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  • Monetary theory

    We have Keynesian theory,,, that has obvious flaws.
    We have MMT that would have CBs printing nonstop, Ignored for Years, a Radical Economic Theory Is Gaining Converts - Bloomberg Business
    We also have Mercantilism,,, keep em poor so that they keep producing, Mercantilism: Six centuries of vilifying the poor
    The NWO and the CBs are pushing for socialism. Straight capitalism has been given a bad name by crony capitalism. The corporatocracy is pushing for a technocracy of fascism.
    Then, there is thermoeconomics,
    Sadly, none of this will work. The PTB have picked socialism as the panacea for the future. This just isn't compatible with human nature . We derive much of our personal value from our employment. The industrial revolution is working it's way up the ability ladder. Many writers like Kurzweil are predicting the end of employment. At the same time, the birth rate is falling. Automation is taking over everything. Even agriculture is more automated, day by day.
    The world has lots of monetary theories but, none of them have ever dealt with birth control, automation and a demographic crash.


    • CBs, socialism and the SDR

      There are many claims that ZIRP will be around for many years. ZIRP kills almost everything!
      Armstrong, "The central bankers are simply crazy, not evil. " "Then we have the trading public. If the central bankers have gone crazy with this whole negative interest rate theory, then the public is simply out of their minds" "All they see is that lower interest rates “should” stimulate but ignore the fact that they never do. They are too stupid to grasp the fact that raising taxes cannot be offset by lower interest rates."

      • Marc Faber: Central Banks Will End Up Buying All Financial Assets (CNBC)
      3/14 Faber: Central banks will create global socialism – CNBC
      Rense; Hillary Claims World Leaders Want Trump To Lose
      Jew Says Liberals Must Confront Trump, Supporters The jews have always championed socialism,,, it's great for control.
      US Army Teaches Troops Dangers Of ‘White Privilege’
      Nonwhites, Bernie Backers Attack Chicago Trump Rally
      Organized Minorities Fear & Loathing Of Whites

      In every foot race, there is a winner and a loser. In every academic decathlon, there is a winner and a loser. Socialism is the firewall between Darwinian pressures and those who come in second in the game of life. Creeping socialism has created an underclass who can't compete in the private sector. They see the writing on the wall.
      Nearly Half Of Detroit's Adults Are Functionally Illiterate ...
      Illiteracy slows down region's revival - Detroit Free Press

      As time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer people needed in employment. The PTB want to get world socialism fired up before that time closes in on us. They need to destroy the current system to get world socialism in place. ZIRP is destroying anyone and everyone who depends on interest income. THAT is straight out of Keyne's book; The euthanasia of the rentier: Why the assault on savers must end - The Commentator

      ZIRP kills capital formation. The PTB are pushing for the Special Drawing Rights as the reserve currency of the future. From the IMF, "The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries’ official reserves."
      The IMF has screwed the pooch as far as the U.S. dollar. The rest of the world wants nothing to do with the SDR. It will be printed as necessary by,,, the IMF.

      The R.O.W. wants to bring back gold. If you look at the giant mess made out of the U.S. dollar, you can see their point. The CBs are pushing collapse, socialism and the SDR.
      Creeping socialism for decades has saddled America with a lot of people who will never have a job niche. The PTB want these people to receive continued support, no matter their numbers.


      • The East is rejecting socialism and U.S. treasury debt

        "The Quantitative Easing (QE) monetary policy is highly destructive. It combines with another equally destructive measure in the Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP). Together they are a double barreled shotgun killing the USEconomy and its financial structure. Worse, they are killing the Global Economy and its financial structure based upon the USDollar."
        "It is indeed curious that almost no mainstream economists or analysts mention the permanence of the current destructive monetary policy. They might mention its permanence, but they do not attribute blame for the systemic breakdown on the monetary policy, which is highly destructive."
        MSM is controlled by the same jews that have always pushed socialism.

