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  • Keep in mind that the insiders have the best financial information.
    The markets are starting to roll over in spite of all the pumping.

    The Smart Money Has Already Sold
    Generations of punters have learned the hard way that their unwary greed is the tool the 'Smart Money' uses to separate them from their cash and capital...

    Stocks Plunge, Commodities Tumble, Dollar Soars On Global Risk-Off Wave

    Industrial Metals' Plunge Accelerates Amid Global Growth Scare

    Stocks Panic-Bid Back To Unchanged After Ugly Overnight Session
    Overnight,, huh?
    One whiff of "taper talk" and the markets puke. The FED has to mop it up after hours.

    Rabobank: Does The Fed Have The Intelligence To Prevent A Collapse
    Frankly, if one does not laugh at the black comedy of the moment, one cries.

    "This Is Not A Taper Tantrum" - Nomura Warns Of "Lurking Delta One" Collapse As Gamma 'Unclenches'

    Fed Monetary Policy Hides Risk... Nothing More

    Toyota Slashing September Production By 40%, Sparking Stock Crash And Risk Off Rout
    Quick, tell the Taliban to buy more trucks,

    Central Banks Are Now In The Endgame
    This time will not be different...

    8/19 Liquid cryptocurrency exchange hacked, more than $90 million stolen – CNBC
    8/19 Fed’s Kashkari says cryptocurrencies are 95% fraud, hype, and noise – BI
    8/18 The Fed is worried the rise of stablecoins could impact financial stability – CNBC
    Yep, outlaw them and limit us to just a FEDcoin.

    8/18 The constitutional questions on money need to be answered – GATA
    NOT true. When your money is all created by debt creation, there is no future.

    8/19 61% of Americans paid no federal income taxes in 2020 – CNBC
    We're too poor to support the mega-parasite.

    8/19 Get ready for a nationwide eldercare shortage on mandatory vaccines – CTH
    Granny will die due to lack of staff.


    • The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That's Made the U.S. Less Secure

      The money-renting business just became too crowded. There wasn't enough profit to go around.
      The Graham-Leach-Bliley Act undid the Glass-Steagal Act that protected Americans from rapacious banks.
      Slick Willy and Greenspan pulled that one off.
      This opened the door for the banks to front-run EVERYTHING.

      At the same time, a new operating system was needed.
      Market Capitalism has given way to crony capitalism.
      Regulatory-capture ensured monopoly control by the corporations.
      This new operating system was given a blessing from the academics residing in FED-funded chairs at major universities.

      C. H. Smith;
      Global supply chain logjams and global credit/financial crises aren't bugs, they're intrinsic features of Neoliberalism's fully financialized global economy.

      To understand why the global economy is unraveling, we have to look past the headlines to the primary dynamic of globalization: Neoliberalism, the ideological orthodoxy which holds that introducing market dynamics to sectors that were closed to global markets generates prosperity for all.
      This is known as Neoliberalism, as liberalizing markets means opening up sectors that had previously been restricted. Neoliberalism holds that global market forces introduce efficiencies and opportunities that then pave the way for growth. Global market forces include not just new buyers and sellers of goods and services but the introduction of vast new markets for credit and risk that far exceed what was available in local marketplaces.

      So far so good: opening markets creates efficiencies and prosperity, blah blah blah. But the real dynamic behind this happy-story shuck-and-jive is unprecedented prosperity for those with access to low-cost credit generated out of thin air by central banks.

      In other words, introducing market forces leads to the dominance of those who control those forces --banks and corporations. Once a local economy is exposed to global capital, those with the most expansive access to the lowest-cost credit can outbid local buyers, snapping up the most productive assets and dominating the local economy to their own benefit.
      Since the core mechanism of Neoliberalism is access to low-cost credit, Neoliberalism concentrates financial power and risk in a handful of financial nodes which every market participant unknowingly becomes dependent on.

      The teleology of Neoliberalism--every human activity must be turned into a market exposed to global credit markets--cannot be reversed once a partially monetized (i.e., a loosely bound system) economy is fully financialized (i.e., a tightly bound system). There is no going back to a localized economy because global markets quickly replace decentralized local marketplaces with markets that are dependent on global chokepoints.
      Tightly bound markets run supplies, credit and transactions through central nodes; there are few if any point-to-point links that don’t pass through a central node.
      Tightly bound markets are thus exquisitely vulnerable to any disruptions in any node. This system may be optimized for profitability, but it is inherently fragile and prone to collapse due to the dependence of every point on tightly bound nodes: if one node fails, the entire system logjams.

