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  • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
    EVERYWHERE you look, GOV and bankers are preparing for the crash. They are desperate to convert their thin-air money into tangibles.
    This is the statement that caught my eye. To beat them at their game, you need to convert YOUR Federal Reserve Notes into tangible assets. Would you agree?
    There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.


    • Cash to tangibles

      Wayne, that all depends on how wealthy you are. The VERY wealthy are locked into bonds. They can't go out and buy up $200---300 billion of stuff. There is now a SHORTAGE of assets to buy, INCLUDING BONDS. When CBs printed up an extra $ 100 trillion, there was no place for it to go. The wealthy gained the most from the printing. They will lose the most from the unwind.
      Most credit instruments are going to crash. Paper money is a debt note but, not truly a credit instrument. That is why GOV wants to take them out of circulation. Credit can just evaporate but, paper is more durable.

      As far as buying tangibles when you have a limited budget, that is a good idea because the system is going to lock up. Find a bulk grain supplier like Honeyville Grain. Buy whatever you can store and afford.
      Honeyville | The Leader in Food Storage & Baking Ingredients

      The second thing that I bought was diesel fuel. It stores better than gasoline. When credit locks up, the cities are going to go up in flames. Mobility is going to be a critical issue. i have a couple of old MBZ diesels that will run even if there is an EMP burst. Not happy with that, I am building a woodgas truck of the general design of Wayne Keith at Drive On Wood.
      While you may be right to convert cash to tangibles, a supply of cash will be absolutely critical when the banks close.


      • Physical gold in Texas. Contagion- Athens to Berlin

        Investors are thoroughly disgusted with all the gold being stolen from GOV controlled depositories. They are very worried about what to do with gold in the event of a confiscation. The new Texas depository is drawing extraordinary interest from investors around the world because it promises to be 100% physical BUT, still do transfers electronically. it remains to be seen if they can actually get their gold back from New York.
        Texas Gold Bill Sponsor Challenges Feds to 'Come and Take It'

        When Lehman Bros went down, it came close to taking down the whole system. Deutches bank is in worse shape than Lehman.
        "June 9: S&P lowers the rating of Deutsche Bank to BBB+ Just three notches above “junk”. (Incidentally, BBB+ is even lower than Lehman’s downgrade – which preceded it’s collapse by just 3 months)"
        The Next Great European Financial Crisis Has Begun
        The Greek crash will take down Deutches bank. They hold derivatives equal to 15 times the GDP of Germany. THAT will make a BIG splash in financial markets. Goldman Sachs insisted on raping Greece and forcing privatization. The Greeks resisted and this will blow German AND New York derivatives all to kingdom come.


        • Bonds,,, now you see them,,, now you don't

          The rich are pretty much locked into bonds. The banks were forced into buying GOV bonds. What happens to the banks when GOV defaults? ALL GOVs eventually default.
          "The two countries who are serial defaulters in Europe are France and Spain. The Spanish sovereign defaults took place, turning the country into a serial defaulter beginning in 1557 followed by 1570, 1575, 1596, 1607, and 1647 ending in a 3rd world status."
          "Other European states followed in the seventeenth century, including Prussia in 1683, though France and Spain remained the leading defaulters with a total of eight defaults and six defaults, respectively. Following Greek independence in 1829, Greece spent around half its time in default on its sovereign debt.

          Why people even buy government debt is unexplained, for lawyers take control of government and pass laws that elevate government to “quality status” when in fact it is unsecured and has typically resulted in the total destruction of capital formation. When the core economy is involved, such as Rome, the resulting episode is typically a Dark Age."

