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  • Headlines and the 25th

    CNN, Removing a president using the 25th Amendment would require a political apocalypse
    Yahoo, Donald Trump Jr. Liking This Shocking Tweet Has Us Worried About His Mental Health
    Why the 25th Amendment Doesn't Apply to Trump—No Matter What ...
    Is Trump Unfit for Office? The Constitution Says Yes - Newsweek
    Trump Impeachment is More Likely Than 25th Amendment Removal ...

    Don't remove Trump with the 25th Amendment | Fox News
    Why Congress Won't Touch the 25th Amendment - Roll Call
    Think the 25th Amendment will take care of Trump? You're dreaming.
    Invoking the 25th Amendment Is a Terrible Way to Get Rid of Trump ...
    How Far Must Trump 'Unravel' Before the 25th Amendment Kicks In ...
    Will the 25th Amendment Save America From Trump? Not as Written

    Trump's FISA Tweet Shows Why the 25th Amendment Is Unnecessary ...
    Why the 25th Amendment Route for Dumping Trump Will Probably Remain a Fantasy

    The media "elites" are trying to stir up a $hit storm to get ball rolling on dumping Trump. Kunstler seems to think that they will eventually be successful.****-nati...mes-od-corral/


    • California Deep State Shutdown

      Washington State is next on many fronts.

      High level crooks will end up in jail.

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      • 2 must read articles

        Kim asked for a meeting. Trump said yes. The war party had cardiac arrest.
        Contra Corner » Bravo, Trump! His Spur Of The Moment “Yes” Unmasked 68 Years Of Washington Duplicity
        NOT by coincidence, Mueller is going balls-to-the-wall in his investigation trying to find ANYTHING.
        JFK was a good guy but, he just didn't have enough larceny in his past to realize what a threat he was to the FED and war hawks. He was very naive to go to Dallas in an open car.
        Trump isn't burdened by any illusions about how far the deep state will go to get rid of him.
        The hawks plan to back him into a position where he will be forced to start a war with Iran OR go down in flames. They want to paralyse the White House and let the Pentagon kick off a war,,, by hook or, crook.


        • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
          JFK was a good guy but, he just didn't have enough larceny in his past to realize what a threat he was to the FED and war hawks. He was very naive to go to Dallas in an open car.



          • Make America Great Again

            Make America Great Again

            Time to deal with "THE OLD HATRED" Islam has offended

            The white rose matters.



            • "Q" Clearance "Say Cheese"

              New intel daily drops QANON platform

              "Q" = Potus "ANON" = anonymous

              This is very new, just a few months of code



              • Helping Putin to block future wars

                Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, said that America was broke because it spent $14 trillion on wars. The neocons were painfully clear stating that America had to take control of central Asia. They created $240 billion in illegitimate bonds to try to attack the Russian bond markets. The day after the 9/11 attack, these bonds were cleared into the treasury without the normal vetting,,, because of the extraordinary circumstances in NYC.

                Since America had the reserve currency, it was able to outspend the Soviet Union. The USSR collapsed financially. The fragments were more-or-less ignored. With the resurgence of Russia, the West became very worried. Russia is neither an adversary, nor, an enemy. BUT, they have enormous resources that needed to be stolen. Russia must be controlled. The neocons concluded that Pox Americana had to control Russia to control central Asia.
                Russia was growing much stronger and, killary was the designated batter to slap them down with a good old-fashioned war.

                Only the mother country wants war, America does not. Putin proved to be VERY intelligent and very good to work with. Even obummer worked to avoid war with Russia.
                Mar 26, 2012 - President Obama got caught in private conversation with a hot mic today in Seoul, South Korea, telling outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that Vladimir Putin should give him more space and that [a]fter my election I have more flexibility

                So, you see the problem. It was in America's best interest to deal with a proven person to try to avoid the wars that the neocons wanted. How was Trump to ensure continuity of GOV in Russia? He and Putin could work together very well.
                The neocons were frothing at the mouth trying to get a war going. In lieu of a war, Trump promised sanctions to hurt them economically and crash them down, just like the USSR had been crashed down.

                A nation is more closely held together by perception of a common enemy. With NATO surrounding Russia with missiles and the West laying on sanctions, the Russians were in quite a squeeze. In the runup to the election, Trump squeezed even harder.
                Putin won with a huge landslide. Trump doesn't have to worry about a new guy trying to consolidate control. Trump did everything that he could to get continuity of GOV in Russia. The mother country is livid. Trump redirected the hatred of Russia into sanctions that only helped it.
                Trump sent a thank you telegram to Alex Jones after Trump was elected. Putin should sent a thank you telegram to Trump for helping get him re-elected.


                • Touch not mine anointed and do my Prophet's no harm.

                  The Swamp heading for the drain.

                  Deep State prosecution using military tribunals, Patriots are encamped around the President as his life is being continually threatened. 10's of thousands are going to be apprehended the same day who's names are listed as folks being indicted. No running, no small courts to pay off and wiggle out of it. No bogging down the lower courts.



                  • International intellectual property theft



                    • 2 vids

                      Alex Jones is out of the studio and , taking a new approach.
                      Trump seems to have a helicopter problem.


                      • Trump, kicking a$$ without making a move

                        Various writers claim that Trump is completely controlled by Natanyahoo,,, or the neocons,,,or the illuminati,, or the zionists.
                        US military to maintain open-ended presence in Syria, Tillerson says ..
                        Why Are U.S. Troops Staying in Syria? Trump Admin. Won't Say
                        US military to stay in Syria 'as long as we need to': Pentagon

                        "President Donald Trump has made a surprise announcement that US forces will be withdrawing from Syria, citing the defeat of Islamic State and the need to defend US borders and rebuild “crumbling” infrastructure."

