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  • Danny B
    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    Everything looked SO promising on the Korean peninsula. Then came Bolton.
    Bolton Wants Kim To Ship ALL Of His Nukes To The US In Exchange For ‘Security’ - Be Careful, Kim
    N Korea Summit Now On Hold After US-SK War Games - Trump Demands NK Fully Denuclearize

    N Korea Cancels High-Level Talks With S Korea
    Trump Faces Dilemma After Bolton Enrages N Korea
    N Korea Cancels Talks With South - Threatens To Quit Summit Over US-SK Military Drills

    The fallout;
    China Begins 'Island Encirclement' War Drills On Taiwan Is There A North Korea Angle In The Works?
    Taiwan will get the same treatment that N.Korea gets. Bolton is a MORON. What did they think would happen?

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  • Danny B
    Another attack on Syria

    Israel Attacked Syria an Hour After the Iran Deal Was Ended | Time
    Well, it remains to be seen if Iran will carry out revenge or not. Whether Russia sends in the S-300 missiles, or not.
    Boris Johnson came over to tell Trump not to cancel the Iran pact. Evidently, BoJo didn't trust the phone service to just call instead. One can assume that BoJo is representing the London bankers and the British power system. The new / revived sanctions are bound to push Iran into the orbit of Russia. Just have to wait and see who retaliates.

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  • Danny B
    Paul Craig Roberts and Europe

    PCR writes that Europe must escape the control of the district of corruption. DC is on a long-term buildup for war with Russia. Europe will be the loser. Part of the problem is; there has been a lot of development to make fission weapons "clean". "They" could bomb the snot out of various enemies and, not create much fallout. PCR makes the mistake of believing that fission weapons are the ultimate destructive force.
    I bought Tom Bearden's book.
    Oblivion America At the Brink: Thomas E. Bearden: 9780972514620 ...

    I also bought,
    Secrets of Cold War Technology - Gerry Vassilatos (2000) | Perception ...

    Both of these books make it clear that the MIC has gone far beyond fission weapons. Will Pox Americana push too far? Who knows?

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  • Danny B
    The history of Pox Americana in Korea

    "In the early 1950s, the US bombed North Korea so relentlessly that, according to DPRK, it destroyed over 8,700 factories, 5,000 schools, 1,000 hospitals, 600,000 homes, and eventually killed off perhaps 20 percent of the country’s population. As noted by the Asia Pacific Journal, the US dropped so many bombs that they ran out of targets to hit, so they began punishing the local population by decimating the North’s irrigation systems instead:

    “By the fall of 1952, there were no effective targets left for US planes to hit. Every significant town, city and industrial area in North Korea had already been bombed. In the spring of 1953, the Air Force targeted irrigation dams on the Yalu River, both to destroy the North Korean rice crop and to pressure the Chinese, who would have to supply more food aid to the North. Five reservoirs were hit, flooding thousands of acres of farmland, inundating whole towns and laying waste to the essential food source for millions of North Koreans.”

    "John Bolton, wrote an op-ed article published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) entitled “The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First.”
    "For North Korea, full denuclearization entails the complete withdrawal of all nuclear-capable US weapons within reach of the peninsula, as well as the withdrawal of its 28,500 troops from South Korea. This is a deal-breaker for Washington and may prove to be a sticking point, especially given that the US military still refuses to leave Japan, despite improved diplomatic relations in the decades following the end of World War Two "
    Yep, permanent garrison,,, just like Germany.
    "the US still has bases in Germany and troops in the Philippines where it is expected to increase its military footprint, even though it was formally kicked out of the country in 1991. Let’s face it, the US hardly ever leaves a country once its military has established a presence. Consider that in Syria, the US controls almost one third of the country, including Syria’s most oil-rich region, without any discernable legal basis to be there in the first place."
    "No, North Korea is a threat for the same reason that Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran are a threat: natural resources and the ability to tie the development of those resources to a currency that will challenge the status of the US dollar.

