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  • How far can Trump get?

    From reading the current major moves behind the scenes, one gets the idea that congress has finally reached the limit on their tolerance for corruption. Granted, it is a VERY high limits. The Bundy case managed to polarize Americans to the point that it incited ARMED resistance against GOV. The legislature can NOT tolerate this kind of activity. WHATEVER caused this problem must be removed. And, I don't mean Bundy.
    1/25 FBI investigation distracts, Bundy Ranch case quietly dismissed – Daily Bell

    The level of Clinton corruption was just TOO smelly even for a corrupt congress. Q-anon is releasing info on the various reversals for the masters of corruption. I suspect that Trump will eventually reach the point where he will become a tragic figure. The swamp will continue to wear him down.

    "354: The Prince cannot be preserv’d, but where the Minister is punishable: For People, as well as Princes, will not endure “Imperium in Imperio” (meaning An Empire within an Empire).
    REPLY: Yes, we have a very DEEP STATE and it is trying to defend itself by taking down Trump. They are completely destroying our future. They only see their own power and to hell with democracy, ethics, or God. It is all about them."
    OK, so how far will congress go in trying to exorcise the "empire with an empire"?

    Celente - Democracy Is Dead In America And
    Trump Is Being Run By The Pentagon - Vid

    Remember, Eisenhower warned against reaching this point. Just how far will Trump get before he is neutralized?


    • Impeachment and the economy

      "The killer of this Bull Market will be by the hand of people like Lindsey Graham. An IMPEACHMENT proceeding against Trump will see the Panic Cycle hit on an annual basis. "
      "All of that will be reversed and clear this is what the Washington elite want like Lindsey Graham. They are clueless and believe getting rid of Trump will restore their control."
      Lindsay Graham, like Schumer and Franken is a jew. Armstrong said that, after Marxism failed in Russia and China, it is our turn to get the big socialist screw job. Considering what the Marxists have accomplished in education, I wouldn't be surprised.


      • Trump is willing to commit suicide for America

        Most writers including Jim Wille, Alex Jones and Martin Armstrong avoid calling out the jews by name. They use terms like banksters, neocons, far left, etc. This is for good reason. They get attacked virulently and endlessly. This buries their message. Trump is going along with much of what israel wants. Jerusalem, Palestinian aid, etc. Though, he won't do a full-on invasion of Iran. North Korea condemned israel so, they are on the hit list. Trump has to choose his battles. He can't possibly get around the jewish-controlled congress.
        U.S. Congress gives Israeli PM Netanyahu over 25 standing ovations ...

        America was never a country that looked for foreign territories. Once it became rich, it attracted the historical corrupters. We've been blowing up brown people ever since. How does this affect us as a people,,, a nation? Much of the world hates our leaders. Is there really karma?

        America was held together by mutual prosperity and fear of mutual enemies. The enemies were contrived. Was Nikita Khrushchev going to invade? I remember in '62, he came here and visited Disneyland.
        The mutual prosperity is fast leaving. The inflationary strategies of the FED guaranteed to keep the banker class rich also guaranteed that American workers would be priced out of international markets.

        Trump WILL make a difference but, he can't free us from the jewish yoke. The jews have turned on him 100%.****houses/
        As several writers have pointed out, the deep state will bring down everything trying to hold on to power and control. Mainstream Judaism is NOT the problem. It is that small fraction that have always fought for control of the world. That group knows NO religion. The jewish MSM just goes along with the program working hard to promote Marxism.

        MSM screams about "toxic masculinity". I'd like to hear them scream about "toxic zionism". Women are the nurturers of the family and society. Socialism appeals more to them more than it does to men. MSM is heavily promoting them.
        Boxer and Feinstein are both jewish politicians. That doesn't give me much hope for the women being promoted by MSM.
        The unfolding crash will be blamed on Trump as a way to force socialism on America. We are now in a battle. One one side, there is zionism, marxism, organized crime, courts and legislature, and FBI/CIA. On the other side is; NSA, Trump and working Americans,,, at least those who don't work for the State.
        Oh, and don't forget the intelligentsia. Stormy Weather - Kunstler

        I fear that Trump will fail. There are far too many people who are perfectly willing to completely tear down the country. The Cloward-Piven startegy out of Chicago calls for just that. Tear down the GOV. After it collapses, a wonderful Marxist phoenix will arise up out of the ashes.


