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    More notes on the unfolding Sunni-Shia war

    Iran can easily destroy Saudi Arabia's main export terminal of Kharg island. Iran can EASILY close the Straights of Hormuz. They don't have to actually close it. They can just fire a couple of missiles and the insurance rates will be prohibitive for shipping. Over 70% of the oil flows through there. Any crash in oil deliveries would bring a huge spike in prices and possibly, set off economic collapse.
    Both Netanyahooo and Salman are nut cases.

    Hezbollah’s Sayyed Nasrallah
    What was startling about his speech—in which he customarily dissected current regional hot spots with sharp insight—is that Nasrallah addressed Israeli citizens directly.

    “You will not have time to pack and leave when war begins; and nowhere will be safe for you in Historic Palestine – nowhere!” exclaimed Nasrallah.
    Nasrallah did what he NEVER did before.

    For in addressing Israeli citizens directly, he earnestly advised them to start packing and return to their true motherlands in Europe, the US and elsewhere, as soon as possible and before imminent war breaks out.
    "Israeli’ media unveiled that the 2006 invasion was based on Saudi incitement so they could eliminate Hezbollah.
    beating the war drums against Iran, Hezbollah fighters won’t stop at Lebanon but will push to Jerusalem itself.

    Just 3,500 irregular Hezbollah militia battled 30,000-strong high-tech IDF to a bloody stalemate in Israel’s month-long invasion in 2006.

    The group has muscled up its arsenal of rockets and missiles since then, estimated at 80,000 - 120,000 fine-tuned for longer distances ranging the full length of Israel.
    a true existential war for the very life of Israel is now afoot as they build themselves up visibly on the horizon, and run the risk of becoming smoking ruins by doing something stupid.

    For with their success in destroying ISIS in Syria, Hezbollah is in a fighting mood.
    War Clouds Beyond Lebanon | Real Jew News

    "While turbulent during the best of times, gigantic waves of change are now sweeping across the Middle East. The magnitude is such that the impact on the global price of oil, as well as world markets, is likely to be enormous."
    That it's receiving too little attention in the US press given the implications, is a tip off as to just how big a deal this is -- as we're all familiar by now with how the greater the actual relevance and importance of a development, the less press coverage it receives.
    Keep the confidence going.
    "Unless you study it intensively, Saudi politics are difficult to follow because they are rooted in the drama of a very large and dysfunctional family battling over its immense wealth. If you think your own family is nuts, multiply the crazy factor by 1,000, sprinkle in a willingness to kill any family members who get in your way, and you'll have the right perspective for grasping how Saudi 'politics' operate.

    The House of Saud is the ruling royal family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereafter referred to as "KSA")
    "King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud demanded the country’s Treasury purchases stay “strictly secret,” according to a diplomatic cable obtained by Bloomberg from the National Archives database.

    “Buying bonds and all that was a strategy to recycle petrodollars back into the U.S.,” said David Ottaway, a Middle East fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington."
    WHO allowed this info to be released after all these years,,, and WHY?
    " Then-president Obama had to fly over there to smooth things out. It seems the job he did was insufficient; "
    "Any Saudi who would take on princes and clerics is obviously desperate"

    But first we have to discuss what might happen if a civil war were to engulf Saudi Arabia. The price of oil would undoubtedly spike. In turn, that would cripple the weaker countries, companies and households around the world that simply cannot afford a higher oil price. And there's a lot of them.

    Financial markets would destabilize as long-suppressed volatility would explode higher, creating horrific losses across the board."
    "The trajectory of events is headed in a direction that may well end the arrangement that has served as the axis around which geopolitics has spun for the past 40 years."
    My analysis is that by funding an insane amount of shale oil development, at a loss, and at any cost (such as to our biggest Mideast ally) the US has time and again displayed that our ‘friendship’ does not run very deep. "
    "We also explain why, unless something very dramatically changes in either the supply or demand equation for oil, and soon, we can now put a timeline in place for when the great unravelling begins. Somewhere between the second half of 2018 and the end of 2019 oil will dramatically increase in price and that will shake the foundations of the global mountain of debt and its related underfunded liabilities. Think 9.0 on the financial Richter scale. "


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      The anatomy of a Saudi--iran war

