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    Post anything you find funny about national politics.

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    Civil War

    Doug Casey; "What's going on in the US now is a culture clash. The people that live in the so-called "red counties" that voted for Trump—which is the vast majority of the geographical area of the US, flyover country—are aligned against the people that live in the blue counties, the coasts and big cities.

    They don't just dislike each other and disagree on politics; they can no longer even have a conversation. They hate each other on a visceral gut level. They have totally different world views. It's a culture clash."
    Doug Casey Has "Never Seen Anything Like This" | Zero Hedge

    I was considering starting a new thread, Civil war but, I have already started quite a few threads. This thread is close enough but, none of what I find is funny.
    Here are a few comments that are to the point.

    "Conservatives have been trying to have a conversation for many years, and they are continually disparaged and shut down. We have tried debate, we have tried everything including capitulation, and NOTHING has worked. It would take an idiot to not see that socially our nation has moved substantially to the left in the last twenty years, and now anyone who holds values dating back five years are now considered EXTREMISTS, racists, bigots, homophobes.
    They are SILENCED. If you want a fight then just attempt to silence people. The hatred we have for progressives is NOT is EARNED. They have slapped in the face at every turn. They are on par with radical Islamists in intolerance and the belief that each compromise of their opposition is proof of our weakness, causing them to push even harder. I have NO respect for these people other than for the harm they can directly impose upon me. This will not stand for long."

    "They've been taught, all their lives, that they are superior in every conceivable way. Oh, the surprise in their eyes, when they find out the hard way how very, very fuking badly they've been lied to..."
    "They're willing to use violence, but they lack an understanding of its proper application, as well as not understanding the potential conseqences of using it. We understand its proper application and its consequences. The latter is why we haven't responded in earnest yet. "
    "They are on par with radical Islamists in intolerance and the belief that each compromise of their opposition is proof of our weakness, causing them to push even harder."

    "But in truth, Civil wars are called that because civillians participat in them - and this is whats brewing here at home. Civillians with a desire to turn this country into a foreign controlled socialist country are clashing with patriots- on this note, I think you will find many picking up the sword to defend their views."
    "Its called a "monopoly on violence" and we don't have it. Many times I have dealt with people who deserved some kind of physical retribution from me and other people. But they hide behind the injustice of the system and use its monopoly on violence to prevent anyone from taking action. And it works, so they do it over and over again. The vast majority of lawyers fill this bill."

    "What is coming will make the first civil war look like two Ritalin infused soccer moms fighting over a parking spot in front of Starbucks...."
    "He's right about the hatred on a visceral gut level. I have to admit that I feel an innate hatred for ANYONE who could pull the lever for the witch, not because she's a democrat, liberal, feminist, etc... No. It is because she is a murderess, criminal and traitor. There is no doubt about this at all. And for ANYONE to overlook the guilt of this creature and then do their part to put her in the highest elected office in the world... that person is deserving of visceral hatred and worse."

    "For all the pitiful snowflakes that have been indoctrinated, I feel sadness for them, not so much hate. There is indeed more hatred coming to the surface than can be tolerated. It seems mostly to be coming from one side, but the other isn't going to take it much longer. You look back at the last 8 years and can say with some sense of assurance, yes they were purposefully trying to piss off half of the population with this "Hope and Change" agenda. Now that someone is trying to bring things back to "reasonable" those who have been promised the Golden Calf are not going to take not getting it lying down. "
    Doug Casey Has "Never Seen Anything Like This" | Zero Hedge

    "Whoever is behind all this, and there are those running the chaos show, their only clear goal is an all out civil war to overthrow a dully elected president. Figuring out who “they” are is not so difficult. All anyone has to do is look to Wall Street and the supporters of Obama and Clinton."
    "The hate, that visceral hole of dissatisfaction of the empowered-generation, it’s becoming a whining, crying, horrible screaming pit of aggression toward anyone not further satisfying their misery."
    "Donald Trump was elected because of the lunatic policies and the New New Left went too far. I cannot believe how many people are blind to this fact. We, meaning me and every other conservative America, were ignored and marginalized, forgotten by these radicals."

    "President Donald Trump was asked a long time ago if he would ever run for president. He told the reporter asking; “Only if I see my country going down the tubes.” Well here he is pushing the “reset” button 150 million Americans want pushed. Half of America did not believe or want the policies of Obama. Get it?"
    "But that half of America could not take any more. That half of America won’t be beat in the head by people who believe they are righteous in their empowerment at their expense. Half of America is not going to be threatened or attacked much longer."
    "If this does not stop soon the Xbox playing liberal arts freshman bent on more satisfaction and coolness, is going to come face to face with Billy Bad Ass from some small ghost town in South Alabama. I see it coming, I know many of you do too. The New New Left is human in their desire to “punch somebody in the face”, and so are we."
    The New New Left’s Calls for Civil War in America | New Eastern Outlook

    Wellesley doesn't want their snowflakes to think too hard,,,, following the new tradition at Berkeley.


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      Ferguson makes the big time

      I found a statistic that blows me away;
      In Ferguson, Missouri, where a Justice Department investigation showed that more than three-quarters of the population had outstanding warrants
      "That may seem like hyperbole, but it is a literal fact. In Ferguson — a city with a population of 21,000 — 16,000 people have outstanding arrest warrants, meaning that they are currently actively wanted by the police. "
      "They aren't complaining about crime. Instead; "Justice Department slams Ferguson police for pattern of racial bias - Vox"
      Be Careful What You Wish For, Police Body-Cam Edition -