    You see, North Korea sits on reserves of more than 200 minerals, including rare earth minerals, which are believed to be worth up to 10 trillion USD. "
    "The United States is a country that, at any given time, is bombing at least seven (or eight) different countries, all the while threatening to bomb at least two or three more. Despite these unprecedented acts of aggression, North Korea – currently bombing no one – is inexplicably and without fail, the country that is universally branded as an uncontrollable threat to global security."

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  • Danny B
    Iran and Russia blocking the partition of Syria

    Netanyahu Given Power To Declare War With
    Only Lieberman's Approval (Nuclear War)

    Israel Preparing War On Iran, Wants US Support
    Iran Vows 'Surprising' Response To Israel

    Here are a couple of interesting comments;

    "The Western globalist billionaires and elites are ultimately responsible for any aggression coming from Israel. If they can conquer and control Iran and take over its oil and gas reserves, risking the fate of the millions of people in Iran, Syria and in Israel, then the losses to them will be incidental. The Western-globalist-Zio-hawk Axis no doubt feels it has to act now against Iran in case everything settles down in the ME with the Syrian war cooling off.
    Any expansion of Israeli turf or getting control of resources to the north would be stymied with further waiting and allowing both Syrian and Iranian defense systems to be further fortified. The Israelis appear to be completely confident that if they can instigate a war with Iran that it will be backed by the US, the UK, France and other NATO nations.

    That confidence could only come from the Western elites running things. However, after their last fizzled false-flag poison-gas attack in Syria, the support by many NATO nations for more Axis aggression may not be that solid. So what does the Israeli tough talk and threats mean at this time? Perhaps it means that Israel is in the process of concocting a massive and much more sophisticated false-flag attack, like the taking out of a US war ship and blaming Iran for starting the war.

    Remember Five points:
    1. Isreal will fight to the very last American Soldiers Death.

    2. The Zionist screams in Pain as he Stikes you.

    3.The Yinon Plan.

    4.Operation TALPIOT.

    5. Qatari Pipeline Petro Dollar Vs. Russia / China Petro Yaun.

    One bright aspect is the Anti-Isreal / Jew Zionist movement is gaining steam. More & more Individuals are speaking openly against Israel’s War Crimes, False Flag involvements, The Yinon Plan along with Pro Zionist immigrantion policy of migrating Muslim’s & Arabs to the EU & US without fear of retribution. Pro migration policy which supports territory boarder expansion via the Yinon Plan & ethnic cleansing & migration of Arabs & Muslim’s.

    Not to mention the Billions in US foreign aid, AIPAC, ZioNeoConFascist NGO’s & dual Israeli Citizen’s which hold Political Office in CONgress. Which must be outlawed. "

    "It seems like the latest twist in the IFUKUS zio-startegy will be to cut off Iran (by maintaining a foothold East Syria & West Iraq) and using these areas to partition Syria and to continue attacking Iranian/Syrian assets in Syria (possibly in Iran proper if all else fails) provoking Iran and thereby dragging FUKUS into another conflict. All of this ongoing domestic sideshow (Trump war is Deep State) will be used to distract people in the US from these foreign provocations.

    The days of ISIS controlling territory and terrorizing the people of Syria are coming to an end,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on Tuesday
    This is intriguing, because the only remaining IS presence is near the Iraqi border, with a pocket south of Damascus currently being cleared out by Syrian government forces
    Nauert also said the US will ensure there is a “strong and lasting footprint” in Syria so that IS cannot return and the liberated populations “are not exploited by the Assad regime or its Iranian supporters.”
    US statements supporting the territorial integrity of Syria “are only words” that serve as cover for “plans to partition Syria,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday, after a meeting with Turkish and Iranian officials in Moscow. Lavrov had also warned earlier this year about Western plans to partition Syria.

    The US and its allies intend to occupy the eastern part of Syria and partition the country, in order to “use the Sunnis in East Syria and West Iraq to form a barricade to stop any Iranian influence and cut off supplies to Hezbollah.”

    Washington’s objectives are aligned with the axis between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Maloof added, with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu hoping (demanding) the US will fight Iran for Israel.

