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Ancient Tribal Bible

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  • Ancient Tribal Bible

    The books of the Mayans called Chilam Balaam record the first settlers of the Yucatán in Mexico were the Chanes or People of the Serpent.
    They were led across the sea by a godlike creature called Itzamna, which translates into lizard, iguana house, the house of Itzamna.
    The symbol it used to represent itself was the Tau cross or T-square in freemasonry.
    Quetzalcoatl carried a Tau cross.
    The Chanes landed in Tamoanchan in Veracruz, Mexico.
    They came in boats which shimmered like the scales of a serpent.
    Native American culture is full of tales of sky gods coming down to breed with women.
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    The Cross symbol

    This cross, refers to cross breeding in Illuminati symbolism and not polarity union as is often claimed.
    Archaeologist William Niven discovered more than 20,000 tablets that included many symbols identical to those found on the Naacal tablets, which were seen in India.
    These tablets and symbols are directly connected to Lemuria, Mu.
    The sinking landmass of lore.
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      From lost home to new life

      The other landing from Lemuria, Mu was at Valum Votan.
      This is where Spanish chroniclers record the story from natives who translated the voyage from tribal repetition of telling their Flood Story.
      Sounds like the American version of Noah.
      He founded Palenque the city in the Yucatán, the heart of the Mayan culture.
      Pacal Votan was the leader of the landing party who came ashore.
      His name means He of the serpent people.
      Jesus and the bronze serpent of Moses in the desert.
      You had to look up at the bronze serpent to be healed of its bite.
      They put Jesus on a cross to look up at him, replacing the serpent.
      Jesus said,”I am He.” and the soldiers were knocked backwards.
      I find the similarities interesting.
      Serpent culture exists over the entire Earth.
      More later.


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        Okay, the landmass that sunk was frozen and now at the bottom of the world.
        What? It’s in the Pacific Ocean?
        Not anymore.
        The U.S. is in deep below the surface of the South Pole where a giant underground complex is in operation and the whole place is like a Five Star hotel, the visitors are not mentioned.
        The commander of the complex is now retired and went to school with me.
        The old technologies have been revised into today’s world and is being implemented.
        The Hopi brothers in Arizona have the legend of Baho lin kinga the plumed serpent god.
        The elder medicine man teaches the younger that their is an underground world that is known as Sipapuni,
        where it is revealed that they are from this underground beginning.
        The Zulu medicine men tell the same similar story of beginning.
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          The Andean Elders, the descendants of Lemurian record keepers tell the story of the land named Amaraka, the land of the Immortals, or land of the wise snakes.
          Amaraka is the modern American continent and the word is from the
          Quechuan-Lemurian melded word meaning snake or serpent.


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            Ancient Race both biological and political

            The Hopi medicine tells the story of how the ant people fed and managed them while they lived underground and call their ancestors snake brothers, this is where the snake dance was derived and is sacred so the information will be repeated to every generation.
            The Hopi believe they have the same ancestors as the Chimu people of Peru.
            The dance rituals by both are very similar.
            Native Americans call America Turtle Island.
            The Turtle tribe is not extinct but the most famous of the tribes was the Mohican because of a book and a movie.
            The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper
            The Last of the Mohicans was written by James Fenimore Cooper in 1826 and is one of the most famous stories in American literature. The story is fictional but no doubt inspired by the fate of so many Native American Indian tribes who faced annihilation due to the encroachment of the early colonists and the devastating diseases that they brought from Europe.


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              More Tribes

              The Mescalero Apache tell of their history with the same stories as the Hopi and the Sioux.
              The Iroquois means serpent and Sioux means snake.
              The Sioux medicine tells that they came from Atlantis through Peru.
              Perhaps Lemuria Mu and Atlantis is the very same legend by the various people and sources.
              The ant people are told by other tribal medicine men all over the planet.
              It was discovered in the USA and revealed by a whistleblower that there are underground tunnels that exist that are ancient and still used by the ant people.
              Yes, the alien invasion that movies portray is actually already here and they always have been here.
              The entire Earth has ant people even Antarctica.
              They actually have an exoskeleton and walk upright.
              The technology they have allowed us to have cell phones today.
              Digital bad; Analog good.
              UFOs are parked in underground hangers and in the hollow cave on the Moon on the backside where it’s dark.
              Okay back to the history of my people.


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                Thunderbirds, the Raven, in North American medicine is strong and how the ancients described what they experienced.
                I'm sure anyone can see the idea of flying craft from the big birds flying around can be made and then someone comes along and says it was a giant condor that went extinct.
                I say where is the giant condor from legend?
                They sure ain't flying around now.
                But, then they are flying around because our planet has jets.
                The Raven created the Earth.
                Yeah? With its beak?
                Or with it's behind ??
                It's feet ??
                Does the Raven pick up corn with its pecker??
                No, but it might if drunk.


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                  Starting over

                  I shall start from as far back a public record as I can muster to describe the beginning of our known universe.
                  Scientists tell the laser truth according to conventional logic and formulation of facts.
                  All the Earth has a creation story.
                  The Sumer writings/translations going back some 240,000 years of analog forward linear time.
                  The moon was hollowed out by reptilians of advanced form which means they had beautiful women/females and they used it (the moon) for the Ant people to keep humans while being transformed from “dust” to humans.
                  Then while living under the ground the humans had to be taken care of until they were grown.
                  After the above ground firstlings woke up outside, they celebrated their birth.


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                    The Ant people hibernate deep inside rock and blend in with the surrounding color.
                    Chameleon like in hiding and they can use their exoskeleton in a flexible way other critters can’t.
                    Not changlings exactly, like webbed fingers on some humans, it just is.
                    George Washington wrote about the green Indians he encountered and how they told him of future events.
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                      A Hopi legend speaks of a very ancient underground tunnel complex under Los Angeles, which was occupied by a lizard people about 5 thousand years ago and were abandoned because of seismic frequency.
                      Geologists can verify the quakes.
                      A man named G. Warren Shufelt claimed he found the tunnels but the evidence was silenced and now he cannot tell us.
                      It has been observed that very bad people of Freemasonry use the tunnels for evil rituals.
                      Where are your children right now?
                      More later.


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                        Other legends

                        If some texts are to be accessed from other sources then the moon is hollow and the ant people took care of us while in transit from another planet.
                        The alien invasion is not coming, the aliens never left from earth or mars but the hibernation cycle is near an end and then be on the alert because barbecued three foot ants are great with smoke flavor!
                        Yes, I’m hungry for something hunted!!