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U.S. President Donald J. Trump Making America Great Again 2017

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  • Immigrant smashes bus drivers face in and get a surprise.

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    • Public Civil War ---OVER TRUMP?

      Schools are a war-zone, I would never put my children in one.
      Some districts in Detroit break arms and legs as a warning while
      no one does anything about it.

      It is no wonder kids buy guns as children with such stupid adults
      at the helm.
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      • Teacher is attacked for honoring President TRUMP.


        • Spicer attacked and insulted at a store by scum news.


          • The spirit cooking swamp creatures dying a political death
            they so rightfully deserve. After all they have earned it.

            Draining the swamp starts with NEWSPAPER LAWYERS.

            Oh the pain.



            • Schools are a war-zone, I would never put my children in one.
              Some districts in Detroit break arms and legs as a warning while
              no one does anything about it.
              It is no wonder kids buy guns as children with such stupid adults
              at the helm.
              Some schools are obviously not all schools and to think all are war zones simply because a few may be is kind of mental. The claim "Schools are a war-zone" is an outright lie because my kids schools are pretty awesome.

              Draining the swamp starts with NEWSPAPER LAWYERS.
              Only a communist would think the courts and the media should be restricted or silenced simply because you or the government disagree with them. Are you a communist because you sure sound like one?.
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              • Originally posted by The Magician View Post
                The claim "Schools are a war-zone" is an outright lie because my kids schools are pretty awesome.

                Only a communist would think the courts and the media should be restricted or silenced simply because you or the government disagree with them. Are you a communist because you sure sound like one?.



                • Why Are There So Many Lawyers in Congress?

                  Lawyers are far more likely to run for office than the average citizen, which contributes to their
                  overrepresentation in Congress.

                  The decision to run for office rests with the individual but campaigning is not a solitary pursuit.
                  To channel a prominent lawyer-turned-politician, “it takes a village” to mount a successful

                  An implication of this is that electoral success is primarily
                  determined by one’s personal connections rather than one’s talent or appeal as a politician. This
                  makes early fundraising an important area for future research.



                  • Some of the first great reporting on the TRUMP ADMIN from
                    highly respected reporters. Malware tools used in identity theft
                    have been used not only at the highest levels of government but
                    these same Trojan software has been pasted down to anyone
                    who is willing to take a chance making millions by running drugs
                    or trafficking out youth.

                    The Bush senior, Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama covering a 30 year
                    span of criminal activity that is now being investigated.

                    These evil rulers live on drugs and have gotten sloppy.

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                    • Another honest report concerning hacking being done on AMERICAN'S
                      using there own television sets. Credit cards, charge cards, bank
                      accounts never leaving any trail.

                      America has been over run and very near to liquidation.

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                      • BUSH - OBAMA - CLINTON - DRUG RING BUST

                        LADY MICHELLE DRUG BUST.



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                        • Cartells/Mafia's go down under TRUMP


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                          • Looks like Donnie "the douche bag" Trump is at it again gutting the EPA and most assistance programs which benefit working people to pay for the biggest increase in military spending in history. A $54 billion increase in defense spending, scared and stupid is sad very sad.

                            It's now open season for corporations to gut the environment and social services at the taxpayers expense to subsidize war. This is what happens when we let corporate azzclowns take control and you ain't seen nothing yet. Very soon you can expect health and social services as well as power, gas and water to triple in price. Good luck with that.

                            The end game is that in a couple years after douche bag Donnie has gutted the economy and the environment he will simply lie and say I was trying to do the right thing then walk away to retire in luxury scot free. Meanwhile trillions of dollars of wealth will have been transferred to large corporations and the wealthy at the expense of taxpayers and all those dumb azz people who supported them will be left scratching their heads. It is a brilliant plan if your intelligent and wealthy but not so much if your poor and not so intelligent.
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                            • The 62 agencies and programs Trump wants to eliminate

                              WASHINGTON — President Trump's proposed budget takes a cleaver to domestic programs, with many agencies taking percentage spending cuts in the double digits.

                              But for dozens of smaller agencies and programs, the cut is 100%.

                              Community development block grants. The Weatherization Assistance Program. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The National Endowment for the Arts. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. All would be axed if Congress adopts Trump's budget.

