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Clinton Impeachment.

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  • Clinton Impeachment.

    Watergate caused congress to enact two pieces of important legislation when former president Nixon tried to dismiss L. Patrick Gray from his position as Bureau Chief while Gray was investigating Nixon's plumbers. One: The FBI director was granted an eight year tenure, and two: Presidents were subjected to post service impeachment for crimes committed while in office. Former President Clinton interfered with bureau efficiency when he illegally violated Judge William S. Sessions tenure. No one helped prevent this crime. He replaced an experienced investigator with a green underling, Louis Freeh. Stripped of his protective tenure by Clinton's unchecked usurpation, Freeh was once again rendered vulnerable to executive bullying.

    This vulnerability to act under threat of dismissal was most felt in the case of Wen Ho Li. "In 1999, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Wen Ho Lee was fired from his job; in 1999 he was arrested and held without trial for 278 days while his handling of sensitive nuclear information was investigated. Freeh accused him of downloading a "portable, personal trove" of U.S. nuclear secrets. Lee pled guilty to one of the fifty-nine counts brought against him, after which he was freed from jail".

    A Justice Department report of the investigation of Lee said that Director Freeh was not fully informed about the investigation until over a year after it began, and that the F.B.I. as a whole "bungled" the case. Clinton replaced an expert investigator with a novice who "was not fully informed about the investigation until over a year after it began". How could something so utterly outrageous be possible?

    North Korea suddenly took a twenty year great leap forward in it's nuclear weapons development. How did Clinton manage to keep our nations chief investigator uninformed about such a high level security breach for that length of time?