    “They will go alone if they have to and drag the US into it,” Maloof told RT. “We’re getting sucked into another war.”
    “ISIS is a sideshow. The real US targets are the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian backers,” Jatras said. “The stage is being set for a confrontation with Iran, in which Syria is simply one theater.”

    “The reference to Christians is simply cynical. It is intended to make Americans think we give a damn about Syria’s Christians, despite seven years of arming and funding jihadists for whom Christians are prime targets for murder and enslavement,” Jatras explained.

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  • Danny B
    More provocations

    Netanayahooo and the neocons and the MIC are desperate to get a war going. N.K. is off the table . Iran is the designated central target now. 500 MEPS have recommended NOT changing the Iranian deal. Does NOT matter. Israel wants it cancelled. They are bombing Syria every week to provoke Iran before the May 12 decision on Iranian sanctions. israel does not want Iranian troops and missiles in Syria. They attacked again on Sunday.
    How much longer will Russia and Iran and Syria absorb these attacks before they hit back? Iran can cut off almost every bit of oil out of the ME. Neyanyahoo is willing to crash the whole world to try to keep israel going. NO surprise.
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  • Danny B
    Failing to get the wars going,,, so far.

    You know that I try not to repeat myself but, with a few thousand posts, it is sometimes difficult. Here are a couple of excerpts from the Report From Iron Mountain.
    " War was a part of the economy. Therefore, it was necessary to conceive a state of war for a stable economy.

    Report from Iron Mountain, a book which uses social science data to suggest that human societies are held together by a “war system” without which other institutions could not exist. As the Report puts it: “War itself is the basic social system, within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire.”

    The Report does not once cite figures either from the 604 statistical tables allegedly placed in an unpublished appendix or from the masses of other data which it claims were run through a computer
    The Report directs most of its attention, however, to the social, psychological, and political consequences of the war system. War, according to the Report, not only generates patriotic allegiance, which in turn increases social cohesion and undercuts domestic strife, but it justifies the very existence of nations. “

    Now, we're getting somewhere. Nations are artificial constructs held together by mutual prosperity or mutual defence. What happens when there is no need to defend from anybody?

    “is the foundation for stable government; it supplies the basis for general acceptance of political authority.” "certainly not be in the best interest of a stable society to achieve it.” For example, anti-poverty and other social welfare programs can neither spend as much tax money as the war makers"

    Peace Breaks Out On Korean Peninsula Despite...And Not Because Of US Neocon War Hawks
    The deep State is frothing at the mouth at the prospect of losing out on the $trillions that they commanded to keep us safe. They killed a couple hundred Russians to make sure that the wars go on. They greatly fear that the populace will wake up to the never-ending costs. We we're all looking forward to world peace when The U.S.S.R. collapsed. It was blocked.
    Seoul is just 660 miles from Beijing. You can bet that Pox Americana does not want to pull it's military out.

    Mattis - Direct Israel-Iran Conflict ‘Very Likely’ In a perfect world, Saudi, Iran and israel would all wipe each other out. The world would be a much better place,,, MINUS 3 theocracies.
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  • Danny B
    Kim, Xi, Vlad and the chessboard

    As predicted, the deep state is in a panic looking for somebody to attack. They are doing their best to discount and ignore the peace overtures from Kim.
    Trump To Threaten Kim - No Sanctions Relief Without Denuclearization Proof
    Lawmakers - Kim’s Pledge Of Denuclearization Is Just A Publicity Stunt

    Maybe Things Won’t Work Out With N Korea Says Trump Who Seems To Be Hedging His Bets

    Trump Says N Korea Has Agreed To Denuclearize...But That Is Not The Case

    Xi and Kim could load their entire nuclear stockpiles on trains and send them overland to China or Russia in a couple of weeks.
    APRIL 2018
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  • Danny B
    Looking for war and, not finding it

    This is a fictional conversation between Xi, Putin and Kim.
    Kim, the neocons are looking for any excuse to blow away N.K.
    Vlad, their markets are crashing and they are looking for a scapegoat to blame it on.
    Xi, Armstrong told me years ago that the war cycle was turning way up.
    Kim, so WHAT do I do? I don't want to be the whipping boy and get nuked back to the stone age.
    Vald, it's easy. Just do what I told Assad to do. I told him that they are crazy about gas weapons so, get rid of them. He did and, everybody inspected and , were happy. This took the wind out of their sails and bought Assad some time. They had to finally invent fake gas.

