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  • Controlling the weather, people related to power and the flow of money. This is the beginning of advanced attacks.

    Directed Energy Weapons Anomalies California Boot leg wildfires


    • Strange words for the next 30-60 days, Health care free to all.


      • Armstrong;
        Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong thinks we have come to the end of the line for the financial system, and this is why globalists are on a power grab of epic proportions. Armstrong explains, “The system has come to an end.
        So, what is this “Great Reset’? It is basically a move to redesign the world monetary system. They are going to stop the borrowing that they are doing, and they are just going to print. You also have this move for a digital currency. Once they move to a digital currency, they can impose negative interest rates and just take money out of your account at will."
        The question arises, why should they take money out of your account if they can do unlimited printing?

        Price and Edwards calculate that the cumulative tab for our four-decade-long experiment in radical inequality had grown to over $47 trillion from 1975 through 2018. At a recent pace of about $2.5 trillion a year, that number we estimate crossed the $50 trillion mark by early 2020. That’s $50 trillion that would have gone into the paychecks of working Americans"

        Everything that you buy, you buy from a speculator who is using your savings, OR free money channeled from the State / FED.
        6% a year money supply growth means that you will never catch up.
        ZIRP is bankrupting everybody and everything.

        "Armstrong goes on to say, “The ‘Build Back Better’ slogan was bantered around at the World Economic Forum back in January 2019. This is being orchestrated and deliberately designed. Why have world leaders joined it? That’s because they know the system we currently have now is collapsing. . . . The dollar has held up, and just look outside this country. In Europe, the bond market is destroyed. It’s completely gone. What institution is going to buy a bond from Europe with a negative interest rate? Pension funds need 8% to break even. You have bankrupted all the pension funds over there. It is a complete disaster. This is the greatest financial crisis in human history, and people don’t understand what is going on."

        FED GOV is creating something like $60 billion a day. Armstrong points the finger at Europe.
        Politicians have handed out too many freebies and, the State can't afford the bill.
        S.O.P. for all democracies.

        "If you look at the eight points from the World Economic Forum, one of the points is by 2030, democracy must come to an end.”
        Dominion can fix that problem.

        "On a partly encouraging note, Armstrong says, “They (globalist elites) are not going to win, but they are going to destroy the country in the process.”
        J. M. Keynes long advocated euthanasia of the rentier. If the CB is going to originate all liquidity, nobody will be loaning money at interest.

        Armstrong predicts a break-up of the United States and talks more about the “panic cycle” in the 2022 elections. Armstrong points out it’s not just the USA in an election “panic cycle,” but sees a global election “panic cycle.”
        One hour interview.
        Schwab said "in 2030, you won't own anything".
        I suspect that all the money renters don't want anything to do with the Great Reset.
        This may be Schwab


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          See this weeks MEETING, 7-25-2021 get it free



          • C ertificate
            O f
            V accination

            I. D. entification

            This is what
            COVID is, thru the mircosoft Azuse A.I. system that got cancelled like a stamp. The quantum mapping system would not allow these systems to replace all other money systems. Go to for all details

            The new digital credits thru Azuse were about to be issued from cell phone data mining

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            • ALL democracies go broke,,, usually after 150 years. They can NEVER cut back on the number of bureaucrats, functionaries and parasites.
              They generally destroy their sovereign bond market, and, collapse.
              The Viet Nam war and, LBJs Great Society set us on the road to bankruptcy. Gold was leaving the treasury at the rate of 100 tons a week and, Nixon elected to end gold convertibility.
              This set us firmly on the road to a flexible currency. The politicians can be counted on to break anything that is flexible.
              The sovereign bond market was essentially destroyed. But, since the 10 year treasury bond is the benchmark for all interest rates, the collapse of the sovereign bond market brought the collapse of all interest rates.
              This is / was advantageous for the State but, burned everybody else. The lack of interest income precipitated a collapse of all pension funds.
              The collapse of all interest-dependent funds has been partially offset by pumping liquidity into every nook & cranny.

              The State knows that this is only a stopgap measure.
              The State is only concerned with the State. The public are very much a secondary concern.
              Seeing this collapse on the horizon, the State elected to do an absolute lockdown & control scheme.
              MANY States were involved in the creation of covid 19 and, covid 20.

              ALL of them are facing a complete collapse of their pension systems. They elected to kill off as many non-producers as possible to improve their fiscal health.
              The State automatically goes to control, rather than dissolution.

              China has their social credit system to try to maintain absolute control of every thought, word and deed.
              They have great fear of the masses.
              UK is copying this

              The future of the vaccine passports.
              The national crypto currency is a big part of this quest for absolute control

              Armstrong, ". Nearly 600 fully vaccinated people in Illinois are in the hospital of which 159 have died of a COVID Variant. Then America’s Frontline Doctors have filed suit to stop the vaccines that are experimental and should NEVER have been made political."
              These deaths are very problematic for the vaccination program. It stiffens the resistance. As the resistance stiffens, the vaccinators just get more draconian.
              CCP army scientist filed COVID vaccine patent in Feb 2020; Fauci funded horrific human-animal tests


              • This is a somewhat sketchy article on what FED GOV would do if it all blew up.

                7/29 U.S. GDP increased at 6.5% pace in Q2 2021, well below expectations – CNBC
                GDP is a measure of how much money is in the economy. They are printing about $60 billion a day.

                7/29 Investors shrug off regulators’ leveraged debt bubble warnings – Yahoo
                The investors know that; if they NEVER cut back on leverage, the FEDs hands will be tied.

