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    Originally posted by Danny B View Post
    Some of you are making a big deal out of one sad facet of human behavior. I am interested in ape behavior.
    This thread is about man and we do not have a missing link to apes.

    I am sure you agree so maybe others might look this over.

    Here listen to the guy THEY killed for proving this.

    He was killed with bio-weaponized cancer.

    lloyd was a health nut contracted aggressive cancer and died in a few days.






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      75 bible verses prove a flat earth


      75 bible verses prove a flat earth - YouTube

      At least 75 Bible Verses you can't deny that prove a flat earth. The big count down. 4 Corners explained, Earth Still, pillars, firmament dome, sun, bible codes, height & depth, length and width, wisdom, day and night, footstool, 4 winds



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        black pigeon

        This is an absolutely astounding video. I can't refute any of it.


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          Marriage, Feminist movement and the future of civilization

          I found a good comment relative to MGTOW on an article about civilization.

          "Marriage rates are at their lowest the Westernized world over. Birth rates are at their lowest ever the Westernized world over. The big secret of mass immigration is that it has nothing to do with warmly accepting the downtrodden and everything to do with a frantic, panicked attempt at outsourcing birth to the few remaining patriarchal nations. Why? To avoid the massive collapse of the socialist systems so carefully created in the past several decades. But the remaining breeder nations are too struggling with declining marriage and birth rates. Why? Feminism is gradually infecting their cultures as well.

          The biggest secret of them all is that feminism is civilization cancer and a massive failure. But this truth must never be told - for fear that women will lose their ill gotten power and wealth over men and suffer a return to a more 'oppressive' patriarchal society - rather than a continuation of the oppressive gynocentric society. Of course - through their denial - their suffering will only increase. Such is the nature of illusions and enchantments - the shattering of which are often followed by life altering existential crises, massive poverty and despair.

          Freedom for men is living without the threat of alimony, asset division, child support (alimony++), parental alienation, palimony, civil suit payouts/imprisonment following false accusations and imprisonment following payment lapses through state enforced male indentured servitude (slavery). Freedom is being able to walk away - with no repercussions - from someone who is intent on forcing wealth and power from you to themselves. Freedom is being disposable to no one and being the sole determiner of one's own destiny.

          The entire purpose of no-fault divorce - written by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) - ironically signed into existence by white knight Ronald Reagan, then Governor of California - was for the sole purpose of empowering women to divorce their husbands while retaining their now X husbands current and future assets and income. NAWL still brags about this 'achievement' for women to this day. Somehow - no one figured out that this scheme would one day backfire spectacularly. Typical of political leaders.

          How are countries fighting men fleeing from marriage? Forced marriage for men - referred to as 'de facto relationships', 'common law' and in the UK - the 'Cohabitation Rights Bill'. Laws that force wealth and power from men to women through cohabitation are rapidly being deployed the Westernized world over - the result of which will be not only the flight from marriage by men - but also the flight from cohabitation by men. Lawyers and the courts are now making it clear that cohabiting women now have the same rights to asset division, alimony, parental alienation, child support (alimony++) and civil suit payouts following false accusations their married counterparts so enjoy. Why are the courts bypassing laws and legislating from the bench? To continue the forced wealth and power transfer from men to cohabiting women.

          What does the future hold for men? Mass imprisonment. Laws like 'Affirmative Consent' - the removal of presumption of innocence and due process for men - that don't marry women (forfeit their autonomy, power and wealth to women) following sexual rendezvous and the wrath of a woman scorned.

          What will be the end result for once civilized nations? Eventual collapse, mass poverty and mass despair."
          Is our civilization doomed?


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            Fem-nazis and mother nature

            A couple of days ago, I went to a surprise gathering of friends and family where a boyfriend was going to propose to a girl that I had raised. It came off very well and the girl almost hit the ground at the shock. Everybody ecstatically happy.
            I gave it a lot of thought. During courtship, both people must prove that they are a decent human being. The fem-nazis hate the idea of having to meet the approval of a guy. BUT, at the same time, they face their biological clock. By the time that they reach the age of 40, 1/2 of their eggs are messed up.

            Some of the fem-nazis have come up with a strategy to hook the guy and bypass the risk and travails of courtship. They simply buy a pregnancy test strip that shows positive from somebody on craigslist.
            I know 2 guys that were about to divorce their wives when the girls unexpectedly got pregnant. How strange?