        The R.O.W. has no intention of going down in flames to facilitate socialism. They want competition. By virtue of having the reserve currency, America could just print to buy what it wanted. The R.O.W. has had enough of that. We use the power of the petro dollar to wage war everywhere. They are going to refuse to take treasury bonds to pay for their exports. They (plan) to cut off our imports.
        Money Velocity Proves Q.E. Failure

        The lower 48 states have expensive oil.
        " Will Russia Control World's Oil Supply ???
        Russia has played a master stroke in the current oil crisis by taking the lead in forming a new cartel, but it’s a move that could spell geopolitical disaster.

        The meeting between Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela on 16 February 2016 was the first step."
        America will have to pay in gold for oil. If the R.O.W. uses $30 oil and America has to use $ 90 oil, we will lose a lot of markets.
        Jim Willie lists a lot of things that are ongoing;
        The Great Quickening

        "$100 trillion of the $225 trillion in loans, bonds and stocks across the world…will simply disappear.”

        And this will happen on a worldwide scale, unleashing a tidal wave of destruction across the globe"
        Critical Warning from Rogue Economist Harry Dent
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        • CBs, gold, SDR, money for nothing

          America lost is lock on manufacturing. The millennials are going to catch the worst of it for their future; The Chart Every 25-Year-Old Should Ignore | Zero Hedge
          3/15 Bank of Japan in a bind after negative-rates backfire – MarketWatch
          It's amazing how many CB tools work the opposite of what is intended.

          3/15 Gold, bitcoin and economic freedom – Seeking Alpha
          3/15 Chrome ad blocker found to steal bitcoins – Silicon Angle
          Bitcoin requires trust. Gold is a different story.

          “Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild
          Banking is very attractive to people who don't want to actually work for the money. Socialism is very attractive to people who don't want to actually work for money. The central bankers are all pushing world socialism. The CBs grew credit at 3+ times the rate that the productive economy grew. This (temporarily) created support for a lot of people who didn't do any actual work,,, bankers, beggars, and bureaucrats.
          They see the unwind coming and, world socialism is their solution. A one world digital currency would ensure that the wealth keeps flowing to them.

          Deutsches bank is crashing and the big 3 American banks are buying their toxic derivatives. This will ensure that the contagion spreads everywhere.
          Armstrong said that the banks are not evil, just crazy. Durden said that this is all intentional and moving as planned. The bankers and GOV bureaucrats want world socialism AND, they are pushing the meme.
          I’m pretty sure the derivatives meltdown will take down every paper currency on earth and major corporations asset values creating urgency, forcing the quick transition into a one world digital currency

          See, we URGENTLY need to switch over to a digital currency.
          Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion have been confirmed by the pending sale of $1.1 TRILLION in derivatives to 3 US big banks « InvestmentWatch
          Jim Rickards was drafted to do a war-games simulation with 16? U.S. intelligence agencies on a meltdown of the bond market. They concluded that we will have to switch over to the SDR as a store of value.

          It the Bretton Woods discussions, most of the free world favored a paper reserve currency. America had all the gold and demanded a gold backing. Times have changed and America's gold is gone. The R.O.W. is demanding gold backing and America wants a paper backing.
          We're going to have crash and chaos, alright. The CBs are doing their best to erase gold from the system. Socialism and gold just can't exist on the same planet. I suspect that the R.O.W. will successfully resist the implementation of the SDR. This will leave pox Americana isolated and broke.


          • Originally posted by Why-me
            Save your coins. Eisenhower dollars, Kennedy half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.
            Paper catches fire and only 20% of all circulating paper is inside the USA. The rest is overseas in foreign countries.
            Coins on the other hand do not burn or contain illegal drugs.
            You will notice paper is nearly weightless, coins are harder to steal in any large amount.
            Good luck in your ventures.
            "The likelihood that you will be able to travel with gold is about zero. The likelihood that you will be able to go to the local grocery store and buy food with silver or gold coins is also zero. The more probable outcome is that this will provide a hedge against government to make the transition to the next monetary system. These people are fighting for dominance over society. Do you really think it will be that easy that everyone will be using gold and silver coins? They will not go down without a fight and the first blood draw will be on our side — not theirs."
            Alex Jones covers a tiny sliver of what I read. He pays little attention to history or the technical issues. He has skeletons too; ALEX JONES EXPOSED


