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    It is such a thing as discussing science in general instead of economics and what ever else ainít science.
    Maybe thinning out the non science cancers of the forum will give us a needed healing and growth.
    How many rediculous website links are needed until it breaks the forum?
    Just one.

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    Simple formulas

    Okay class, today we learn the theory of electricity.
    It ainít no theory itís shockingly real!!
    How do you make it do tricks with those curiously shaped pieces of earth?
    You study each piece and learn how it works.
    A resistor drops the voltage by its composite makeup.
    The voltage doesnít care why but the resistor makes sure it stays cool or it
    puts out that magic genie smoke.
    Okay where to start.
    Diodes allow ac or dc to pass one way unless itís one of them zener diodes.
    Capacitors pass ac signals but block dc.
    Coils build up electrical pressure when magnetically manipulated.
    Capacitors and coils can tune or resonate, a tank circuit comes to mind.
    Weebles wobble but they donít fall down.
    Bro, bi, turion, Aaron, Tom, Dick, Harry?
    Itís your turn to put up simple formulas and scenarios because Iím also digesting this as quickly as possible.
    Ok kids letís play and have fun learning.


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      What is important

      On a scientific forum the matters of physics come into play.
      Politicians are not scientific and all the links are going to crash the forum.
      Itís called a web for a reason. Your stuff gets caught into a vacuum and you canít stop it because of all the clutter.
      I donít post links because it draws down the forum unnecessarily.
      If I find a better forum, I will go there because they are awake and
      aware of the constant

      Fix the broken stuff.


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        Economic pressure is nothing but fact of life.
        Every GOD blessed time a link is added.
        I accuse Danny boy of sabotage to the forum.
        Does anyone have a different opinion besides dB?
        You do, really? Just donít leave a link to prove it.


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          It's all fake numbers, economy is run off the end of a gun.
          Wealth redistribution is as follows,

          "sign here just before the trigger is pulled"

          The more people that are eliminated the money money piles up in
          the bank. Besides they deserved it being caught screwing the other guys
          wife after bribing her for years.

          Now that's the economic pressure relief golden rule


          And now with my formula's you can surely do some major
          debt reconsolidation for years to come.

          Armstrong will be proud.
          Last edited by BroMikey; 05-14-2019, 08:54 PM.


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            Interesting, I just created a thread that is not scientific or political but just another non science thread.
            It even has me pointing a finger at someone I donít know because itís EASY to
            STAND UP behind your media device and do it, all while standing or sitting in your underwear.
            Arenít/Ainít we special?
            Thanks Bro for speaking up.


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              Itís a fancy thing

              I figured out the self running part on my junkyard build.
              I just have to gather parts for the build.
              Itís not complicated at all.
              I figure to charge the same battery as
              the one that is running is the goal.
              Your car wonít crank because of the battery being low.
              You hook up the only cables supplied by
              the build to the battery and let it go.
              After itís fully charged you turn it off.


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                Self starting

                Hey builders, not writers, do you have
                a circuit that allows the sg to self start
                when hooked up to EMF?


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                  Originally posted by Pot head View Post
                  Hey builders, not writers, do you have
                  a circuit that allows the sg to self start
                  when hooked up to EMF?
                  Is anybody out there?


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                    Too bad

                    This forum is good for a few people.
                    I suppose there is a better forum.
                    Anyone else?


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                      No one

                      Not a single person worth their salt.


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                        Oh, Danny Boy

                        What an Irish song does is different than just play point.


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                          My photo

                          Here I am in my doctors office waiting for treatment.
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                            5G Trash

                            When 5G is engaged I will not be on this forum.
                            I will just use my telephone.
                            A landline is not emitting dangerous radiation.
                            I will call it in.
                            What is the phone number for this forum?

                            I will not partake of DNA unraveling technology.
                            Yes, 5G destroys your DNA.
                            Hey Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, go futck yourself!!


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                              Here I have this photo of a large company
                              owner next to her words of disapproval.

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