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    • Listen folks I spent 7 years of my single life on an
      organic farm that a group of people like myself built
      and farmed the land. It works so easy. One bad apple
      ruined the confidence and stole it but that is beside
      the point. The point is this. We had 100 people with
      men, women and children, grew our own food, squeezed
      out our own sugar cane, cows the whole deal.

      No one lived better, made our own cheese, butter you
      name it we had the best. We built heated winter time
      green houses that produced in abundance.

      We lacked NOTHING. When it all goes down this next time
      the dirty radiation will make it impossible to eat the food
      and then it is game over for the population above ground.

      The under ground cities will remain the only place to
      sustain life for many many years into the future.

      The goal of the ruling class has been set in stone saying
      that THEY want to chop off 90 percent of the people
      living today. This has been written about in thousands
      of books by rich rulers have nothing better to do other
      than sitting around planning the coming events.

      THEY have the money and continue to steal ours and
      have planned our demise for generations. THEY hate you,
      THEY hate themselves, THEY are raping the system
      every where on this earth.

      THEY have promised a few who THEY use to execute THEIR
      Ill will, that they will be well cared for and very rich. THEY
      are lying of course just as THEY always do yet most average
      people fall for it.

      The pressure is so great in the cities that the only way a
      young person can survive is by doing something illegal. This
      is done to keep the jails full so the justice dept can bleed
      billions under the tittle of protection against criminals, the
      criminals THEY forced into position who had to eat.

      The entire ruling class must eat the life's blood of the other
      man's work to make a large financial killing without lifting
      much of a finger to get it. THEY steal the entire life's blood
      of billions to feed THEIR greed and lust for more power.

      These RULER'S hate one another so THEIR lust for more power
      -wars extend over into THEIR own camp like flesh eating
      cannibals trying to establish a greater territory through
      fear and trauma.

      The goal is to force all people to bow the knee to beg for
      good things, to be eternally grateful to the power brokers
      who can have as much as THEY want, while denying the
      rest who do no come on bended knee everything.

      You will bow down and worship THEIR NWO or you will
      be cast out.

      It's not a problem going back to the earth, I know I can
      do it with the help of a few men, 100's can be well kept.
      That's not the issue. Anyone doing that will be targeted
      first and stopped because THEY want everyone groveling
      for a crust of bread to keep them alive.

      This nations money has been easy to get, just go to the
      bank and rack of a bill sky high, hardly anyone can pay it
      back anymore so it will finally stop too.

      Once that happens the people will cry out for the new
      money system that they have been hooked on for generations
      where you keep racking up a tab you can never pay.

      It will stop and then we will come back to earth.

      The USA has lost 50 percent of all of our manufacturing
      jobs to 3rd world countries who will work for $1 an hour
      so the RULING CORPORATIONS can pocket all of the
      profits without sharing them with the AMERICAN'S who
      buy all of the products.

      Have fun working at McDonalds, Windy's and burger King
      because the majority of the jobs that pay well are leaving
      in an even greater numbers very soon.

      It's going to be lights out, except for those who are willing
      to beg bread and bow to all regulations and stipulations.
      You will waffle like cowardly souls because you have no
      understanding and no GOD. You have no moral fiber
      spiritually. You will stoop to any low to protect and feed
      yourselves even if it means cutting off the life of those
      around you.

      It's gonna get dirty and your true colors whether good or
      bad will emerge as either a witness for or against you.

      Take care now, you have been warned.


      • which future

        And later on?


        • Originally posted by Danny B View Post



          • Moving to a new neighborhood

            As everybody knows, Agenda 21 is a plan to corral everybody in the cities for better management. Efficient control with less effort. When transportation became common to the "new world", many thousands of people left England and Europe to get away from the teeming cities and the constant wars. Europe lost many of it's best people because of the opportunities offered by freedom in the Americas.

            "Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO had admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real and the U.S. Military travel among stars."
            Interstellar travel for the military is GOOD. Interstellar travel for the common man is BAD.
            In "Atlas Shrugged", the very competent people decamp to "Galts Gulch" to kick back and let the parasites run the show. FACTA and GACTA are schemes to keep the blood flowing to the parasites.
            Branson built up Necker island as a private resort. Private Island | Virgin Limited Edition | Necker Island
            It is easy to imagine people colonizing other planets to get VERY far away from as many parasites as possible. As long as the population density of another planet was very low, it wouldn't be worth the time to control it.


            • The future has been projected by the controllers.

              You will merge with the machine/chip tech or be
              left behind and unable to eat because you will
              be unable to access your account.

              Here is the compressed version.