            • The new religion of social justice

              Venezuela has the same population but, more oil than Saudi Arabia. Venezuela is bankrupt; The World?s Worst Central Bank | Zero Hedge
              Socialism sounds OK but, it always seems to over reach on raising the standard of living for the poor. One of it's fatal fallacies is; everyone is equal.
              Herbert Hoover could write classical Latin with his right hand at the same time that he wrote classical Greek with his left hand. Some people are FAR superior to the norm. Socialism shies away from this and ends up placing incompetent people in important positions.
              Socialism is just a distribution system with little focus on productivity. The original socialists are children. They receive everything but, don't work in return. They all want to continue the free ride. They all think that they are special. By definition, most of them are NOT special.

              College is the cauldron that whips up a dangerous brew of self-important do-nothings who all want to be respected.
              "The religion got started on the campuses, where social science careerists ginned up an elaborate doctrine to justify the self-importance of their new departments in so-called race, gender, and privilege studies — the main point of which was to create new categories of sacred victims suffering spiritual torments (“traumas”) that could never be healed. These crypto-religious “studies” led to a multiplication of demons that had to be exorcized by an equal multiplication of diversity deans and committees aimed at punishing blasphemies — such as arguing against affirmative action (“racist”), or wearing a Mexican sombrero at a tequila party (“cultural appropriation” + “racist”)

              "The religion of the social justice warriors, got a huge boost with the deaths, and subsequent canonization of the new mega-saints, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and other black youths who were killed"

              "Possibly the worst blasphemy — which I will now state — is the idea that the new religion of social justice exists to disguise the vast disappointment over the failure of the civil rights movement to uplift — that is, raise out of poverty, illiteracy, and crime — a substantial part of the black population. In fact, much of the official policy of the civil rights era only made matters worse, especially the well-known failures of the welfare system with all its disincentives to economic striving."
              Was Chicago The First Skirmish In An Inevitable Civil War? | Zero Hedge

              Venezuela isn't doing anything new. "A little over a month after announcing that the Zimbabwean dollar - which, you’re reminded, was phased out in 2009 after inflation rose modestly to 500 billion percent - would be demonetized and exchanged at a generous rate of $5 for every 175 quadrillion"
              "15 Years After Land-Grabs, Mugabe Invites White Farmers Back To Zimbabwe"
              White privilege is very much connected to white competency.

              The bankers in America financed the election of a Marxist president in their push to American and world socialism. They are REALLY down on Trump because he has no interest in socialism. He wants people to actually work for their survival. SO MANY people are talking about assassination because so many people get a free ride.
              Armstrong predicts a crash in public debt. There will be a lot of self-important people who will find that the public food trough is empty.


              • Originally posted by Why-me
                Too much information overload and readers quit reading your posts.
                Speaking for himself, obviously. Not all of us.


                • Figuring it out as I go

                  I don't post for profit or gain. I have no ads. The count on this thread goes up steadily every week. The main reason that I post is to give some warning to people who don't have the time to read and interpret the large body of financial news. The secondary reason is; when I write stuff out, it gives me a clearer picture than what I get from just a mental picture. I veer into social systems because they affect financial systems so much.
                  My profile page has over 4,000 visits even though it has almost no information. I'm probably on a few government lists. I explained how the Terrawatt device works and they took down their site. I've written more controversial threads before but, I haven't been picked up for "re-education" yet.

                  If I read an article from a gold-bug site, I have to take their "slant" into consideration. If I read something from yahoo, I have to have a full block of salt handy. GOV sites like the BLS are discredited by other GOV sites. There is so much dis-information in the battle between fascism and socialism that it is very difficult to get an accurate picture.
                  I post lots of links so that everybody can read the source and make an informed decision as to accuracy.


