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  • Flight 370

    This disappearing plane gets ever more interesting. I found an interesting aspect that I don't believe has seen the light of day. As everybody already knows, there were 20 employees of Freescale on board.
    Freescale had some interesting projects, RF

    RF Industrial Solutions
    One project involved switched reluctance motors
    Switched Reluctance Motor

    Tom Bearden wrote about what happened to the Japanese when they developed the Kawai motor. It was confirmed by Hitachi. It was quickly buried. Then, there is Keppe and Torian and Konzen. UFO politics has very interesting work. Can't forget Howard Johnson. There are many more.
    Joseph Newman stands out because many serious people agree that he completely violates standard accepted theory.

    Suppose that these bright people from Freescale read Panacea and Peswiki and got inspired.

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    Curiouser and curiouser

    The plane obviously did not drop into the ocean off the east coast of Malaysia or it would have been found. There is some evidence that it crossed the peninsular and the engines may have been in communications with satellites for up to six hours.

    The Australians and Chinese start looking off the west coast of Australia, why?

    I dont know how much fuel this plane had on board or what its range was but it does seem to be a lot more than what was needed to go to its original destination, why?

    With the emergence of these technical people on board there could be a possible motive for hijack, think operation paperclip.

    Legitimate Governments would not need to do such a thing as they can just offer the salary and employ who they need.

    I suspect that they finished up in Afghanistan or somewhere like that so that the hijacking could be used as some sort of false flag to promote the Ukrainian conflict as this would be in the neocons interest but this southern Indian ocean thing does not add up.

    This is way out there but ill say it anyway. What if there is a secret base in Antarctica?


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      The latest story from CNN seams to suggest that after the flight lost contact it made a sharp left turn and descended to 12,000 feet. Apparently this is a maneuver typical of a plane that has suffered a catastrophic failure such as a cabin de-pressurization.


      It was then tracked for more than an hour heading towards India


      Assuming this is correct the plane would probably make a direct route to the nearest airport that could accommodate it but that did not happen, it flew towards India.


      Lets assume the pilots put the plane on autopilot before passing out.

      Makes some sense

      So now why is it they are looking for the plane 4000km due south and off the coast of Australia?

      Maybe the autopilot had a brainstorm and made another left heading south then flew itself at maximum economy extending its range well past the normal range and remaining aloft for a further 5 hours



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        While I was trying to figure out what happened to this jet I came across more information about what is known.

        After the loss of contact, the plane took a left turn, descended to 12000 feet and crossed the Malaysian peninsular. Then over the Malacca straights it took a right turn and headed NNW towards the northern middle east. The engines continued to communicate with satellite for many hours after this but only an angle from the satellite gives us a hint to the location of the plane. On the curve of possible locations for the plane is the area being searched by the Aussies and Chinese, as is the northern middle east. At the point where military radar lost contact, flight 370 was so close to another aircraft that the signals could have merged. The northern middle east was on this flights flight plan.

        Problem 1
        There is no conceivable destination that the plane could have been headed to in the area being searched

        Problem 2
        The plane would have had to make a 160 to170 degree turn to head in that direction.

        If the plane had continued in the direction it was headed it could have ended up on the northern part of the arc where the satellite indicated the engines were. On this arc is the region I suggested the plane could be. Lets look at the clues.

        Range of the aircraft Google Image Result for

        Possible final location of the engines Google Image Result for

        Known path of the aircraft Google Image Result for

        I don't know if I am missing something, but as planes generally fly in straight lines, I think the plane is in the northern middle east. Why are they not looking there?

        This guy has come to the same conclusion as me but he is more qualified to say so Keith Ledgerwood - Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68/SQ68 (another 777)? he also answers some more questions here Keith Ledgerwood - Questions/Answers Follow-Up #1 - How Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68/SQ68?

        The Media does not seem to have considered the middle east WHY?


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          Mystery solved.

          Headline in the express.... Malaysian Airlines plane DID crash into ocean - all 239 onboard dead


          Now lets read the article Hopes raised of finding missing plane as large object spotted in sea by Chinese satellite | World | News | Daily Express

          Debris has been spotted off the coast of Perth, which would tie in with the flight’s last known movements.
          Heading NNW towards the middle east???

          The news came after another day of satellite images found potential debris off the Australian coast.......

          So far, ships in the international search effort have been unable to locate several "suspicious" objects spotted by satellites in grainy images or by fast-flying aircraft over a vast search area in the remote southern Indian Ocean......

          A Chinese search aircraft earlier reported seeing several different objects but a U.S. navy aircraft failed to find them.

          The crew aboard a Chinese IL-76 sighted the two white, square shaped pieces of debris in the same area two objects were identified by satellite imagery last week.

