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U.S. President Donald J. Trump Making America Great Again 2017

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  • The last P.O.S. president has some advice to make America NOT great.
    11/18 Obama: the Internet is “the single biggest threat to our democracy” – Vox
    Rockefeller Says Internet Should Have Never Been Invented
    11/19 Biden taps anti-free speech figure to lead media agency – Turley


    • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
      Rockefeller Says Internet Should Have Never Been Invented
      The hunters become the hunted.



      • Bro Mikey, What do you make of this?


        • Wow Danny what an awesome find. If I read this right new channels of operation here in the states and abroad. got to stop the leaks and replace the OLD GARD full of criminal activity. DHS dirty, FBI dirty so new avenues must manifest to bypass the old way where crimes against humanity continue.

          Remember, THE KING hates child trafficking and all forms of human slavery. Puerto Rico is infested. In 1979 the young runner came into Detroit and took over. They could kill and were protected by the dirty cops.

          If I read this right.

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          • Bill Kristol is the absolute worst of the dual-citizenship, war-mongering Neocons. Wars in the Middle east are his bread & butter.
            He says that Trump has decapitated the U.S. military.
            Defense Secretary Mark Esper was summarily dismissed last Monday by tweet.
            The named replacements are anathema to the military-industrial establishment, particularly Senate-rejected retired Army General Anthony Tata

            "I'm Not Ruling Out" A Trump Re-Election - JPM AM CIO Fears 'Remote Risk' Of "American Horror Story"

            "a LOT of very unorthodox things have to happen for Trump to be re-elected...Even so, I’m not ruling anything out..."

            Meet Lord Malloch Brown: The British Hand Behind The Coup To Oust Trump

            Throughout the four-year drama of Russiagate, the hand of British intelligence has revealed itself continuously...

            Hand-in-glove with Netanayahoo


            • See how this election business all connects to Trump's enemies? Do ya see it? BURN'EM ALL
              They got caught and think they are hidden. Q team has it all. You are looking at Q now.
              Previous administrations were criminal using these systems to control us elections, this is why so called election anomalies were reported and nothing every done about it.

              Acts of treason are punishable by death. We are after all of them who were in on this and not just a single goat to hang.

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              • "Meanwhile, National File ran a Nov. 21 post by Roger Stone, a former advisor to President Donald J. Trump in which he wrote: “Bill Gates, Microsoft designed election software (called Election Guard) used by Dominion. In other words, 100 percent of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes.”
                The Tides Foundation has reportedly received more than $20 million in donations from George Soros groups for a “radical left-wing makeover of Western civilization and the world.”
                “The machines are made by Flex(tronics) in China (working with Huaewie) for the most part and the programming is done in Serbia and Canada and the international corporation is Barbados.


                • BIG tech and control of the population.


                  • TRUMP TWITTER

                    .........Wow! Twitter bans highly respected Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano after he did a great job of leading a hearing on the 2020 Election fraud. They and the Fake News, working together, want to SILENCE THE TRUTH. Can’t let that happen. This is what Communist countries do



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                    • Trump is adamant that liability immunity be removed from MSM. They can attack anybody, any time with no problems.
                      "They' have attached MSM liability to the defense funding bill. Trump is blocking the entire thing.
                      Armstrong came up with an idea for a better voting system.
                      "You can easily create a system where they pay $1 to vote and enter their debit or credit card, and in return, they get $100 credit against taxes. That will eliminate dead people and illegal aliens. If we can buy online from Amazon with a credit card, surely we can also vote safely."
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                      • All the presidents on Mt. Rushmore are war presidents. Trump could do something FAR better than starting a war.


                        • We are moving closer to the danger zone.
                          Putin Calls for Urgent Response to Western Missiles Deployment at Russian Borders
                          The feces-for-brains warmongers in the West are pushing ever-harder for war with Russia. The move the missiles ever-closer. They are trying to poison Georgia and Ukraine.
                          They have surrounded Russia with bases. They seem to think that Russia will fold and allow the West to take it's natural resources.
                          Back in the '90s, the CIA came very close to getting a civil war going in Russia. The Russian oligarchs raped the country at the same time.
                          Russia is cursed with 4 huge crime families.
                          Israel is controlled by 10 crime families according to the news.

