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  • There is no doubt that America is israel's 8itch. Netanayahu receives 23 standing ovations from congress.
    Trump has had the unmitigated temerity to attack Epstein, one of MOSSAD's premier operatives. The assassins from MOSSAD have killed the judge's son just to make sure that judicial America understands that there will be a price to pay for trying to escape MOSSAD's control.
    Ghislaine Maxwell is tightly tied to the Rothschilds.
    Times of Israel

    Times of Israel, israel is a mafia state.
    ISRAEL: Organ Trafficking Capital of the World
    Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey
    Trump has elected to take on the worldwide mafia state, mostly controlled by ethnic Russians.

    The mafia assets in government & media are hard at work to bring the total destruction of America. This is a LONG-running plan that is unfolding much more rapidly now as a reaction to Trump's efforts against them.
    "They",,, that would be the international jackals hiding behind the banner of Judaism are determined to bring complete destruction to America to force socialism on one more victim State. Mainstream Judaism seems unable or unwilling to distance itself from the mafia network.

    "Jewish community in the United States consists primarily of Ashkenazi Jews, who descend from diaspora Jewish populations of Central and Eastern Europe and comprise about 90–95% of the American Jewish population"
    No matter to the mafia. Any destruction of America would hurt all American Jews, including Sephardic, Semitic and Ashkenazi.
    Trump is battling MOSSAD which is primarily Russian. Russian mafia have taken over Russia.
    They now have their sights set on America.
    Trump is fighting a worldwide crime syndicate that intends to bring the complete destruction of America.
    The far-left has recruited an ENORMOUS army of useful idiots to attack anything and everything American.
    Higher education institutes were used as the programming centers to create this army. This army gives itself away.
    It states that it wants to erase America history along with everything else.****


    • Ancient facts for those who are students of history.

      Jews were at war with Israelite's. Jews are not Hebrews, Jews are not Israelite's,
      Jew's wrote none of the Bible. King David was sent out by God to KILL JEWS.
      probably of little consequence to many. Your loss. his mistake was setting a date of 2012 for the system to fail under Obama.

      Old man SKIP BAKER

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      • Build that wall, build that wall

        Border Force officers seizing large number of lifelike child sex dolls ordered online
        Border Force has intercepted a worrying number of disgusting and illegal products favoured by paedophiles in parcels sent to Australia.
        WARNING: Distressing
        Australian Border Force officers have seized a large number of lifelike child sex dolls favoured by paedophiles, ordered online and sent via the post or through air cargo.
        Data obtained by shows the purchase of the sinister products by Australians continues, with 31 packages intercepted at in the first six months of 2020 alone, the majority in air cargo.
        In the 12 months to June 30, a total of 86 childlike sex dolls were seized by ABF, it can be revealed.
        “Child-like sex dolls and other child abuse material are symptomatic of the broader global threat posed by child sexual abuse, that’s why the ABF works with its law enforcement and intelligence partners to further investigate these imports,” a spokesman for the agency said.
        “ABF officers at our air cargo and mail facilities are actively targeting these dolls, which are a prohibited import and are considered child abuse material.
        “The ABF has a zero tolerance approach to child abuse material, including childlike sex dolls, and we use all powers available to us to protect Australians from anyone associated with these sickening activities.”
        Earlier this month, revealed that one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, Alibaba, contained a number of listings for replica child dolls, including infants and toddlers.
        One of the sellers even provided a sickening video of an anatomically correct baby doll, demonstrating how it could be “used”.
        Advocacy group Collective Shout conducted an iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

        Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


        • Donald Trump and the Hero's Act. Art of the Democratic Deal. Naturally Trump has always been a Democrat at heart. Not the radical left, just generous in his giving and while the left's motivation for giving is not out of purity of intent, we still have a deal. Rejoice , 2nd amendment saved

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          • The Obama administration targeted the campaign of the opposing party based on false evidence.” Obama officials who exploited the CIA and other intelligence agencies to illicitly target Trump campaign officials have laughed all the way to million-dollar book advances.

            During the Trump impeachment effort, the establishment media openly cheered the Deep State. New York Times columnist James Stewart assured readers that the secretive agencies “work for the American people,” New York Times editorial writer Michelle Cottle hailed the Deep State as “a collection of patriotic public servants,” and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson captured the Beltway’s verdict: “God bless the Deep State!”

            Tikun Olam תיקון עולם
            Israel’s ‘Organized Crime’: Mafia and Mossad
            Trump has taken on the worldwide swamp. He certainly does not think small.