                              More coverage:

                              Trump's first budget uses dramatic cuts to fund military buildup

                              62 agencies and programs Trump wants to eliminate

                              On immigration, Trump's budget calls for far more than a wall

                              Trump proposes to hike TSA fee on airline tickets

                              Trump's NASA budget preserves Mars mission, cuts Earth science, asteroid trip, education

                              Trump's budget says hundreds of programs and agencies would be eliminated — with more than 50 in the Environmental Protection Agency. But his first budget proposal identified 62 specifically. The list:

                              Department of Agriculture

                              Water and Wastewater loan and grant program ($498 million): "Rural communities can be served by private sector financing or other federal investments in rural water infrastructure, such as the Environmental Protection Agency's State Revolving Funds," the budget says.

                              McGovern-Dole International Food for Education program ($202 million): Trump's budget says the program — a sort of Third World school lunch project — "lacks evidence that it is being effectively implemented to reduce food insecurity."

                              Department of Commerce

                              Economic Development Administration ($221 million): Obama's 2017 budget touted the agency as " the only federal government agency with a mission and programs focused exclusively on economic development." The Trump budget says it has "limited measurable impacts and duplicates other federal programs."

                              Minority Business Development Agency ($32 million): The White House says this minority business incubator program is "duplicative" of other programs in the Small Business Administration.

                              Department of Education

                              Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants program ($2.4 billion): The White House says the program is "poorly targeted and spread thinly across thousands of districts with scant evidence of impact."

                              21st Century Community Learning Centers program ($1.2 billion): The formula grants to states support before- and after-school and summer programs. "The programs lacks strong evidence of meeting its objectives, such as improving student achievement," the budget says.

                              Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant program ($732 million): This financial aid program, known as SEOG, help give up to $4,000 a year to college students based on financial need. The Trump administration says it's a "less well-targeted" program than Pell Grants.

                              Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program ($190 million): The grants are targeted toward students with disabilities or limited English proficiency.

                              Teacher Quality Partnership ($43 million): A teacher training and recruitment grant program.

                              Impact Aid Support Payments for Federal Property ($67 million): Obama also proposed the elimination of this program, which reimburses schools for lost tax revenue from tax-exempt federal properties in their districts.

                              International Education programs ($7 million): This line item funds a variety of exchange programs, migrant schools and special education services abroad.

                              Department of Energy

                              Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy ($382 million): This alternative energy research program was established by Congress in 2007 with the goal of funding projects that the private sector would not.

                              Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program: This loan fund finances projects that combat global warming.

                              Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program: Helps finance fuel-efficient vehicle research. "The private sector is better positioned to finance disruptive energy research and development and to commercialize innovative technologies," the White House says.

                              Weatherization Assistance Program ($121 million): The program helps homeowners make their homes more energy efficient with grants of up to $6,500.

                              State Energy Program ($28.2 million): Gives grants to states to help them work on energy efficiency and anti-climate change programs.

                              Department of Health and Human Services

                              Health professions and nursing training programs ($403 million): Trump's budget says these programs "lack evidence that they significantly improve the nation's health workforce." Instead, Trump wants to provide scholarships and student loans in in exchange for service in areas with a nursing shortage.

                              Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program ($3.4 billion): LIHEAP helps the elderly and low-income people pay their heating and power bills.

                              Community Services Block Grants ($715 million): CSBG is an anti-poverty grant program that the White House says duplicates emergency food assistance and employment programs.

                              Department of Housing and Urban Development

                              Community Development Block Grant program ($3 billion): CDBG has been a bread-and-butter funding source for local communities for 42 years, totaling more than $150 billion in grants over its history. "The program is not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results," Trump's budget says.

                              Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing program ($35 million): The affordable housing program supports organizations like the Local Initiatives Support Corp., which the White House says should be privately funded.

                              Department of the Interior

                              Abandoned Mine Land grants ($160 million): The Trump administration wants to eliminate a discretionary grant program that it says overlaps with a $2.7 billion permanent fund.

                              National Heritage Areas ($20 million): These are state-and-federal partnerships to preserve natural, historic, scenic, and cultural resources.

