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  • Seal Teams at AZ border

    Trump's "Q" Team on the move thru the use of ex-military Seals.


    • Psychosis of hostility

      Gengrich, "the system is more deeply corrupt that any of us can imagine." You have to get past the first part of this vid to get into the body.
      "Oh my god, he's still president."


      • "Q" level intelligence stated that if the Trump Justice locked up
        every official and politician known to be corrupt that 70 percent of
        the work force would go to jail and the entire world's system would
        collapse. In other words no ruling class at all.

        It took decades to become entrenched and we stood by and watched it
        now we are going to have to wait out our time to unravel this mess. Slowly

        A new world will finally emerge but not before a the hoe down.

        yeah i liked that video. I search Arizona sex camps, "QANON" QPOSTS
        and trafficking stuff, the media is out. The Govt state, local, federal all
        corrupt in bed with media to cover up anything THEY want.


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        • Kim K goes to the white-house make America great again.
          prison reform and Kim does not like being a sex slave to Hollywood.


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          • Trump drops an IED in the G-7 apple cart

            First, here is the picture of Mekel trying to stare down Trump.
            Trump showed up late to a breakfast meeting and that puppy-dog Trudeau told them to start without him.
            Trump called Trudeau a WANKER.
            Trump 17 Minutes Late To G7 Breakfast Meeting
            ...Trudeau Orders It To Start Without Him

            Trump Fires Back At France, Canada As Macron Speaks Of 'G6' Confronting US
            Yeah right, Macron and Trudeau,,,, a couple of pussified bait fish in a shark tank.

            Trump leaves G7 early for meeting with Kim
            Trump Proposes G7 'Zero Tariff' Trade Zone
            Trump On Trade - Everyone Is Robbing Us

            Zero tariff would cut heavily into State coffers.
            Trump NEVER promised to be Mr. nice guy.
            6/10 Trump calls Trudeau ‘dishonest’ and ‘weak’, refuses to sign G-7 statement – Mish
            Trump pulls out of G7 agreement, calls for end to US being world’s ‘piggy bank’

            Going from bad to worse;
            Trump Predicts 'Spur Of The Moment' Deal With Kim
            The deep-state is trying to block any kind of rapprochement, ANYWHERE.
            Is he listening to everybody? all the war hawks?
            Is he going to just blow them off?
            Trump huffs and puffs about Iran and Russia. Netanyahoooo is getting very nervous that Trump may not do more than just talk. . The media has cranked up the level of anti-Trump hysteria to a deafening crescendo.

            But, look what’s coming down the pike.

            D-Day for James Comey set for June 14 with release of Justice Department inspector general report --The president said he hopes the report is not being 'made weaker' | 07 June 2018 | Former FBI Director James Comey's date with Washington's political buzzsaw will be June 14.
            McCabe seeks immunity for testimony in congressional hearing over FBI handling of Clinton email probe | 05 June 2018 | Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has requested the Senate Judiciary Committee provide him with immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying at an upcoming congressional hearing focused on how senior officials at the FBI and Justice Department handled the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server,
            The head of the FBI, has rolled over??

            Sailor pardoned by Trump is suing Obama and Comey for going easy on Hillary Clinton but sending him to prison
            Trump leaves G7 early for 'mission of peace' with Kim --Donald Trump heads to Singapore after telling world leaders he wants a free-trade deal among the G7

            PEACE, we don't need no stinking peace.
            Breaking ranks, Italian prime minister backs Trump's calls for Russia to be readmitted to G-7
            More GOOD news, Soros Complains - 'Everything That Could Go Wrong,
            Has Gone Wrong'


            • When Trump Met Fibonacci

              The European "leaders" at the G-7 minus one have proven themselves to be total wankers in service to israel. They should be totally obsessed in saving their domestic economies from flaming out. Nope, they are obsessed with Russian actions in Syria. One gets the feeling that they are being held hostage by the banking centers to toe the line on Russian propaganda. Since when was Syria of all-consuming importance to Europe?

              Curiously, Russia is going in to the trash clean up business.
              "The powerful ‘laser cannon’ will be based on a three-meter optical telescope, construction of which is already underway. The telescope, designed to monitor space for satellites and potentially dangerous space junk, will be transformed into an equally giant laser if the project is greenlighted.

              A type of solid-base generator will supply power to the laser,"


              • When I look at the round table I take each individual out one at
                a time and review their ideologies. Then tagged I put them all back
                in the circle and THEN am better equipped to evaluate their declarations.

                Not all but there are a lot of sick people at that table.G7

                "Q" Leads we follow

                Remember who "Q" is?


