomorphic and antpodal geographically ( Diametric Corners). They are the relics of a Pre Humanity Global Power Grid.

                              Two cables of equal length would meet at the Great Pyramid in Cairo. An "Arc of the Covnent" would appear, with the power of the Planet!
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