              • Don't worry be happy

                The "Slaves'" plundered Gold Calf is in the making.



                • No return,,, look for protection

                  The CBs created about an extra $ 200 trillion. This hot money is floating around the globe looking for return. With ZIRP, there is no return to be found. The next best thing is "protection".
                  " Ireland’s 100 million euros ($113 million) of bonds due in 2116 were issued to yield 2.35 percent"
                  " Based on a metric called duration, a half-percentage point increase would result in a loss of about $1.6 trillion in the global bond market"
                  It's Dangerous Out There in the Bond Market - Bloomberg

                  Things are just NOT going according to plan (CB plan) Why Goldman Expects The Japanese Yen To Collapse Within 12 Months | Zero Hedge
                  SWIFT just issued a security update. Seems that NOTHING is hack-proof; Cyber Fraud At SWIFT ? $81 Million Stolen From Central Bank | Zero Hedge

                  Thanks to the internet, "As the stock market has gone up, average Americans have left the market. They realize it is a rigged game and they are nothing but muppets to the Wall Street shysters." DANGEROUS DIVERGENCE « The Burning Platform
                  BUT, then, there are the Chinese,,, born gamblers; 4/25 China’s fresh boom nears peak just as amateurs pile in – Telegraph

                  4/26 China stockpiling oil at highest rate in over a decade – Oil Price
                  4/26 Renminbi Series: Chinese debt fuelling commodities? – EconoTimes
                  China is MAD to buy up commodities. They are trying to convert every bit of foreign paper to tangibles as soon as possible.

                  4/26 Student debt surpassed $1 trillion four years ago – MarketWatch It has a 40% default rate. Ignore it and, it will go away.

                  Doug Casey; "…They’ve created a super-bubble in bonds, a bubble in stocks, and meanwhile commodities have collapsed and are below production costs in many cases." Doug Casey Warns: "It's The Next Stage Of The Greater Depression... The Economy Is Going To Be Very, Very Bad" | The Daily Sheeple
                  Some people just DON'T get it. He says that the U.S. dollar will become worthless. The U.S. dollar is not in a bubble. The dollar will stay,,, the bond market will go away. Same for stocks. They (eventually) depend on consumption. The main consumer now is U.S. GOV. If the bond market crashes, U.S. GOV is going to cut way back on spending.


                  • Latest from Jim Willie

                    China is pretty much the "low cost producer". They plan to dominate markets for a long time to come. As the U.S Treasury bond market collapses, much of the world will look for a replacement for a store-of-value. There are just too many people in the world who have an affinity for gold. The Western CBs are losing control. Gold is moving closer to center stage; Hong Kong Is Building The Biggest Gold Vault And Trading Hub In The World | Zero Hedge

                    Here is a fascinating update from Jim Willie. Much of what he claims is aligned with historical precedents. Long Awaited Gold Breakout
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                    • State sponsored casino

                      The old-fashioned way of running an economy was for the people to work and save money. Then, that money was used for capital projects that raised the standard of living for everybody. If you built a dam for irrigation, this made life easier for everybody.
                      The "new and improved" way to run an economy is to forget about saving. You just print the money to do capital projects. The State just prints up money for everything. If the State prints up money for productive enterprise, this is beneficial for the general populace.
                      The Bank of South Dakota is used to store the surplus created by the people until such time that it is used for productive investment. It ONLY loans money for an undertaking that has an identified income stream to repay the loan. That is the job of a bank.
                      A typical bank today is just a gambling casino where they throw around everybody's money. The Glas-Steagal act, enacted after Great Depression I limited banks to gambling with bank assets ONLY. Clinton and Greenspan got rid of Glas-Steagal so that the banks could gamble with your money too.

                      Regulatory capture now has the State trying to save every financial enterprise under the sun. The savings are gone and the printing is directed towards the gambling casinos.

                      "Keynesian policy holds that expansionary monetary and fiscal policy can be substituted for structural social, political and economic reforms, enabling the status quo to retain its power and privileges without disruption."
                      " In effect, Japan has pursued a vast monetization campaign for 26 years. The Bank of Japan creates money out of thin air and uses the free money to buy government bonds, funding the state's enormous fiscal deficits (also known as monetizing government debt). The BoJ has extended this monetization to corporate bonds and the stock market-- effectively propping up government debt, corporate debt and the stock market with newly created money.

                      That these were once private-sector markets has been set aside, as the only thing that matters now is keeping them propped up, regardless of the cost."
                      Of Two Minds - Lessons from Japan: Decades of Decay, Unavoidable Collapse

                      It SOUNDS like a good idea to print money as needed BUT, too many of the "needy" are just "useless eaters",,, corporations that consume but, produce nothing. When a bank morphs into a Sate-backed casino, you can't expect anything productive to result.


