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    Biology is a 8itch

    Many women claim that they can do it ALL. They don't need men. This is a denial of biology.
    Binge Drinking Doubles Amongst American Women Without Children
    "Many women have bought into social engineering propaganda that not having children provides them with freedom and happiness when in reality it only makes them miserable and lonely.

    In addition, when these women reach their later years, there will be absolutely nobody to take care of them and many of them will likely die alone.

    The freedom to die alone having lived a joyless, barren life of meaningless hedonism.

    Deaths of despair and suicide.


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      It is surprising what you hear when women are being candid.
      Paula Hanson,
      The decline of female happiness.
      Evidently, men invented so may labor-saving devices that now, women are bored.

      This guy is sortof trying to sound like James Earl Jones.
      Women need a lot more socializing then men.


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        MGTOW's basic philosophy is a step to the right direction, which is to wake up people who are ignorant to the situation and figure out why and eventually what can be done about the problem, but the issue is the MGTOW community is absolutely cancerous, and doesn't posit real solutions and pragmatic ones.


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          There is NOTHING cancerous about avoiding confrontation. With the attitude of some women, confrontation is guaranteed. Read this.
          "In this small moment you find several of this book’s larger themes: a sense of impending violence; the base, shadowy havoc that is masculinity;"

          "Her section on reproductive technology takes a long detour through Men Going Their Own Way, a ghoulish anonymous message board for straight men who have sworn off women"

          The article is all about sex bots replacing women. The more shrill and demanding the women get,,, the more that men will be looking for an alternative.
          This is an old theme in entertainment.

          10 Movies That Tackled A.I. and Robot Sex Before Westworld
          • Westworld (1974) MGM. ...
          • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) New Line Cinema. ...
          • Electric Dreams (1984) MGM. ...
          • Ex Machina (2014) A24. ...
          • Her (2013) Annapurna Pictures. ...
          • Lars and the Real Girl (2007) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. ...
          • Blade Runner (1982) ...
          • The Stepford Wives (2004)
          The center of the MGTOW idea is; men do a cost-benefit analysis of having a relationship with a woman. With a 50% divorce rate, marriage just isn't a good bet from the beginning. Most women are brought up in such a manner that they are constantly insecure. This leads them to look for a partner who is well off financially. Love seldom enters the picture. A relationship based on financial parasitism doesn't have much chance of success. Better get pregnant right away to ensure that he is locked in financially, no matter what.


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            MGTOW is a well traveled road with tons of stories and vids.
            I want to go to a different approach.
            Feminism and The Fall of Cultures

            Alexander Grace has a channel with a lot of excellent vids

            Here are a few;
            The REAL REASON You Never See High Quality Women

            10 Worst Female Behaviours REVEALED

            The Art Of Ignoring Women

            Women Who Try To FIX YOU

            Stop Treating Women Better Than They Deserve