            Women expect that they can kick back and take it easy as soon as they get the ring. They treat the guy OK at first and then make sure that they get pregnant to force lifelong support. They get fat and let themselves go.
            Marriage is a contract where the man trades his surplus wealth generating powers for the woman's reproductive capacity.
            Karen Straughan has some very good vids on the subject;

            There is a limited pool of guys who have it together financially and emotionally. So many women have been unable to put down the spoon and control their weight that, all you see is fatties. The fat, shrill, harpy feminists must compete with their more traditional sisters who have taken care of themselves. They proudly display the bumper sticker that reads, A woman Needs a Man Like a Fish needs a Bicycle.
            Unhappy, they get fatter and meaner. They screech at the traditional women who understand that men and women are very different.
            The fem-nazis scream and ***** that men must remake themselves to be more feminine and acceptable to women. After the women break down the men to meet their expectations,,,, they demand that men "man up" and fulfil his traditional role as father and husband.

            Millions of men have marched of to certain death without a complaint. Whether in the wars or the coal mines or the hunt, we just accepted our fate in the hope of passing on our genes. We hoped for a smile, a hug, a kiss,,, then we marched off to die. The fem-nazis wanted to change this and they HAVE.
            The fem-nazis REALLY hate their traditional sisters;


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              Know Who You're Dealing With


              MGTOW Arguments with women - YouTube



              Understanding the Battle Field

              1) It's NOT about an exchange of information. It's about satisfying her current emotional state.

              2) It's NOT about being reasonable. It's about using solipsism to rationalize.

              3) It's NOT truthful. It's about being right, about manipulation, or relationship control over truth.

              4) It's NOT objective. It's about winning, social status, or appearance.

              5) It's NOT about compromise. It's about getting her way.

              The Tactics She Uses
              The Water Works - crying
              The Feminist - damsel in distress
              The Ambush - a set up.
              The Drama Queen - putting on a show.
              The Score Card - how she knows if she is winning.
              The Shaming Technique - emotional warfare.

              Very good videos explaining how women argue:

              Pass it along. You might be helping a brother.



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                Tupac - A Feral MGTOW


                How Tupac became a Feral MGTOW - YouTube

                I like Barbarossa's MGTOW material.

                He says Tupac had red pill rage.



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                  When PUA Becomes MGTOW


                  MGTOW - The Harsh Truth About Women - YouTube

                  Interesting perspective.

                  The censors got to this one.

                  Later, I found it at The Harsh Truth About Women +Infield Example - YouTube


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                    MGTOW Dictionary: Mangina - YouTube

                    Mangina. Noun. (slang, derogatory) A man with a pronounced feminine side, or a weak masculine side. Also (slang) A homosexual or bisexual man's anus and rectum.

                    A Mangina is a self-deprecating man who subconsciously hates himself and blames men for the world’s problems, and blindly believes women are superior to him. He has been raised to think masculinity is inherently wrong - perhaps even a genetic, evolutionary, social flaw - and must be corrected by embracing his "feminine side" to the point of losing the very qualities that make him male. He believes women are beautiful, innocent angels that can do no wrong and men are filthy animals who need to be controlled, and told not to rape. A mangina will often Identify as a male feminist, which is a blatant oxymoron.



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                      Investing in Knowledge



                      Man sharing his thoughts on investing in himself.



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                        Red Pill documentary

                        Here is a woman's view of what is shown in the Red Pill documentary.


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                          More writers about inequality

                          I posted a link to the vid by shoeonhead.
                          Everyone has seen the vids from sandman and other mgtow writers. I'm going to post vids from a couple other people, still including shoeonhead.
                          Camille Paglia;
                          An ear for men

                          Shoeonhead talks about; women hate the idea of a male birth control pill,

                          An ear for men talks quite a bit about female accountability. If you've ever loaned money to a woman, you know that they will say ANYTHING to get the money. When you want the return of same money, they will say ANYTHING to avoid repayment,,,,, that's IF you can even find them.
                          These vids and claims are about the main body of women. Of course, there are exceptions.
                          If we raise our boys without accountability, we end up with lazy criminals. If a boy doesn't learn discipline, he isn't likely to learn self-discipline. He won't get far without self-discipline.
                          If we raise our girls as Daddy's little princess, we end up with girls who think the whole world should cater to them. They feel oh-so-entitled because they are the custodian of the most valuable commodity in the universe. They see no reason to be afflicted with common humanity.