                  • Pensions, new accounting rules, pissing in the gene pool

                    The gross income in the West is falling fast. Corporations have 2 sets of books. One set, they show to investors. The GAAP set that they present to GOV auditors (under pain of prison) generally show 30--40% less earnings. BUT, when their earnings statements come out, there is hell to pay.
                    Many investors have deserted the stock market. The FED, PPT, ESF, etc have pumped tons of money to companies to keep stock prices elevated. The companies buy-back their own shares to hold up perceived valuations.
                    David Stockman Blog | Chart Of The Day: The Perfect Correlation - Stock Buybacks And The S&P 500 Since 2010 | Talkmarkets

                    Once you get divorced, you aren't likely to send money to your ex. Companies and GOV are the same way.
                    "The total value of unfunded or underfunded government pension liabilities for 20 countries belonging to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) — a group of largely wealthy countries — is $78 trillion,"Remember, this is just the wealthy countries.
                    "Citi noted that Germany, France, Italy, the U.K., Portugal and Spain had estimated public sector pension liabilities that topped 300 percent of gross domestic product. " Rich countries have a $78 trillion pension problem

                    New accounting rules are slowly making it to GOV; With new accounting rules, L.A. County's reported debt balloons - LA Times
                    1/4 of all welfare cases are in California.

                    Russia clearly proved that they can stand up to pox Americana. MANY States are hoping to escape the dollar hegemon,,, without getting bombed. They are not rolling over U.S. debt any longer.
                    Foreign governments dump U.S. debt at record rate | Business -
                    They read Martin Armstrong. They can see that U.S. public debt is bad news. The FED has to keep absorbing more and more.

                    Here is a fascinating article on the rise of energy consumption and, the concurrent rise in entropy. Gail Tverberg Blog | Our economic growth system is reaching limits in a strange way | Talkmarkets
                    In his book, The Collapse of Complex Societies", John Tainter writes that a society collapses when it can no longer support it's exponentially growing energy needs. He refers to ALL types of energy.

                    One component of intelligence is ;planning for a secure future. Many decades ago, in England, a couple weren't allowed to get married unless they had a place to live. This tended to reduce procreation for unmotivated people. In animal husbandry, the weak are weeded out. By supporting people who are lacking in motivation and abilities, the gene pool is weakened. Thoughtful, intelligent people are more likely to limit family size than people who procreate recklessly. Over time, there is an increase in the % of unmotivated people.... pissing in the gene pool.
                    What is the end result when a big part of the population is unmotivated and uneducated? What happens when too many people vote for a living instead of actually working for a living?

                    Socialism always breaks the bank because it promotes an indolent, non-productive lifestyle. At the same time that it tries to raise the standard of living for everybody, it demotivates the producers. Rising consumption meets falling productivity.


                    • GEAB, downer from the IMF

                      As many of you can well imagine, it gets more difficult every day to interpret and predict financial movements. It isn't just me. I found an excellent summation from a large, well-informed European group.

                      "Considering the barrage of change indicators, our GEAB team currently feels like they don’t know where to start in order to provide a coherent and complete picture of the crisis. Yet, this feeling is probably nothing compared to what our leaders and their advisers experience. A sense of loss of control of the flow of events probably characterizing the Western leadership in 2016 is what makes the rest of the year quite difficult to predict. "
                      "When the world sustaining a governance system disappears, but the governance system is still “in charge”, concern is justified"
                      NATO, central banks, migrant crisis, TTIP, technologies ... Western elites in panic mode for a future in the form of a question mark | GEAB

                      "Concern" isn't quite the word that I would use. Tainter, "when a complex society collapses, it peels off layers of complexity."
                      "The most complex super systems are most at risk. Roberto Vaca, "The Coming dark Ages"

                      Our primary support system is Mother Earth. We have ignored, crippled and poisoned her. She is a stranger to most. We are in the Pleistocene ice age for one of the periodic warm interruptions. Hiatus, "a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process."Mother nature bats last.

