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  • Danny B
    10 days

    Just read it.

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  • Danny B
    War for the sake of war

    Historically, a State's success in war was controlled by; how big it's economy was, how trained and committed it's soldiers were, how advanced it's weapons were-compared to it's opponent, how good it's generals were.
    Today is a different story. Historically, war was done to occupy territory. Today, war is often an extension of economic policy. Churchill said, "if Germany trades again in the next 50 years, WW I will have been for nothing".
    Today, we have resource wars. Destroy their military and, take all their resources. We garrison the State and suck out the riches. Success in war depends more and more on weapons, rather than fighters. The days of large infantry battles is long gone.

    "NATO needs to demonize Russia as much as possible and to even provoke a confrontation to justify getting more money. Of course, it seeks to provoke a confrontation for money but it assumes there will not be World War III because neither side desires to occupy the other. So exactly why do we need standing armies today is simply a political issue. "
    "If the reason for war is no longer occupation but more like a brawl between two drunks in a bar, then why do we need standing armies especially when we can just push a button?"

    "The NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has constantly been pushing for a confrontation with Russia, He has been moving military installations to the Russian border while Putin has been forced to pursue buffer zones around Russia. The European Member States have been instructed that they should construct roads and bridges that will allow tanks to freely move throughout Europe."
    "What you must understand is that the West NEEDS a war desperately as a distraction from the collapse of Socialism. NATO has been looking for any excuse to turn this into a confrontation with Russia. The crazy thing is that war has changed. Neither side wants to “occupy” the other as was the case with Napoleon and Hitler. So why are we preparing for war? What is the objective?"

    "Turkey needs a war and they are becoming much more aggressive because the currency is collapsing."
    "NATO is an organization that can no longer be defined and it seeks to hold onto old world philosophies to justify its existence. NATO needs a war to ensure its own funding. If Russia has no real designs to invade and occupy Europe, then why do we need NATO?"
    "He came to comprehend that standing armies would be easily used. It was his observations that kings would go to war BECAUSE they had standing armies that they paid for even if they did nothing. The Prince explained that there should be no armies and that would reduce war by itself. "

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  • Danny B
    Imminent showdown in Syria?

    It appears like the U.K is pushing war more than anybody else.
    The S.O.B.s in the deep state have completely lost their minds.
    "For meaningful progress to occur in Syria, including one that advances the dual U.S. objectives of precluding the reemergence of ISIS and rolling back Iran’s entrenchment, Trump needs to strike and stay. "
    Phucking MORONS.
    12 April, 2018

    Serious developments have taken place overnight concerning the ongoing situation in Syria. ALL of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community tell me the United States, the United Kingdom, and France have placed their Middle East military units on ALERT for what most believe will be a SUSTAINED US/UK/France direct attack against Syria commencing as early as tonight! "
    "British Air Force units on Cyprus are openly being loaded with bombs, missiles and ammunition. The Russian Baltic Fleet has declared a Combat Alert. Russian strategic bombers are in the air over the Mediterranean Sea, "
    "Russian Air Force has sortied at least two Early Warning Planes (A-50s) over Eastern and Western Syria, each one is guarded by two Russian Air Force (RuAF) fighter jets."

    " RuAF is highly active over Syria with multiple planes airborne near its coast, a U.S. P-8 POSEIDON anti-submarine aircraft was just monitored collecting signal and electronic intelligence off the coast of Syria and is now currently just off Lebanon
    Russian strategic bombers are airborne over the Caspian sea and over Iran, fully loaded with Kh-55SM extend range to 3000 km cruise missiles. These missiles are air-to-ship and they are known to be incredibly precise ship-killers.
    US Warships are reportedly converging in the Mediterranean, with the Pentagon already admitting the USS Donald Cook is on-station near Syria."

    "15 hours ago - Russian media with reference to Iranian dissident and defence expert Babak Taghvaee, reported that Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) had officially asked Iran to provide access to deploy its heavy bombers in Hamedan Air Base."
    "Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was STAGED By Islamic Jihadi Propagandists, No One Actually Died"

    Israel is talking tough about how they are going to kick butt on everybody in the area.

    This isn't poor Yugoslavia that didn't have a chance against NATO.
    bombing of Yugoslavia -
    Mar 24, 2014 - Exactly 15 years ago, on March 24, NATO began its 78-day bombing of Yugoslavia. The alliance bypassed the UN under a “humanitarian” pretext, launching aggression that claimed hundreds of civilian lives and caused a much larger catastrophe than it averted."

