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    Field breakdown

    This is very important but, most of you won't care. All the 8+ earthquakes happen during a solar-polar reversal. Most of the rest of the quakes are related to coronal holes. The flux has to break through our magnetic shield to cause a quake. Our shield is weakening quite a bit.
    1:10 the magnetic fields of the sun are directly linking with the earth without a CME of coronal hole.
    Large power systems are at risk as well as cardiac and mental warnings.


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      Gamma rays, volcanoes,,,,, pole flip

      Armstrong writes about the increase in Gamma rays.
      " In fact, this year we now have 34 major volcanoes erupting worldwide compared to 12 last year and 11 back in 2015."
      "According to scientists’ best estimates, the Earth’s magnetic field is now weakening around 10 times faster than initially thought, losing approximately 5% of its strength every decade."

      "The prelude may appear gradual as we see now with a 5% decline per century. However, we will cross an invisible line and then it will flip instantaneous not gradual."


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        Originally posted by Danny B View Post
        Armstrong writes about the increase in Gamma rays.
        " In fact, this year we now have 34 major volcanoes erupting worldwide compared to 12 last year and 11 back in 2015."
        "According to scientists’ best estimates, the Earth’s magnetic field is now weakening around 10 times faster than initially thought, losing approximately 5% of its strength every decade."

        "The prelude may appear gradual as we see now with a 5% decline per century. However, we will cross an invisible line and then it will flip instantaneous not gradual."
        I have been wondering when this flip would happen for a long time now.
        I wonder if magnetic shielding would work to get a garden safe, or at least magnetic shielding that I can afford.


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          Early warning

          Top Remote Viewer Richard Allgire's Amazing Revelations
          On The Bizarre NM Solar Observatory Shutdown - Vid

          No aliens after all? Mysterious solar observatory closure
          Now Said Caused by FBI CHILD PORN Investigation - har!

          First test of nationwide 'Presidential Alert' system for cellphones set for Oct. 3

          FEMA Is Testing Presidential Phone Alerts from Trump You Can't Opt Out Of

          The Next Big Geomagnetic Storm Poses An Astronomical Risk To Modern Man

          "A recent space weather event in late April 2017, allegedly knocked out power grids across the entire country in one simultaneous fashion."
          "The sun is now headed towards a solar minimum, forecasted to arrive in 2019 as the Sun changes over from Solar Cycle 24 to Solar Cycle 25."
          So, what else did Richard Allgire "see" ?
          You all know about the book, Kill Shot. When we hit solar minimum, the particle storm in the form of cosmic rays gets much stronger. This affects both cardiac and, mental health.

          "The table shows that, based on 11.760 flaring events with valid timings, a B-class flare lasts about 10 minutes, a C-class flare 14 minutes, an M-class flare has a duration of about 19 minutes, and X-class flares usually last about 24 minutes." "As an example, long duration events (LDE; duration greater than 60 minutes;"
          You can well imagine that almost all communication would go down in a big flare. There just wouldn't be time to warn people by MSM.

          Those times are for just the ejection. The travel time is dependent on the intensity of the flare and can be as short as 9 hours. The particle storm of a big flare is so intense that all aircraft would be grounded. Even after the sun is finished flaring, the energetic particles "stay" on Earth. The satellites would be damaged or shut down. Communication AND wire transfers would be stopped. The power grid would be shut down to protect components. Cities would go dark BUT, we would have extreme Auroras that lit everything up.
          If you planned to leave the city, you would have short time before the roads plugged up.


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            Armstrong on solar cycle 25

            "The sun is entering perhaps one of the deepest Solar Minima in thousands of years. Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018. This is really alarming. Since the start of 2018, there have been totally spotless days for weeks. "
            "We can see that this decline in Solar Cycle #24 has been a rapid decline that is twice as fast than any previously. "
            "NASA has conceded that if the current trend continues, this could become a dramatic cold period far worse than many people suspect. Our computer us projecting a very serious decline in sunspot activity. This will be the backdrop to the rise in agricultural prices we see between 2020 and 2024"


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              The sun is a sphere of liquid, NOT gas

              It has been known for decades that the sun is hotter at the surface than at the center. This goes against general physics. This Anomaly was always explained away by saying that it was an exception. Turns out, it is NOT an exception. The sun is a sphere of liquid.
              They can throw out the books on solar evolution, age of the universe, black holes,,, and many other things.


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                cyclical catastrophe theory

                This is a VERY important vid about cyclical catastrophes that occur about every 11,000 years. The evidence is mounting up.


