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    North Korea, The Kurds, rare earths

    SO MANY brushfires. Which one might flare up too big to control?
    Anonymous has a generic warning, 'Anonymous' Issues Ominous World War 3 Warning: "The Citizens Will Be The Last To Know" | Zero Hedge
    China Tests New Missile Near Korean Peninsula After Promising To Remain Ally Of Kim Jong-un
    New South Korean President Wants Improved Ties With Kim And North Korea

    The last thing that Pox Americana wants is unification.
    New S Korean Leader Moon 'Ready To Visit Pyongyang BAD BOY.

    Trump Approves Heavy Weapons For Kurds
    And Another Useless Afghan War Surge Likely
    Turkey Threatens To Kill US Troops Fighting With Kurds
    ...Trump Enraged

    Trump Approves Plan To Directly Arm Kurds
    US, UK, Jordan Deploy Troops, Tanks In S Syria

    Erdogan has thrown in with Putin and Pox Americana is pissed off.
    Erdogan Urges 100s Of 1,000s Of Muslims To Visit To Visit Jerusalem To Support Palestinians Won't that be a party? Erdogan can piss off both Saudi AND Israhell at the same time. Just think, thousands of Turkish Muslims in Jerusalem.

    No one is going in to N Korea. Their deterrant isn't nuclear, it's a million rounds of HE aimed at Seoul.
    Forget about the Korean Peninsula. They will be waited out, like Cuba.
    The real target is Iran. NK is just a drill, getting US forces used to feinting with a nuclear armed adversary.

    Isreal wants Iran collapsed (at least, their current psychopathic leadership does). Neolibcon forces, unite for the cause of stupidity! Onward into oblivion!

    The most recent Dr. Steve Picezenyk on Alex Jones May 1. He was and is pretty well connected. He said the USSA will have a tough time even doing Syria. He is super negative on US military capabilities ie lost every war including WW2. He said WW2 was won by the Soviets at Stalingrad.

    I believe he said Iran would be even more impossible than Syria. Any war with NK will destroy Seoul and S Korea. It is not happening.

    They could try some crap in the Gulf against Iran. How many wars has the USAA started with false flags? Russia will not let Iran be talen down. I doubt china will allow it either.

    Hillary's private speech transcripts explicitly state the US is 100% against any reunification. South Korea's military also takes orders from the US before they take orders from their own leaders. This is why every time there are talks of reunification, tensions seem to flare up out of nowhere killing all talks of reunification. It happens like clockwork. With their new president wanting to mend relations, you can guarantee tensions will rise drastically in the coming days and weeks.

    If the new president is genuine and really wants peace and stability with NK, then the only option left for the US is to start a war with NK before any of that can occur. The US will never let peace exist in that region because if there was peace or reunification, the US and their military bases would have to go home. NK not only shares a border with China,

    OK, here are two links that affect the story,
    Shortage of Rare Earth Minerals May Cripple U.S. High-Tech, Scientists Warn Congress | Popular Science
    Largest known rare earth deposit discovered in North Korea |


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      Trumps' mis steps

      Pox Americana has sided with israel and saudi arabia. Both of them nut-case religious fundamentalists. Here is a general picture of the situation.
      Trump: Dancing with Wolves on the Titanic - The Unz Review


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        Shifting from kinetic warfare to cyber warfare.

        "The US Navy’s unfunded 2018 priorities list contains a $2.7 billion request for 24 additional aircraft but no additional ships."
        China has developed an “ultrafast” missile interceptor, a defensive weapons system it claims only the US and Russia had before.
        6/05 Hack brief: dangerous ‘fireball’ adware infects a quarter billion PCs – Wired
        6/03 World heading towards ‘permanent cyber war’, France warns – Independent
        6/03 Cyberweapons are now in play – ZDNet
        Russia's New Corvette To Fire Kalibr Cruise Missiles
        Thousands Of Miles Away

        The world is shifting away from kinetic warfare, especially naval warfare. The shift has been to aircraft. At the same time, advances in missile technology and jamming technology are making aircraft only marginally useful,,, depending on the theater.
        Along come cyber weapons that make physical warfare much less important. Cyber war is a great equalizer. It doesn't matter how big your army and GDP are. It matters how good your hackers are.
        All that military hardware is useless if you lose control of it.