                      • ZIRP is still here and the anesthesia is wearing off

                        A few headlines;
                        S&P warns of possible IBM downgrade
                        Daniel Loeb warns of hedge fund "Killing Field.
                        4/27 We are in the ‘first inning’ of a ‘washout’ in hedge funds – CNBC
                        4/27 Why this has been a “catastrophic” time for hedge funds – Zero Hedge
                        4/21 Corporate earnings (among other things) go from bad to horrendous
                        Hedge funds need/try to earn money from stock dividends and interest payments.
                        4/27 Moody’s downgrades Canadian province of Alberta on rising debt – Reuters
                        4/27 Venezuela doesn’t have enough money to pay for its money – GATA
                        They can't pay foreign companies that print their currency.
                        4/27 Fed leaves door open for June rate increase – Bloomberg
                        Corporate America gorged on free money. ZIRP is never done because things are FAR worse after it ends. ZIRP was done to save our top-heavy financial system. Like chemotherapy, it kills nearly everything indiscriminately.
                        All the investment funds are dying. Savers are dying. ZIRP postpones the moment of death for the banks but, not forever.

                        Plan "A" was to inject $ trillions into the upper loop of the economy so that they could loan this free money to the lower loop and garner the increased spread that zero interest offered. Jobs left, consumption and earnings crashed. The free $ trillions never left the canyons of Wall Street.
                        ZIRP severely weakened the productive sector AND the investment sector.
                        4/27 CN Rail drops most in 16 months – Bloomberg
                        4/27 Exxon Mobil loses AAA rating for first time since 1930 – Oil Price
                        4/27 Woe-Mart: The retail giant Walmart has faltered – Elliott Wave
                        There are only 2 companies left in America rated AAA.

                        " Based on a metric called duration, a half-percentage point increase would result in a loss of about $1.6 trillion in the global bond market"
                        The FED desperately needs to raise rates to resuscitate the investment funds. IF the FED raises rates about 50% of U.S. corporations go bankrupt because they can no longer service their debt. ZIRP is a powerful drug with a deadly hangover.

                        Armstrong writes that we will not have hyperinflation because, people will stop spending and hoard their money.
                        This is mostly true. Jim Willie expects the rest of the world will stop accepting Treasury bonds for payment. Should this happen, there will be huge shortages and steep price hikes. GOV must keep public confidence going. If GOV sends out helicopter money, people will pay off their debts and save the rest,,, no spending. That is why Japan is sending out gift certificates to people. They can't be saved,,, only spent.


                        • Killing the cartels to stave off revolution

                          The Eight Families That Control the Wealth of the World
                          The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part I: The Eight Families
                          June 1, 2011 — Dean Henderson
                          5 Most Powerful Families That Secretly Control The World
                          Jim Rickards has written about the 5 families that control the wealth of the world. Reportedly, the 5 have orchestrated currency devaluations on a rotating basis around the world. China broke ranks and did a surprise devaluation.
                          "The problem is that not everyone can devalue against everyone else at the same time. It’s a mathematical impossibility. So you have to take turns.

                          It was China’s turn in 2010 and the US’s turn in 2011. The dollar hit an all-time low in August 2011.

                          Right on cue, real US GDP grew 4.6% in the fourth quarter of 2011 — the highest quarterly growth rate since the end of the recession in 2009.

                          This was good news for the US, but another one of the five families was suffering — Japan."
                          "Although the currency wars were ongoing, they were being managed successfully by the five families. This is how the Mafia operates when there’s peace; everyone gets along with everyone else, even with an undertone of mutual distrust.

                          But in the summer of 2015, a new war broke out among the five families. China went rogue and tried to cheapen its currency without consulting the others in advance. On 11 August 2015, China launched a shock 3% devaluation of the yuan in one day."
                          "Once again, US stock markets crashed in response to a Chinese devaluation. From 1 January 2016 to 11 February 2016, US stocks had their worst start to any year in history, "
                          The New Monetary Accord No One’s Talking About
                          A currency war, seen from street level, is a cut in wages / purchasing power for the common man. An orderly, rotating currency war still has the same effect. Consumption continues to fall. EVERY State has a great fear of mass unemployment, insurrection and civil war. China already broke ranks because it has the weakest safety net and therefore, is the closest to civil war. China has a LONG history of mass starvation.
                          Kuroda has broken ranks too; Tyler Durden Blog | Global Stocks Plunge After Bank Of Japan "Shock" | Talkmarkets
                          The working man produces the actual physical wealth. A currency war is an effort to keep him working and producing. At the same time, the currency war reduces his consumption power. All currency wars are a zero-sum game. Many of them end up in shooting wars.