    Iran seems to have 10 bases in Syria. Look at the map. They can close the Straits of Hormuz in 5 minutes. Blow up one tanker and, insurance rates become prohibitive. They can also close the Gulf Of Aden with little trouble. With minimal trouble, they can close the Suez again.
    Just imagine that Iran gets bombed really bad. What have they got to lose by taking out all oil production in the ME?
    Iran ha a 1/4 million missiles aimed at israel. They aren't Quassongs either. They have been operating an Exocet factory for many years.

    Lebanon will flood israel like a huge colony of ants. Israel has nukes that it threatens to use on any and all enemies. That won't save them. The Patriot missiles won't save them. Iron Dome is just a joke.
    Cheney and Rockefeller want the oil and the deep State wants a war. May they all rot in hell.

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  • Danny B
    How close are we to a shooting war?

    Russia Will Shoot Down All Trump Missiles Fired At Syria
    & Target US Launch Sites - Carriers, Destroyers, Subs

    Russia's Awesome 4,600 mph Zircon Anti-Ship Missile
    Will Sink US Navy Ships Deemed 'Launch Sites’ Fast - Vid

    US Jets Fly Over Syria Amid Threats Of US Military Strike
    (Trump, Bolton & Mattis Should Prepare To Eat Crow)

    Everything was looking good for Assad and Syria. He would have NO reason or motivation to do a gas attack. Trump planned to pull out the U.S. military.
    Mad Mattis Won't Rule Out Starting WW3
    Over Nonsense Syria 'Chemical Attack'

    Britain Prepares With US For War On Syria

    Trumps Sends Second Missile Destroyer To Syrian Coast

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  • Danny B
    Hot spots getting hotter

    Excellent article on the frictions that created the trade war.
    Trade wars often turn into shooting wars.
    4/10 U.S. Navy destroyer armed with tomahawks arrives off Syrian coast – Zero Hedge
    Israel has fired missiles at a Syrian base from Lebanese air space. They (we) also conducted another false-flag gas attack.

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  • Danny B
    India builds bunkers.

    Well, Trump sent submarine technology to Taiwan to piss off China. Might have something to do with the trade war. XI cozied up to Kim and now, a Korean war is looking VERY messy. The Greeks are evidently not for from a war with Turkey.
    "Despite the 2003 ceasefire agreement, violence has recently erupted between both countries on the LoC, which marked 2017 as the bloodiest year since the ceasefire agreement came into effect.

    Earlier this year, we reported on 40,000 Indians fleeing the Jammu and Kashmir region, as intense military shelling from the Pakistani military turned the region into a war zone."
    Pax Americana is doing all it can to derail the Chinese new silk road. Lighting up India and Pakistan is just logical. Just like lighting up Ukraine.
    Trump wants a wall,,, Saudi Arabia wants a moat.
    PressTV-‘Saudis to build border canal to turn Qatar into island’

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  • Danny B
    Proxy war or, no

    In a general sense, England and Germany entered the industrial revolution first. France was in there too but, Napoleon made a monumental blunder. When James Watt offered to power Napoleon’s ships with steam, Napoleon refused. England and Germany competed and England started wars when it couldn't overcome German advantage in manufacturing. The world grew up around England and it could no longer force it's will.

    The baton was passed on to America. Once again, more nations are embracing the industrial revolution and, America is sliding down. America has some 800+ military bases around the world in a long-running attempt to lock up natural resources. Coups and wars have kept it all going.
    Meanwhile, many States have armed themselves to fight off the deadly embrace of the FED and U.S. military. Like England before it, America finds itself unable to maintain it's empire.

    The Graham-Leachy-Bliley act allowed American banks to take all your retirement money and, build up China as an off-shore powerhouse manufacturer. Not surprisingly, China built up it's military too. America has a mutual-defense treaty with Taiwan.
    America has a dire shortage of rare-earth minerals. North Korea has something like $15 trillion worth of these materials. China has used acquisitions to lock up most of the world's supply of rare earths.
    China can easily cripple American manufacturing by cutting off the supply. The only decent rare earth mine in America is at Mountain pass, Ca.