          " These two major global defaults were interestingly 86 years apart. Adding 86 years again, curiously brings us to 2017. The whole sovereign debt crisis started to surface in 2009 which is two 86 units of time from when it began with Andrew Jackson in 1837. This is the Phase Transition on debt and we should expect the sovereign debt crisis to expand dramatically during the last phase into 2017."
          Greece 2017 – Sovereign Debt Cycle | Armstrong Economics

          "I do not want to sound alarmist. However, it is critical to get the word out for when this turns down hard between 2015.75 and 2017.90, they will blame everyone but themselves. The two harbingers of economic totalitarianism, Rogoff and Buiter, are only looking at this from a purely academic perspective in a perfect world. They fail to grasp this road leads ONLY to totalitarianism, which is most likely not their intent. Nevertheless, this entire economic system is failing and all you need do is look at the collapse in liquidity in the bond markets. A trader is scared to death. Only an academic who has no such experience is oblivious to this crisis."
          Ah yes,,, academics and lawyers. Pure poison.
          Government Has Gone Insane – That’s What a Phase Transition Is All About | Armstrong Economics

          Hugo Salinas Price;
          "Total world debt has been calculated recently at $223 Trillion dollars. World debt has increased some 40% since the crisis of 2008-2009; as I recall, it was about $157 Trillion at that time. The $223 Trillion is actual debt, and does not include the potential debt lying in derivates of this debt, which is another humongous amount and would become debt should there be any default on the $223 Trillion world debt.

          The $223 Trillion world debt is like a huge cloud up in the sky.

          It is of vital importance for the world of finance, as it presently exists, that the $223 Trillion world debt continue up in the sky, and that it not be subject to liquidation.

          Liquidation and payment are two different things.

          Liquidation means that holders of debt seek to exchange the debt they hold, for cash.

          The problem for the world's central bankers is to keep the debt cloud up in the sky and avoid at all costs a deluge of liquidation. That is to say, there must be no movement to get rid of bonds in exchange for cash."

          "But if all the big investors are owners of bonds, who are they going to sell their bonds to when they wish to liquidate them and get into cash? These investors are going to suffer big losses, because the prices of bonds will have to collapse. This is going to take place the moment that the investors think that the trend in interest rates is no longer down, but up."
          "Banking systems are investors in bonds, and bonds make up an important part of their assets. In Europe, if the assets of the banking system fall by only 4%, then the whole European banking system is bankrupt. "
          "they are trapped and wait in dread for the deluge of bond liquidation when the $223 Trillion debt cloud hanging over the world turns into a cloudburst."

          Armstrong seems to agree in timeline with the news out the back door of the Pentagon. 2 years of total chaos. GOV is looking to implement martial law as a substitute for civil control. Martial law means command-and-control of the economy. No amount of martial law can compensate for a collapse of credit markets. His models are based on CONFIDENCE. GOV has all the laws on the books for confiscation. Will the farmers plant if fuel supplies are uncertain,,, if confiscation seems likely?
          This will be Agenda 21 in reverse. Big concentrations of population make sense for a manufacturing economy. They don't make sense for an economy with diminishing agricultural output.


          • nationalizing the banks

            It doesn't appear that there is any way to save Greece,,, at least the Greek banks. They aren't expected to open on Monday. Outflows have hit as high as 1 billion Euros a day. Greece will nationalize the banks eventually. This prospect has terrified various leaders. They tried to play hardball with Yanis. THAT was stupid. There are emergency talks on monday but, the banks are too damaged to survive. Greek tax collections have crashed because people believe that the whole mess will crash down.
            Greece faces banking crisis after eurozone meeting breaks down | World news | The Guardian


            • navy vs CIA,,, money problems

              In spite of all the money spent on the military, they complain that they don't have enough money. " The USN also says it cannot afford to refuel and refurbish the older USS George Washington — even though it’s only half way through its designed life cycle."
              Aircraft carrier problems need expensive fixes
              Not all GOV agencies are running out of money.
              The above link went bad. T
              he story was changed.
              Two CIA Agents Arrested by Minutemen while Crossing Mexican Border with 1300 Pounds of Cocaine World News Daily Report
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              • Paying taxes instead of having kids

                As the world gets more automated and mechanized, we see ever-greater amounts of tangible wealth. Why are we ever-poorer? Why are we headed down an inescapable path to financial crash? We can't even afford to have kids.

                "Why the Globalists Want a Negative Birth Rate

                Have you ever noticed that every global think tank champions gay marriage and unregulated abortion? The globalists disguise their arguments as a moral and civil rights issue. However, this is not really a moral issue at all to the globalists, the real agenda is that the globalists want a declining population because a declining population means a lowered demand for goods and services. Gay marriages and abortions lowers the population growth, which helps to take the air out of the economy by lowering the population."