          As well as the two large floating objects, spotters from the plane also described seeing smaller white debris scattered over several square kilometres.....

          a phone call from Australia saying two items - one circular and greyish green, and one rectangular and orange, had been spotted floating in the water.
          So they haven't found the plane then, nor the passengers nor the seats nor the baggage, just "grainy images" of who knows what. Im not saying its impossible for this to be the plane, but I think it is foolish to jump to this conclusion based on a few pixels from a satellite photograph when you consider the other contradictory evidence.

          Now for the conspiracy theory stuff Rothschild Inherits a Semiconductor Patent For Freescale Semiconductors

          After reading this you could say there is a motive for a conspiracy wherever the plane went.


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            No plane here, maybe its over there, No?

            They still havent found it

            American 3 star general says the US government knows where it is. He says it could be in Pakistan, his theories are similar to mine.

            Still Report # 226 - MH370 - LEOs & SARs - YouTube

            21st century wire also agree with me

            Flight MH370 Found? Not Quite – Now the Real Whitewash Begins.


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              Just a couple of points of interest;
              Christopher Bollyn
              Not very much interest though.


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                This is pure speculation.

                Im sure Iran would like to attack Israel, particularly if they could do it with a false flag but it does not make sense for them to do it. They are the main target of the neocons and anything they do would be used as an excuse for an invasion of Iran. Anything anyone else does may be used as an excuse for an invasion of Iran. Iran is more likely to try to secure allies and build up its defensive capabilities, So If Iran does indeed have the plane they would use it to attack themselves and not Israel. Thats how false flag usually works. The same can be said for most of the Arab countries

                Israel having a duplicate plane does sound strange and any attack on Israel would give the neocons the excuse that they want to attack whoever they want, so this is worth keeping an eye on as Israel could attack themselves for this reason.

                America, Britain and the rest of the neocon allies could also attack Israel using a false flag to get the excuse to attack anyone they want but it would be too obvious I think. Too many sheeple would wake up.

                Could it be used to attack the Ukraine, Russia or the Crimea? Yes and as the plane is known to be hijacked so anyone could be blamed.

                I really don't know as the possibilities are too numerous but on the other hand a huge effort is being made to convince people that the plane went down off the Australian continent. Yes it could be a warning to Russia demonstrating the neocon capabilities or it could be about the theft of the technology from the people who died as has been suggested before.

                I suspect the plane is in the middle east somewhere and I suspect it was the neocons behind it but I dont know why as it could be any of the above. The only thing that makes me think I could be wrong, is the fact that no wreckage has been found in any of the places they have looked. It would have been simple to dump some wreckage so that it could be found.

                The only explanation is that it is a small splinter group, within the neocons, that does not have the ability to pull off the dumping of wreckage.

                The word neocons could be substituted with elite, illuminati or whatever other name you have for these people.


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                  You may remember a few days ago that Obama warned of a nuclear attack and we all wondered why. It seams that what I have been saying is also in the minds of some people in the American military and government. The article I'm linking to is well worth a read.

                  PressTV - US forces on nuclear “false flag” high alert: Duff

                  So if everyone is of a similar opinion as me, why on earth is this ruse going on in the south Indian ocean looking for flight 370?

                  It is now known that a duplicate plane is in Israel and that many in the positions of power believe that a hijacked plane was to be used in a false flag.

                  When reading these articles it is best to replace the word American and Israel with neocon, ruling elite or Illuminati and do not get drawn into the “its the Jews fault” thing.

                  So what we have here is two or more factions of the ruling elite double crossing each other. Why would they do that? Because they would sell their mothers for a dollar and this is about who gets control of what.


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                    Deja vu,,, all over again MH 17

                    From Paul Craig Roberts; " Among the reports or rumors there is one that says Putin's presidential plane flew a similar route to that of the Malaysian airliner within 37 minutes of one another. This report has led to speculation that Washington decided to rid itself of Putin and mistook the Malaysian airliner for Putin's jet. RT reports that the two airplanes are similar in appearance. ( - See more at: The Daily Bell - Sanctions and Airliners


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                      Very possible, although in my opinion it is a false flag event. Whether it is a MIHOP or a fully orchestrated event remains to be seen.

                      Isnt it interesting that it happens to be a Malayan plane again? I would be interested to know the age and repair record of this plane and also who are the major shareholders in the company. This would also be interesting to know about flight 370. I would also ask the question were the planes covered for terrorist events on their insurance like the world trade centre was?

                      Where is the plane that the Israelis have?

