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  • A few quotes from an excellent article;
    It’s clear Pelosi’s strategy has been to allow destruction in battleground states and blame Trump for it
    The divide in Washington is deep with Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling Congressional Republicans “domestic enemies of the State”. She may just pick this hill to die on hoping it can cause a deep and chaotic stock market crash. There is a real desperation on the part of leading Democrats and it’s leading them to throw everything at the wall

    Sputnik: Can we hope that both parties will put aside their political squabbles and start rebuilding
    the economy before the presidential election?

    Tom Luongo: In a word. No. The Democrats’ strategy is to wreak as much havoc and destruction on the US economy as possible and blame it on Trump. So, they won’t cave even though they are increasingly thin political ice. Their only hope, as I wrote recently, is to foment violence and hope for Trump to over-react and set the stage for a false flag which turns the American people against him.
    Tom Luongo: The Democrats still believe that their long-term survival lies with poisoning the American youth to the point where their Marxist cultural revolution is inevitable. Therefore, they will never willingly give up anything that lessens their control over the educational system in the US
    ow all they have is rearguard actions to shore up the places they are supposed to win to retain the House and challenge the election of voter fraud and mail-in ballots to delay certification.

    What’s pathetic is that the lawyers and judges will decide this election, not the voters. But this is exactly what the oligarchy I call The Davos Crowd wants, an end to pesky things like public opinion, democracy and empowered people.


    • Separate post;
      9/14 America’s color revolution – Paul Craig Roberts


      • Getting down to basics;

        9/16 Are the forever wars really ending? – Pat Buchanan

        Is israel real state or is it a terrorist state?

        Trump definitely has his hands full trying to distance America from israel


        • Add it all up.
          1. Virus
          2. Riots [organized _ANTIFA]
          3. Fires
          The 'Why':

          Make no mistake, they will not concede on Election Night.
          Make no mistake, they will contest this legally in battleground states.
          Make no mistake, they will project doubt in the election results
          Make no mistake, they will organize massive riots and attempt Anarchy-99 design
          Playbook known.



          • Repub or dem both sides against the middle till the clock runs out. Thx puppet masters.



            • Now they all lose, decrypt


              • The Automatic Earth has an excellent article about why Trump will win. It is about energy.
                Trump has attacked the swamp. "Swamp" being a euphemism for worldwide organized crime,,, much of it centered in Tel Aviv.
                The Times of Israel claims that Trump's attacks on BLM are attacks on israel.
                Main Stream Media is wholeheartedly attacking everything that Trump tries to do. Nothing new there.

                "Hate Inc.: Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another is a 2019 non-fiction book by Matt Taibbi. It was first self-published by Taibbi online in serial form and later published by OR Books on October 8, 2019, in both hardcover and paperback as well as e-book format."

                The road to world socialism must pass through a complete collapse of society first. Soros, et al are working their magic bringing "color revolutions" to as much of the world as they possibly can. They are working on Thailand right now.
                "They" are working on race wars, financial collapse, etc. They point out that the rich have gained hundreds of $ billions during the pandemic. These hundreds of $billions have no tether to reality. They can't be spent.
                The banks are controlled by the same group that controls MSM. The banks are HEAVILY invested into the crime syndicates.

                Here is a somewhat elusive article talking about the battle between global capital and,,, labor.
                The chosenites are throwing everything that they can find at Trump. Will they eventually close the banks in an act of desperation?
                Natural News has a somewhat pessimistic prognosis of what happens in the next several months.


                • Nancy Pelosi wonders how top Facebook employees can
                  'look themselves in the mirror'
                  because they 'make money off poison'

                  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Facebook during a new interview with The New York Times' Kara Swisher.
                  • Pelosi said she holds Facebook "very accountable" for posts on the platform in support of QAnon, a right-wing conspiracy theory that claims, in part, that Democratic Party leaders are involved in child sex trafficking.
                  • "I don't know how the Facebook board of directors or their top employees can look themselves in the mirror," Pelosi said. "They have clearly chosen. Their business plan is to make money off of poison, and that's the path they have chosen to go."
                  • Pelosi has criticized Facebook in the past, particularly after the company last year refused to take down a doctored video that made her appear drunk.
                  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Facebook executives and employees as "totally disreputable" over the prevalence of posts touting the right-wing conspiracy movement QAnon.

                  Pelosi made these comments in an interview with Kara Swisher on the first episode of Swisher's new podcast with The New York Times, called "Sway," which premiered Monday. During the course of the interview, Swisher brought up QAnon, the far-right conspiracy movement popular among some of President Donald Trump's supporters that claims a group of society's elite, including leaders in the Democratic party, are conspiring to commit a variety of heinous crimes, including child sex trafficking.

                  While QAnon is said to have originated on the anonymous online messaging board 4chan, in recent months, QAnon posts have become more widespread on mainstream social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Both companies have announced plans to crack down on QAnon accounts.

                  Swisher asked Pelosi how much she holds Facebook accountable for QAnon content appearing on the site, to which Pelosi responded, "I hold them very accountable."

                  Pelosi also blamed Facebook for its role in the 2016 election, another time the company came under fire for insufficient moderation ahead of an election. Special counsel Robert Mueller found that Russian operatives significantly used Facebook in its campaign to interfere with the election.

                  "In 2016, when the Russians interfered in our election and rubles were coming in and they had to know that these were not on the level of American sites, they said, well, we never thought to look at that. So they played that role in that election," Pelosi said.

                  "I don't know how the Facebook board of directors or their top employees can look themselves in the mirror," she continued. "They have clearly chosen. Their business plan is to make money off of poison, and that's the path they have chosen to go."

                  A spokesperson for Facebook did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment on Pelosi's remarks.

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                  • Facebook, like much of Bay area tech thought that they could just thumb their nose at government. SO STUPID.
                    Facebook's antitrust headache gets worse: 47 attorneys general now investigating

                    F.T.C.’s Facebook Investigation May Stretch Past Election

                    Same for Google
                    Google under antitrust investigation by 50 attorneys general

                    They have to be total idiots to ignore the regulatory powers of the government.