      To summarize: Neoliberalism generates systemic fragility by organizing what were once decentralized, redundant connections through credit/trade nodes controlled by elites. Global supply chain logjams and global credit/financial crises aren't bugs, they're built-in features of Neoliberalism's fully financialized global economy.

      The unraveling we're witnessing is just getting started. The first dominoes have fallen, and there's no going back to the artificial stability that was sold as permanent stability. Instability and collapse are the inevitable result of the system's structure.


      • Life after the economic crash


        • Sometime around October of this year, the PTB will crash the financial system, as laid out at the Cyber Polygon exercise.
          Since they already crashed the biggest petro pipeline in the East,,,, just for practice, they will probably crash the oil & gas pipelines to keep the masses from leaving the cities.
          Nothing will enter the cities as far as food & supplies.
          Deagle projects a population reduction of about 230 million.

          The cats and dogs will disappear. Supermarket raids will be common. They won't restock a looted store,,,, even if supplies are available.
          The State will try to roundup all the food in the rural ares. The ranchers tell me that they will loose the livestock up in the hills.
          The ghetto areas will march en masse into the more affluent areas.
          The mobs will go house-to-house. Only a fool tries to defend / die-for real estate.
          Winter will set in and, electricity will most likely be shut off.
          Electric heaters, pellet stoves, oil furnaces, natural gas heaters,,,, all require electric ignition.
          What the famine doesn't kill, the cold will.

          Hospitals will be swamped with blod-clot and pulmonary patients. There will be no room for regular medical interventions.
          The old farts will be pushed out onto the streets by the millions.
          This will be the crowning shame of mankind.


          • Survival fire: Life after the crash. Yoyo flywheel starter made from sticks Also making clay flywheels for next time.

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            • Losing it all.




              • Here is a report from a self-made billionaire who made his money in the grocery business.
                He says that we are going to have a big October surprise.

                Since 1970, average house prices in the UK have increased from 4,057 to 256,000 today. But as a means of hedging the fall in the pound’s purchasing power, it has underperformed sound money. Instead of buying a house, if 4,057 had been hedged into gold it would now be worth 100,000 more. And according to the St Louis Fed’s statistical base, median sales prices of houses sold in the US rose from $23,000 in 1970 to $375,000 today, an increase of 16.3 times. Invested in gold, it would have risen to $1,162,000.

                Did the Fed’s monetary policy experiment just fail? – Real Investment Advice
                Greenspan was milepost zero on the road to inflation.

                8/21 Hindenburg omen flashes warning, as does Buffet indicator – CI

                8/21 There is a negative demand for deposits to the tune of 1.1 trillion dollars – Mish
                8/21 The cost of saving the economy: $1.7 billion per hour every hour – ZH
                It's actually MUCH higher

                8/20 Buying the dip at bat****-insanely priced all time highs – Zero Hedge
                YES, buy the dip

                8/21 U.S. Treasury’s cash pile has shrunk by more than $1.5 trillion – Yahoo
                8/21 There is a negative demand for deposits to the tune of 1.1 trillion dollars – Mish

                8/20 What rental hyperinflation looks like: “soaring prices, desperation” – ZH


                • McMaken: Did The Pentagon & The Generals Want This Disastrous War?
                  They ALL retire to cushy consultancy jobs with defence contractors.
                  My sister went from A.F Colonel to a cushy job at Hughes.

                  Beware An "Instability Cascade": One Bank Warns That Stocks Are About To Hit Record Fragility


                  • BTC note

                    Expect Fed tapering to start in November and look like this, says BofA Global
                    8/22 The Fed blinks on taper. Bulls buy the dip again – Real Investment Advice
                    If the FED so much as mentions that it might taper liquidity injections in the future, the markets instantly go belly-up.
                    Say that returns in the stock market are 5%.
                    Say that price inflation is 3%,,, there is still some kind of gain.
                    Any time that inflation outruns stock earnings, people desert equities.

                    The FED, et al will continue to avoid tapering. The markets will continue to get more fragile. This fragility makes markets much more prone to breakdowns.
                    8/22 What if everyone actually had to work to get paid? – Mish
                    The legions of parasites have no particular work abilities in our automated economies. They prefer to drag down the whole economic edifice rather that facing personal meltdown.
                    The more that the FED prints, the more that inflation will outrun stock returns.
                    This extends the bankruptcy process but created even more wealth disparity.