                      The IMF / dollar mongers are mostly responsible for most of our wars. They try to play down any problems. They have just come out with a pretty radical statement. Next Financial Crisis Could Overwhelm World's Defenses, IMF Says - Bloomberg Business


                      • The FED will get stiffed

                        As I've mentioned before, the bankers don't have any armies. They often pair up with GOV to create lots of wars and arms sales but, they don't have their own armies. What happens if their interests diverge? What happens if GOV goes broke and the banks have money?
                        The U.S. treasury sells bonds to the FED and the FED creates money for the GOV. In 1913, the FED got the power to print the money. During the world wars, the FED printed tons of money. GOV (me and you) eventually paid off this debt. Several parties have publicly announced that the debt is FAR too high to ever be paid back.
                        The treasury got the cash and the FED is left holding bonds that we can't pay back. The FED would like to inflate the snot out of the whole economy so they could at least be paid back in inflated dollars.
                        The FED buys bonds but, doesn't get a lot out of the deal. ONLY when they resell the bonds do they gain something. The cash has been spent and the bond is worthless if it can't be re-sold. QE becomes debt cancellation.

                        b. Below is the list of the owners of the 12 Central Banks:
                        - Rothschild Bank of London
                        - Rothschild Bank of Berlin
                        - Lazard Brothers of Paris
                        - Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
                        - Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
                        - Warburg Bank of Hamburg
                        - Lehman Brothers of New York
                        - Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
                        - Goldman, Sachs of New York
                        - Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

                        In all, there are about 300 VERY POWERFUL, partly foreign individuals that own the FED."
                        "The Fed has transferred at least some profit to the Treasury every year since 1934." It now transfers MOST of it's profits as enumerated in the vid.
                        These owners of the FED are holding $ trillions in bonds that we can't pay back. They must be pissed off.

                        • UK Household Debt Binge Has No End In Sight (Telegraph) It won't end til the credit ends.
                        • 800,000 Barrels Of Oil Go Missing Every Day (WSJ)
                        • Brazil Tumbles Like ‘House Of Cards’ In Crisis Brazil created an impressive safety net that depended entirely on oil sales. Death waits for them.
                        • Catalonia Said to Court Default in Spanish Game of Chicken (BBG) I lived in Spain for a while. I wouldn't want to play "chicken" with them.
                        3/18 Subprime auto loans come under scrutiny – Financial Times Both auto loans and student loans each have a higher numerical value than the numerical value of sub-prime RE loans when they blew.
                        3/18 Retail inflows into junk bonds highest on record in past month – Zero Hedge . Really sad for the muppets. They pile in at the same time that the default rate is climbing fast.

                        3/18 Is this why Yellen went full dove: US hiring plunges most since November 2008 – Zero Hedge
                        3/18 Discouraged workers dog Europe's recovery – Bloomberg No Feces, Sherlock. Portugal has 23% unemployment and wants to take in many thousands of migrants.
                        3/17 Caterpillar slashes guidance again, sees Q1 EPS 30% below estimate – Zero Hedge Cat gives more forward guidance than even "doctor copper".
                        3/18 Ty Andros: "It's a currency & financial extinction event!" – Financial Repression Authority

                        Pain trades; Hartnett: "This Is The World's Most Painful Chart" | Zero Hedge
                        3/18 Clueless Janet launches "final currency war" into hyperspace – SilverSeek

                        3/18 Anti-Trump groups plot "democracy spring" - large civil disobedience act – Zero Hedge Unfortunately, the prelude to the race wars.
                        3/18 French stage nationwide protests in response to pro-business reform efforts – Financial Sense The French have been very generous to themselves. Their public debt is over 300% of GDP. They don't want the party to end.
                        History runs in cycles. We're about to enter the "flush" cycle.