    It is in China's best interests to ensure that North Korea's rare earths don't fall into the hands of pox Americana.
    Kim just had a cozy meeting with Xi. Xi obviously doesn't want America taking over a State right on it's border. Neither does Russia. While China doesn't want to provoke an economic collapse, collapse would be better than having American military in N.K.
    China seems to have settled on the policy of holding Taiwan ransom for American actions. They just did a big parade of naval assets.

    This all takes place in the South China Seas in extremely busy shipping lanes. The Chinese have set up all their new bases in the area. They can shut off shipping at any time. Chinese fighter jets can cross the Taiwan Straights in less than a minute at top speed. China can easily close down everything in the South China Seas and bring on collapse of the West. China could dump U.S. treasuries and cause collapse.
    China could offer $ 2000 and ounce for physical gold and collapse all markets.

    Kim is going to meet with Trump and, the neocons hope to rake him over the coals. BUT, every time that they look at Kim, they will see Xi standing next to him. If they try to play hard-ball in negotiations, Chinese jets will mysteriously appear off the coast of Taiwan.
    The world has built up it's military capacity while Pox Americana builds turkeys like the F-35. Israel has already had a fighter jet blown out of the sky by Syria. The proxy war will most likely kick off in Syrian skies. There can be NO limited proxy war in Iran. That will be an all-or-nothing battle.
    The new Russian jamming systems, plus the S-400 missiles will probably decide the outcome. Russia just can't afford to keep backing down in an effort to keep war from escalating.
    Trump can't very well hold back all the war hawks in congress. It will take heavy losses in Syria to bring a dose of reality. If America doesn't back off in Syria, israel will UNDOUBTEDLY become collateral damage.
    If America doesn't back off in the South China Seas, Taiwan will get smoked.
    Trump will probably let things get to the edge of war just to let everybody stare destruction in the face. The neocons are always trying to use false-flag operations to kick off a war. The Missile fired from a sub off N.K towards Hawaii is the perfect example. We will probably have the proxy war in Syria to decide who would win a wider war.

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  • Danny B
    Will Trump's war cabinet start off the proxy wars?

    Paul Craig Roberts, "We remonstrate on these matters because when it comes to Iran the Donald’s new War Cabinet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bibi Netanyahu. "
    "Regardless of how this scenario plays out in concrete detail and time frame, one thing is certain. A rising crescendo of tensions and confrontations with all of the War Cabinet's targets----Iran, Syria, Russia, China and North Korea---is fast coming down the pike. "
    Contra Corner » America’s State Wreck Gathers Steam: The Donald’s War Cabinet And The Fiscal Doom Loop, Part 2

    "According to the Russian Defense Ministry, any airstrike or missile hitting targets in territory controlled by the Syrian government would put Russian personnel in danger."
    "The Russian Defense Ministry’s statement came in response to what it called “leaks” in the Western media alleging that Washington is considering launching airstrikes against Syrian government forces.

    “Of particular concern is information that the initiators of such provocations are representatives of the CIA and the Pentagon" Controlled by?

    "The West is going to war with the East. The likely initial targets are Syria, and Iran. Any attack on Iran is a declaration of war on Russia."
    "The provocations will be used as a pretext by the United States and its allies to launch strikes on military and government infrastructure in Syria.”
    "The Russian government must be kicking itself that it again failed to finish the job in Syria and instead permitted Washington to expand its Syrian presence, arm and train its mercenaries, provide chemical weapons, and assemble its fleet to attack Syrian forces in order to prevent their reconquest of Syrian territory.

    The question before us is: If the information that General Rudskoy cited is correct, what will Russia do? Will Russia use its missile defences and air superiority to shoot down the US missiles and aircraft,"
    "If Russia accepts the attack, Washington will push harder. Sooner or later Russia will be unable to accept another push, and war will break out.

    If war breaks out, will it be a limited conventional war or will Washington use the excuse to launch nuclear ICBMs against Russia?"
    Russia was very clear about it's new weapons.

    Will israel burn to further the zionist mad dreams of conquest?
    There are three times as many rockets now. We have been politically correct for TOO LONG. We have let them take over everything. Who is "they"?

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  • Danny B
    Die for israel,,, nothing new

    The world is choosing up sides.
    Erdogan Courts Iran To Stand vs Possible US Provocation
    Turkey controls the Bosporus Straight that are VITAL to Russia. Turkey sees the wisdom of ditching NATO and signing on with Russia. At the same time, various states have bought the S-400 to protect themselves from the local war-monger, israel.
    Israel is inching towards full-on war with Hezbollah and Iran. Israel has long depended on the Samson Option, where it would nuke anybody who attacked. Apparently, they are afraid that this deterrent is no longer working.
    Israel expects to command American troops in a fight on THREE fronts.