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          Heating up the Gulf States

          Armstrong warned that the war cycle is heating up. This has become a flash point with religious morons in the gulf States.
          "Qatar is one of the two Salafi states in the Muslim world, the other being Saudi Arabia." "There has been a very longstanding war of words between Saudi Arabia and its neighbor Qatar. "
          "Tensions between Qatar and its neighbors exploded last month after Qatar’s state-run news agency published an article in which the Qatar’s ruling emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, was quoted praising Israel and Iran. These two are Saudi Arabia’s biggest adversaries in the region. Qatar swiftly disavowed the article as fake news manufactured by hackers. " OOPS

          The big problem is; other states are choosing sides and banding together. It's amazing just how fast this has all blown up.
          UAE Threatens 15 Years Jail Time For Publishing Statements Sympathetic To Qatar
          U.S. Oil Exports Double, Reshaping Vast Global Markets (WSJ)
          That puts OPEC in a huge bind. 1/3 of the gulf States are bankrupt. The IMF says that Saudi will be flat broke in 3 years.
          Unlikely Alliance Between Russia & Saudi Arabia?
          6/06 5 arab nations move to isolate Qatar, putting the US in a bind – NY Times
          6/06 Germany “has no choice but to pull out” from Turkey airbase – Zero Hedge

          WaPo gives a rundown on the situation,

          The road that brings the food to Qatar runs through Saudi and the Sauds aren't letting anything through. Iran will ship them food by ocean freight.
          This has pulled in Iran, Russia and Turkey. Turkey is a NATO State with NATO nukes. Germany has to pull out of Turkey. Russia may be forced to choose between Iran and Turkey.
          Yemen is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Syria is a proxy war between Pox Americana and Russia. This new mess with Saudi, Iran and everybody else has a potential to spin out of control.
          Too many religious nutcases in the area.


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            Drums of war get louder

            Saudi Arabia is now blocking the maritime routes to Qatar. They can't export oil or gas,,, can't import food. Saudi has given them 24 hrs to comply.
            Saudi Arabia Gives Qatar 24 Hour Ultimatum As Analysts Warn Of "Military Confrontation" | Zero Hedge
            Qatar is the richest State in the world,,, per capita. Saudi Arabia is close to bankrupt. Iran is allied to Qatar and was planning to supply them by sea. Iran can easily block the Straits of Hormuz.
            Fill your gas cans.


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              Headlines from Rense

              In All US War Theaters, Trump Gives Pentagon Total Control Of Troop Levels
              Trump Upping The Stakes In Syria

              Russia Slams US Downing Of Syrian Jet As An Act
              Of 'Aggression' And 'Support For Terrorists' (true)

              Russia Vows To Track And Target Any US Aircraft 'West Of The Euphrates' River

              Russia Halts Cooperation With US In Syrian Airspace

              Russia Threatens To Shoot Down US Planes Over Syria

              US Senator - Syria War Entering ‘Dangerous New Escalatory Phase’

              Yeah, and who's fault is that?
              US Is Above International Law - US Sends World Message No, that's israel you’re thinking of.
              Israel Has Been Secretly Funding Syrian Terrorists For Years

              ‘US Becoming A Defensive Shield For ISIS In Syria
              Iran Warns Of More Ballistic Missiles To Hit ISIS
              US Shoots Down Syrian Air Force Jet For Bombing ISIS

              US Navy Jet Downs Syrian Air Force Fighter-Bomber

              Iran Launches Big Missiles Against US Backed ISIS
              Several High-Ranking White House Officials
              Push For Expansion Of Syria War

              Iran, China To Hold Naval Drill In Strait Of Hormuz

              Saudi Coast Guard Fires On Iranian Fishing Boats

              Russia Plans Artificial Islands In Barents Sea
              Those artificial islands seem to be quite problematic.
              Russia In Final Stage Of New Electronic Warfare System
              Huge Trump US Weapons Sale to Qatar

              Turkey Could Be 'Next Target' After Qatar In Gulf Crisis
              US Warships Arrive In Qatar For 'Drills' Days After
              Trump Slams Doha As ‘Funder Of Terrorism
              US Moves Long Range Rocket System From Jordan To Syria
              The Qatar Blockade, Petro Yuan & Coming War On Iran

              Uninvited US Special Forces Troops In The Philippines They are there to backup ISIS because Duterte is killing the drug trade that is so lucrative to the bankers.