                          The deep State is mostly an artefact of organized crime. MSM, representing israeli crime syndicates is calling for punishment for the recent government hack by China.
                          Russia Dismisses US 'Unfounded' Cyberattack Claims as 'Blind Russophobia'
                          12/21 ‘No question’ Russia behind latest hacking scare, Adam Schiff claims – RT
                          12/21 Biden chief of staff says hack response will go beyond ‘just sanctions’ – Reuters
                          12/20 ‘Powerful tradecraft’: how foreign cyber-spies compromised America – Reuters

                          Trump needs to deflect criticism from Russia back to China where it truly belongs. Russia will never back down and collapse.
                          We could easily sleepwalk into WW III if organized crime gets it's way


                          • The Great Reset and the New World Order have been waiting in the wings to make a big push out into the open. The technocracy has well laid plans to displace democracy. It was all going fairly well on the world stage. "They" severely miscalculated how many people REALLY hated HRC. They never projected that the great disrupter would win the election.
                            In Europe, Klaus Schwab made sure that the Davos crowd were completely onboard. Doubters were cast out. Since the Rothschild patent for the corona test was filed in 2015, we can assume that the plans were fine tuned over the years.
                            Schwab convinced the various world leaders that Marxism and a centrally planned economy were the only solutions to the many world problems.

                            BUT, there was a big problem with the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. She kept Britain out of the single currency. Worse yet, the Britts voted to leave the utopian Eurozone. Voting was a big no-no in the NWO.
                            Mayor Ed Koch once said, "The people have spoken . . . and they must be punished.”
                            "EU united behind a determination to punish Britain for its desertion. Its stance was perfectly rational: ‘Bluntly put, it would not be in the Union’s interests for things to go well in the post-Brexit UK

                            That is what is going on now with the supposed mutated virus.

                            The NWO is a Marxist creation at heart. What better person to attack Trump than the designated uber-Marxist, Obama.
                            The leader of the 5-year coup attempt: Puppeteer Barack Obama

                            Here are some quotes from an article by Alistair Crooke.
                            'What is so significant about the U.S. election; what is so significant about the last four topsy-turvy years in Washington, has been the casting aside of all illusion of democracy, and the blunt demonstration that real power is exercised by a clique of billionaires.

                            Even the Supreme Court, three of whose justices were appointed by Trump, no longer views the Constitution to be a ‘contract’ between 50 sovereign states. The final jury is perceived now to be that of public opinion (as scripted and directed by Big Tech and MSM).

                            For now, Big Tech and MSM just repeat, ‘no evidence’ and repeatedly delete or censor postings. Next, they wash, rinse and delete all who differ with their determination of what constitutes Americans’ best health, pandemic or vax ‘interests’.
                            "And the Central Bank wizards – finally – are admitting the massive economic and social distortions perpetuated by their policies, and they accept too, that they have painted themselves into a corner leaving them with no tools by which to exit. "

                            You have to consider the idea that; crashing the economy was a central focus of the NWO takeover. "Painting themselves into a corner"
                            May be the exact portrait that was planned all along.

                            "The ‘Project’s modus operandi of a seemingly ‘depoliticised’ progress towards centralization, however, has crashed into the ever-unpredictable ‘rock’ of Trump. He intends to drive straight through – and past – the election ‘fraud’.

                            Even if it takes longer than 6 January (or the Inauguration of Biden), it seems plain that Trump is determined for the election entrails – with all the fingerprints – to be pulled out, and laid bare. This eventuality was not fully in the blueprint: Trump was supposed, under pressure, ultimately to concede. It is thus far from over
                            However, risks are attached to the ‘coercive consensus’ stratagem of the U.S.
                            U.S. politics today is not just polarized, it is poisoned."

                            "German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas immediately accused Trump of irresponsibly “pouring oil on the fire”, and creating a downward spiralling situation,
                            The ‘moral high-ground’ “liberal” meme is exposed as illusion (the EU is umbilically tied to the American Deep State);
                            the stratagem of ‘coerced consensus’ is daily being discredited by the heavy-handedness of Messrs Besos and Zuckerman.Again the question is: Are these Úlites as solid and as confident as they seem? When the recessionary crisis truly strikes, and anger explodes, will they fumble it? Trump and his supporters may conclude that precisely will be the moment to go to the streets."


                            • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

                              Silent Wars


                              So, who do you think is pushing chemtrails?


                              • A woman who grew up in the '40s in Germany has this to say about Trump.
                                "“What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn’t mean they’re like a dictator.

                                “What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn’t Trump, it’s the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors.

                                “That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today.”
                                "Andrews had just given entitled liberals a major reality check when she told them that liberals are the extremist group that most closely resemble the Nazis she grew up with."

                                The israelis are trying to get rid of netanayahoo because he is a dangerous wanker. SO, they get more lockdowns.
                                The Germans are sick & tired of Merkel the communist. SO, they get a lockdown.
                                Sacrificing freedom for the environment? German MP suggests restrictions ‘similar’ to Covid-19 lockdowns to fight climate change
                                Parts Of Beijing Locked Down For 1st Time Since July As US COVID Vaccinations Lag: Live Updates

                                China is rapidly running out of food.
                                A pre-eminent Chinese agricultural scientist has suggested the government criminalize wasting food.
                                Lockdowns will fix everything
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