      Political analysis of the problems between Iran and Saudi Arabia,
      Here is an analysis of how the war would proceed,
      It's very interesting but, leaves out a few factors. Iran has 20,000 men and 1,500 boats and fast attack boats separate from the regular Navy. The Hoot (Persian: حوت ; Whale) is an Iranian supercavitation torpedo claimed to travel at approximately 360 km/h (220 mph) How many armed drones can Iran fly?
      If you think the 6 day war was fast, just wait to see what Hezbollah is going to do to israel,,, the second time around (2006) invasion. Neither Trump, nor Putin want to get dragged into war for the zionists. Just watch, America will drag it's feet for a few days and it will ALL be over. We will rush them LOTS of supplies The IDF said that Iran can hit them with 11,000 missiles a minute. Saudi wants to pick a fight with Hezbollah. Tel Aviv is going to look worse than Mosul.

      Ducks Lining Up: Saudi, Israeli, US Moves On Iran, Lebanon RonPaulLibertyReport
      We’re on the brink of war between Saudi Arabia & Lebanon ‒ scholar RT America
      Prediction: After Saudi / Iran War, Trump Will Be Removed From Office
      The Alex Jones Channel
      You would think that the West and Japan would be jumping up and down to keep the Straights of Hormuz open. Dunno


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        Blinded by hatred and dancing with the devil

        11/16 Saudi walks back escalation as dramatic moves backfire – AP Stupid people make stupid moves. Then, they try to undo their stupidity.
        Bahrain Security Forces Foil Attacks On Three Oil Pipelines Get used to them.
        WW 3 - China Orders US To STOP Military Exercises Off NK

        "If destabilizing Lebanon through indirect means doesn’t work out, Saudi Arabia evidently has plans to use the Israeli military to do its work for them, as Middle East Eye explained:

        “Saudi Arabia will only be able to destabilize Lebanon if it works with Israel, the only country with the military capabilities to threaten Lebanon’s fragile peace. Will Mohammed bin Salman go as far as striking a deal with Israel in which he offers full normalisation in return for Israel destroying Hezbollah and Iran in Lebanon?”
        "There’s a reason Saudi Arabia and Israel – two ideologically opposed nightmares – have begun bonding publicly since Trump’s election victory. There’s also a reason why not so long ago, Israel held its largest military drill in twenty years. It simulated a full-on invasion of Lebanon with the specific intention of going after Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Shia proxy militia. In fact, Israel has been planning for a major war for some time now,"
        "One should bear in mind that Lebanon was one of the seven countries listed in four-star General Wesley’s Clark’s exposed memo of nations the U.S. intended to topple following 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001"
        "Given Hezbollah’s battle-hardened resolve in the Syrian conflict, its surge in membership, its growing alliance with Russia and Iran, and its newly acquired stash of weaponry, one can only hope Saudi Arabia and Israel are fully prepared not only for a Syrian War 2.0 but also for the regional explosion that could ignite if these wars in the Middle East are not significantly de-escalated and scaled back "
        The Truth About Why Saudi Arabia and Israel Are Really Working Together

        OK, Salman (MBS) has aligned himself with israel. That, by itself would anger a LOT of islamic conservatives. Salman plans/hopes to destroy another arab State after trying to destroy Bahrain and Yemen. What else could he do to REALLY piss off a lot of arabs?
        Minister calls for third Temple to be built | The Times of Israel
        Last year, Jewish Home MK Zevulun Orlev also called for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, saying that removing the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque ...

        So, in his Sunni-Shia hatred, he has aligned with a State (sort-of) that wants to remove the second holiest shrine in islam.

        So, MbS takes on Iran and Lebanon. The ENTIRE Saudi oil infrastructure including Kharg island goes up in smoke. Everybody in Lebanon grabs an RPG and walks a few miles to israel. The Suez Canal was closed 5 times, recently for EIGHT years. What happens if the Straights of Hormuz gets closed?


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          Can Trump stand up to the zios and save the world?

          I found a very good analysis of the current situation re: the unfolding war preparations.
          Netanyahu doubles down on support for ‘moral’ US strike on Syria
          US ready to ‘fight for justice’ in Syria without UN approval – Haley
          Netanyahu puts Trump on notice over Syria

          So, Netanyahooo plans to destroy Trump if he doesn't go along with WAR.
          Rep. Steve Cohen introduces articles of impeachment against Trump ...... Cohen is Tennessee's first Jewish congressman.