    The original problem stems from the fact that Israel is bad real estate in a bad neighborhood. The original settlers were hard-core Russians. There are a million israelis of Russian birth or descent. They slaughtered everybody in Der Yassim,,, and took pictures of the stacked up bodies of women and children. Menachem Begin was there. He later became prime minister. The original terror gangs of Stern and Nehi later became the israeli army.
    The Russians were just too hard-core to get along with anybody. Things have only gotten worse. Israel has ADMITTED that it started the Six Day war without provocation.
    It looks like history and intransigence are closing in on isreal.
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  • Danny B
    Trying to wrestle a bear

    London / New York have blown up every State that tried to escape the deadly embrace of the dollar. After they were blown up and ransacked, their gold was carried off to Western coffers. Pox Americana is playing a very dangerous game by threatening Russia. It's one thing to threaten North Korea but, Russia is a completely different story. The British, especially are making a big deal about some spy that got poisoned.

    West Launches Massive Campaign To Kick Russia Out Of The UN Security Council !
    Lavrov Refutes Russia Behind Ex-Spy Poisoning
    May Again Claims Russia ‘Culpable’ For Ex Spy Poisoning
    Corbyn Challenges May's ‘Evidence' Of Russian ‘Culpability’
    Britain Seeks Urgent UNSC Meeting Over Spy Poisoning

    They are making a big deal about one spy when you know that it doesn't matter. Pox Americana managed to browbeat N.Korea into capitulating. Idiots at State must think that they can do the same with Russia.
    UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Freezes Russian Assets,
    Suspends High-Level Contacts

    Why does freezing Russian assets sounds like such a BAD idea?
    Roberts - World War 3 Is Approaching
    The Most Perilous Time in World History Got Worse - Stephen Lendman

    OK, so Netanayahoo is going down fast. He is livid because he can't get Russia to back down in Syria. Israel will NOT be pumping out Syrian oil in Golan heights / Syria. Russia is also backing oil drilling in Lebanese waters that israel wants. Netanyahoo can't get Trump to Attack Iran so, it tries to force an attack on Russia,,, or at least, browbeat Putin into withdrawing from Syria.
    Haley’s Lunatic Rants At The UNSC Continue
    A 'Geopolitical Pyromaniac’

    US To Stay In Syria Long Time, 'If Not Forever’ - Lavrov
    Putin REJECTS Ultimatum On Russia Spy Attack
    Says 'Don't Threaten A NUCLEAR Power'
    Lunatics May, Macron Agree To Jointly Address ‘Aggressive
    Russian Behaviour'

    The globalists want Russia out of the U.N. so that it has no forum to plead it's case. The board of the company thta wants to drill in the Golan heights is 100% globalists,,, including Rothschild. Russia is being surrounded with NATO bases and missiles. Somebody is going to have to back off,,, and it won't be Russia.
    Trump has a thing of pushing some idea to the extreme ro show that extremes just don't work. He can talk up a good show of Attacking Iran and Russia. When it becomes obvious that such an attack would be disastrous for the whole world, he can pursue more reasonable plans.

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  • Danny B
    Hot spots everywhere

    Bibi and his catamite have been blocked in the war on Syria. He is under indictment and may go down soon. The Deep State is desperately trying to shift the focus. Apparently, there is no limit to what they will do to pull America into a war.
    Ukraine’s General Staff announces imminent war with Russia
    This has been years in the making.

    USAF Boss - Space Wars Just A Few Years Away
    Trump Team Floating An Attack On North Korea

    Chinese Plane Enters S Korea Air Defense Zone
    Naw, this couldn't be a veiled threat.
    The NATO threat is the most dangerous. Hopefully, Trump can avert all of this.
    Pox Americana doesn't mind at all if Europe gets thrown into war. The Europeans DO NOT want war.
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  • Danny B
    a real danger of peace breaking out

    Escalation In Syria, How Far Can Russia Be Pushed?
    China Steps Into The Middle East Maelstrom

    Ridiculous Netanyahu - Iran In Greatest Threat To World
    Lavrov Orders US To Leave Area Of Control In So Syria
    2/19 Netanyahu says Israel could act against Iran’s ’empire’ – Reuters

    "indicative of a new US strategy in Syria: to punish the Russians as much as possible short of an overt US attack on Russian forces."
    "First, the USA and Israel are still reeling in humiliation and impotent rage over their defeat in Syria: Assad is still in power, Daesh is more or less defeated, the Russians were successful not only their military operations against Daesh"
    "successful conference on Syria in Russia and the general agreement of all parties to begin working on a new constitution, there was a real danger of peace breaking out, something the AngloZionist are absolutely determined to oppose (check out this apparently hacked document which, if genuine, clearly states the US policy not to allow the Russian to get anything done)."