                "Therefore, I would estimate that the economy as we know it, will be devastated by design, in the next 2-6 years. This explains why the globalists are accelerating the implementation of their takeover."
                "To help you understand this, let’s pretend that you were to have a checking account with $100 and a savings account with $1,000 in two different banks. Let’s further imagine that you only reported to the IRS, that you only had $100 dollars as your net worth because you don’t want to use your savings account to pay bills (i.e. taxpayer obligations) . Subsequently, you’d be audited and put in a federal prison. But the government plays by its own rules that it makes up. The government simply designates of “non-governmental” or “non-taxpayer” income and investment returns allows them to hide all of this wealth from the people and as reported in the government’s Budget Report. The funds and wealth in the CAFR report, never gets reported. If you and I did this, we would go to jail. And the reason that governments continue to engage in this shady practice, is that they want to be able to justify the taking of a greater portion of your income through increased taxation. I call this highway robbery.

                The release of CAFR’s, alone, could erase our national debt and return financial affluence to America. For example, although then Governor Brown claimed the state budget deficit of $16 billion requires austerity actions, the state CAFR revealed $600 billion in CAFR’s. When all the CAFR surplus accounts are totaled, Californians have been overtaxed by $8 trillion dollars in a sampled study. This is being done at every level of government, two sets of books and two sets of figures. This makes the national debt appear to be meaningless."
                Ending Taxation - The Only Game in Town - 2011 - Walter Burien - CAFR1 at Conspiracy Forum, with video embedded, topic 2123580

                "the department has plenty of cash, even though it has been soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations in what was thought to be a desperate scramble to keep parks open."
                BREAKING NEWS: California State CAFR looked at; Fraud identified; Heads Roll
                Oregon legislator reads CAFR, finds billions, ends budget deficit crisis; (Conspiracy Forum) 11/14/2013 2124291
                "Since 1946 (legislated by a wiser Congress), 84,000 Government entities including States, Counties, Cities, School Districts, etc., have been required yearly to report the ACTUAL accumulated financial assets and income they each separately possess."
                "Between local and Federal government, the total of liquid investment assets held Internationally is a conservative sixty (60) Trillion dollars."
                "When Orange County lost a little over $1 billion in derivatives investments, they were crying "poverty" and threatening to shut down schools, police would have to be laid off etc. However someone dug into the Orange County CAFR and found out that the county had about $16 billion in profitable investments! The county, from their profitable liquid investment funds / cash position could have continued performing the same services, without collecting one dime in taxes, and could have done so for another 11.9 years from the existing funds prior to running out of money! "
                "While he was a Mayor, Jesse Ventura's city council wanted to raise $360,000 in taxes to cover a short fall on their "city budget for schools." Ventura objected when he discovered the city owned $48,000,000 in idle investments funds from which the $360,000 could be drawn from without raising taxes!"
                ""GROSS" INCOME of government is now 1/3rd "TAX" income and 2/3rds NON-TAX income derived from: return on INVESTMENTS and money generated from government Enterprise projects."
                CAFR 'Off-BudgetÂ*Incomes DWARF 'Budget Deficits'

                OK, you get the idea. 48,000 GOV entities have stashed away $ 60 trillion. CAFRs: The BIGGEST Secret - $60 Trillion Invested By Fed, State, And Local Governments!
                " liquid investment funds, bond financing accounts and corporate stock portfolios (32 Trillion) over 53% of America's stock market, and a large percentage of the international stock market, etc., are all revealed in their required filing of CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) and noted reports therein."

                It's not like they make a secret of this.
                I can understand, "they" want to reduce population and make us poor so we can't afford to have kids. I can understand that "they" want to crash the system so that the phoenix of world socialism rises up out of the ashes.
                State and local GOV buy bonds from the FEDs.
                When the FED defaults, what will happen to this $ 60 trillion? If all levels of GOV collapse, there will be plenty of ashes but, NO phoenix rising up.
                Those with the most money stand to lose the most. When the bail-ins come, will the cash part of these stashes by sucked up by the banks?
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                • Greek fallout

                  Things are quiet for the moment. The Grexit possibility has brought down the Swiss Franc. They thought it wouldn't affect markets. Greece isn't in all that bad of shape. There must be some stinky derivatives lurking in the background. Their problem is that they were cut off from credit markets. Russia is willing to step in and help out. Greece was supposed to be rogered real good just like Argentina. Russia is willing to spoil that plan. Yanis Varoufakis wrote 3 books about "game theory". What did Merkel write after her long indoctrination at Karl Marx university?

