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  • Where to buy coils

    Where do you buy premade coils?
    There are coil makers who make you wait MONTHS before anything is mentioned and then you have to get their attention!!!
    I can blurt out companies but then they get offended because you called them out.
    I think sissies should stay out of menís work.

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    Hey T do you have coil making equipment?
    I offer a proposal of collaboration to make coils and teaching others to make coils. When the example coils are finished, then offer it for sale or use it.
    The types of machines for different coils and so forth.
    Are there any plans to build for such machines made from wood or whatever.
    I hope Bro and a few others join in a positive productive method for anyone with building capabilities.
    From simple coil making machine up to outright autonomous laziness.
    Go Go Gadget makers!
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      Tesla coils

      Okay then, Tesla coils are included in this hands on build.
      I wish for the experienced hands on builders to respond.
      If you canít show your work then just donít offer to share.
      Thank you but reality is key and postulating is not in front of my bench.


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        I have made quite a few coils.
        I set up a drill to power the coil winding,
        set up the spool of wire to unwind on it's own and use my hand to set tension on the wire as I wind it.
        on the other side of the new coil I put a turn counter so I know how many turns I made.
        it is really not that hard to set up.


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          Okay, what size wire and how big around and how long will the core be for a full size torus and coil that receives?
          Something that I could use to power a 12 volt or higher circuit.
          If the frequency length for the ground is a quarter wavelength then it should read similar to building an antenna.
          If so why not use a 5/8 wavelength?


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            Coils Coils Coils!!

            Which is more productive?
            A multifiler coil with each wire rectified separately
            or all the strands into a larger single unit and then rectified?
            Any new members interested in answering?
            Any established members?
            I know there are some younger viewers/students who are above the average IQ and need the classroom.


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              Some tips

              I have made several coils of various sized, etc. and in my opinion just about every setup is different in some way so the general nature of your question is going to make it very hard to get specific answers.

              I used rods from an old printer tear down as axles to direct the wire where I wanted it to go. You will need a "saddle" to hold the wire source axle and spool. A C-clamp and two pieces of wood can help you adjust the tension. The coils I make have have not been that large so I have not tried to power the process but put my coil form and counter on an axle with a hand crank.

              The counter arm is moved by riding on a cam so that one rotation makes the counter click once. Set up the coil form, cam and crank so you can adjust and reuse them.

              I hope this helps!

              It also helps if you have some sort of "brake" on the coil form side so you can pause the setup at any point and not have everything "spring" back and make you have to start over.
              There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.


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                Thanks for your experience and input
                Perhaps if possible, a photo or two?
                It does stimulate the mind when seen.
                Thanks again.


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                  Yes, I thought of that. I'll post some photos later.
                  There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.