                          And, then comes COURTSHIP. They must prove to the inferior sex that they are indeed a real human being. All too often, they have let their sense of entitlement poison their minds. Their lack of accountability has made any kind of responsible partnership non-viable.
                          Instant gratification has caused their body to become terribly unattractive. They refuse to put down the spoon.

                          The fem-nazis ABHOR the idea of having to EARN the approval of a man. As they get ever-less attention, they get ever-more shrill about how bad men are.
                          Face it; men are programmed to spread their seed. Women are programmed to produce babies. Modern statistics clearly show that a big percentage of men are perfectly happy with spreading their seed and avoiding fatherhood.
                          Women face a biological clock that doesn't affect men near as much. MOST women would rather hook up with a guy and skate through life. Men are programmed to be producers and protectors.
                          More women choose the easy road than men.

                          Women are the weaker sex, physically. They have had to make up for that by cultivating deviousness. They lost the battle of the sexes long ago. They enlisted the power of the State to ensure their continued control of the opposite sex. This culture of deviousness has given women the upper hand when it comes to corralling a man. They just get pregnant to rope him in.
                          Fearing entrapment, men just forgo the fairer sex. We just throw themselves into our work and past-times. When we do that the women respond by getting ever-more shrill and demanding that we "man up".

                          The average princess will go to great lengths to avoid having to earn the approval of a mere man. Their sisters tell them that men are all pigs. Ignore them. They try to ignore biology. They paper over the yearnings with anti-depressants.
                          Fem nazis can NEVER win the battle of the sexes because men have free will.
                          Women would happily browbeat us into submission but then, they hate us for being submissive.
                          I raised 4 girls. I told them; if you think that you are some kind of princess, you will NEVER be happy with a guy.


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                            MGTOW and the falling population

                            70% OF Japanese men are virgins,,,, 60% of women.
                            The Japanese government have started a dating service. Seems that the women are looking for a farm boy.
                            There must be over 15 million men in Tokyo alone. Why do the girls want to go out and look for a farm boy?

                            Japanese Women Depressed about MGTOW, Herbivore Men (草食(系 ...
                            Topic: Women paying for male company in Japan | MGTOW

                            Topic: Japanese holographic wife replaces Japanese women | MGTOW
                            Japanese Women: No. 1 - The boring woman (MGTOW) - YouTube
                            How much salary a man must earn to please Japanese women MGTOW

                            As long as the women consider the men to be just a "utility", why should men even be interested?
                            The courtship period where you try to maintain you façade and prove that you are a decent human being. Women now have a new strategy.
                            "The Japanese answer? Apparently, “Screw all that dating stuff. I’ll just marry whoever’s convenient.”
                            More Japanese are marrying friends and acquaintances because they don?t want to bother with dating | SoraNews24

                            MGTOW takes hold for a reason. How much of the population crash is because of poverty? How much is due to the horrible treatment of men by the legal system and the women?
                            Elon Musk: The world's population is accelerating toward collapse and nobody cares

                            [News] WTF - Japan has so many virgins, the Government doesn't know what to do
                            Men Are Now Refusing To Speak To Women
                            ANGRY MGTOW
                            Girl Gets Mad Because Guy Denys Her A Relationship!


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                              Women Are Panicking Over MGTOW - YouTube

                              ANGRY MGTOW really cracks me up.



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                                Developing a work-around

                                Here are a series of articles written from a future viewpoint of a couple decades from now. On the surface, the articles are written about the development of sexbots. The articles are very interesting in that they recount the long, arduous task of designing a "brain" that allows empathy for humans in an advanced machine. I find the articles fascinating in that they examine the nuts & bolts of human thought processes.






                                The writer projects that men will still get married. The writer projects that the sexbot will be welcomed by the wife because she(it) is such a good helper around the house and takes pressure off of her.
                                Imagine 2 women in a household. Imagine that one of them knows everything known to all computers. Imagine that she is an infallible cook. Imagine that she never ages and is always "on" when it comes to sex. Imagine that she never misses a "cue" from the man. Imagine that she can do everything better than the wife. She never gets offended if he is rude. She never expects her man to read her mind. She never has emotional fits,, never smells bad.
                                I don’t think that the writer has a good understanding of jealousy.