               29 march
                        So, Trump has his war cabinet but, that does not mean that he wants a war. The current showdown is shaping up as a proxy war in Syria with the Russians. Russia made it clear that they would shoot down anything hostile in Syria. America doesn't particularly want Syrian oil. So, who does?
                        "US, British, French, Israeli and other energy interests could be prime beneficiaries of military operations in Iraq and Syria designed to rollback the power of the 'Islamic State' (ISIS) and, potentially, the Bashar al-Assad regime"
                        So, everybody is lining up to pick the bones of Syria. Russia would probably win a proxy war in Syria. That is another reason for Trump to leave. The U.S. military could get quite a bloody nose. Why should American pilots die for Netanyahoo, Cheney and Rothschild?

                        Trump signed the omnibus budget bill. This gives him power to NOT spend money.
                        Trump is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military. This gives him the power to NOT make war.
                        I suspect that Trump is NOT in anybody's pocket.


                        • Syria

                          Update on the Syria pullout.
                          "Regime change advocates, neocon beltway hawks, and all the usual armchair warrior zero-skin-in-the-game think tank interventionistas are in continued meltdown mode after Trump confirmed plans to withdraw American forces - some 2000+ troops and personnel - from Syria."

                          "CNN, for example, painted a picture of mass revolt among the ranks of military officers and career State Department officials, asserting that, "Any decision by Trump to pull out of Syria would also go against the current military assessment,"
                          "cable news pundit shows reacted in disbelief and horror - with charges of "chaos" at the Trump White House over Syria policy, and claims that "ISIS will come back" if America leaves."
                          "But it's funny and very telling how brazenly honest interventionistas and deep state bureaucrats suddenly become in their motives whenever Trump speaks truth on Syria. Consider prominent Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, who the day after Trump's announcement of leaving Syria lamented while quoting a pro-regime change activist, “We took the oil. WE’ve got to keep the oil.”
                          WE, meaning Netanyahoo, Cheney and Rothschild



                          • Is Trump done with?

                            This is getting very complex and even more scary. You have to read this whole article. Many of you are wondering if Trump has lost his marbles.
                            Here are some quotes to start.
                            "8. Trump’s tweets right after the latest announced attack rang false. The word choice was all wrong. Tone right. Words wrong.

                            9. This morning’s tweets. The same way. “Gas killing Animal?” Who’s writing his material now? A third-grader?

                            10. These tweets will be used as ‘evidence’ against Trump in his upcoming either resignation or removal from office."

                            13. These tweets and past events will make a case for him not being fit for office.
                            15. He is Commander-in-Chief. His military handlers will turn on him in a heartbeat and all of this will be used as ‘proof’ of his insanity.
                            19. If he resists, his family dies. His businesses destroyed. Or he can go along, do what he can and after four years leave the office in disgrace.

                            From comments;
                            122 up votes
                            Trump’s BIGGEST single mistake was failing to fire Sessions after Sessions recused himself. We now know Sessions is Trump's Judas Iscariot .

                            How about the very well documented and obvious Collusion Crime:
                            1. Rosenstein is named assistant AG after Sessions recussed himself from getting involved with any Trump campaign related investigations - here comes Trump campaign related investigations.
                            2. Rosenstein recommends that Comey be fired.
                            3. Trump fires Comey.
                            4. Rosenstein recommends Wray, good buddy of Comey & Mueller, to be new FBI director.
                            4. Comey testifies that he leaked a memo (stuff he made up) because he knew it would trigger a special council to investigate the Trump campaign for Russia collusion (how did he know that? Part of the plan with Rosenstein?)
                            5. Rosenstein appoints Mueller (good friend of Rosenstein & Comey) as the special prosecutor with open authority to investigate a suspected activity that was not a crime if it did exist.
                            6. Wray stonewalls congressional investigations into DOJ & FBI criminality.
                            7. Sessions refuses to appoint special council to investigate Hitlary and DOJ & FBI criminality.
                            8. Sessions appoints John Huber, Obama appointee & swamp rat, to assist Inspector General without any power to subpoena or seat a Grand Jury.
                            9. Stormy Daniels is used to demoralize Trump and is assisted by FBI. Since when does the FBI get involved in the kind of civil actions raised by a prostitute?
                            10. Michael Cohen is raided by FBI regarding an issue that should be reserved for state court. Attorney client privilege is violated. This alone is a criminal act but nobody to prosecute it.

                            Conclusion: Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, Wray and Mueller colluded to assist the “Soros-Clinton-Obama Resistance” to thwart all efforts to indict Clintons and Obama and expose the corruption at the FBI, DOJ and State Dept.

                            Unless there is something really good happening under the sheets, I’m afraid our man, and our country are toast.

                            Vote up! 56
                            He obviously underestimated the status quo, the deep state. At least, kudos to him, he managed to get it exposed, one should be a retard now to doubt anymore its existence, influence and power.
                            Vote up! 78
                            Trump mistake was that HE DIDN'T CLEAN house. He didn't fire all leftovers from Obama (and before), 10s of 1000s of lefturds working in .gov on all levels and all departments.
                            Then place new bosses.
                            Then replace the bosses that won't follow YOUR orders.
                            He only has Twitter to vent out...poor schmuck.


                            • America first,,, the death sentance

                              It is highly likely that Trump will leave this world as both a martyr and a tragic figure. Little did he know that "America first" would greatly contribute to his destruction. He may have the moxie to hold things together. He may have an elegant plan to do an end run around the deep State. At this point, that seems doubtful.
                              Contra Corner » The Deep State Closes In On The Donald: Mueller’s War, Part 2


                              • Restoring the worst of all worlds

                                Sadly, this is a very good article.