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  • You live inside what!?!

    Starting now I propose that we create a Tesla coil and torus large enough for a family of seven? can live in comfortably and without fear of the environment being harmed or creatures.
    So now letís begin.
    Step one the foundation.
    Step two the structure.
    Step three the plumbing.
    Step four the inner wiring.
    Step five the outer power source.
    Step six how to assemble the build safely.

    Okay ladies and gentlemen letís take our brain food.

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    Where to build

    I propose starting in Florida and getting all
    the details worked out in the lightning capital.
    When the property is secured then let the fun begin!!
    Oh, wait!! I have five point seven acres of virgin
    Woods...5.7 acres is perfect.
    Okay now I need all of you who want to build
    and contribute to a research building that you
    build and occupy for teaching to sally up to the bar and say hello.

    Please post yourself here and we will go from there.
    This is coed learning and so girls are invited.

    Anyone Interested?


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      The foundation is key to a strong build.
      How deep would it have to be for it to
      withstand hurricane force winds?
      The trees block a lot of the brunt force
      from the wind.
      There are many pencil straight trees here for construction.
      I have a power pole and a fresh water pump in place.
      All you do is bring your personal sleeping device.
      The hookup is two 30 amp and one 50 amp at the pole with an extra outlet at the pole. The 30 and 50 amp hookups are for RV 💡

      Get your motor runniní, headiní on the highway...


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        Waiting: Deadline

        Now is the time to either join up or just forget being part of history.


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          Well okay not so hurried.
          If anyone wants to start with designing the interior space then have a go...
          Wait...any architects in the forum?
          Are there any electrical engineers who wish to contribute in knowledge about interior wiring?
          There are a host of other sciences that will be needed to make this the “summer Idaho” destination.
          It is possible with dedicated scientists, physicists and engineers.
          I am serious about this.


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            I was going to ask if you were feeling ok,
            but that last post clarified it

            if you are really going to build it,
            we need slightly more information here.
            do you want it to be functional ?
            if so, internal wiring might be a pretty big issue,
            that is unless it is to be also something of an EMP testing device as well.


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              Originally posted by spacecase0 View Post
              I was going to ask if you were feeling ok,
              but that last post clarified it

              if you are really going to build it,
              we need slightly more information here.
              do you want it to be functional ?
              if so, internal wiring might be a pretty big issue,
              that is unless it is to be also something of an EMP testing device as well.
              Maybe some enemy aircraft?
              Earth Defense?
              A massive energy pump?
              An example of how each home should be?
              Of course!
              Yes, I have been dubbed the boss, ha...Brother Michael 👌🏻😊👍🏻❤️
              Another family photo 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿😇🗿🗿🗿🗿
              Thatís me in the middle.
              One more issue: How do we get a grant for the build unless we involve some heavy hitters with MONEY enough to do it?
              Thanks for posting. Are you interested in applying?


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                Faraday Cage

                The inside plane would be safe if the coil had a Faraday cage just behind it on the opposite plane, inside versus outside of the structure wall.
                Iím assuming this would be the case.


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                  Originally posted by Pot head View Post
                  Thanks for posting. Are you interested in applying?
                  I am tired
                  not up for anything lately.


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                    Advantages of Location

                    The acreage is at the end of a road
                    and any overflow of electricity can be
                    fed back to the community.
                    There are two ponds right up front
                    at the left of the driveway and a creek
                    at the very back that is the property line.
                    A four wheel trail was carved out by locals
                    that runs from the front to the creek.
                    A quiet place and ready for students who wish
                    to learn and teachers to teach.
                    Sign up!!


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                      I understand the Tesla coil can do stuff
                      with music so I plan to install my music
                      studio and record music and play it through
                      the Tesla coil itself and see how far sound really travels.

                      Hey Spacecase0 can you tell me what Iím trying to say here?
                      Is it music that the coil emits?
                      Can we hear Stairway to Heaven on it?


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                        if you plan on setting it up to make energy
                        you are going to be playing with what motivated tesla find all this in the first place.
                        and that was his investigation of why people occasionally died turning on high power DC current. Now the switches had plenty of insulation to keep someone safe...
                        now the power companies at the time fixed the issue by using remote relays, but tesla explored further
                        so tesla went about building something that just turned on high power as fast as he could.
                        now you have to put power somewhere, so he put it into a single or double turn of a large coil.
                        he switched the power with a magnetically quenched spark gap, this cut off the power very fast once current starts. this makes sense, he only cared about the power turning on, no point in spending extra energy.
                        he found that it physically hurt to aim this new energy at a person, you can charge insulators at a distance with it, and that shielding was very hard to build for it. it went clean through a faraday cage.
                        if you look now, people call this effect a near field electromagnetic effect, but they have no science to tell them why this happens.
                        I would call this a time field generator. and a faraday cage is totally useless here.

                        so, to summarize
                        it likely is a bad idea to get someone to live inside a death chamber.
                        but if you run the thing off AC power like most people do with a tesla coil, then it will not do this at all. you have to run it on DC just like tesla did, then again, the big point is that you have to run it on DC to get any extra power out of it, and that makes shielding as we know it not effective
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                          That is why this knowledge must be
                          perfected for everyone to use and live
                          within its umbrella of influence.
                          Please keep the information coming.