    Kim, so I just get rid of my nukes,,, and then what? What if they decide to just march in on any pretext?
    Xi, I'll make it clear that Korea is in our immediate sphere of influence. No invasion will be tolerated. Kim, you have to integrate with South Korea as quickly as possible. This will deflate their causus beli pretty fast. I'll hold Taiwan as hostage.
    Vlad we just get rid of any provocation anywhere in the world,,, besides China and Russia. Besides, America doesn't invade any more. They just stand off and blow things up. They won't find any mercenaries to go into N.K. They won't attack China or Russia because my new weapons and jamming system are too much for them.
    We only need to buy some time until their bond market crashes.
    Kim, OK, I'll give them anything that they demand. They are going to have a hard time figuring out what their next move is.

    China Praises End Of North Korea Nuclear Tests
    Kim Says He Is Discontinuing All Nuclear And
    Missile Tests - ‘No Need For Additional Tests’
    North & South Korea Launch First ‘Leaders
    Hotline’ Ahead Of Summit
    Stranger All The Time - N Korea Drops Demand
    Of US Forces Withdrawal For Denuclearization

    And what do the neocons have to say?
    WH Privately Sceptical Of NK Nuke-Missile Freeze

    Pox Americana (deep State) is absolutely desperate to avoid losing their job and influence to world peace. Russia absorbs off-hand attacks like what happened in Syria where a couple hundred Russians were killed. The deep state is rabidly trying to get any kind of attack going.

    Some years ago, Cheney pried loose a nuke-armed cruise missile and sent it on to Iraq,,, obviously to attack American troops. The missile was transported UNDER the wing of a bomber. AGAINST all standing orders. When it arrived at Barksdale AFB, AF intelligence went into full revolt and locked down the plane. Some of the guys who loaded it on the bomb pylons at Minot AFD died in mysterious car accidents. Shortly after thjat, ALL AF personnel were grounded and received explicit instructions about procedures,, and ignoring orders.
    If the deep state was willing to nuke American troops, no telling what kind of false flag they have planned to get a war going.

    So, who gets nuked next?

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  • Danny B
    So, why do we even have a military?

    Stockman has a great rant about defending America. Eisenhower warned us about letting the military-industrial complex getting too big with too much power. After WW II, there wasn't much for them to do. They whipped up a war in Korea but, it wasn't the money-maker that they had hoped. The cold war was the next best thing. LOTS of money was spent but, armies didn't actually fight. It could go on forever like that. The money would flow without limit. Unfortunately for the MIC, Russia went broke. There was no possible enemy on the horizon that would justify a big military. We could just have gotten rid of most of the military.

    "Instead, the Imperial City went in an opposite direction and ended up embracing a de facto policy of Empire First. The latter will cost $700 billion during the current year and is heading for $900 billion annually a few years down the road.

    In a word, Empire First easily consumes one-half trillion dollars more in annual budgetary resources than would America First."
    "Obviously, it's also why Imperial Washington has appointed itself global policeman. Functioning as the gendarme of the planet is the only possible justification for the extra $500 billion per year cost of Empire First.

    For example, why does the US still deploy 90,000 US forces and their dependents in Japan and Okinawa and 30,000 in South Korea?"
    "when the Soviet Union and the Red Army perished, there was nothing left to defend against. NATO should have declared "mission accomplished" and dissolved itself.

    Instead, it has become a political jackhammer for Empire First policies by expanding to 29 nations---many of them on Russia's doorstep."
    "You simply can't make up $500 billion worth of phony reasons for an Empire First national security policy without going off the deep-end. You have to invent missions, mandates and threats that are just plain stupid (like the purported Russian "occupation" of Crimea) or flat out lies (like Saddam's alleged WMDs)."
    Contra Corner » America First—R.I.P.

    Essentially, NATO is now at war with itself.