          "That was an ambitious plan, but the Israelis felt pretty confident that their US vassal-state would provide the resources needed to achieve it. And now this entire plan has collapsed due to the very high effectiveness of an informal but yet formidable alliance between Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.
          To say that the Israelis are seething with rage and in a state of total panic would be an understatement. "
          "This is all a disaster for the AngloZionists who now are falling back to their typical attitude when met with resistance: if we can’t control it, then let’s destroy it.
          The plan: force the US to attack Iran"
          "As for the Israelis, their record of (completely illegal) military interventions is so long that we can safely assume that the Israelis will be involved in *any* ugly or evil plan to lay the region to waste. The main problem for the Saudis and the Israelis is that they have bad armies. Expensive ones – yes. High-tech ones – yes. But their problem is that their only true area of expertise is massacring defenseless civilians, that they are real experts at."
          "Imagine how frustrating that must be: you basically control the US which you have turned into a vassal-state, you spent billions and billions of dollars in equipping and training your bloated armed forces, but at the end of the day the Shias are just laughing in your face."

          "he Israelis know that neither they nor, even less so, the Saudis have what it would take to seriously threaten Iran, or even Hezbollah. But their plan is, I think, much cruder: to trigger a serious conflict and then force the US to intervene.

          I have written many articles explaining that the US military does not have the means to win a war against Iran. And that might be the problem here: the US commanders know full well that and they are therefore doing whatever it takes to tell the Neocons “can’t do, so sorry!” (that is the only reason why a US attack on Iran has not happened yet). From an Israeli point of view, this is totally unacceptable and the solution is simple: simple force the US into a war they really don’t want. "
          "So it’s all simple: have the Saudis attack Lebanon and/or Iran, observe how they lose, then switch on the propaganda machine at full power and explain to the average TV-watching goy that Iran is a threat to the region and the aggressor here, that the Saudis are only defending themselves from Iranian aggression."

          "the American people that the US must “lead the Free World” to “defend” the “only democracy in the Middle-East” against Iranian “aggression” and that the US have a “responsibility”
          "But in the case of Iran, the AngloZionist Empire could step up the level of violence way beyond what the Israelis and the Saudis could ever do by themselves. The combined power of Israel and the Saudis is dwarfed by the kind of firepower the US (CENTCOM+NATO) could unleash against Iran and it is therefore crucial that the Iranians not give the US Americans any pretext to officially join the attack."

          "At the end of the day the best hope the world has is that a US American patriot will see through this rather obvious plot to “wag the dog” and tell the ZioWahabis “not on my watch” like Admiral Fallon did in 2007 (will that honorable man ever get the historical recognition he deserves, say a Nobel Peace Prize?"
          "Israelis and the Saudi are just a gang of medieval thugs which even Hezbollah can terrify and force to run. Their only real power is the power they have in Congress and the US Ziomedia:"
          "The truth is that anybody who has served in the military, especially at a high command level (Pentagon, CENTCOM), knows that there are all sorts of creative ways to make sure that something does not happen. Finally, I have not lost all hope that Trump could do the right thing."
          "Iran is simply not a good country to attack, especially with a lack of a clear vision of what “victory” constitutes. So you ought to be crazy to attack Iran. The problem is, of course, that the Saudis and the Israelis are crazy, they have proved that many times over."
          Israel, Saudi Arabia Setting Preconditions for War With Hezbollah, by The Saker - The Unz Review


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            Avoiding the battle to the death for israel

            The battlefield scene has gradually changed reflecting changes in technology. Big infantry battles are a thing of the past. Tanks are slowly becoming obsolete. Now that pilot-less aircraft are real, human pilots will leave the cockpit. Humans can't operate well at more than 6Gs. The biggest change is in the missiles. As they get faster and more maneuverable, they become impossible to dodge. Reportedly, China has a hypersonic missile that can reach U.S. in 14 minutes. Battlefield robots are not far off. Cyber war is blossoming.
            Mutually assured destruction is even more real. We are already in global cooling. We don't need a "nuclear winter" to make things worse. The fallout from all this is; more and more people in power realise that war just doesn't bring advantages like before.
            This hasn't deterred israel from trying to fragment all their neighbors. They are chomping at the bit to drag America into a war with Iran and Hezbollah and Syria. ANY fool can see that israel would not have "one stone upon another" after the first 3 days. Here is the scenario as laid by Steele.
            Robert Steele: War in the Middle East [in February 2018]… A strategic survey of possibilities, winners, losers… – Public Intelligence Blog