                7/29 Why bitcoin’s market cap should be $10-$200 trillion – Dan Held – Kitco


                • Who are the Croeni's in the Swiss banking cartels?


                  • “Neoclassical” economists (who dominate both academic economics and policy advice to governments) have a blind-spot about the role of private debt in macroeconomics,"
                    These self-appointed experts claim that levels of private debt don't matter because "we owe it to ourselves"

                    So, if I earn $350 a week and have $50,000 in credit card debt, it isn't a problem.
                    Until it IS a problem.
                    7/30 At least 12 million households face eviction as moratorium ends – Mish
                    ALL the banking institutions are failing because we can't pay our debts. The obvious answer is; give them more free money.
                    7/30 Fed plans to backstop Wall Street with a $500 billion repo facility – GATA

                    $2.5 Trillion In Reverse Repo By Year End

                    If RRP volume continues around the same pace, say $200 billion a month, RRP volume will reach $2 trillion by the end of the year.

                    THU JUL 29, AT 3:20 PM

                    Look at the graph. Is there any reason to suspect that it won't stop climbing?


                    • Armstrong, "Based upon reports from inside several governments, the IMF has been directing all central banks to terminate paper money by 2022 and move to digital currencies. The real motive here is to terminate the underground economy and to ensure that everyone is 100% taxes as they determine. This has been the driving force behind the shift toward tangible assets"
                      People wrongly believe that those in power are actually intelligent – WRONG
                      They have no idea of how the world economy truly functions. In their mind, they know how to write a law and they assume by writing that law all the people will have to obey.
                      Ending paper money is their dream. They then think they can collect EVERY penny of tax they ever dreamed about. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has stated that they will even be able to control what you are allowed to spend money on

                      (1) capture every penny of tax they desire, (2) end the flight of international capital flows to avoid taxation, (3) eliminate the underground economy,

                      and (4) the elimination of “populism” = democracy
                      Goal #8 of the World Economic Forum & United Nations 2030 agenda is the elimination of “populism” where the people elected a non-politician like Trump. They want to eliminate all means of the people to change their leadership. Democracy must come to an end.
                      All of this is simply because the political economy is collapsing and everything is unfolding precisely as our computer has forecast over the last 10 years at every WEC event. Socialism from pensions to perpetual funding of debt is coming to an end.
                      Politicians are smart enough to know that a default means that mob will be storming their castles and mounting their heads of spikes when they realize their future has been one major lie. The ONLY way for those in power to survive is to now move to an authoritarian State.

                      The closer we move toward 2024, all our forecasts people who have attended for decades can see for themselves what is now unfolding and becoming obvious. Nevertheless, this is a last-stand. They will FAIL and what lies ahead will be a new form of government and with that, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.




                        • Riots are coming


                          • It is obvious that regulatory capture has brought fascism to America. The rich & powerful own the government.
                            Communist China shows an alternative operating system.
                            "Acknowledging the growing pressure on students and their parents to spend time and money on private tutoring, Xi promised to ease their burden.
                            commitment to a sweeping new vision for the world’s second-largest economy — one where the interests of investors take a distant third place to ensuring social stability and national security.

                            Call it progressive authoritarianism. From exhausted couriers in the gig economy, to stressed parents struggling with ever-rising housing prices and tuition fees, to small businesses battling tech monopolies, Xi is swinging the cudgel of state power in support of the squeezed middle class
                            China said private education had been “hijacked by capital” and ordered tutoring companies to become non-profits,
                            “The government is going after industries that are creating the most social discontent.”

                            And, true to their Communist roots, China’s leaders have no problem trampling on the interests of venture capital, private equity or stock investors when they conflict with its long-term development plan. Liao said that focus is now on what has been dubbed the “three big mountains”: the crushing burden of payments for education, healthcare and property.
                            there will be important beneficiaries: stretched workers, stressed parents, and squeezed start-ups.

                            But so far, the losers have been more visible: tech billionaires and their backers in the stock market,
                            “There’s nothing I can do about it if Meituan doesn’t pay for it,” he added. “The wealth gap between people in this society is too big”.

                            The downside for investors is that a bigger slice of the pie for workers like Mr. Tang has to come at the expense of the owners of capital.
                            Later that month, China’s top administrative body, the State Council, ordered companies teaching the school curriculum in the $100 billion after-school tutoring sector to become non-profits
                            China’s other moves — whilst extreme — are also grounded in the logic of progressive economics, pushing back against the power of monopoly firms to crush competitors, squeeze workers and milk customers.
                            Behind Beijing’s actions lies a political and economic philosophy that is fundamentally foreign to most modern Western politicians and investors. Communist rulers see the economy as something that can thrive through state planning

                            Meanwhile in America;

                            The FED, et al is creating about $80 billion a day and, giving it to the bankers and "investors". Obviously, this is done to keep the rich from any losses.
                            This continuing currency inflation is now causing 13% price inflation.
                            "So, they are going to keep their easy money policies in effect. They are going to keep printing the money . . . . They are putting the money into the system to keep the system liquid . . . it’s not a stable circumstance. We do not have a normal economy yet, and we don’t have normal financial markets. It’s unstable times."

                            Previously, the FED pumped in money just to the upper loop. When it became obvious that the lower loop was starving, they pumped in unemployment, stimmy money and, various other programs. The stimulus for the poor is not inflationary. The stimulus for the rich is very inflationary.
                            They will just keep doing this until they can't do it anymore.


                            • Where is the beef?


                              • An Old man's data, the Fed is printing and the Dow is over 35,000 crazy.

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