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  • Danny B
    Suffer some violence to bring peace?

    Well, the OPCW was going to show up very quickly. Instead of waiting for the ships to arrive, they did a rush-job to destroy the (lack of) evidence of a gas attack. This was MI5 and MOSSAD. May is responsible for this and, wanted to avoid the great embarrassment of being proved a liar. 70% of the missiles were intercepted and destroyed. The planes stood off the borders of Syria to fire. I'm guessing that Putin showed great restraint.
    Britain dearly wants to get Russia to attack to sour any future trade relations with Russia.
    Putin wants to see integration of Western and Eastern Europe. The S-400 could have most likely knocked out a few planes. That B2 could be targeted on just it's enormous sonic signature.

    Syria used old technology.
    New tech S300 and S400 would have undoubtedly hit everything. The Pentagon must now admit that all it's smart missiles are actually smart targets. In spite of what Raytheon and General Dynamics may claim.
    Before we go condemning Trump too loudly, we have to remember what the final objective is.
    World peace Or, as it's sometimes referred to, whirled peas.
    Here is a very hopeful report.
    With a critical look of this, I see the fingerprints of London bankers.
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  • Danny B
    What next?

    Well, I guess that Trump was not buying time. Who knows if he is even in command?
    Fact-finding teams from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, an international watchdog agency based in The Hague, were expected to arrive in Douma on Saturday
    U.S. fires cruise missiles at Syria in retaliation for suspected poison gas attack
    So, we just HAD to bomb them before any truth came out.

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  • Danny B
    Trump buying time?

    The drums of war are not beating quite so loudly now. The U.S. and U.K. blocked efforts to investigate the so-called gas attack in Syria. Sweden has called for a mechanism / body to do just that. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is now going to Syria to investigate. Stranger than strange, the Pentagon is getting all of their "intelligence" from SOCIAL MEDIA.
    "Pentagon admits NO evidence of chemical attack in Syria, relying on 'social media' ... Assad's government are, based on mainstream reports from outlets like the BBC, relying almost entirely on Islamist rebel groups and the activists and NGOs that operate within their territory"

    Here is a pretty good report about what is going on,
    Maybe Trump has NOT been buffaloed by the deep State. Maybe he is just "acting out" and buying time.
    Here is a rundown on armaments,

    Vote up!
    Vote down!

    Speak Out Now...

    Been screaming this for weeks, Once 1 Nuke Flies, its probably Raining Nukes in minutes ...

    Nuclear arsenal of Russia

    The exact number of nuclear warheads is a state secret and is therefore a matter of guesswork. The Federation of American Scientists estimates that Russia possesses 4,300 nuclear warheads, while the U.S. has 4,000; Russia has 1,950 active strategic nuclear warheads, compared with the U.S. having 1,650.[2] On the other hand, Russia is estimated to have roughly 1,500 tactical nuclear weapons, all of which are declared to be in central storage.[10]The RS-28 Sarmat[11] (Russian: РС-28 Сармат; NATO reporting name: SATAN 2), is a Russian liquid-fueled, MIRV-equipped, super-heavy thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missile in development by the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau[11] from 2009,[12] intended to replace the previous R-36 missile.

    Its large payload would allow for up to 10 heavy warheads or 15 lighter ones or up to 24 hypersonic glide vehicles Yu-71,[13][14] or a combination of warheads and massive amounts of countermeasures designed to defeat anti-missile systems;[15][16]

    it was heralded by the Russian military as a response to the U.S. Prompt Global Strike.[17]