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                • The war on Trump

                  It seems that many of my posts include sociology, war and, economics.
                  First, an article from TAE.
                  "Thank you, New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC. Thank you for killing the entire discussion, thank you for killing off journalism. There is a lot to say about Trump, much of it critical, but we can no longer open our mouths. Because we don’t want to be in the same camp as you. Life in the echo chamber has given us vertigo. We had to get out.”
                  "Being negative about the US president makes them too much money. It leaves us with a situation in which the one half of America that reads and hears New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC has become fully isolated from the other half."

                  "Truth is, Trump did a good job, everything went well, he put Kim Jong-un in a position where the latter will have to deliver on denuclearization, or face the -international- consequences. It is quite the achievement"
                  "America needs real news and real journalism, and it needs it badly. Instead it has an increasingly divisive set of well-paid propagandists who break the country ever further apart."
                  "Something else I’ve said before: the only hope of survival the MSM have in the age of the interwebs is to be brutally honest and open. Real news and real journalism. Because simply spouting opinions is something they will be trumped on by the many many millions of people with social media accounts who already do that every day, anonymously, and for free.

                  The old media don’t stand a chance against that army"
                  Reportedly, net neutrality has come to an end. MSM for their part have become so screetchingly obsessed with attacking Trump that they have lost any shred of sanity. And, why is that?

                  " It was the most fundamental beginning of peace negotiations and a slight deescalation in tensions on the Korean Peninsula, but the way they talk about it you'd think Kim had taken off from Singapore in Air Force One with the keys to Fort Knox and Melania on his lap.

                  I'm not sure how far up the military-industrial complex's a$$ one's head needs to be to think that one single step toward peace is a gigantic take-all-the-chips win for the impoverished North Korea, but many of Trump's political enemies are taking it even further."
                  "Senate Democrats have introduced a bill to make it more difficult for Trump to withdraw US troops from South Korea,"
                  The democrats are NOT trying to convince everyone that they are simply the WAR PARTY. Purposely or, inadvertently, Trump has forced them to drop the mask and, don the war helmet.

                  "Trump’s proven willingness to turn on a dime and engage in dangerous brinkmanship with North Korea" makes it "especially reckless for self-professed liberals to pressure the president to be more confrontational."
                  Lets just drop the "liberal" moniker and call them WAR-MONGERS.

                  "The revolution that we are fighting is being fought first and foremost not by the politicians, not by the activists, not by the journalists, but by the healers. The people who have committed to doing their own inner heavy lifting and uprooting their old, unhelpful conditioning patterns so that they can move through the world consciously and efficaciously"
                  "A US president meeting with the North Korean leader was until recently unthinkable. The anointed queen Hillary Clinton failed to be installed into office. The old mass media monopoly on information and dominant narratives is eroding more and more every day. "

                  The control structure from the MSM, emanating out of Tel Aviv is going into hyperdrive trying to preserve the garrison in Trans-Jordan / Palestine.
                  Reportedly, there is a BIG offensive coming to Syria next week. The witch-queen of the democratic party failed to gain the helm of the ship-of-State. There are still plenty of war-mongers besides her.

                  "How did the Democrats go from the anti-war party to the party of war in a span of eight years? With anti-war activists who opposed the Iraq War came with the expectation of an active opposition of most wars. The Democratic Party came into power in the 2006 midterm elections due in large part to the anti-Iraq War movement. They rode that wave of anti-war resentment toward the Bush Administration,

                  The truth is that they were never anti-war. The history of the Democratic Party has been one of pro-war support since the beginning of the 20th "

                  Apparently, the Knesset found it easier to buy AND CORRUPT the Dems than the republicans. Yep, bought and paid for.
                  Watch Netanyahu get 26 standing ovations during his speech to congress...
                  Assad and Putin must absorb the punches. Trump must make the punches as light as possible.


                  • MIKEY"S TAKE

                    "Where we go one we go all?" Does anyone really understand this phase?
                    We here in the USA have a code. It is different than all other nations.
                    We stood for freedom and still do but to reach that goal we must stand
                    together in common unity.

                    GOD AND COUNTRY

                    All the nations of the earth look at the USA as a place of refuge because
                    they know once they get here we will love and protect them but that
                    only counts nowadays as long as the criminal Govt doesn't get a hold
                    on any of them to traffic people or drugs.

                    The evil does exist yet the whole of humanity does love one another
                    and help one another so we need to separate these two ideas right off
                    the bat.

                    The Govt does not have the right to rule over the people anyway they
                    want, especially treating the people as a disposable resource for their
                    consumption. That is what we have now.

                    God and country means we love our bill of rights based on the golden
                    rule pulled directly out of the Holy Scriptures. Not, do unto others BEFORE,
                    they do it unto you. That is not OUR GOD'S plan and therefore not
                    part of our country.

                    You can not take God out of this equation and replace it with a random
                    set of ever changing guidelines made up by whoever comes along.

                    The USA has risen to this pinnacle of power to govt/police the whole
                    world in a short 240 years due to Holy Principles instilled into our tender
                    young children. Purity and innocence are cultivated as specified by
                    THE ALMIGHTY ONE.