                  Goldman Sachs wants to rape and pillage Greece. The bankers do not want to see Greek banks collapse and be nationalized. America does NOT want to see NATO kicked out of Greece. Germany was invaded when it did not play by the banker's rules. It is doubtful that Greece can be invaded. Should Greece return to the Drachma, Greek holidays will be much cheaper. Greece can declare Force majeure and cancel it's debts. There will be little that the bankers can do to make things worse.

                  You don't need to actually visit Greece to get the Greek experience.
                  Ron Paul; "So we're all on the verge ‒ the country, the world is on the verge of looking more like Detroit and Greece than anything else."

                  Read more: Ron Paul: US Stock Market About to Collapse / Sputnik International
                  I've travelled around Greece and I like it very much.


                  • Greece, fear, contagion and default

                    The Euro was designed knowing that it would crash. The peabrains didn't take cultural differences into account. Compounding their stupidity, they assumed that they could easily manage the crash and the transition to a common tax and treasury. WRONG.
                    "We have now reached the point where the euro does not have a problem – the euro is the problem." "In the six years from 2004, Greek output increased in nominal terms by 40 per cent, while government spending rose by 87 per cent and tax revenues rose by a mere 31 per cent. "
                    The Euro Does Not Have A Problem... It Is The Problem | Zero Hedge
                    The Greeks have pulled out many billions of Euros in cash. "As for all the Athenians who have recently tapped the ATMs, check your euros. If the serial number starts with a "Y" that means it was printed by the Bank of Greece"
                    Meanwhile, Greece Is Quietly Printing Billions Of Euros | Zero Hedge
                    Somebody has a smokin hot printing press.
                    "Greek banks have haemorrhaged over €30 billion since October. Over €2 billion was withdrawn between Monday and Wednesday "
                    Greek Contagion Abyss Looms ? Wealth Preservation Strategies | Zero Hedge
                    This is making a LOT of people very nervous.
                    "In other words, 6, 7, or 8 standard deviation moves that in theory should only happen once every two or three billion years may now start to show up once every two to three months." Somebody's models seem to be faulty"
                    "The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress."


                    • The end of a paradigm

                      America had a very high consumption economy because it had a lock on the premier value-industry,,, manufacturing. We sold to the rest of the world. 50% of the cost of anything that you buy is for finance,,, average. 19% for trash collection,,, 78% for public housing. This made the banks very rich. GOV taxes us $ trillions that it doesn't need or use.
                      When the low-wage labor markets came on the scene, they knocked manufacturing out of the country. They also knocked out the part of the finance industry that was tied to manufacturing. The design of the financial system demands constant growth of the money supply. The FED had / has a mandate of 2% growth. America now has 1 billion sq. ft. of empty retail space.

                      The domestic production / consumption could not /did not generate the wealth necessary to support the credit / money growth. When productive enterprise could not supply the wealth, more money was printed.

                      China made big bucks producing for the West. BUT, the productivity that they absorbed impoverished their former clients / buyers. We slip towards a global mean wage. The former affluent buyer is now walking the streets looking for cardboard and aluminum cans.

                      50% of cost equals 100% markup to support the banks. Half of our money supports banks. We work every year until April 24 to pay our taxes. There isn't much left over.
                      Our new found poverty is reducing income for China. They can't survive when the West works for Chinese wages.
                      China's stock market is about to collapse

                      The world can't survive working for Chinese wages at anything above a survival level. The robots "live" just for survival so, they can always undercut our wages. It's a downward spiral of wages and consumption.

                      The lack of employment just keeps driving down the economy. 25% of the households in London have nobody employed. Still, everybody demands support.
                      "Governments cannot face the facts. There is NO WAY to maintain the current system. It is dead and trying to blow air into a dead-corpus is pointless. They will not bring this back to life. We need SERIOUS REFORM to save society" London Protest Draws 100,000’s Anti-Austerity | Armstrong Economics
                      What if the PTB don't want to save society?