                    China;"Beijing adopted markets and capitalistic development as necessary expedients to meet its developmental and geopolitical objectives. Bubbles inflated - and ran unchecked. Beijing repeatedly moved to rein in excess – and repeatedly lost its nerve and backed off."
                    Neither China, nor America can cut back on stimulus.
                    China seems to be in more danger than America.

                    Bubbles are self-reinforcing, yet inevitably unsustainable inflation.
                    with protracted Bubbles invariably enjoying systematic governmental support (i.e. loose central bank policies, government incentives and backstops, stimulus measures, etc.).
                    Fundamentally, Bubbles at their core are mechanisms of wealth redistribution and destruction, though for some time pernicious effects tend to be masked by the Bubble Illusion of fantastic development, innovation and expanding prosperity. Bubble-related inequality intensifies over the life of the cycle, turning highly destabilizing late in the Bubble period.
                    Governments face mounting pressure – from an increasingly disaffected populace, as well as from the inordinately powerful financial and corporate sectors. Panicky governmental measures to hold collapse at bay invariably become instrumental in climactic “Terminal Phase” blow-off excess.

                    I’ll add that Bubble consequences are anathema to communist governments.
                    The social credit system in China is an attempt to absolutely forestall ANY anti-government actions.
                    Over 250 Arrested After Violent Anti-Lockdown Rallies in Melbourne, Sydney - Photo, Video
                    Clashes & arrests in Sydney, Melbourne asanti-lockdown protesters defy Oz police And pledge to unleash 'full force' - Videos
                    Police in OZ are getting geared up to smash any anti-government actions.

                    China has never experienced such spectacular wealth. Their over 1,000 billionaires exceed even the U.S.

                    Having spent four decades creating one of the most unequal societies on Earth, Beijing is now seized by a mantra of ‘common prosperity’ — or redistributing spoils to hundreds of millions of have-nots…

                    From the looks of things, China will blow up first.


                    • Big money coming to $50 million poor families living on a few dollars a month. Anyone who makes $75k (joke) to $150k (laugh) is not going to get this.

                      Uncle Joe is saving America (Laugh)

                      This is for all of the families losing all of their assets such as homes, cars many who were on the last few payments. Others paid over half lost it all. Few see how many of them are homeless nor do they care.

                      Our young people want jobs and have no car now or the insurance money it takes plus feeding a baby formula have to steal diapers as well. While the rest of you can't put 2 and 2 together because you are not young. 20 yrs old and no way to get to work. They need a leg up here. Come on. Young men eat more than a bunch of old crabby men who think they should all go to jail for getting what they need for the babies for these past 2 years

                      This is how i see America, worried who gets what, selfish and nervous somebody is going to get more than them, bless their hateful hearts. Still God loves them.

                      You have agreed with the media lies and together teamed up against the poor with your harsh words as you enjoy grinding their faces completely off. Millions of them having no voice.

                      The majority are complaining that these young folks will be getting help before the second year of this COVID carnage ends.

                      In the mean time our youth have mental health issues and need our help there as well. Sitting around down and out drinking and drugging instead of working, foolishly with their last dime. We need to support them in all of our great wisdom.(cough)


                      • August 20, 2021
                        DETROIT – The semiconductor shortage that has hampered the auto industry, created vehicle shortages and higher prices isn’t likely to end any time soon.
                        August 22 2021
                        What Chip Shortage: Inventory At Leading Chipmakers Hits Record $65 Billion

                        Ron Paul: The Secret Ronald Reagan Told Me About Gold And Great Nations
               nation has abandoned gold and remained great...

                        Beijing Considers Making US Listed Companies Hand Over Data Control To Chinese State Firms
                        "This is one more piece of evidence that private companies do not actually exist in the People’s Republic of China – they are all under the control of the Chinese Communist Party."

                        Sen. Joe Manchin Dares To Admit: "The Coal Industry Has To Be Saved"

                        Luongo Warns "What Leverage Giveth On The Way Up, It Takes Away 10x Faster On The Way Down"
                        ...for the first time since Nixon closed the gold window fifty years ago, the Fed was getting hemmed in by outside forces looking to throw its favored sons, Wall St., to the wolves...