              The neo-cons would very much like a war on Iran. They are trying to draw Russia and China into a conflict. Qatar seems to be a magnet for problems. Iran, et al are holding exercise in the Strait of Hormuz. That should make all the bankers and oil importers / exporters shudder.
              We are approaching a "position" where Pox Americana will have to decide to provoke Russia OR, back down and leave Syria. The Pox is launching missiles rather sending in a lot of aircraft. Much depends on how stupid the neo-cons are. Will they try to confront Russia's new jamming system? Are the neo-cons hoping for a cause-celebre to start the next war?
              ISIS is a creation of Tel Aviv and it's satrap, the district of corruption.
              What lengths will the swamp go to in protecting the mother country?


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                China - War IS Coming…A Dire Warning On N Korea

                US Factory Orders Tumble Most Since November
                ...'We're Gonna Need More War'

                China Issues Dire Warning On N Korea, US Situation
                Is 'Out Of Control...Disastrous Consequences'

                Saudi Arabia vs Qatar May Trigger 'Mother Of All Wars'

                Why US Wants War Between Iran & Saudi Arabia


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                  more headlines

                  China-Russia Peace Alliance vs US Rage For War
                  Russia, China Rule Out Military Action In N Korea
                  US Responds 'Will Go Its Own Path' If Needed
                  Trump Again Threatens N Korea With ‘Severe’ Action

                  Haley - US Will Use Military On North Korea 'If It Must'

                  General Warns US Is Prepared For War In N Korea
                  The Trump-Putin Meeting & The Fate Of The Earth


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                    Putin-Trump dialogue,,,, disaster for war mongers

                    Trump is going to have to make the best of it. Even his feces-for-hearts generals know that pox Americana can NEVER take on both China and Russia. Trump knows that the economic situation is only months from blowing up. Unfortunately, he is briefed by israel-firsters and will never get a clear picture. Israel is raging because Qatar is going to get the gas contracts. Just the same, he is probably a good judge of people.
                    EVERYBODY is hoping that he and Putin will hate each other.
                    Western Civilization Will Collapse If Trump Hugs Putin at G20 Summit

                    It is NOT looking good for the war-mongers; Trump Literally Pats Putin On The Back - Look
                    Paul Craig Roberts believes that Russia will attack first if we keep sending them unmistakable signals of out intent to attack.
                    Putin’s Assessment of Trump at the G-20 Will Determine Our Future -

                    The war mongers and israeli-firsters just do not want Trump to have candid dialogue with Putin, This Is Trump?s Plan to Team Up With Putin in Syria?and Leave Assad in Power


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                      Hezbollah and the IRGC will get the last laugh

                      Israel claims that there is no functioning government in Syria so, the can just walk in and take the Golan Heights,,, and the oil. Armstrong predicted a huge change in the "confidence" model to take place on 2015.75. On that very day, Russia entered the war in Syria. The Russians paralysed the Donald Cook on April 2014 with a super jamming system. The denials ring hollow.
                      Later, the Russians demonstrated long-range cruise missiles that essentially do an end-run around ABM defences.
                      Israel is adamant (frothing at the mouth) to destroy Syria, grab the oil and run pipelines to Europe. BUT, the Russians are enforcing peace zones. The warmongers had it all planned to do a major incursion into Syria. The Russians activated their S-400 missiles batteries.
                      "The operation was cancelled after reports emerged that Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems and a missile attack warning system had been activated in Syria," al-Suleiman said in an interview with Sputnik Arabic."

                      Reportedly, their jamming systems can shut down EVERYTHING. Apparently, the West needed more convincing. It appears that the USS Fitzgerald was the next target. It is impossible for the chain of command to break down so completely while a Navy ship was crossing a very busy shipping lane.
                      USS Fitzgerald - A View From The Bridge...

                      Fatah, Hezbollah and the Iranian Republican Guard are just getting stronger.
                      Netanyahoooo is just getting more crazy.
                      Netanyahu: Israel won’t tolerate Iranian bases in Lebanon, Syria
                      Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel won’t tolerate Iranian bases in Lebanon, Syria - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post
                      'Israel may need to take out Iranian bases in Syria'
                      'Israel may need to take out Iranian bases in Syria' - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

                      The S-400 batteries may ensure that Iran does indeed build bases in Syria. Netanyahoooo MAY be stupid enough to try a ground war in Syria. The last ground war against Hezbollah in Lebanon was a complete disaster.
                      Israel has started blocking access to the Al Aqsa mosque and a lot of people are going crazy. Hezbollah may very well try to get them into a real frenzy. It could be the start of the Third Intifada. Arab MK says third Intifada has already begun - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post
                      Israel could possibly nuke Lebanon but, that wouldn't stop Hezbollah.
                      ISIS is a well-armed mercenary force formed by Pox Americana and Israel. There is always the possibility that ISIS could turn on israel when Pox Americana financially collapses and the money stops. I hardly think that Trump will prioritise payments to mercs when the debt-ceiling lockup starts. Wait and see.