    In 2015, information emerged that Russia may be developing a new nuclear torpedo, up to 100 megatons[18] , the Status-6 Ocean Multipurpose System,[19][20][21] codenamed “Kanyon” by Pentagon officials.[22][23] This weapon is designed to create a tsunami wave up to 500m tall that will radioactively contaminate a wide area on an enemy coasts with cobalt-60, and to be immune to anti-missile defense systems such as laser weapons and railguns that might disable an ICBM.[20][21][23][24][25] Two potential carrier submarines, the Project 09852 Belgorod, and the Project 09851 Khabarovsk, are new boats laid down in 2012 and 2014 respectively.[22][23][26][27] Status 6 appears to be a deterrent weapon of last resort.[25][26][27] It appears to be a torpedo-shaped robotic mini-submarine, that can travel at speeds of 185 km/h (100 kn).[25][26][28] More recent information suggests a top speed of 100 km/h (54 kn), with a range of 10,000 km (6,200 mi) and a depth maximum of 1,000 m (3,300 ft).[29] This underwater drone is cloaked by stealth technology to elude acoustic tracking devices.[20][26]

    "There are people saying Russia are putting fuel in the R-36M2 Voevodas. They are MIRVed, and have an all-up launch weight of 220 tons each."

    This is a cross-post about the deep state pulling Trump down.
    Contra Corner » The Deep State Closes In On The Donald: Mueller’s War, Part 2
    The military, "General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, exemplifies the phenomenon. As reported in The Washington Post, Dunford recently voiced optimism about defeating the Afghan Taliban in the seventeenth year of a trillion-dollar war"
    "A staggering portion—maybe up to 90 percent—of United States assistance to Afghanistan is embezzled, diverted, or wasted. "
    Follow the money.
    4/13 White House acknowledges US at war in seven countries – FFF

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  • Danny B
    War and dust

    Here is a good look at the history of "America, the bully"

    Historically, the king sent his men off to do battle while he remained at a safe distance.
    Times have changed. The world now has long-reach weapons.
    In 2015, America attacked China in the city of Tianjin. We hit them with a kinetic weapon called "rods of God". It produced a 5 kiloton blast that is now a lake. Reportedly, President Xi was the prime target as, he was there that day. Also, the big Chinese military super-computer was a target.
    War is no longer decided by mobs of men-at-arms.

    Turn around go back down
    Back the way you came
    Can't you see that flash of fire
    10 times brighter than the day
    And behold a mighty city
    Broken in the dust again
    Oh God, pride of man
    Broken in the dust again
    Turn around go back down
    Back the way you came
    Babylon is laid to waste
    Egypt's buried in her shame
    Their mighty men are all beaten down
    Their kings are all fallin' in the ways
    Oh God, pride of man
    Broken in the dust again
    Turn around go back down
    Back the way you came
    Terror is on ever sign
    Though our leaders are dismayed
    All those who place their faith in fire
    In fire their fate shall be repayed

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  • Danny B
    Time to stock up your B.O.B.

    I've got a lot more notes on the unfolding situation in Syria. The general feeling is that things have progressed to where America won't back down. That isn't to say that Trump won't back down. Evidently, the swamp has smothered him. The war-mongers believe that Putin is bluffing and, will back down. Pox Americana is fighting for supremacy. Putin is fighting for the survival of Russia.
    This is a cross-post claiming that Trump has been neutralized. You should read it to get a feeling for what is going on in the White house.

    Germany and Italy have refused to participate.
    " Britain and France likely going along enough to likely kill it.
    As of now, it’s anyone’s guess precisely what’s coming – to be known once hostilities begin.
    It’s also unclear how Russia will respond – virtually certain to retaliate if its personnel in Syria are harmed.

    Here is a link for a critical side note,
    "Letting America get away with naked aggression time and again assures more of it.

    If Russia fails to act forcefully this time, will it wait for its heartland to be attacked before defending its national security?"

    The Coming Firestorm in Syria - Stephen Lendman
    OK, NATO has surrounded Russia with bases and missiles. Evidently, the Military Industrial Complex has decided that now is the time to put Russia up against the wall. Syria is NOT what is at stake for Russia. Russia has developed a lot of new, impressive weapons. The timing seems premature here. Possibly, the West is attacking before Russia gains an even bigger technological lead. Wars are no longer fought by armies with guns. Wars are fought with long-reach weapons. Both kinetic and cyber.

    "It's possible the locations lie far from Russian forces in the region and therefore would carry a low risk of escalating tensions with Russia — but the White House has indicated it's not afraid to target Russian assets. ???
    Any strike on Syria, Russia's ally, runs the risk triggering a massive Russian response that could lead to war between the world's biggest nuclear powers."