                        Worse than Thought - Biden Gave Taliban 75,000 Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons and 200 Aircraft

                        8/23 Largest fire in California history burns over 1,200 structures – Mish

                        We are in long term drought. Soil moisture is continually falling.
                        People built houses back in the trees. Houses burn.
                        "The idea isn’t new. For countless generations, Indigenous people have worked with fire to maintain healthy landscapes that are less prone to massive wildfires. While allowing natural fires to burn, Native Americans in California and elsewhere started some intentionally to clear dry brush, maintain species balance, and create prairies and meadows where animals graze."
                        "But in the 1880’s, the US Army began to administer Yellowstone, the first national park, and developed the idea of “fighting” fire. In 1910, wildfires in Idaho and Montana burned millions of acres, destroying communities and killing 86 people. The US Forest Service subsequently adopted a policy of putting out all blazes, which state and federal land management agencies mimicked"


                        • Coinbase President Says USDC Reserves Will Now Be Held Only In Cash And Short Term Treasuries
                          USDC is the world's second largest stablecoin.
                          8/24 Coinbase prepares for crypto winter with $4b cash reserves – Yahoo!

                          Evergrande Crashes Again As The Bad News Just Won't Stop

                          Jack Ma "Behaved Too Much Like An American Entrepreneur" For The Chinese Communist Party's Liking

                          As Pentagon's Afghan Debacle Unfolds, Russia Announces Joint War Drills With China & Iran In Gulf
                          This is tantamount to announcing that they will NOT be part of the Great Reset.
                          It is also an announcement that they will not be part of the Western NWO camp.
                          They will form their own world order.

                          What Do Credit Markets Know That Record-High Stocks Are Choosing To Ignore?
                          Stocks Roaring Higher As Dozens Of Systemic Risk Indicators Flash Red
                          "The net marginal buyer which drove the bull market is seriously wounded"
                          The FED is buying up everything with free money to support all markets.

                          Most Money-Market Instruments Slide Below Fed's Reverse Repo Floor As Collateral Shortage Gets Worse
                          "They" bought up everything and now, there is a shortage of collateral.

                          Failure Is Not An Option
                          The rally has gotten so persistent and steep that failure is not an option. Indeed markets MUST make new highs every week or risk the break of the trend...

                          ​​​​​​​Warning Signs Flash For Stonks As Record Equity Issuance Surpasses Dot-Com

                          8/24 The NAR claims there’s a chronic 5.5 million shortage of houses – Mish
                          8/21 After cornering rentals, Blackstone is now going after student dorms – ZH


                          • I need more of an understanding of geo-politics. Things are really moving fast.
                            It really does look like China is going to crash.
                            From The IMF, Demographics are Destiny.
                            Japan had a lost decade,,, followed by another lost decade.
                            Their population is falling and, they just can't seem to grow their markets.
                            Young people make plans to start businesses and families.
                            Old people try to just coast along until they die.

                            Credit Bubble Bulletin;
                            "It’s a challenge to place the historic Chinese Bubble into proper context. Chinese Bank Assets have inflated more than 10-fold from 2004’s $4.5 TN to June 2021’s $52 TN. China ended Q1 with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 329% (IIF data), having doubled since the 2008 crisis. And while the latest iteration of Aggregate Financing (China’s measure of broad Credit growth) dates back only to 2017, it captures the parabolic nature of late-cycle excess. Aggregate Financing has inflated $7.9 TN, or 18%, over the past 17 months to $46.7 TN, with growth since 2017 at $18.3 TN, or 64%."

                            China's population is shrinking faster that Japan's population.
                            Trump put a bullet in their head with his trade restrictions.
                            China is printing to try to compensate for loss of population and loss of markets.
                            China is attempting to lock down every facet of Chinese life.
                            It won't save them. They can't operate outside of the South China Sea if America or Japan doesn't want them to.

                            Hedge Funds Dumped Chinese Stocks At A Record Pace, Setting Stage For A Furious Rebound

                            Here is an intriguing video
                            8/24 Is China burning their treasure fleet again? (video) – Max Keiser

                            Globalization tried to lock the whole world into ONE system. That system is unraveling.
                            The Afghan mess just makes things that much worse.
                            EXCELLENT VID

                            ALL governments are flat broke.
                            India is having a "fire sale" of State assets to raise some cash for the GOV.


                            • China weakness is growing.