                      Edit, the financial authorities claimed that they could banish the business cycle by supporting instruments when they threatened a downturn or correction. There would be no "down days". Stocks would always hold their value. This is especially true in China. Even with GOV support, investors are getting nervous. 18--1 is a good ratio for stocks. Price is 18 times earnings. The Chinese market recently hit 95--1. Even with the central bank backing up equities values, this extreme number was just too much. The Shanghai index fell 13.3 % in one week.
                      Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States

                      The British are complaining about austerity. GOV is preparing to cut 12 billion pounds from welfare. Welfare cuts of £12bn to be announced in the next Budget - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
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                      • Demographic changes

                        There is endless talk about creating jobs and boosting consumption. There are endless prescriptions for reviving the economy of Japan. The Japanese are getting old and dying off. Nobody seems to mention this or factor it in. Japan is ahead of America but, going down the same road.
                        "The 0-54 peak yr/old segment growth peaked in the early 90's at almost 3 million and has steadily declined down to 300 thousand. This is a 90% drop from the '90's growth rate in new population...a 90% drop in new consumers, 90% drop in new homebuyers, etc. etc. "
                        90% sounds pretty important.
                        "2- Annual US population growth of 55+ year old segment. This is the segment nearing or in retirement. They generally are moving to fixed incomes and social safety net programs. They are asset heavy and cash light...and need buyers for all their assets they are mandated to liquidate in their old age."
                        Hambone's stuff: 0ne Simple Chart Explains the Great Financial Crisis and Why a Far Greater Crisis is Inevitable
                        GOV blew a bubble in the assets of this class so that they could sell out to the emerging purchasing class.
                        "Simultaneously, the 55+ year old population has grown early '90's 300 thousand to in excess of 2 million annually now. "
                        They need to liquidate their assets but, the emerging working class isn’t working. An economic collapse will severely diminish the value of their assets. Unfunded GOV liabilities amount to $ 212 trillion (Kotlikoff). The elderly will starve to death in their dilapidated McMansions.
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                        • Crash Greece,,, burn the European taxpayer

                          Greece spent 50% of their modern history in default. The bankers thought that they could remove all chance of loss by writing derivatives (insurance) on Greek bonds. Of course this isn't realistic.
                          Any rescue of Greece is just a rescue of those derivatives. It has nothing to do with a rescue of the Greek economy. The Greek bonds are collateral for those derivatives. If the bonds enter into default, the derivatives must pay out a few $ trillion. The troika demands that Greece implement GOV austerity. It has been well proven that Austerity reduces economic activity and makes it even more difficult to repay creditors.
                          Should Greece agree to the demands of the creditors, it would temporarily uphold the value of the bonds / collateral / derivatives for a while longer. Greece would be poorer and less able to pay. The bonds can never be repaid with Greek money. It must come from the outside if it is to come at all.
                          Greece has NOTHING to gain by agreeing to a bailout.
                          Plan "A" is the usual. The bonds default,,, the taxpayer reimburses the private speculator. The profits are privatized,,, the losses are socialized.


                          • The bumpy road after august

                            "Australian housing market facing 'bloodbath' collapse ..."
                            "13% decline in Shanghai stock exchange"
                            With headlines like this, you can bet that the troika don't want to create any turmoil. I know that they want to string out Greece. Unless Syrzia becomes suicidal, they won't object to being strung out. NOBODY can predict the results of every random action. One day, an archduke, next day, a vegetable seller. They can toss a few billion to Greece to keep investors calm. They are printing 60 billion a month anyway.
                            The skies are full of black swans and one of them is going to go SPLAT before long.
                            Greece Creditors Aim To Strike Deal To Include 6-Month Extension (Guardian)

                            "In the video posted below, he explains that he recently received “two different calls” from “extremely prominent wealthy people” warning him about what is coming by the end of this year and asking him why he isn’t leaving the United States “before October”.

                            In other words, these individuals believe that something really big is going to happen by the end of September. This dovetails perfectly with what I have already been warning about.

                            In this video, Alex also explains that large numbers of insiders are now quietly leaving the country. I have never seen him quite like this. I think that so many of us are just in shock that the things that we have been warning about for so long are now actually happening."