                          China broke ranks with ALL other central banks buy buying gold after the West had agreed to get gold OUT of the monetary system. The other CBs had to reverse course and start buying again. A HUGE setback for world control. China broke ranks and did a surprise devaluation. It is becoming painfully clear to the rest of the world that China is promoting a return to gold. The East loves gold and China is following a logical path BUT, it is not following the Western plan. China has lots of dollar reserves that it does NOT need. Suppose that China further breaks ranks and offers to buy gold for $100 above spot price? The gold would flow to China (what isn't already there).
                          As civil order breaks down, more States will break ranks with the master plan.
                          The PTB can control the CBs to a certain extent but, the can't control investors.
                          "Last year, $674 billion fled China. This year through March, $175 billion did. The Institute of International Finance, in a report released today, estimated that $538 billion would flee China this year.

                          Reserves have plunged from $4 trillion in June 2014 to $3.2 trillion as of February. Much of it is illiquid and cannot be used to stabilize the currency. So the IIF said that capital flight could accelerate if Chinese investors fret that the yuan could fall in a “disorderly” manner."

                          There is little that the banking families can do about the fall in consumption. Apparently, there is little they can do to stop the East from returning to gold. A return to gold spells the end of limitless currency expansion. This, in turn, spells the end of socialism. The CBs can no longer create "money" to support the legions of beggars, bankers and bureaucrats.
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                          • Continue the killing to continue the profit

                            Ambrose Pritchard, "In my view, the Brexit camp should be laying out plans to increase UK defence spending by half to 3pc of GDP, pledging to propel Britain into the lead as the undisputed military power of Europe" The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover
                            Pentagon Hypes Fear For More Military Spending - Rense
                            Not Enough Western Intervention’ In Mideast - Hague
                            More than a million people in the UK are so poor they cannot afford to eat properly, keep clean or stay warm and dry - Guardian
                            25% of households in London have nobody employed (old number)
                            20% of American households have nobody working

                            Gerald Celente No one talks about peace; peace is a dirty word. That's the only thing that's going to stop this madness and regenerate economies
                            Gerald Celente Articles & Videos - Market Sanity
                            House OKs Requirement For Woman To Reg For Draft - Rense

                            04/27/2016 - Michael Hudson: “THE WALL STREET ECONOMY HAS TAKEN OVER THE ECONOMY & IS DRAINING IT!” Financial Repression Authority

                            Jim Grant - Capitalism without financial failure is not capitalism at all, but a kind of socialism for the rich
                            "NATO's policy with regard to Russia has remained unfriendly and opaque. One could go as far as to say that we have slid back to a new Cold War," Medvedev said. "Almost on an everyday basis we are called one of the most terrible threats either to NATO as a whole or to Europe, or to the United States."
                            The WAR system is most profitable to the bankers. They want to perpetuate the war system,,, naturally. The news here and the Net is circulating lots of info about how great our new military hardware is,,, 6 new aircraft carriers. They don't mention that aircraft carriers are nothing more than a big, indefensible target. Americans need to turn away from the war and conquest mentality. Trump is very aware of this. Pritchard screams that Britain MUST re-arm.
                            Churchill sets the tone. He loved war above everything. Hopefully, Putin and Trump can prevail and turn the U.S. ship of State away from endless war.


                            • Downhill progress

                              A few headlines;
                              • Debt Is Growing Faster Than Cash Flow By The Most On Record (ZH)
                              • The Typical American Couple Has Only $5,000 Saved For Retirement (MW)
                              4/29 “The world’s central banker” has flatlined US economic growth – Zero Hedge
                              4/29 Deutsche Bank’s profit falls by 58% – CNBC,,, AND,
                              Negative Interest Rates Claim More Victims. Today It’s Deutsche Bank, Tomorrow German Insurers?
                              "The banquet of consequences is about to be served." oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Is the World Getting Crazier, But We No Longer Notice?
                              Sam Zell clearly saw the sub-prime crash on the horizon. That earned him a nickname; Why “The Grave Dancer” Is Cashing Out Once Again | Casey Research
                              “There is no doubt that the financial system is substantially more stable,” Obama said"
                              Obama Takes Credit For 'Saving the World Economy From a Great Depression'
                              Hey, give him a medal. Pin it on his a$$ with 9 inch nails.
                              Obama?s Real Economic Legacy - One in Two Americans in Poverty
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                              • Originally posted by Why-me
                                Lean Forward .....BULLSHIIT!!!!!!