                              For The First Time Ever China Is Seeking Foreign Buyers For Its Municipal Bonds
                              The US used to rely on China to fund its growth, now it's China's turn to return the favor.
                              India is having a fire sale of government assets to raise cash.
                              The Yuan is NOT an international currency. China must attract foreign cash inflows to finance it's State-mandate communist budget.
                              SEC Gives Chinese Companies New Requirements For US IPO Disclosures

                              China Dumped US Treasuries For 4th Straight Month, Most Since 2016
                              ...over the last two months, China sold over $34 billion in Treasuries - the biggest dump since 2016...
                              They need cash, not collateral.

                              As China flexes it's communist muscles to raise cash, their stocks are slowly losing all appeal.
                              Many Chinese companies are being delisted.

                              8/20 China’s real estate bubble is so dangerous … – Bloomberg
                              China’s Regulatory Crackdown Is Already Hurting the Economy
                              China central bank increases cash injections to soothe tightening worries

                              China Will Back Their Country's Digital Yuan With Gold

                              Budget Deficits and Debt Are Growing. Do They Still Matter?
                              Top House Republican signals GOP lawmakers won't support lifting the debt ceiling and instead force Democrats to renew US's ability to pay the bills

                              John Williams: Hyperinflation Worst in 40 Yrs & About to Get A LOT WORSE

                              Jim Grant: The Fed Is Playing With Fire
                              "The entire financial world dangles by the thread of these ultra-low interest rates..."

                              Illinoisans Paid Almost As Much On Unemployment As At Work
                              “..employers cannot compete with the approximate $35 per hour unemployed workers have received over the last four months as a result of enhanced UI benefits, tax credits, and stimulus payments.”

                              Just As Stocks Dropped Below A Critical Support Last Week, Banks Unleashed Record Buybacks
                              FED rides to the rescue,,, as always


                              • 1966, The end goal of the Cloward-Piven strategy is the creation of a political crisis leading to a guaranteed annual income.[1] Essentially, the Cloward-Piven strategy would lead to the complete control of citizens through Socialism/Communism.

                                The World Economic Forum concocted a similar program at their annual Meetings in Davos,Switzerland.
                                "In 2030, you will own nothing"
                                It is a safe assumption that BIG GOV and BIG TECH will own it all.
                                They are hard at work to destroy small business and small farms.

                                ALL democracies and ALL command economies eventually go into financial crash.
                                This includes, China, Europe and, America.
                                5 years ago, 51% of Americans received a check from GOV.
                                That number has increased.
                                The State employment rolls are saturated with people who can't compete in the private sector.
                                Parkinson's Law states that the bureaucracy will grow by 6% a year.

                                Like all previous democracies, America tried to provide employment & income to Mother Nature's second tier children.
                                They continue to procreate in disproportionate numbers. You see hundreds of thousands of them any time that you go into a government office.
                                Many of these bureaucrats see the looming insolvency of the State.
                                Many see the stipends to the retirees as competition for funds that should go to them.

                                ALL pension systems are in crisis. Selected articles from Armstrong.
                                Setting this aside for now, what does Armstrong see as the final outcome for the Great Reset that the WEF is using to steamroller the economy?
                                "But when I look at the charts, all the markets are indicating that this merry band of Climate Change fanatics who has organized the biggest scam in human history over COVID to change the economy suggests that they will FAIL
                                Our Yearly Political Models on the combined Left (House & Senate), have shown Panic Cycles in 2021 and 2023 with the biggest turning point being here in 2021
                                So Cheer up! They will fight hard, but they will lose this battle. Their entire idea of crushing the economy to Build Back Batter is absurd. At some point, even the sheep wearing their masks in the car will wake up when it comes to the loss of their entire future."

                                Armstrong tries to sound positive. Just what does FAIL mean in this context?
                                Both the Cloward-Piven strategy and the WEF call for destruction of the existing order.
                                Most States are creating fresh liquidity with wild abandon.
                                China is winning the race.
                                Markets are getting ever-more fragile.
                                Mises, "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."

                                Current governments have voted for LATER.
                                They will destroy the currency.
                                The Great Reset will fail. The financial system will fail as the currency is destroyed.
                                How will this translate into the deaths that Bill Gates is so hopefully planning?

                                Socialism is the firewall protecting Mother Nature's second tier children from Darwinian pressures.
                                The useless bureaucrats are all pushing for socialism.
                                We will find out how well bureaucrats do as hunter-gatherers.