                            "WASHINGTON—In an effort to make the nation a leaner, more dynamic international force, the United States government is reportedly offering 100 million American citizens generous severance deals to leave the country"
                            "we have made the difficult but necessary decision to trim redundancies among the general population,” President Barack Obama said "
                            U.S. Government Offers 100 Million Americans Generous Severance Deal To Leave Country - The Onion - America's Finest News Source

                            Funny that spell check does not recognize Barack Obama.
                            An interesting note from India;
                            "Gold Smuggling in India at All-Time High. Customs agencies seized over 3,500 kilograms of gold (112,527 ounces) in 2014-2015, the largest stash ever confiscated in Indian history. The report says gold smuggling has grown by 900% in just two years. It also estimates that seizures could be less than 10% of actual smuggling."
                            World Wide Financial Collapse Scheduled For Between September and the end of December 2015!
                            That's 35,000 kilos smuggled in to add to the reported holdings of 20,000 tons. Indians use the Rupee. They also use coins with big holes in them.


                            • Running out of jobs.

                              Western corporations are losing market share and customers. Their solution is deals like the TTP, etc. How could they have so little appreciation for the real problem. They just want to extend monopoly power instead of addressing the real problem.
                              "What may be looming is something different: an era of technological unemployment, in which computer scientists and software engineers essentially invent us out of work, and the total number of jobs declines steadily and permanently."
                              " President Herbert Hoover received a letter warning that industrial technology was a “Frankenstein monster” that threatened to upend manufacturing, “devouring our civilization.” (The letter came from the mayor of Palo Alto, of all places.)"
                              " But two years later, a committee of scientists and social activists sent an open letter to President Lyndon B. Johnson arguing that “the cybernation revolution” would create “a separate nation of the poor, the unskilled, the jobless,” who would be unable either to find work or to afford life’s necessities."
                              "the ongoing triumph of capital over labor, the quiet demise of the working man, and the impressive dexterity of information technology.

                              • Labor’s losses. One of the first things we might expect to see in a period of technological displacement is the diminishment of human labor as a driver of economic growth. In fact, signs that this is happening have been present for quite some time. The share of U.S. economic output that’s paid out in wages fell steadily in the 1980s, reversed some of its losses in the ’90s, and then continued falling after 2000, accelerating during the Great Recession. It now stands at its lowest level since the government started keeping track in the mid‑20th century."
                              Capital may have triumphed over labor but, it can never survive without consumption.
                              " In 1964, the nation’s most valuable company, AT&T, was worth $267 billion in today’s dollars and employed 758,611 people. Today’s telecommunications giant, Google, is worth $370 billion but has only about 55,000 employees—less than a tenth the size of AT&T’s workforce in its heyday."
                              " We know that these tasks can be done by machines rather than people. But we may not see the effect until the next recession,"
                              This is an extremely important consideration. We are supposed to continue down for 2 years. Then, we skid along the bottom. When all credit dies, what will revive job growth in sectors that are vulnerable to automation?
                              "In 2013, Oxford University researchers forecast that machines might be able to perform half of all U.S. jobs in the next two decades. The projection was audacious, but in at least a few cases, it probably didn’t go far enough."
                              A World Without Work - The Atlantic
                              The article goes on at length speculating what we will do with this new-found leisure time. If labor has lost the battle to both capital AND automation, our new-found leisure will be couple to a new-found poverty. Too much free time eventually brings great boredom for most people.


                              • Keeping up with the Jones's on borrowed money

                                America and much of the world have been in expansion for many, many years. We don't actually have any kind of "blueprint" for contraction. It just falls apart willy-nilly like a big, tall building hit by an airplane.
                                charles hugh smith-No Institutional Path to Contraction
                                Americans have been pushed and pushed to CONSUME and don't stop. GOV sends checks to half the people to encourage consumption. Don't WORRY, GOV will take care of you. Since GOV has promised to take such good care of me, I don't need to save anything.
                                Three in 10 Americans Have No Savings, Says Survey - NBC News
                                The total of these promises that are not funded has reached $ 212 trillion.
                                Get your name in early for Camp FEMA.