                              National Wildlife Refuge fund ($13.2 million): This is a revenue-sharing fund that makes payments to counties where wildlife refuges are located from fees the Fish and Wildlife Service receives.

                              Department of Justice

                              State Criminal Alien Assistance Program ($210 million): Four states receive the bulk of the funding from this program, which reimburses states for the cost of incarcerating criminal immigrants.

                              Department of Labor

                              Senior Community Service Employment Program ($434 million): SCSEP is a job training program for low-income people 55 and older that the White House says is "ineffective."

                              Occupational Safety and Health Administration training grants ($11 million)

                              Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development

                              The Global Climate Change Initiative ($1.3 billion) was an Obama administration proposal to support the Paris climate agreement. It includes the Green Climate Fund ($250 million), the Strategic Climate Fund ($60 million) and the Clean Technology Fund ($171 million).

                              Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund ($70 million): The account allows the president to "provide humanitarian assistance for unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs worldwide," but Trump said the mission is best left to international and non-governmental relief organizations

                              The East-West Center ($16 million): Chartered by Congress as the Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between East and West, the Honolulu-based nonprofit has a mission of strengthening relations among Pacific Rim countries.

                              Department of Transportation

                              The Essential Air Service program ($175 million) provides federal subsidies for commercial air service at rural airports. EAS flights are not full and have high subsidy costs per passenger. Trump's budget says several of those airports are close to major airports, and that rural communities could be served by other modes of transportation.

                              Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grants ($499 million): The Obama-era TIGER program funded multi-modal and multi-jurisdictional projects, but the White House wants to cut existing infrastructure spending in favor of his own $1 trillion infrastructure proposal.

                              Department of the Treasury

                              Community Development Financial Institutions grants ($210 million): Trump's budget says the 23-year-old program to support community banks and credit unions is obsolete.

                              U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

                              Geographic watershed programs ($427 million) like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative ($40 million) and the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Initiative ($14 million): The Trump budget would turn over responsibility for those efforts to state and regional governments.

                              Fifty other EPA programs ($347 million) including Energy Star, Targeted Airshed Grants, the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program, and infrastructure assistance to Alaska Native Villages and the Mexico border.

                              National Aeronautics and Space Administration

                              Office of Education ($115 million), which the Trump budget says duplicates efforts by the agency's Science Mission Directorate.

                              Independent agencies and commissions

                              African Development Foundation ($26 million): An independent foreign aid agency focusing on economic development in Africa.

                              Appalachian Regional Commission ($119 million): A 52-year-old agency focused on economic growth in 420 counties.

                              Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board ($11 million): The agency was created by the Clean Air Act of 1990 and investigates chemical accidents.

                              Corporation for National and Community Service ($771 million): The agency is best known for its Americorps community service program.

                              Corporation for Public Broadcasting ($485 million): Supports public television and radio stations, including the PBS television network and, indirectly, National Public Radio.

                              Delta Regional Authority ($45 million): An economic development agency for the eight-state Mississippi Delta region.

                              Denali Commission ($14 million): A state and federal economic development agency for Alaska.

                              Institute of Museum and Library Services ($231 million): Provides money to the nation's 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums.

                              Inter-American Foundation ($23 million): Promotes "citizen-led grassroots development" in Latin America and the Caribbean.

                              U.S. Trade and Development Agency ($66 million): Promotes U.S. exports in energy, transportation, and telecommunications.

                              Legal Services Corp. ($366 million): A 43-year-old congressionally chartered organization that helps provide free civil legal advice to poor people.

                              National Endowment for the Arts ($152 million): Encourages participation in the arts.

                              National Endowment for the Humanities ($155 million): Supports scholarship into literature and culture.

                              Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp. ($175 million): Better known as Neighborworks America, the organization supports local affordable housing programs.

                              Northern Border Regional Commission ($7 million): A regional economic development agency serving parts of Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

                              Overseas Private Investment Corp.($63 million): Encourages U.S. private investment in the developing world.

                              U.S. Institute of Peace ($40 million): Government-run think tank focusing on conflict prevention.

                              U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness ($4 million): An independent agency coordinating the federal government's efforts to reduce homelessness.

                              Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars ($11 million): A program to provide scholarships and fs.