                    Let me cut to the chase, here is the condensed version of what you
                    are witnessing as planned in advanced by the SELF EXISTENT ONE>

                    Men in general refuse to acknowledge where their success comes from
                    taking all of the Glory unto themselves but when failure comes blame
                    everyone or anything.

                    That is mankind that does not follow the light inside they have all been
                    given, they love darkness. Mankind wants to be worshiped.

                    Trust the plan, HIS plan is to turn us back to HIM so he allows us to have
                    our way so we fall into confusion then finally destruction. And right at
                    the brink some of every generation (40years prime time) cry out and HE
                    saves them out of their stupidity/troubles.

                    An enemy was permitted to plant evil people among the Holy who are
                    quite often swallowed up like lambs in the mouths of Lions. Evil minds,
                    Holy thought, righteous behavior, filthy deeds all mixed into together
                    called THE PUBLIC.

                    Welcome to confusion.

                    THUS SAITH THE LORD is written over and over in our Bible and one of
                    those passage ways starts out like that telling us that at the end when
                    trouble will overwhelm the entire earth we hear GOD SAY

                    I WILL SHAKE ALL NATIONS. This is synonyms with confusion or in other
                    words our own confusion is allowed to flourish to such a point that it
                    shakes us the entire process of world unity.

                    I WILL SHAKE ALL NATIONS and then HE proceeds to tell us the reasoning
                    behind HIS allowance of this condition. HE stated

                    I WILL SHAKE ALL NATIONS and then

                    I WILL PLEAD WITH THEM FACE TO FACE and then the final goal

                    THAT THEY MAY KNOW ME.

                    The purpose of the plan. No one will be exempt, every nation on earth
                    will be brought face to face with the plan as you and I see unfolding.


                    Like children fighting amongst one another the Nations do the same for
                    the approval of their peers. SO the plan was to take a ridiculously tiny
                    group of rag tagged people under HIS wing many thousands of years

                    HE (The God of the Bible) took this small group knowing that without help
                    they could never defeat the nations of the past due to numbers, this way
                    it would be obvious who was causing their success.

                    In the Bible God sent out the young Jewish men to war against the
                    nation who would sacrifice their children one after the other to please
                    a deity. In the Bible God was angry and tho out numbered his tiny army
                    comprised of Jews began to win even at 100:1 odds.

                    Now many of us have heard these Bible stories and enjoyed the tales
                    of hero's rescuing the weaker, however not all time periods were so
                    pleasant. Success is a wonderful thing and defeat taught them about
                    the err of their ways going away from the direct commands of the
                    SELF EXISTENT ONE.

                    The nations are consumed with killing the 8 million living Jews on the
                    earth to this day. HE chose them not because they are or were better
                    but rather because they were small in number and would not be able
                    to take the Glory of HIS victory.

                    When I fear God it is the fear of falling out of HIS love. HE is terrible
                    there is no doubt. Doesn't anyone ever ask the question why a tiny
                    group of only 8 million people on earth should be the focal point for
                    all of it's problems?


                    The Judgement coming is not on you, it is coming on the leaders folks
                    so keep doing what you always do, keep loving and helping one another.

                    Another passage projecting things into the future says

                    AND THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY and THY WRATH IS COME. These two
                    also are synonymous. The people have the candle/ gift of HIS goodness
                    and are angry as they should be with an evil Govt rule that ruins
                    everything it touches. Again the judgement is on the rulers who hate
                    the people and love their gOds of money/power.

                    .................................................. ..............
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                    • Vid

                      Good vid and the case is grinding on.


                      • Trump made the kids cry

                        As everyone knows, Trump is personally torturing children. He's not alone.
                        "splitting up families has been official policy in Theresa May’s Home Office – and it has been carried out with a brutality and on a scale that would make even President Trump blush.

                        The Children’s Commissioner has found that at least 15,000 children growing up in the UK live without a parent"
                        The deep state is absolutely frantic to displace the Inspector General's report out of the news. The Khardasians aren't doing anything noteworthy at the moment so, staged photos of crying children will have to suffice.
                        What a cruel, heartless bastard Trump is. He made the children cry
                        'We Think the Price Is Worth It' | FAIR
                        Then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's quote, calmly asserting that U.S. policy objectives were worth the sacrifice of half a million Arab children, has been worth it."
                        Don't mention the 2175 Palestinian children killed.

                        Record number of children killed in Afghanistan conflict in 2016, U.N. ...
                        Record number of children killed in Afghanistan conflict in 2016, U.N. says
                        Feb 6, 2017 - The number of children killed in Afghanistan's conflict rose by 25% in 2016,
                        Like I said, the MSM needs something, anything to take focus off the reports coming out.