    " Last but not least, since the AngloZionist have long lost the ability to actually getting anything done, their logical fall-back position is not let anybody else succeed either. This is the main purpose of the entire US deployment in northern Syria: to create trouble for Turkey, Iran, Syria and, of course, Russia.

    The bottom line is this: since the US Americans have declared that they will (illegally) stay in Syria until the situation “stabilizes” they now must do everything their power to destabilize Syria. Yes, there is a kind of a perverse logic to all that…"
    "And since both the USA and Israel are operating in the Syrian skies in total violation of international law while the Syrian armed forces would be protecting their own sovereign airspace, such a delivery of air-defense systems by Russia to Syria would be impeccably legal.

    Best of all, it would be absolutely impossible for the AngloZionist to know who actually shot at them since these weapon systems are mobile and easy to conceal."

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  • Danny B
    Getting your fingerrs burned

    "These events push Netanyahu to either respond with tactical nuclear weapons, and we have information that the US is aware Israel is prepared to do exactly that, or use his press assets and lie his way out of it. The current false reporting on Israel’s attacks is evidence that Netanyahu doesn’t want to see Syria strewn with Israeli plane wreckage again.

    Russian pilots, we are told, are begging to burn Israel. Russian planes in the sector outperform the F15 and F16 by some margin and hatred for Israel runs high in Russia’s military after years of seeing Israel work closely with ISIS."
    Russians Reported Killed in US Strikes In Syria
    US Hysteria Over Russia Will Lead To
    Nuclear War - Report
    We Can Destroy All US Bases In Region And Make
    Things Hell For The Zionist Regime - Iran

    Lebanon wants to develop off-shore oil & gas. Israel s blocking them.
    Lebanon Welcomes Russian Help Opening Offshore Fields

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  • Danny B
    Protection is a thing of the past

    After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was a respite in wars because of mutually assured destruction. by nuclear weapons. The idea of war was to take somebody else's stuff like land and minerals... ignoring wars for religion. Normally one party would try to kill the other party's leader. Each leader placed a bunch of solders between himself and the would-be killers. As airplanes got better and better, a leader didn't have to send his whole army to kill a foreign leader. Airplanes were superseded by missiles. It got easier and easier to kill foreign leaders. Often, they were just replaced in some kind of foreign supported coup.
    MAD was pretty successful because nobody wanted to be irradiated and frozen in a nuclear winter. Israel got a few hundred nukes and came up with the "Samson Option". They would nuke anyone and everyone if they were attacked.
    They are pushing towards war with Lebanon. Iran knows that they were one of the 5 nations slated to be attacked by the neocons. They aren't going to wait around for their turn in the meat-grinder.
    Here is an old article that has outdated numbers.

    MAD held for several decades. But now, conventional weapons have improved so much that war can be initiated without nukes. Times have changed and you can kill the leaders without going to the expense of using your army OR your expensive weapons.
    The good news is; the weapons of war are just too good,,, too effective. There is no practical defense against drones. The French army has trained eagles to take down drones. But, now, drones are used en masse and all controlled by AI and a hive mind.
    As defense falls further and further behind offense, few leader will risk THEIR personal safety. They aren't upset if a few thousand soldiers die. Personal death is to be avoided.
    The new hypersonic weapons just up the ante. This is leaving out the whole field of cyber-war.

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  • Danny B
    Ukraine, N.Korea, Syria, Lebanon, israel, Turkey

    Things are heating up in the Ukraine, PressTV-Russia deploys nuclear-powered missiles to Kaliningrad
    Add Syria,
    That SOB Kissinger is trying to get things started,

    Erdogan in Turkey is looking for trouble,
    Then there is GAZA,
    Lebanon never went away. israel doesn't want them exploring for gas and oil in Lebanese waters,
    israel seems to be rushing down the path of suicide.
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