            America reached "peak, cheap oil. That affects everything because we depend on importing 4.1 mpd to keep things going. Any kind of war anywhere near the Straights of Hormuz. would guarantee a Western energy collapse and a simultaneous financial collapse. Pox Americana would/will never escape the downhill slide from this.

            The U.S.S.R. completely collapsed and agreed to go quietly if the West did NOT expand the NATO hegemon. We lied and, are in the process of surrounding Russia's 11 time zones of natural resources. Russia can fight the Khazarian mafia in Europe OR, it can fight them in Russia.
            America is not threatened. Russia is threatened.



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              Lining up against the perpetual war mongers

              11/30 China to deploy elite troops to fight alongside Assad’s army – Zero Hedge
              Russia will support Syria with very high tech weapons for as long as it takes to "outlast" pox Americana. For China to send ground troops, this is a final assurance that NOBODY is going to partition Syria. Russia has started building their supersonic long range bomber again.

              Exclusive: U.S. forces to stay in Syria for decades, say militia allies
              Pox Americana plans to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely too.
              The U.S. needs to keep troops in Afghanistan - The Washington Post
              Afghanistan: Why U.S. needs to stay - CNN -

              Yep, with the help of the U.S. military, Afghanistan produced 9,000 tons of opium last year.
              The Syria invasion was all about giving the oil in the Golan Heights to israel and building a pipeline to sideline Russia’s pipeline.
              Both China and Russia have declared against Pox Americana partitioning Syria. Iran is the local heavyweight and they aren't going to let Syria slip away either. BUT, with Russia’s long-range cruise missiles, "local" takes on a new meaning.
              Saudi Arabia and israel and her pitch are pushing for war on Syria and Iran. Also, Lebanon was on General Clarke's list of countries to be trashed.
              Saudi recently tried to politically fragment Lebanon, and ended up uniting them. The Iranians see the looming threat from Pox Americana and, they too are united.
              The chosenites have united and hardened the opposition. By China entering the fray, the major world powers are all in the battle.

              At the same time, "Zionism goes from bad to worse, taking Judaism with it" Zionism goes from bad to worse, taking Judaism with it ? Redress Information & Analysis
              The Jews are waking up.
              "for the Jews it means that their religion is tied to a racist political ideology. There is no instance of Israeli prejudice exercised against the Palestinians, no act of violence committed against them, that does not simultaneously dishonour and debase the Jewish religion and people."
              Where is Zionism taking us? ? Redress Information & Analysis
              "Recently a number of Holocaust survivors and children of survivors placed a notice in the New York Times. In part it stated: “We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society… In Israel, politicians and pundits in the Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting neo-Nazi insignia.”
              ?But is it good for the Jews?? ? Redress Information & Analysis

              Syria, Lebanon and Iran are willing to be the foot soldiers working along side the heavyweights of Russia and China. China is new to the world stage in fighting ground wars. They will work especially hard to prove themselves.


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                Paul Craig Roberts

                P.C.R. gives a rundown on what to expect in the coming year.


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                  No "fat finger" could have sent that alert

                  I thought that we could pretty much ignore the news from North Korea. Not so.
                  Mike King shows pretty good rationale to believe that the missile alert in Hawaii was the real thing. Read his logic.
                  JANUARY 2018
                  Benjamin Fulford adds more,
                  Keep in mind that Cheney was ready to sacrifice LOTS of American lives in Iraq with his nukes that he pried loose from Minot AFB. He got them as far as Barksdale AFB,,, the forward base for all things destined to go to Iraq.
                  AF intelligence went in to full revolt and froze his bombs (cruise missiles) on the flight line.
                  This wouldn't be the first time for Hawaii either.
                  In this vid, Admiral Kimmel testifies that military intelligence knew exactly when the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor.
                  He was relieved of command. The president wanted a war, thinking that it would pull America out of the Great Depression I. Wiki calls this a conspiracy theory
                  Killary would have pushed the button within 5 minutes.
                  As Tel Aviv and the CIA get more and more desperate to start a war before the economy collapses, there will be more provocations aimed at Russia, N.K. and Iran.