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                  Recurring solar outbursts causing causing collapse of civilization

                  Ben Davidson is the driving force behind Suspicious Observers. He has taken a sudden interest in mega cataclysms here on Earth. Here is the first vid showing what he believes happened in the past.
                  John Bedini said that the Earth is a homopolar motor driven by the sun.
                  Auroral Birkeland currents carry about 100,000 amperes during quiet times and more than 1 million amperes during geomagnetically disturbed times.
                  Davidson contends that the variance in current causes variances in the rotational speed. He cites papers showing just such a variance.
                  He also shows a uniformity in descriptions from ancient sources from various parts of the world.
                  While most the earth seems to be a big ball of nickel / iron, the crust is a different story. Davidson's contention is that; while the core keeps rotating depending on the supplied current, the crust does a lot of slipping around on the core. The crust is not driven while the core is.
                  The ancient stories talk about the sun standing still. There is a lot to investigate and read

                  The Piri Reis map shows Antarctica without ice.
                  There are also ancient maps that show Greenland much different than it is today.
                  Davidson's contention is that; a sudden and powerful discharge from the sun cause a change in rotation of our own, personal ball of rock and iron. If you have read the site and story, Killshot , you know that just such a scenario is projected for some future time.
                  Earth has a very dynamic geology and many traces of ancient occurrences are erased by time. If indeed there was a sudden powerful outburst from the sun, it would be more than just a particle storm. There would be material ejected also. One place where such hypothetical material might be found is,,, the far side of the moon.
                  So, why did China send up a probe to take samples for the far side?

                  Mars recently got hit and we were missed.
                  These kinds of energetic outbursts are fairly common for our type of star. Evidence is mounting for a recurrent solar outburst in our history.
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                    Here is a startling vid from Dutchsinse.
                    It takes a few minutes to get going. This guy has a good record for predicting earthquakes.


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                      All of a sudden, we need tunnels.

                      This vid from Davidson goes over all the evidence for previous solar catastrophes that caused a crash in civilization.
                      Davidson says that the only way to survive is to be underground for a period of a few weeks.
                      Here is an article from Infowars.
                      "according to a federal solicitation which sheds light on why the military research agency is publicly seeking the use of tunnels in a hurry.

                      “The goal of the Underminer program is to demonstrate the feasibility of rapidly constructing tactical tunnel networks"
                      The article claims that the tunnels would be used for warfare. Tunnels have no strategic use in modern warfare of using ultra-powerful explosives in ultra-fast delivery vehicles.


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                        News from the U.N and IPCC

                        The U.N. just blew up global warming.


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                          The galactic current sheet and, novas

                          The Mayans were absolute fanatics about understanding and computing TIME. Their prophecy of a major change on December of 2012 was taken seriously by a lot of people. This was all related to Earth crossing the galactic plane. Reportedly, there is a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy. This is reportedly responsible for the galactic current sheet.
                          There is an increasing body of evidence that; crossing the galactic plane will cause stars to go nova.
                          Here is the vid on the Maya.

                          Nothing of note happened on Earth in 2012 BUT, that does NOT mean that nothing happened. Our 2 closest stars did indeed flare. Barnard's Star and Proxima. Barnard's star flared in 2012. Here is the report and science and history.
                          This is all related to the cosmic disaster cycle that I posted in a previous cite.
                          Both physical evidence and, ancient lore point to a catastrophe on Earth every 12,000 years. This may be connected to the mission to the far side of the moon. The moon would have pristine evidence. IF, the galactic current sheet is already affecting close stars, the current sheet may be closer than thought.


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                            A replacement magnetosphere

                            The poor Martians want their atmosphere back.
                            What about the Tesla shield?


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                              The thesis from Suspicious Observers runs like this;
                              Every 14,000 years, our galactic center burps out a very powerful current sheet that spreads from the center to the periphery. The leading edge of this current sheet is called a Redcliffe wave. As the current sheet encounters various stars, the additional energy destabilizes these same stars. In the case of Sol, it causes our sun to burp out a micro nova.
                              This micro nova blasts the planets with extremely strong solar flux, including a proton storm.
                              Referencing to ancient lore from around the world, it is projected that the rotation of the earth will stop for a short period of time. This will cause the oceans to overflow the continents.
                              I asked how the freshwater fish got repopulated in mountain lakes after being washed out by the ocean. I also asked how various rock spires around the world had survived this deceleration without falling.
                              I haven't received an answer yet.

                              There does seem to be a lot of lore pointing to a micro nova, though.
                              Currently, the 2 closest stars do seem to be destabilizing.
                              Here is a vid on the Redcliffe wave.
                              The galactic current sheet.

                              This current sheet is projected to cause a LOT of heating of our atmosphere.
                              Here is a paper on the subject,
                              Suspicious observers says that we must be underground to survive. DARPA has recently come out and said that America need s a big network of tunnels.,,,, right away.

                              As most everyone already knows, there have been hundreds of artefacts found on Earth that indicate that there have been previous civilizations. The most common artefacts have been silver chains and pots dug up in coal mines. It is possible that mankind gets slapped back to the stone age every 14,000 years.


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                                I thought it was every 12K years...
                                watch his channel every day (but am still bad at basic math)
                                I am left wondering how to get ready for the likely impending event
                                total self sufficiency is a starting point, and not a good one at that
                                what the data is pointing to is quite hard to get ready for
                                possible, but not easy at all.