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                        war drums

                        Israel has stirred up a hornets nest at the Al Aksa mosque. It doesn't look good.
                        "Tzipi Livni, former Israeli Foreign Minister, has said she fears the country is on the verge of a religious battle with the Muslim world. "
                        "she believes Benjamin Netanyahu's government must be assertive. I think that he has been assertive enough.


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                          Back off,,, or else

                          President Xi Wearing His Military Fatigues Shows
                          Trump And US NeoCons He's Ready For War

                          'Time For Talking Is Over' - Trump, Generals Struggle
                          For New Approach To N Korea

                          President Xi has made it perfectly clear. China will not allow an attack on North Korea.
                          "President Xi Jinping - wearing his military fatigues - inspected his troops personally just hours after the latest North Korea crisis.

                          The Americans were warned by Beijing after stepping up the deployment of its THAAD missile defence system in South Korea.

                          The move was in response to Kim Jong-un's latest ballistic missile test on Friday night.
                          But a stern China warned Washington: "The Chinese side is deeply concerned about the situation."
                          "Generals Struggle For New Approach " Their "approach" will not include war.


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                            The end of War on the cheap

                            Pox Americana has beat up quite a few countries for their oil or their gold or their proximity to Judea or their minerals or their pipeline routes. We have never actually won a war for a long time. This is not entirely true. The whole point of the war in Viet Nam was to burn up lots of military supplies. A certain sector "won out" in that war.
                            The war in Afghanistan is successful because opium production is at a record high. Since we took on weaker States, we never actually "lost".
                            We figured how to do "war on the cheap". This is no longer possible because our potential adversaries have figured out our weak spots. They have figured out strategies that negate our strengths.

                            "The era of “wars on the cheap” is over and the world is becoming a very different place than it used to be. The USA will have to adapt to this reality, at least if it wants to retain some level of credibility, but right now it does not appear that anybody in Washington DC – except Ron Paul – is willing to admit this. As a result, the era of major US military interventions might well be coming to an end, even if there will always be some Grenada or Panama size country to triumphantly beat up, if needed. This new reality, of course, immediately raises the issue of what/how the US Dollar will be backed by in the future (until now, it was only really “backed” by US military power), but that is a very different topic."

                            "We all by now know exactly what the Empire likes to do: find some weak country, subvert it, accuse it of human right violations, slap economic sanctions, trigger riots and militarily intervene in “defense” of “democracy”, “freedom” and “self-determination”
                            "This is absolutely huge and what the “Divine Victory” of the Party of God first achieved in 2006 is now repeated in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere. The fear of the “sole superpower” is finally gone, replaced by a burning desire to settle an infinite list of scores with the AngloZionists and their occupation forces."

                            "The US dilemma is simple: the Cold War is long over, and so is the Post Cold War, and a complete reform of the US armed forces is clear long overdue and yet also politically impossible. "
                            The End of the “Wars on the Cheap” for the United States - The Unz Review
                            Trump 3rd President Vowing To Win (16 Yr) Afghan War
                            This Is More Sheer Idiocy…America Is Fading


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                              Making a slow U-turn on wars

                              The End of Globalism - Original


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                                China Pledges To Stay Neutral UNLESS US Hits NK First
                                Japan To Hit Any Guam-Bound N Korea Missile
                                Pentagon Plan For Pre-Emptive Strike On North Korea
                                N Korea War - 'Under Any Analysis, It’s Insanity'
                                Consensus - We're Not Likely On Brink Of NK Nuke War
                                66% In US Say N Korea Poses 'Very Serious' Threat
                                Thank MSM

                                US Leadership 'Defies Logic' With 'Preventive War'
                                Rhetoric On North Korea
                                US Should Continue Aggressive Actions Abroad - Kissinger
                                This effing dinosaur should go to the front lines instead of sending everybody else there.