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    The glass ceiling has turned to concrete

    Many Women don't seem to believe that there is anything wrong with accusing men of wrongdoing just to get attention. Whatever they do, they can justify it in their minds that it was the right thing to do.

    Armstrong; "The matter of Judy Munro-Leighton, who claimed Kavanaugh slapped her and forced her to perform oral sex on him when it turned out she had had never been in California or even met Kavanaugh. She excused her false allegations claiming it was just a “ploy” to “get attention”
    "These types of allegations are leading to recommendations to just avoid women at all costs."
    "the outrageous proceedings in the Kavanaugh hearings have not merely made many view women as a whole new risk factor that is unquantifiable, "
    "The advice coming down for professional men is to distance themselves as much as possible from women for their own safety be it in politics or business."

    "The recommendations being talked about are to avoid any dinners with female colleagues on a one-to-one basis. Team dinners are acceptable in groups but not personal and you cannot sit next to a female. They are even advising men to NEVER sit next to a woman when traveling on business. Always book a different row entirely on any business flights. They are going as far as to recommend that staying in hotels the man should stay on a different floor or preferably a different hotel. The concern is not that something will happen, but someone can claim something happened"
    "The #MeToo movement in the wake of Kavanaugh hearings is altering the corporate policy that is only converting the glass ceiling to a concrete one. Many men feel that they need a background check before hiring a woman "


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      This vid is about feminists, Marxism and, pack mentality. The likes-to-dislikes ratio is 100----1


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        Vid from Gammon Dorf

        Gammon dorf made a vid about how women can be equally brutal and viscous as men. M TMM was very impressed and mirrored the vid. After a few days, the original vid was taken down by yourtube because it was propaganda. It is a powerful vid. M TMM talks for about 5 minutes and then, presents the vid. Likes-to-dislikes is 1700---35.
        Be warned, it shows a lot of women brutalizing their kids and men.
        At the same time talking about women being the superior sex by far.


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          Mass die-off of bitter women

          Good video with an excellent logic train.


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            Originally posted by Danny B View Post
            Good video with an excellent logic train.
            Jabba the Hutt



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              Feminism is only female nature unleashed




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                Mechanical competition

                Sandman has a vid discussing sex-bots and "female" robots. Much of the discussion is about linear actuators, arduino and hardware. Part of the discussion is about doing a group R&D effort and starting out with a basic simple design. All very academic. There is quite a bit of disagreement if the bot should be speech capable or NOT.
                I find the comments the best part.

                As hard as it might be, surely it's easier to build advanced sex bots than to make a woman happy and content, LMFAO
                if they can make self driving cars, they can make realistic sex dolls. More money and R&D needs to be allocated to this as it would save millions of men from making the massive mistake of getting married.
                Eyes that follow you around the room" I wish real women did that. They are looking at their phone or eyes closed doing shopping list.
                Teach her how to cook and clean first!
                Emotionless, simulates feelings, no concern for your welfare, cost a fortune; how they can be any more realistic?
                If they can program it to make sandwiches and bring the beer, then sign me up!

                I would actually love a sex robot that actually looks like a robot. We don't need complete human-like realism at first, we can get there with further developments.
                C'mon Sandman, who cares if it talks? Play a recording of a woman moaning. You can find them on U-TUBE, and put you're phone under its head.
                Lover bots don't need to talk. That's what we are trying to get from, THAT MOUTH.

                So, theoretically, you can install ALEXA, change it's name to your choice for information, and conversation and format the doll to 98.6 for warmth. This is disturbing, cause it makes most ' real ' women LESS than....bots.
                Teach it to talk? What the hell for?
                Do not let them become sentient. Once that happens they will talk to real women and start acting like them.
                Here's the link,

                Here's the pushback.
                A Sex Doll Brothel Is Set To Open In The UK - Konbini
                Europe's first sex robot brothel FORCED OUT - prostitutes complain of competition.



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                    Originally posted by aljhoa View Post
                    Okay kids, lets pretend the balls are nuclear dirty bombs...

                    Please cover up your boogerwoofer face!

                    Heaven is between a woman’s legs.
                    You are in hell when you are not.


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                      I was raised bad.
                      I was in a war zone with people who looked like that.
                      Different country different languages same vaginas.


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                        Alien registration

                        I have photos of illegal aliens being rescued on their flotilla.
                        They were hiding children.

                        I woke up laughing.
                        I’m dull.
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                          She Can't Pair Bond If She's Easy

                          She Can't Pair Bond If She's Easy

                          This video was deleted by YouTube but is now at

                          b i t c h u t e . c o m

                          https://www.***** where ***** = b i t c h
                          or you can click the link-shortcut:

                          Cool video.

                          Next video in the series:


                          No Cohabitation: Do Not Move In With Her - YouTube

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                              Given the chance, women will destroy boys,,, and men

                              Here are a few vids of how we got to where we are.
                              Saving Our Boys ... Lost in a Post-Masculine World
                              Jordan Peterson - The West Has Lost Faith In Masculinity
                              The Inversion of Masculine and Feminine in Popular Culture | Furman College talk


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                                Responsibility; avoiding it OR searching for it

                                When women are faced with some kind of very difficult or dangerous job, they will always try to find a man to do it.
                                When men are faced with some kind of difficult or dangerous job, they will look at it as a challenge. Go to the front lines,,, hell yeah. Work in the coal mine breathing coal dust all day,,, yep, it's a man's responsibility to his family.
                                Women have traditional responsibilities but, they are "little", NOT unimportant. They center around things that are small and safe. This does not include childbirth. A lot of women have died in delivery. Women try to keep the family happy. Men try to keep the family alive. Women have a completely different psychology. Women can happily putter around the house for all of their days and, feel quite contented.

                                NOT men, WE need a challenge. We NEED responsibility. Here is a lecture from Jordan Peterson where he lays it out ALL very convincingly.
                                We get all of our value and meaning in life from carrying responsibilities. Look at the all the places where men are on the dole / welfare. Alcohol and drug abuse run rampant. Suicide to escape a worthless life.
                                So many people are searching for a "sinecure",,, a job with no responsibility. Responsibility gives meaning to men's lives. That's who we are. When men retire, they often dies shortly afterwards. Women are a different mindset and, outlive their husbands.