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                    PressTV-China remains likely to attack Taiwan: Tsai
                    We attack North Korea and, Taiwan gets the axe.


                    • Ukraine, N.Korea, Syria, Lebanon, israel, Turkey

                      Things are heating up in the Ukraine, PressTV-Russia deploys nuclear-powered missiles to Kaliningrad
                      Add Syria,
                      That SOB Kissinger is trying to get things started,

                      Erdogan in Turkey is looking for trouble,
                      Then there is GAZA,
                      Lebanon never went away. israel doesn't want them exploring for gas and oil in Lebanese waters,
                      israel seems to be rushing down the path of suicide.
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                      • Protection is a thing of the past

                        After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was a respite in wars because of mutually assured destruction. by nuclear weapons. The idea of war was to take somebody else's stuff like land and minerals... ignoring wars for religion. Normally one party would try to kill the other party's leader. Each leader placed a bunch of solders between himself and the would-be killers. As airplanes got better and better, a leader didn't have to send his whole army to kill a foreign leader. Airplanes were superseded by missiles. It got easier and easier to kill foreign leaders. Often, they were just replaced in some kind of foreign supported coup.
                        MAD was pretty successful because nobody wanted to be irradiated and frozen in a nuclear winter. Israel got a few hundred nukes and came up with the "Samson Option". They would nuke anyone and everyone if they were attacked.
                        They are pushing towards war with Lebanon. Iran knows that they were one of the 5 nations slated to be attacked by the neocons. They aren't going to wait around for their turn in the meat-grinder.
                        Here is an old article that has outdated numbers.

                        MAD held for several decades. But now, conventional weapons have improved so much that war can be initiated without nukes. Times have changed and you can kill the leaders without going to the expense of using your army OR your expensive weapons.
                        The good news is; the weapons of war are just too good,,, too effective. There is no practical defense against drones. The French army has trained eagles to take down drones. But, now, drones are used en masse and all controlled by AI and a hive mind.
                        As defense falls further and further behind offense, few leader will risk THEIR personal safety. They aren't upset if a few thousand soldiers die. Personal death is to be avoided.
                        The new hypersonic weapons just up the ante. This is leaving out the whole field of cyber-war.


                        • Getting your fingerrs burned

                          "These events push Netanyahu to either respond with tactical nuclear weapons, and we have information that the US is aware Israel is prepared to do exactly that, or use his press assets and lie his way out of it. The current false reporting on Israel’s attacks is evidence that Netanyahu doesn’t want to see Syria strewn with Israeli plane wreckage again.

                          Russian pilots, we are told, are begging to burn Israel. Russian planes in the sector outperform the F15 and F16 by some margin and hatred for Israel runs high in Russia’s military after years of seeing Israel work closely with ISIS."
                          Russians Reported Killed in US Strikes In Syria
                          US Hysteria Over Russia Will Lead To
                          Nuclear War - Report
                          We Can Destroy All US Bases In Region And Make
                          Things Hell For The Zionist Regime - Iran

                          Lebanon wants to develop off-shore oil & gas. Israel s blocking them.
                          Lebanon Welcomes Russian Help Opening Offshore Fields


                          • a real danger of peace breaking out

                            Escalation In Syria, How Far Can Russia Be Pushed?
                            China Steps Into The Middle East Maelstrom

                            Ridiculous Netanyahu - Iran In Greatest Threat To World
                            Lavrov Orders US To Leave Area Of Control In So Syria
                            2/19 Netanyahu says Israel could act against Iran’s ’empire’ – Reuters

                            "indicative of a new US strategy in Syria: to punish the Russians as much as possible short of an overt US attack on Russian forces."
                            "First, the USA and Israel are still reeling in humiliation and impotent rage over their defeat in Syria: Assad is still in power, Daesh is more or less defeated, the Russians were successful not only their military operations against Daesh"
                            "successful conference on Syria in Russia and the general agreement of all parties to begin working on a new constitution, there was a real danger of peace breaking out, something the AngloZionist are absolutely determined to oppose (check out this apparently hacked document which, if genuine, clearly states the US policy not to allow the Russian to get anything done)."