                        • Buyback blackout, monday

                          The FED gave us ZIRP. The banks wrote $ trillions in interest rate swaps that locked in ZIRP. The FED couldn't escape ZIRP unless it was willing to blow all the derivatives. ZIRP wiped out everyone who depended on income from interest. Millions depend on interest income. With that gone, they quit spending. That crashed earnings for equities. So, interest-income crashed. Stock earnings crashed. Hedge funds depend on these earnings.
                          Stock earnings crashed and everybody wanted out. Goldman Sux started up an ETF just for the purpose of unloading crummy stocks on to muppets.
                          At it's introduction, Zero Hedge said to short it as it was a guaranteed bust.
                          It didn't take long, "Nobody Is Making Money" - Hedge Fund "VIP Basket" Obliterated, Plunges To Record Low | Zero Hedge

                          The stated problem with gold is that it doesn't pay any interest. BUT, what happens if nothing else pays any interest,,, or goes down? The banks, et al are getting tired of no earnings and negative rates. Some have decided to go to cash and gold. Munich Re Gives The ECB The Middle Finger, Owns Almost 300,000 Ounces Of Gold | Zero Hedge
                          The State saw this coming and that is why they are so intent on getting rid of cash. Everything else that the State has done has backfired. Presumably, this will too.

                          People have stopped using credit. The credit edifice needs a LOT of air under it's wings to stay aloft. GOV tries to make up the difference.
                          "Credit did slow almost across the board. There was even a marked stalling in State & Local borrowings."
                          "Federal debt was the big outlier in the “almost across the board” Credit slowdown. Federal borrowings expanded at an 18.5% rate,"
                          Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Q4 2015 Flow of Funds

                          3/20 Support for impeaching Brazil's president rises to 68 percent – Reuters That's what happens when the economy contracts and you take away the trinkets that were passed out in the good times.
                          3/20 China's Central Bank chief sounds warning over rising debt – Bloomberg First it was the IMF and BIS,, now this guy.
                          3/20 The stock market is relying on just this one buyer to hold it together – Birch Gold The buyer, on the other hand, is corporate America. CFOs have practically been backing up the truck to buy back their own stock,
                          BUT, 3/20 Buyback blackout period starts Monday - the catalyst that ends the S&P rally? – Zero Hedge

                          So, corporate America is going into a blackout.
                          How about the bond market? 3/19 Bond hedge funds see 'worst quarter in history,' Loomis says – Bloomberg
                          Obviously, the bankers want you to store your money in their banks...... 3/20 JPMorgan Chase's forecaster says buy gold, not stocks – CNBC


                          • Gordon Long, Stockman and Lockhart

                            "After trillions of dollars in bank bailouts, historic central bank liquidity injections and $8 Trillion in deficit spending, private credit in the US has only managed a paltry $1.5 Trillion increase in the seven years since the financial crisis meltdown."
                            "The number of dividend reductions has now far surpassed 2008. It is almost 100 more than at the outset of the Great Recession, a time when the implosion of Lehman caused equity markets to plummet in the later stages of the third quarter"
                            EXCELLENT graphs on earnings and liquidity.
                            3/22 Corporate profit ride turning into a train wreck – CNBC

                            Stockman, Janet Yellen: Monetary Arsonist—Armed, Dangerous And Lost David Stockman Blog | Janet Yellen: Monetary Arsonist—Armed, Dangerous And Lost | Talkmarkets
                            "She apparently has no idea that a 38 bps money market rate is not a pump toggle on some giant bathtub of GDP; it’s an ignition fuse that is fuelling the greatest speculative mania in modern history."
                            "Simple Janet strapped on an explosive belt long ago. It’s only a matter of time before it blows."

                            People aren't working,,, machines are. When Robots Take Our Jobs, Should Everyone Still Get a Paycheck? | Innovation | Smithsonian
                            3/22 Economist suggests that governments spend their way out of trouble – Asia One
                            This is becoming an increasingly popular idea.

                            "Dennis Lockhart, Atlanta Fed president, made a speech today trumping up the possibility rate hikes as soon as April.
                            In his speech, Lockhart cited “sufficient momentum evidenced by the economic data " ALL of the momentum is downward,,, great graphs.

