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    Originally posted by Danny B View Post
    Reportedly, many men in Borneo don't want to deal with women and have found a warm, cuddly substitute. They are lining up and paying to screw an orang-utan. But, it is a female so, it is OK.
    Evidently, many of the men were smitten by the amorous ape. It took 26 armed policemen to pry it loose and take it to a ape rescue facility.
    the very idea is gross

    what kind of man would want to find a video about that

    and then post it



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      Originally posted by Berg View Post
      the very idea is gross

      what kind of man would want to find a video about that

      and then post it

      Agreed. There's no accounting for those kinds of people.



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        Originally posted by vidbid View Post
        Agreed. There's no accounting for those kinds of people.
        The world is full of demonically oppressed AND possessed people. Detroit
        just put up their new city monument, it is the BAPHOMET

        These followers run the city. So why not. Everything goes. I grew
        up there, right through the 1960 race riots. The street gangs rule
        the roost. The blacks with their BOULE magic and then there are
        the south American groups who run the illegal drugs.

        If men with men is okay, AND IT IS, then where does it stop???????

        Notice that their LORD SATAN has hooves.

        Good to C-U still come around.

        The cleaned up version first.



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            Those who follow Satan can go where he is destined to go.



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              Originally posted by vidbid View Post

              Those who follow Satan can go where he is destined to go.
              Yes you are so correct. Many people live very cleaned up righteous lives
              and never feel that they are bad enough to find themselves on the
              wrong end of the stick. I have heard folks reject the blood of Jesus all of
              my life based on the hypocritical examples around them.

              Self righteousness will never measure up as "PASS GO" signal only a

              "GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL" I hear it all of the time where people defend
              themselves stating they have been a very giving person or they say
              other things, the list is very long. Then they proceed to say that they
              are and were never sure if there is a gOd? Always questioning that
              IF there were some sort of all powerful being "Why is HE letting all
              of the pain and suffering take place to day" Same ole classical response
              coming from those who are blinded by the light.

              It is our wish that they come to the light and the best we can do
              for them is to pray for them and put them in to the hands of God.

              It is true that most of the wayward living today will never respond
              to the message of the forgiveness of sins, the pure love message and
              because they reject Jesus blood they reject the message that all men
              are wicked.

              This is as good as calling GOD a liar. Not a good plan.

              I have family members who married outside of Christ and claim
              that as good as (righteous) the member who married in will surely
              be excepted by GOD, even though they continue to humble themselves
              in submission to the message. They are very proud and to lower
              themselves is quite impossible you know?

              Yet they still continue to believe that surely a Holy God would make a
              special provision in their case. I guess GOD in this case will need to
              repent and bow down to this special individual and say He was wrong?

              Yes they want to tell God to get on HIS knees and repent because HE
              has lied about them as they are perfectly righteous. Oh they have done
              wrong things before but surely nothing worthy of eternal destruction.

              I am still searching the scriptures for such a provision and after 40 plus
              years of looking I find no exceptions. The Satanist are exactly the same
              as all of the humanist, they feel that it is none of anyone's bussiness
              how they live as long as they don't hurt anyone.

              If you noticed what the people said in the video you would know that
              they don't understand pure Satanism YET!! They will and when they
              begin to realize the deeper requirements it will be to late.

              Many are and have been beheaded for the witness of Jesus just this
              year in other countries and all they would have had to do would be to
              turn to Allah and live. Instead they loved not there lives unto the death.

              The American version a Christianity makes them unworthy of the blood
              of the true believers. Whatever righteousness that is left over these
              days from our fore fathers teaching Godly values is quickly vanishing.

              The system coming will be over thrown in just a few short years and
              those who are alive to see this NWO putting marks on people will
              be severally tested.

              You can never get a tare to produce good fruit, he is a seed of evil
              doers. These are the laws of God, God said HE would plant the righteous
              seed and that THE ENEMY came in and planted some evil seeds among
              the righteous seeds. "Let them grow together" is what God has said he
              would do.

              So their fate was decided when their seed of evil was planted.

              Of course we have no way of knowing for sure who will turn to Jesus.

              The beastiality is also part of humanism and Satanism.

              God has given them up, meaning HIS spirit no longer reaches
              out to them so they can not turn away from evil.

              Some people are reprobates to GOD and were never intended for
              THE KINGDOM OF GOD. The Satanist in the video tell you that
              Satan is the good gOd and the catholics and protestant religions
              are completely evil.

              How they get the idea that the EVIL DEVIL is holy and the HOLY GOD
              is evil comes from the twisted lying heart of man that calls good evil
              and evil good.

              Their love is not based on discipline and following orders, it's based
              on a touchy feely love of not hurting others emotions so as to let
              them do anything they want without any boundaries.

              It's a "Feels Good Do It" Lust/LoVe.