                            " Last but not least, since the AngloZionist have long lost the ability to actually getting anything done, their logical fall-back position is not let anybody else succeed either. This is the main purpose of the entire US deployment in northern Syria: to create trouble for Turkey, Iran, Syria and, of course, Russia.

                            The bottom line is this: since the US Americans have declared that they will (illegally) stay in Syria until the situation “stabilizes” they now must do everything their power to destabilize Syria. Yes, there is a kind of a perverse logic to all that…"
                            "And since both the USA and Israel are operating in the Syrian skies in total violation of international law while the Syrian armed forces would be protecting their own sovereign airspace, such a delivery of air-defense systems by Russia to Syria would be impeccably legal.

                            Best of all, it would be absolutely impossible for the AngloZionist to know who actually shot at them since these weapon systems are mobile and easy to conceal."


                            • Hot spots everywhere

                              Bibi and his catamite have been blocked in the war on Syria. He is under indictment and may go down soon. The Deep State is desperately trying to shift the focus. Apparently, there is no limit to what they will do to pull America into a war.
                              Ukraine’s General Staff announces imminent war with Russia
                              This has been years in the making.

                              USAF Boss - Space Wars Just A Few Years Away
                              Trump Team Floating An Attack On North Korea

                              Chinese Plane Enters S Korea Air Defense Zone
                              Naw, this couldn't be a veiled threat.
                              The NATO threat is the most dangerous. Hopefully, Trump can avert all of this.
                              Pox Americana doesn't mind at all if Europe gets thrown into war. The Europeans DO NOT want war.
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                              • Trying to wrestle a bear

                                London / New York have blown up every State that tried to escape the deadly embrace of the dollar. After they were blown up and ransacked, their gold was carried off to Western coffers. Pox Americana is playing a very dangerous game by threatening Russia. It's one thing to threaten North Korea but, Russia is a completely different story. The British, especially are making a big deal about some spy that got poisoned.

                                West Launches Massive Campaign To Kick Russia Out Of The UN Security Council !
                                Lavrov Refutes Russia Behind Ex-Spy Poisoning
                                May Again Claims Russia ‘Culpable’ For Ex Spy Poisoning
                                Corbyn Challenges May's ‘Evidence' Of Russian ‘Culpability’
                                Britain Seeks Urgent UNSC Meeting Over Spy Poisoning

                                They are making a big deal about one spy when you know that it doesn't matter. Pox Americana managed to browbeat N.Korea into capitulating. Idiots at State must think that they can do the same with Russia.
                                UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Freezes Russian Assets,
                                Suspends High-Level Contacts

                                Why does freezing Russian assets sounds like such a BAD idea?
                                Roberts - World War 3 Is Approaching
                                The Most Perilous Time in World History Got Worse - Stephen Lendman

                                OK, so Netanayahoo is going down fast. He is livid because he can't get Russia to back down in Syria. Israel will NOT be pumping out Syrian oil in Golan heights / Syria. Russia is also backing oil drilling in Lebanese waters that israel wants. Netanyahoo can't get Trump to Attack Iran so, it tries to force an attack on Russia,,, or at least, browbeat Putin into withdrawing from Syria.
                                Haley’s Lunatic Rants At The UNSC Continue
                                A 'Geopolitical Pyromaniac’

                                US To Stay In Syria Long Time, 'If Not Forever’ - Lavrov
                                Putin REJECTS Ultimatum On Russia Spy Attack
                                Says 'Don't Threaten A NUCLEAR Power'
                                Lunatics May, Macron Agree To Jointly Address ‘Aggressive
                                Russian Behaviour'

                                The globalists want Russia out of the U.N. so that it has no forum to plead it's case. The board of the company thta wants to drill in the Golan heights is 100% globalists,,, including Rothschild. Russia is being surrounded with NATO bases and missiles. Somebody is going to have to back off,,, and it won't be Russia.
                                Trump has a thing of pushing some idea to the extreme ro show that extremes just don't work. He can talk up a good show of Attacking Iran and Russia. When it becomes obvious that such an attack would be disastrous for the whole world, he can pursue more reasonable plans.