    Trump reportedly has 8 targets in mind for a Syria missile strike - Business Insider

    You don't have to read all the body of the links. Just read enough to get a feel for what might happen. All eyes are focused on Syria. Now would be a good time for China to pull off a BIG one. The West could NEVER respond.
    China to hold live-fire navy drills in support for Russia over Syria - Business Insider

    David Stockman is known as a worrier. Just the same, that doesn't mean that he is wrong. I'll do excerpts but, you should read the whole article.
    "Folks, like some alien abductors, the Deep State has taken the Donald hostage, and with ball-and-chain finality. Whatever pre-election predilection he had to challenge the Warfare State has apparently been completely liquidated."
    "Indeed, did the robo-machines and boys and girls down in the casino not ponder the meaning of this message from the Kremlin? It does not leave much to the imagination:

    #Russian ambassador in Beirut : "If there is a strike by the Americans on #Syria , then... the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired," Zasypkin told Hezbollah's al-Manar TV, speaking in Arabic."
    "As a reminder, this is what the Donald said just last week:

    “We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon,” Trump said on Thursday, “Let the other people take care of it now. Very soon, very soon, we’re coming out....We’re going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be.”

    The fact is, it's way too late to drag Bashar Assad behind the Moammar Khadafy Memorial Jeep to be ritually sodomized by his enemies. That's because he's already won the civil war "

    This is completely intolerable and unacceptable. "We" stole the oil and, we plan to keep it.
    "Indeed, the only thing that a regime change attempt at this late date would accomplish is a resurrection of the remnants of ISIL (small black specs) or an upwelling of chaos from the three or four islets (green areas) that warring gangs of rebels, jihadists, salafists and blood-thirsty warlords now nominally control.

    So the map below, in fact, tells you what is really going on. To wit, the neocons and deep staters around Trump--with the Walrus Mouth (Bolton) now literally shouting in his ear----are really about picking a fight with Iran and Russia. These are really Imperial Washington's designated enemies, and the purpose of the impending attack on Syrian military installations is to intimidate them into backing down"

    Backing down means eventual total destruction.

    "Indeed, with the defense budget already cranked up to the absurd level of $720 billion, the Deep State and its military/industrial/surveillance/congressional complex allies would like nothing better than maximum rhetorical belligerence (and occasional provocative acts) from Russia and Iran in order to keep the national security gravy train inflating toward the $1 trillion funding mark."
    About that budget,,, Important side note,

    "Namely, since America lost its only real enemy in 1991, Washington has become an unhinged war capital. It is now endangering the entire planet in a doom-loop of expanding military muscle, multiplying foreign interventions and occupations, intensifying blowback from the victims of Washington's aggression and an ever greater chorus of Empire justifying experts, apparatchiks and politicians getting fat on the banks of the Potomac."
    "Nevertheless, the extent of the Donald's capture by the Deep State and its partisan auxiliaries could not be more dramatically evident than in the last seven days of events in Eastern Ghouta."

    So last Friday, the Syrian military resumed its offensive and the purported gas attack occurred the next day, when it appears that it was all over except the shouting.

    We will leave for others to explain the unexplainable. To wit, why in the world would Bashar Assad, who was on the verge of a complete victory over the last redoubt of rebel enemies that could threaten his regime, use chemical weapons on civilians and children when all except a few hard-core fighters had already agreed to get on buses and evacuate Douma entirely?

    Here are the players,
    You can get very good information from Veterans Today. They list an article that sounds very good. No matter what I try, I am blocked. maybe you can see it.

    Syria Escalation Scenarios: US Military Options, Russian ...
    The conflict in Syria will continue along ... // ...

    Here is the war-walrus himself,

    Keep in mind that the Missile cruiser sitting off the coast of Syria is the Donald Cook. Last time that it tangled with the Russians, the Russians COMPLETELY shut down all electronics,,, even though it was linked up to the shore batteries in Romania. Is it to be sacrificed? Will any other ships function?

    Here is more from Roberts.
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