              We are going to see much more of this kind of thing happening.

              Monkey see monkey do will not make the grade.

              The scripture is clear on how monkey business is to be dealt with.

              Nothing has changed concerning the Law, God has never repented
              for HIS Law and the consequences for violating it.

              They may swing from the rafters till death but after Death is the Judgement.

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                Christ is a Black Man


                Jesus Christ was Black(A Negro)! - Biblical Breakdown - YouTube

                The truth should shake up a few people.



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                  Jesus an Ethiopian Dude?? Yer kidding! I heard Arafat say at
                  the UN general assembly in the mid 70's (Peace price winner) that Quote:

                  while hugging up to the POPE in the same meeting.
                  If we are to determine Jesus linage by scripture as seen
                  in the previous video then so be it.

                  No one sharper than a young college student to get to the bottom
                  of all of this. No one has surpassed him on youtube, the rest are
                  older men inside predisposed organizations.


                  Daniel 11:43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

                  The Black man is a friend of ours. Us whiters.

                  God Bless the Black people.
                  And all races. But an Egyptian is not a Jew nor is an Arab.
                  The russian Kazar white hair blue eyes are false Jews.

                  The whites ain't Jews neither. He Said Quote

                  I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB here is their
                  place of origin "THE LAND OF UR" on their way to the promise land.

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                    Actually, African Americans are of the same racial stock as Christ, not the Ethiopians.

                    Paul was also black but was mistaken for an Egyptian, which, in those days, were black, except for the Ptolemaic dynastic rulers. See Acts 21:38: "Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?"




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                      Melanin in the Middle East

                      Y'all seem to have wandered way off topic. I've travelled around Egypt and the Middle East by road and train. I even sailed down the Nile for a week on a traditional felluca. I rode a donkey up to the valley of the kings,,, the resting place of the Pharaohs. I've been in the tomb of Ramses II, who gets a lot of mention in the bible. I've also been in the tomb of Thutmoses III. He pre-dated Ramses by about 200 years.
                      Governments of Egypt
                      Of course, I visited Karnac, Luxor, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel and a few other places.
                      The tomb of Thutmoses is covered in murals. They are well preserved because they were underground. The murals show a whole range of racial types;
                      They show a whole range of skin pigmentation. The people of Semitic appearance are pretty much of the same appearance of modern Egyptians.
                      Along with the many Semitic people pictured are a few people of Nubian appearance. They have the coloring and features of modern Nubians. The Semitic people are pictured with an aquiline nose.
                      It is not difficult to get a picture of racial makeup during the time of Thutmoses III. The current racial makeup of Egyptians has no features of the Nubians. The Egyptians pointed told me that the Egyptians are a Semitic race, NOT a negro race.
                      In the final analysis, the message of Christ is not affected in the slightest by melanin or racial features.


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                        Thank you Danny, I never got that chance and I know what the
                        locals are like in any culture. I am so blessed to know these
                        facts and for fun wanted to keep the thread theme? so here it
                        is. It's gonna take time for me to get serious on this one.

                        How did we get off on monkey men? Just kidding everyone, relax.


                        It's part of ritual in that culture

                        Nothing has changed about beastiality in these cultures

                        SHOCKING CRUELTY: Orangutan Prostitutes in Borneo / abinesh.... - Care2 News Network

                        Satanic Ritual Abuse - Bestiality, Child, and Children - JRank Articles
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                          Originally posted by Berg View Post
                          the very idea is gross

                          what kind of man would want to find a video about that

                          and then post it

                          The kind of man who sees how utterly stupid the public is,
                          living in total and complete ignorance. The righteous are in
                          shock to find these things out, but they are not new or isolated

                          Fire walking and all kinds of ritualistic human sacrifices not all
                          ending in death still exist today around the world.

                          It's time to wake up so you are not next.

                          Wow what a slap in the face men really get away with this
                          stuff? Yup.

                          #4. Bestiality in ancient civilizations

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                            Originally posted by vidbid View Post
                            MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way.

                            In keeping with the thought "MEN GOIN THERE OWN WAY"

                            We find that after the FLOOD the sons of Noah went their own way.

                            Ham was cursed for sex sins and went to North Africa. Here is the
                            map based on HOLY SCRIPTURE. It doesn't make him any worse
                            or better for having been cursed, just labelled for a certain sexually
                            impure tendency.

                            Here it is, NOAH'S SONS MEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY from the
                            starting point or cradle of civilization as it is called.

                            Also this subject of MEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY was started by
                            GOD HIMSELF. HE took man from the 100,000's of years GENE POLE
                            and RECREATED MAN in HIS LIKENESS AND IN HIS IMAGE not after
                            the other creations of man in that man responses as a spiritual being.

