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  • Potential witnesses,,, outrage

    12/29 Trump exposes Pelosi and son’s ties to Ukraine energy group – Zero Hedge
    Hunter Biden Denies Ukraine Money Laundering Allegations
    Pelosi Has Lost Control of the Democratic Party to AOC and the 'Lunatic' Left, Scalise Says

    So, during a senate impeachment, the defense can call any witnesses they want.
    Biden and Pelosi,,,,,, can testify with obummer.
    "WORLD—The UN Panel on Outrage Change has confirmed the worst: global levels of outrage may reach the point of no return in 2020."
    "However, in 2016, global outrage reached record highs, especially among Democrats. Republicans had been mildly outraged during the Obama years but mostly had to go to work so didn't have much time to spew toxic, harmful outrage into the environment. Libertarians have generated almost no outrage since they are high all the time.

    Experts believe the reelection of Trump in 2020 would be "catastrophic," catapulting outrage levels well into the stratosphere."
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    • If Russia didn't [hack] the DNC (insider breach)…..

      & US INTEL supported Russia [breach] claim……

      What does that tell you?




      [Mueller][impeachment] all meant to 'slowdelayprevent' the exposure [& prosecution] of their crimes.

      Will new articles of impeachment be 'continually' drafted in effort to hold as ammunition to prevent Senate hearings re: [D] party corruption?

      Moves & countermoves.

      The 'silent' war continues.



      • SR = Seth Rich
        WL = Wiki Leaks

        Follow the guide.



        • disappointment and violence

          It appears that the walls are closing in on obummer.

          Just think about how that will affect the lefties.

          The violence will go off the charts.
          Buy more popcorn and, hide your MAGA hat.


          • Happy New Year

            Trump 2020 Locked and Loaded


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            • No water and no electricity for millions in Cal. can't settle there.

              Better herd all the cattle into San Fran

              [VIDEO] logo[/VIDEO]


              • Corrupt Cal Governor

                [VIDEO] ogo[/VIDEO]


                • Four Parts



                  Post # 204 - Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning. PART 1: Spot the Number.

                  Question: what do you do regarding impeachment when you are C_A and represent in Congress a district where the Maestro is extremely popular?

                  Answer: since you’ve already received instructions from your owners to vote for impeachment, you act as if you were bipartisan, you publicly state that you are going to think it over and focus on the facts, you build an artificial media hype around your ‘honest’ intellectual hesitation, you put an emphasis on your past service to our country as an intelligence officer, and when you think you’ve deceived enough people with your sheep clothing, you declare that you’ve finally decided to support impeachment.

                  Pretty cool right?


                  • Through The Looking Glass tech


                    • Make America sane again



                      • Couple of interesting vids,,, VERY interesting.
                        The counter coup

                        Judicial watch.

                        Best buddies


                        • The Biden's are scull and bones corrupt, here let PAM BONDI in the senate give you the facts.


                          • That wasted 30 minutes of world air time, just to hear her unsubstantiated political opinions, as she spewed her acrimonious nonsense that went no where. Do Republicans in the USA have any integrity or self esteem? I'm not talking about pride, because pride is an empty egoic affectation that does no one any good, but I mean honest self esteem that prevents one from lying to self. Lying to self about little things may not produce much karmic blowback, but lying to self about important things can return to take a chunk out of one's derriere. With a few exceptions, Republican senators appear to be members of some self harming cult, as they continue to back Donald F.U. Trump. They must not know how he can turn on them in a microsecond, as soon as they show any signs of betraying his disastrous deals and plans....just look at the disaster looming on the horizon since he gave Israel a green light to take more Palestinian lands with criminal colonialism. Colonial terrorism is the use of violence to gain control over indigenous people and their land what Israel has been doing in Palestine is colonial terrorism. When they took the Palestinian capital with violence and decided to keep it for themselves, it was classical criminal colonialism.
                            The US is constructed with criminal colonialism, because it took native lands with violence right across North America, the Caribbean, Philipines, Hawaii, Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, etc......and continues to do so. US forces now occupy 150 nations, under the political cover of protecting them against a non-existent threat. Socialism is a benevolent form of government which is why Republicans hate it, because it actually helps the weaker side of every community.


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                              • List Of All US Politicians Charged Or Convicted
                                of Sex Crimes Against Minors


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