            • 462030-Jul-2020 11:03:40 PM CST8kun/qresearch10134839

              Only those who could[can] be controlled [via blackmail or like-beliefs] were installed in critical leadership positions across all political and non-political Control and Command Positions [CCP].
              CCP [necessary] to ensure protective blanket [insurance].
              Traitors everywhere.
              [D] leadership in joint ops w/ China [CCP] in effort to regain power?
              It was never about the virus.
              Sequence of events.
              Flynn 1st strike designed to 1. cripple 2. prevent exposure of illegal acts [Hussein WH CoC] through NAT SEC [intel] discovery 3. Install ‘controlled’ replacement [rogue1_McMaster].
              McMaster removal of ‘loyalist’ intel community_NAT SEC
              Install ‘controlled’ [rogue2_Coats_DNI] prevent DECLAS [House-Senate blockade].
              Pre_Install [rogue3-6] > referral(s) to POTUS re: McMaster_Coats_Wray_Bolton_+++
              Install ‘controlled’ [rogue7_Bolton]
              Bolton removal of ‘loyalists’ intel community_NAT SEC
              Intel community [NAT SEC_WH] essential to control [infiltration] to prevent DECLAS_public exposure of true events [illegal surv [R] candidates 1&2, House members 1-x , Senate members 1-x , Journalists 1-x , Amb 1-x] + CLAS 1-99 events.
              Mueller installed [Comey termination_loss of power][POTUS inside of a box][prevent counter-attack].
              Impeachment installed [Mueller termination _loss of power][POTUS inside of box][prevent counter-attack].
              C19 insurance plan _above fail
              C19 installed [Impeachment termination _loss of power][POTUS inside of box][prevent counter-attack].
              C19 _stage 1: Inform POTUS [intel + CDC + WHO + S_advisor(s)] _nothing to fear _do not close travel _do nothing [the political ‘set up’]
              C19 _stage 2: Inform POTUS of Dooms Day ‘inaccurate’ scenarios [models] predicting death count 1mm+ [the political ‘force’] _lock down [wipe economic and unemployment gains]
              C19 _stage 3: Activate ‘controlled’ [D] GOVS to ‘spike’ death count + project statewide fear by presenting ‘alarming’ on-ground conditions [hospital [care-supplies] projections].
              C19 _stage 4: Push testing, testing, testing to spike ‘infected’ rate incline due to daily testing inc [the political ‘set up’] _controlled MSDNC failure to report death count [rates] proportional to ‘infected’ rate _deliberate miscounting of infected numbers [%] _change non_positive to positive _label death of non_C19 as C19 _etc.
              C19 _stage 5: Eliminate / censor any opposing views [anti-narrative]
              [Ready when needed] Activate 4-year BLM narrative 4x power [use as division + [2020] C19 infect rates to justify close-limit until Nov 3].
              C19 calculated [D] political gain:
              1. Eliminate record economic gains
              2. Eliminate record unemployment gains
              3. Shelter Biden from public appearances _limit public exposure of mental condition
              4. Shelter Biden from Ukraine exposure _narrative change _media focus C19
              5. Shelter Biden from P_debates [requested demands due to C19]
              6. Delay [D] convention _strategic take-over of nominee post conf
              7. Eliminate_delay POTUS rallies _term energy
              8. Eliminate ability for people to gather _ divide
              9. Eliminate ability to find peace – strength in time of need [strict Church closures]
              10. Promote mail-in-voting as only ‘safe’ method _bypass NSA election security [installed midterms +1].
              11. Push state-bailout stimulus [CA][NY] + wish list items
              12. Increase national debt [place China into controlling debt position _regain leverage]
              13. Test conditional limits of public acceptance [obey]
              14. Test conditional limits of public non_acceptance
              15. Test conditional limits of State authority [Gov-mayor]
              16. Test conditional limits of Media [social] censorship
              Who benefits the most?
              China [CCP]?
              Russia is the enemy.
              China is our friend.
              [MSDNC [social media] programming]
              All assets deployed.
              Everything seen yesterday, today, and tomorrow = calculated political moves/events designed and launched by [D] party in coordination with other domestic and foreign entities in an attempt to regain power over you.
              Prevent accountability.
              Your voice and your vote matters.
              Patriots stand united.
              Welcome to the Revolution.


              • 32 million American young people are without bottle milk for their babies, as Senate members insult the people claiming they are sitting home and not working because they are getting rich and lazy.

                Young people want to go out and see their friend, not frozen at home in lock down. Republicans are controlled opposition to make democrats the hero's. Trump of course is a lame duck who doesn't care about the people. Really?


                • Pretty good video


                  • This is a cross-post that I put up on the 2020 election thread. Nobody reads that thread.
                    Laurence Tribe: If 2020 Result Isn't Decided By January 20, Pelosi Will Be President

                    It would appear that stirring up problems ahead of the election is just a stalling tactic.


                    • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                      Information Warfare. Instead of the unthinkable the white hats are waiting for the people to awaken.
                      Game over.


                      • WOW, all of my killers are here.


                        • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                          Welcome to the revolution / GREAT AWAKENING-Clinton foundation cover up.

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                          • Hillary's 9 lives D day

                            Hillary is ordered to testify by Judge at 9:00am on the 9th day of the 9th month


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                              • We all often wonder; how is it that Trump is still alive?
                                He has taken on;
                                The deep state
                                The war profiteers
                                The tribe
                                Worldwide organized crime
                                The NWO
                                He is going against the agenda of those who want to do a massive population reduction
                                Did I leave anyone out?
                                Armstrong; "The real dangerous position here is that they overthrow Trump and then set in motion this entire New Socialist Green Order. I am concerned that if Trump wins the election, they will then try to assassinate him by 2022"
                                Armstrong's computer program shows that it is doubtful that Trump will finish a second term,.