                            GOD knew MAN would sin, HE made man with a beast inside, gave him
                            HIS spirit and sent man out to propagate the race. THE HUMAN RACE

                            GOD intentionally made man in a way that allowed man to sin as well
                            as allowing man to come to GOD in the spirit. Without these 2 sides
                            of the coin, man had no choice.

                            Since GOD made man to deal with sin HE(GOD) set man up to sin.

                            So when we see mankind GOING THERE OWN WAY then we are seeing
                            what GOD set man up to do. Man always goes his own way without
                            THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

                            It is through this process that GOD is using man to choose between
                            GOOD and EVIL, RIGHT and WRONG. Like a puppy, man just naturally
                            goes the way of his beast nature, when THAT man has not been taught
                            restraint. THE LAW.

                            THIS WAS THE INTENTION, THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD that you eat
                            of the fruit of both evil and good. SO THAT YOU MAY COME BACK TO HIM.

                            GOD set us all up to fail to taste the fruit of sins (OR GOODNESS)
                            Then GOD makes a statement to man.

                            "I set before you a way of life and a way of death so CHOOSE LIFE!!!!!!"

                            Man goes his own way as GOD set him up to do hoping man will
                            choose the life. THIS IS THE PROCESS CALLED FREE WILL

                            Free man to GO HIS OWN WAY

                            and also

                            FREE TO CHOOSE GOD'S way

                            And I don't mean going to a cHurCh building either.

                            MAN must have a choice so even though the taste of rotten
                            fleshly ways is nasty it is the way we learn to find HIM.

                            Man has a dirty job he is called a JACKASS or a "BURDEN BEARER"

                            The Jackass always carries a heavy load. The load of sin and guilt
                            that with crush a man (Choose life) or that same man will carry
                            another burden. It is called "THE BURDEN OF THE WORD OF GOD"

                            So don't be so hard on yourselves as you were set up to fail for
                            a purpose.

                            I know i have kicked like mule GOING MY OWN WAY and I was lost.

                            This is my take on man going his own way and does not reflect
                            on any post or person on this thread other than myself.

                            MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

                            Table of Nations by Tim Osterholm

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                              Some of you are making a big deal out of one sad facet of human behavior. I am interested in ape behavior. They have taught sign language to apes,, who teach it to their offspring. One ape had a "pet" kitten. The kitten died. The gorilla "signed" kitten sleep forever. Their take on death is very interesting The apes also lie.
                              The most famous orangutan is Clyde, who starred with Clint Eastwood. Then, there is the FASCINATING conclusion from "The Hundredth monkey". The orangutan rescue vid is just one of many vids on simians that I have seen.
                              The sad sequence of simian rape made me think that these guys were definitely "going their own way".
                              Bestiality has always been close at hand to the human race. It isn't limited to the hidden corners of the world;
                              Denmark's Bestiality Brothels?! - Outside The Beltway.
                              I'm aware of many of the dark practices of the world. While bestiality is a terrible occurrence, I am far more upset by snuff movies and kiddy porn.
                              There are orphanages set up in latin America just to supply organs. None of the kids are seen again. There is a book about organ theft, Blood, Bones And Organs: The Gruesome 'Red Market' : NPR
                              Iím aware of much of this sick stuff. Aware only, I don't focus on it. I've seen lots of kids who were intentionally crippled so that they could better beg for their parents. I've travelled the world and you can't avoid seeing this stuff. I could tell you stories that make the unfortunate episode with the orangutan look trivial.
                              Until quite recently, bestiality was very open and accepted. Up to about 100 years ago, animal fighting was VERY common. At present, we are left with bullfights and cock fights.
                              Mankind as a species is in his adolescence. We have a long way to go.


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                                Now it's time to use the hammer.

                                Man is a fool without the LAW OF GOD.

                                MAN wants to replace God. He is a Fool, like the guerrilla fighting
                                a flea.

                                I WILL ASCEND INTO THE HEIGHTS OF HEAVEN< I WILL BE
                                LIKE THE MOST HIGH. Man is a fool.

                                Here is the fool talking and saying "NO GOD" WE WILL GET BY
                                WITHOUT YOU.

                                LAWLESS MEN REPLACING GOD WITH PARTS.

                                THIS IS THE WAY OF MAN. FIRST STOP TRANSGENDER LGBT

                                GOD has turned HIS head away and that means that THE TIME OF HIS
                                WRATH WILL BURN LIKE AN OVEN. Meaning men will be permitted
                                to slaughter one another not knowin the presences of GODS goodness.

                                The law of GOD is hated by man so death will come all who yield to
                                this coming system of death.

                                The SELF EXISTANT ONE IS BEING MOCKED AND GIVEN THE BIRD>

                                Go For It Fools.

                                Neuro interface connecting you to the system or you will starve.

                                ATTENTION DELUSIONAL SLEEPERS WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!!!






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