                            Kaleidoscope Eyes | MishTalk


                            • Marching towards the cliff

                              The West was a high-wage, High-Price economy. Global wage arbitrage wiped that out. While it would be nice to blame that on obummer, it is market forces that made most of the changes. Here are 9 charts that show you all you need to know about our so-called recovery. Obama’s latest fraud: ‘Economic recovery’ disproven in just 9 charts

                              We also have a global-mean price for commodities. Our oil is about $ 50---90.
                              January Russia Daily Oil Output Past Saudis By 375,000 bbl
                              Cost Of Production Of Russian Oil Is $2 Per Barrel
                              Iran's oil production costs are relatively low, but can vary from $3 to $7 per barrel
                              You can see where the demand for sanctions is coming from. The R.O.W. knows that when they buy oil in dollars, they are financing worldwide war.
                              Because of global wage arbitrage, there are close to 100 million American workers who are not working. Jeb Bush has the solution; Jeb Bush: ‘People need to work longer hours’

                              "Over $1.3 trillion in student debt is floating around in the current economic system. Student debt is now the worst performing sector of loans in our economy. "
                              The ‘Crisis’ Has Just Begun; Is The American Dream Is Over? - ETF Forecasts, Swing Trades & Long Term Investing Signals

                              3/23 Yellen, Draghi, Kuroda: deranged lab rats – Burning Platform
                              3/23 Empty buildings and wasted debt: the Chinese economic "miracle" – Economy And Markets
                              3/23 "The greatest crash of your life is just ahead..." - Harry Dent warns – GoldCore
                              3/23 Lloyd's of London takes 'massive hit' from low investment return – Bloomberg
                              3/23 Mitsui sees first loss since 1947 amid $2 billion writedown – Bloomberg
                              3/23 US mining losses last year wipe out profits from last eight years – Wall Street Journal
                              NIRP Is Absolutely Crushing Big Parts Of The Finance World
                              by John Rubino on March 23, 2016

                              Global wage arbitrage wiped out our jobs. We no longer have wages. GOV is so desperate that they want to send us free money to keep consumption going. Also, they would like to avoid revolution. GOV created an enormous dependent class. Now, they can't make good on their promises.


                              • Paying for immigrants and pensions

                                The U.S.S.R, showed us pretty clearly, that socialism doesn't work. Putin warned obummer not to try it.
                                After birth control was introduced, the birth rate fell. The PTB knew that something would have to be done to keep the population rising. Japan didn't learn this lesson. It is now painfully obvious that you can't grow an economy with a shrinking population. Our southern border was thrown open to keep population growth going.
                                "The number of immigrants rose by 1.7 million since the same time last year. Immigrants currently comprise 13.3 percent of the nation's total population, reaching the highest level in the nation in 105 years. " It's actually higher.
                                BUT, with birth control, Mexico's fertility rate went from 6.2 to 2.6. Our next people donors are the arab countries. They still have a high birth rate because women have no say in the matter. The latinos had / have a good work ethic and generally good Christian values. The dregs from the arabic countries have neither of these two qualities. They have an illiteracy rate of 20%. The PTB are adamant that America must have population growth no matter what kind of trash comes in.
                                The mothers never teach their little boys to respect girls so, women are just chattel with no say. This cultural clash is a horrifying surprise to the Scandinavian countries. It is impossible to fathom how bringing in millions of illiterates is going to help the economy.
                                The "driver" of an increase in our living standards is SCIENCE, NOT brute consumption. We do attract a LOT of talent.

                                Socialism allows people to reproduce who would not otherwise be able to. BUT, GOV has made a lot of promises that it can no longer pay for. Our negative net worth grows by $ 5 trillion a year. GOV paid for a lot of babies. They will need lifelong support. Our unfunded liabilities are reckoned at $ 212 trillion. Money creation is going up,,, wealth creation is going down.
                                If GOV prints to try to satisfy all of it's promises, it risks hyper-inflation. The private sector also made too many pension promises. When manufacturing left, it took the pot of money that was intended to fund pensions. Credit is a tool for reaching into future earnings. We never thought about losing our jobs.