                        • NOW, they understand what he meant by America first

                          It has finally happened (if the reports are true). Trump promised America first. Congress has always promised israel first. Trump threatened peace on the Korean peninsula. The war mongers are incensed. He promise to meet with Putin. The war mongers are enraged.
                          He refuses to invade Iran. He is actually doing what is best for israel in this case.
                          Israel anticipates 230000 incoming missiles during next war -
                          Sep 16, 2016 - A nationwide emergency drill has been announced in Israel, with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) preparing to repel a volley of some 230000"
                          You can't "repel" 1/4 million heavy missiles like the Exocet. And, there are just not many targets in israel. Hezbollah is just itchin to spread biblical destruction on israel.

                          Moving on.
                          Now, he has done it. He refuses to stop the Syrian armored columns that are taking back Syrian territory from the mercenaries.
                          On Saturday a Middle East analyst named Sam Heller broke the news that Washington has told rebel groups in southern Syria the US has spent years backing that they should not expect American military intervention on their behalf.

                          The message was reportedly sent from the US Embassy in Amman to anti-Assad commanders currently under attack from Syrian government air and ground forces:

                          New message from U.S. Embassy Amman to southern rebels: Make your own decision, but “you should not base your decision on the assumption or expectation of military intervention by us.”

                          I can't over-emphasize how important this is. BTW, I've been to that U.S. embassy in Amman. When I went there, there was a military Jeep with mounted .50s parked in front of the entry. That was during the Achille Lauro incident.

                          Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem and everybody thought that Netanayahooo had him under control.
                          "The week began with U.S. President Donald Trump uttering a remark that made his generals’ jaws drop: that he would remove all American troops from Syria.

                          The Pentagon is kicking "
                          Donald Trump Wants Out of Syria. Israel Thinks That’s a Problem

                          The U.S. and Israel are usually on the same page when it comes to policy in the Middle East, but on Syria, Trump and Netanyahu are increasingly at odds " America first, phucker
                          “We don’t have any limits on our action in Syria,” Netanyahu told reporters. “We see eye to eye,” he said of Israeli and U.S. policy. "
                          Trump was a yes-man while talking to Netanayahoo.

                          Then, he went his own way to try to protect America. Trump has no reason to parade around for attention to get a Nobel prize. History will judge him. Obummer was responsible in great part for the refugee crisis. He got a Nobel prize. What a wanker. Mr and Mr obummer are now working for netflix.

                          No, Trump has his sights set on a much bigger prize. He wants to see a revitalization of America. He knows that the economy is going to crash. He knows that the world recognises the need to go back to a gold standard to keep politicians from creating too much debt. He is probably well aware of the predictions of Armstrong about the U.S. sovereign debt crashing. Trump has to work with Putin and Xi to keep the oil flowing when America is no longer allowed to run a trade deficit.

                          This ONE action from Trump regarding Syria gives my hope that our time as israel's beetch is coming to an end. Congress and the pentagram are furious. It remains to be seen if some kind of false-flag can be whipped up.

                          Not surprisingly, there is far more at stake than just 1800 sq. kilometres of land in the Golan.

                          "Mr. Armstrong I live in Israel and today I listened to your podcast with Macrovoices. At some point you mentioned that there is more oil in Golan heights than in Saudi Arabia -and this oil belongs to genie energy. Is it true? How can it be that nobody knew nothing about this in Israel?
                          "This is the reason why Putin has an interest in Syria and the mainstream media of course championed Obama claiming he was defending children. Then we have Genie Oil and strategic oil reserves within occupied Syria."

                          OK, there you have it. Trump and CENTCOM could back israel and assure enough oil for America. Trump refuses to steal the oil
                          So, who is he going up against? (and HOW is he still alive!)
                          The principles of Genie oil;
                          Richard (Dick) Cheney
                          Marry Landrieu
                          United States Senator from Louisiana from 1996 to 2014. Senator Landrieu served as chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. In her capacity as chair, she sponsored and passed the U.S.-Israel Energy Cooperation Bill.
                          Rupert Murdoch
                          Bill Richardson
                          Governor of New Mexico
                          Jacob Rothschild, OM, GBE,,, and all around ahole
                          Dr. Lawrence Summers
                          R. James Woolsey
                          Director of Central Intelligence

                          The pentagram must be livid about the advances of Syrian armor. WHERE do they plan to stop? Will they take the Golan? Putin and Assad, working together can easily strangle israel. Will they. Putin can easily guarantee future oil supplies for America. I suspect that Trump's refusal to stop Syria is part of a deal to guarantee Russian (and Syrian) oil supplies.
                          It looks like Mohammed bin Salman has bet on the wrong horse. Blinded by his Wahabbi hatred.


                          • The anti-Trump train

                            It seems to be running over people.
                            JUNE 2018


                            • Armstrong on Trump

                              Good perspective.