        • Spoken by the Maxist billionare

          The survival of the entire world depends on President Trump being impeached in the next 12 months.


          • Vetting immigrants,,, finally

            1 week after Trump was elected, people started complaining that he wasn't keeping his promises. It just doesn't work that way in a huge bureaucracy.
            To placate some people, he put a ban on immigration. The courts wouldn't let that stand. The lefties are hard at work to bring socialism to America. They want to break up all social continuity to destroy the existing country. What better way that to bring in millions of criminal aliens. You've all seen the headlines.
            Confirmed: Obama Smuggling In Up To 100,000 Refugees Per Year ...
            Jan 1, 2016 - There is no reason for 30 busses of people to be flying on a UPS flight designated for parcels, under the cover of night, filled with people,

            These people were brought in bypassing the normal immigration controls like a background check AND medical screening. LOTS of diseases are making a comeback in America thanks to the lefties bring in unvetted trash.
            Trump directive establishes new immigration vetting center - POLITICO
            The lefties and some church groups were responsible for just ignoring STANDING law and procedure regarding vetting immigrants. I suspect that the new vetting system will NOT allow the trash to blow in.
            America has a huge skills-gap. Sorry but, too many people just aren't trainable in new technologies. The immigrants fill some of the gaps. We dumbed-down our schools and ruined nutrition and now, we have lots of uneducated young.


            • Trump strikes again

              We had that P.O.S. Kenyan for 8 years AND
              "Feds Take Down a Half-Billion Dollar Cybercrime Forum After 7 Years Online"
              EVIDENTLY the $1/2 billion fraud thrived for 7 years under the magic Kenyan.
              Wells Fargo is apparently NOT to big to fail. The gold manipulators have gotten a good, swift kick in the arse.
              "They"? investigated every little deal about Trump and Russian collusion. STRANGELY enough, all they found was Killary / Dem collusion.
              Hollywood got a big kick in the balls with all the outing of various molesters. So, who is next? Who is the next fish to fry? I see one good possibility.
              Israeli Police Recommend Indicting Netanyahu on Corruption Charges


              • Shut Down Bill Threat


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                • Trump and his many enemies

                  Trump and the trilateral commission,
                  More GREAT news,


                  • cut to the bone

                    "Overall, though, the proposal would cut just a third of the “International Affairs Budget,” which funds foreign aid, diplomacy, and international organizations such as the UN. Globalists and pro-UN liberals were outraged by the proposal, demanding that Republican leaders in Congress refuse to support the cuts. But grassroots conservatives and leaders suggested that steeper cuts or even a full U.S. withdrawal from the UN would be a better way to advance Trump's publicly articulated “America First” agenda."



                    • Warmists get cooked

                      Armstrong, "There is a major Global Warming Conspiracy that is threatening our entire way of life and is out to destroy the global economy. These sick and evil people are trying to launch lawsuits to put the oil industry out of business. They have absolutely no alternative to how the economy would function and they are threatening the lives of so many people by trying to end fossil fuels which would then destroy the auto industry and turn the United States into some crumbling economy like scenes of cities abandoned in sci-fi movies.

                      The Global Warming Conspiracy has filed a lawsuit against EXXON as they have unleashed their conspiracy that is designed to force everyone in the United States to comply with their demands. EXXON has responded in an aggressive manner at last. They have targeted at least 30 people and organizations, including the attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts. They are filing suits, threats of suits or demands for sworn depositions. EXXON has claimed the lawyers, public officials, and environmental activists are all conspiring in a coordinated legal and public relations campaign.

                      EXXON has called the conspiracy “The La Jolla playbook.” About 6 years ago, there was a meeting in La Jolla, California which has set a course to conspire against society as a whole to force their agenda upon the world. The meeting began with about two dozen people who came up with this entire Global Warming strategy in an oceanfront cottage in La Jolla.
                      They have fake research and corrupt scientists willing to say whatever it takes to win a lawsuit. They have conspired with marketing people, politicians, and lawyers, all designed to change society imposing their demands upon us all.

