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  • Glow Discharge Plasma circuit

    Good day,

    Here is the link with the circuit i have built:

    How to build your Glow Discharge Plasma Panel

    There is a problem though with it or maybe with my own vesrion of it.
    As a power MOSFET i used IRFP360 but i didn't put a diode in parallel with it. I also used an IRF840 but it got destroyed when i rotated the potentiometer to lower the frequency of the installation. (probably it was a chinese knock off)
    After about 15 minutes the ignition coil gets warmer and warmer until i have to stop the installation out of fear that the coil might explode in my face.
    Maybe someone knows what the problem is and can help me solve it
    I have two ign. coils and both of them get warmer as time goes by.
    Maybe you can help me with a circuit that generates Nitrogen oxides and ozone without using an ign. coil.

    I esteem you,

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    I forgot to mention that even at 13V the ign. coils still get warmer as time goes by...
    I know not what to do.
    I replaced the IRFP360 with an IRFZ34N and the results are the same, so it's not the transistor.


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      I have an ozone generator for the car,
      it does not take much current and never gets hot
      it uses 2 separate voltages,
      one is AC high voltage that is just enough to break down the air,
      they put this into a set of neon bulbs with all the wires connected to the high voltage output.
      the other is a lower voltage DC that can then pour into the air,
      this voltage is put into a loose screen that is around the neon bulbs in a cylinder shape with the ends open, power supply side and the other side are open.
      this device works very very well.

      so you might be able to drop your AC output voltage a huge amount and then use bare wires over it connected to a medium voltage DC to get it to work way better without over heating.


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        I know what you are talking about and i know how to do such thing, but:
        1) I don't need sparks or ''discharges'' because such a system doesn't generate nitrogen oxides only O3 ozone and
        2) discharges would light up Hydroxyl gas instead of simply lowering the burning velocity of it. I don't want it lit on fire inside this part of the installation.
        Right now i'am running a test with the ign. coil supplied with only 13V and a load consisting of two speaker wires and it ha been running for about 23 minutes without the coil getting very warm. The only problem is the noise.... To produce nitrogen oxides/glow i need to lower the frequency to around 90-116HZ and at this low frequency the noise is upsetting.


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          Now it has been running for more than an hour (about 90 minutes)at 13.3VDC, 0.52A and it reached a temperature of about 37 deg. Celsius or 98.6 F.
          It glows and i can smell ozone and nitrogen oxides but the problem still remains and if anyone has enough experience to help me solve it i would be more than grateful. Maybe a capacitor in parallel with the primary coil would do the trick....


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            Maybe a brushless computer fan across the heat and put magnets on the blades to generate some emf for extra input?
            Just sayin’.


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              you did not like my earlier solution...
              and you don't want any discharges...
              your current system has almost as much discharges as what I suggest...
              thought about doing what you want with a UV lamp that makes ozone ?
              they sell bulbs for ozone generation for water decontamination.
              if that is not what you are looking for, then I likely missed your question.


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                Well... how can i say it... This apparatus doesn't produce discharges because when i bring close a gas lighter and slightly push it's button the methane gas doesn't light up.
                At full power you can even touch the two paralleled wires and nothing will happen to you, it's safe. It works on alternating current with a frequency of about 6kHz and because of this i assume it generates nitrogen oxides, because i had seen the patents Mr.Naudin was talking about and the same thing is done there as well.
                So i repeat, methane gas doesn't light up from this glow.
                You know what, i even consider this a big improvement that the induction coil doesn't heat up a lot at 13VDC after about an hour and a half. After all it was made to work at 13V not at 30, so naturally it will heat up... Maybe if i use a PWM controller i'll get some improvements. Yesterday i ordered one for 10A because it takes me quite a while until i build it myself. i thought that usually when you are in DC and things tend to heat up that's your circuit right there.
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                  Hello BF, are there any photos of your build?
                  Or is it a secret?
                  I never got that whole light bulb thing about lighting up a bank of bulbs and have the party 200 yards away.
                  Are the bulbs a bug light?
                  JP Naudin. Show me some actual working stuff.
                  Has anyone ever successfully replicated his work?


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                    just tried my ozone generator, it also will not light a butane lighter either.

                    thinking about it, about 37 deg. Celsius or 98.6 F is not that high of a temperature for a transformer to run.
                    I regularly have an indoor air temperature that high, and 50C temperature rise is pretty normal for a transformer.
                    I would start to look into cooling if it was running over about 80C