                      We do know that the powers that be want a war with Russia, so even if this was a case of mistaken identity, we know it is an attempt to provoke Russia. Just listen to the war mongers, they are very close to having what they want. The fact that Putin does not seem to have taken a direct and provocative action makes me think he does not want war, he has however stared to strengthen his defences which the war mongers take as a provocative action. I dont know how we are going to prevent this, it almost seems inevitable that those in control are going to get their war.


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                        Russia, oil and ZPE

                        mbrownn, I have something for you out of left field. The current push for war has to do with global dominance, especially in energy,, the gas pipeline war. It's been said that nothing in politics happens by accident. Apparently, Russia is not going to block the building of the Tesla tower.
                        Russia depends heavily on the sale of oil. They may find it in their best long-term interests to forsake oil income for survival.
                        The article has an EXCELLENT "diversion";
                        " According to the authors of the project, as of today all human civilization’s electric energy needs could be covered with a single installation of solar panel measured approximately 316 by 316 kilometers (100,000 square kilometers altogether) positioned in a desert somewhere near the equator.

                        They believe the only stumbling block to such a project is the delivery of electric energy to final consumers, as the loss of energy directly depends on the distance of transmission. "
                        So, we are led to believe that Wardenclyffe is just a transmitter. I won't tell if you won't.


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                          Danny B, yes, I have been monitoring the Tesla project, im fairly sure that during its construction it will be pure science and research, but what happens when it is built, is another story.

                          Back to Flight 370, I have always said that it did not go down in the southern oceans, I suggested that it headed to the middle east and probably landed, from there I have no idea what happened to it. It has already been suggested that flight 17 could be the same plane that was used for flight 370, or it could be the plane held in Israel. This can be expected as the psywar going on over flight 17 began from the moment it happened so people are going to speculate.

                          Notice the direction the MSM are going with this, its all about misleading the public and a pro war agenda. Nothing I have seen has talked about Malayan airlines and little is been made of the tragedy of the loss of life which should be what the MSM are talking about in relation to that flight. This tells you that the MSM are not interested in reporting the news.

                          The MSM are operating a full blown PSYOP using this incident as the reason to promote a war and unfortunately it is going to be near impossible to establish what plane this was. The fact that it is so obviously a PSYOP clearly tells us that this is a preplanned and orchestrated event. Notice also that little is been said about the Russian response, we are only getting one side of the story.

                          It would be interesting if some of the bodies turned out to be passengers from flight 370 and I know this has already been suggested. The whole thing stinks.

                          Flight 370 and flight 17 are connected by way of Malayan airlines and so for me, this is a good place to start investigating.


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                            bigger bangs

                            mbrownn, you are correct about Russia thinking before jumping.
                            Asia Times Online :: Asian news hub providing the latest news and analysis from Asia
                            The PSYOP events are getting so numerous that they indicate desperation. The excuses are so pathetic that the whole narrative is being ignored. "The dog ate my E-mails". The recycled actors from Boston and Sandy Hook. The missing MSM tapes of the planted bombs in the Murray building. The missing tapes of the Geraldo interview with Architects and Engineers. People read about Benghazi and fast-and-furious.
                            As the PSYOPs get neutered ever-faster, our controllers will be forced to make them ever-grander. Cheney personally released nuke tipped cruise missiles from Minot AFB that were sent to Barksdale AFB. Presumably to be used on U.S. troops to elicit the desired response. Barksdale AF intelligence went into full-on revolt. Now, there are questions about nukes in Charleston or South Carolina. I suspect that something really ghastly will be needed to get a response from an increasingly disbelieving populace.


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                              Strange airplane coincidences

                              Everybody knows that Boeing planes can be taken over remotely. Airbus is a strong competitor for Boeing. Airbus had a very embarrassing accident at an air show.
                              Also, "A Russian-made passenger plane crashed into a steep cliff on a long-dormant Indonesian volcano during a demonstration flight to potential buyers and journalists."
                              Ahh, potential buyers
                              "Twenty-one minutes after take-off, the crew asked for permission to descend from 10,000ft to 6,000ft, said Daryatmo.

                              The plane went off the radar immediately afterwards. It was not clear why the Russian pilot and co-pilot asked to drop down, especially when it was so close to the 7,000ft mountain, or if the descent was approved.
                              Not only did they ask to go down to 6,000 ft, they shut off the proximity alarms... if I remember correctly. Why would a crack crew shut off the alarms in mountainous territory?
                              Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 wreckage found after plane 'vanished' on Indonesia demo flight | Daily Mail Online

                              OK, Germany just signed up to the China Bank. Germany is absolutely pivotal for the FED to keep control of Asia,, from Europe.
                              By strange coincidence, a German plane just crashed without explanation. The co-pilot seems to have gone coo-coo.
                              I believe that it was Tom Bearden who said that a pilot's brain could be hacked and controlled.