                      EXXON is seeking depositions to expose this conspiracy in which we all have a stake in this for this group is trying to force their views upon the rest of us by courts which cannot be trusted."

                      Trump Seeks to Open Most U.S. Coastal Waters to New Drilling
                      The Trump administration is proposing to open almost all U.S. coastal waters to oil drilling, including those off California and Florida
                      The California lefties will be apoplectic. They may regret starting a pissing contest in federal waters where they have NO jurisdiction.
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                      • Searching for a rat

                        Mueller is looking for somebody that he can threaten with prison time to get them to rat on Trump. Armstrong was framed and did 7+ years of hard time. He knows his stuff when it comes to framing.
                        "Mueller is now offering a deal to Gates who cannot take down Trump, but he will use him to take down Manafort to threaten him with 30 years+. In turn, he hopes to get Manafort to then seek a deal and flip becoming a “rat” to take down the White House and Trump. Mueller is trying to overthrow Trump to restore the full tyranny of the bureaucracy."

                        "Now, Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is Mueller’s target to try to convert him into a “rat” or formally known as a cooperating witness. Mueller has been unsuccessful so far so now he is going after Rick Gates threatening him with prison time to testify against Manafort. If Mueller’s investigation can get Manford to testify to a script written by Mueller, then he can take down the White House and set the stage for the complete collapse of Western society."


                        This has gotten VERY dangerous. This fact is not lost on a lot of people,,, even those who do NOT like Trump.

                        "I’m surely not the only one to notice how this hysteria is designed to distract the public attention from the documented misconduct among FBI, CIA, NSA, State Department officials and the leaders of the #Resistance itself: the Democratic National Committee, its nominee in the 2016 election, HRC, and Barack Obama’s White House inner circle. "
                        "Meanwhile, the damage done among America’s former thinking class essentially leaves this polity like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz: without a brain."
                        Thirteen Russians and a Ham Sandwich - Kunstler


                        • Don't play "chicken" with Trump.

                          Mueller is pursuing charges WAY beyond belief and plausibility. This reeks of desperation. Kinda tells you that Obummer's neck is on the chopping block.

                          The greens want to stop all oil drilling so, Trump told them that he is going to open ALL federal lands to drilling.
                          California told the FEDS that we are a sanctuary State and don't want federal interference. Trump responded by telling California that he was thinking of completely pulling out ICE.
                          Just imagine the mad scramble that would cause,,, not to mention the expense to replace all those ICE personnel who are involved in other things.

                          Lots of people claim that the border wall wouldn't work. Not true.


                          • ISIS and OUT

                            Trump has done it again.
                            The deep state insist that Assad MUST go. Read that as Netanyahoo,,,
                            He's got balls but, I hope by god that he is still alive after this.


                            • The wide net

                              Call me cynical BUT, every time that Mueller casts out his dragnet for a republican, he always seems to catch a democrat. He just caught a democrat in socialist clothing.
                              Bernie Sanders struggles to address Russian support after Mueller indictment | Fox News
                              The investigation is nominally an investigation of Trump so, the Dems can't come out and try to block it.


                              • California Geez Louise

                                Immigrant says "I'll kill some more" he is in court and California is going
                                to release these guys to do more killing. Trump sends ICE, governor,
                                mayors, police call up the criminals and tell them to run. Naturally
                                since California wants to pimp children legally. Zhit runs down hill.

                                If officials can all just do their own thing and not obey Govt. powers
                                then I guess everybody can do the same, right?

                                This is why people in Detroit have carried guns for over 20 years
                                and also stating if they are approached by police (Not All police are dirty)
                                they will shoot them. Since there is no justice and the Detroit Judges
                                and law enforcement have been using the immigrants to traffic drugs
                                and children, this is why the law of the jungle takes over.

                                It is nothing to drive by hoods where machine guns put bullets all thru
                                the houses and still no one knows how it happened. The swamp is the
                                deep state and ALL the dirty officials.

                                In most cases you must pledge to be down with their (system) sickness
                                or you don't get the position.


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