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  • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
    Mikey, the best thing for this forum is; we both post everything that we believe to be accurate.
    Thanks Danny


    • Federal Reserve replaced and Powell admits that the Fed's funding has always come from a higher source. Level 74 clearance controlling the levers of power. 2-3 million behind them. These are figureheads. KIM operates the 200 years years into the future Quantum Mapping System thru DNA and actual can sense if she is being forced or is under stress the machine will not work.

      The subject may seem strange at first so just keep in mind that all of this talk of Solomon or other groups connect directly to the COVENANT agreements made at the top of the dictatorship of the past. Those 3 leaders are no longer with us and Kim was selected by them and put in place to take over. She began in 2007 as trustee and when she turned 40 years old her tittle changed to guardian. The 3 who ran things left in 2016 and Kim was left alone to do everything. She is 49years old.

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      • Remember that the previous hierarchy used a metaphysical payment system called LOOSH Minute 42 the people who mated with the gods.

        Remember she controls what THEY use to control, they put her there.

        Definition here

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        • I have no way of confirming what she says but most of it stands to reason. If you took the time you would have seen the intricate analysis and rundown of the way the FED and central banks fell apart. The COVENANT ENDED. I know this is all a little much for folks to understand but Satan has had permission to rule this world for a time and to us he is a metaphysical being. Next are HIS fallen ones and the OTHERS who bring balance of power. Some good some bad not all. Then their are the hybrids living hundreds of years, not thousands. Tech way over our heads has been given to the controllers. End of story. That is who runs the show.

          The 3 at the top passed away in 2016 and KIM was put in place by THEM. The bottom line is that it is time for change. The 3 dictators knew for decades it was coming and their time would be up. Underneath these 3 dictators were the groups they puppeted who never received the full picture. Those under were used to play with other groups under them so those at the top could have a good laugh. THEY were board and began slowly and now would reduce earths inhabitants. It has been bad enough that they were responsible for the murder of hundreds of millions so THEY were sentenced and taken away for THEIR abuses of their own creation by permission.

          And that's the truth. Things will change for the better. If you reviewed some of the crazy material you would have seen the mythological succession of groups under and on down to the PARENTS or the COVEN MASTERS or the ASCENDED MASTERS and then the COVEN LEADERS then the 42 COVENS

          This is how the world runs at the top, look around you will see many signs. LUCY TRUST is just one of thousands of systems named after gods.

          Here is the good news, we are safe as a species. God Almighty is looking out for humanity.Dick with the source code of humanity to your own peril, Noah went thru that way back in Gen 6.




            The Federal Reserve Cartel – Eight Families own the USA #BIS, IMF, World Bank


            • level 74 Banking with Kim Goguen



                WORLD AFFAIRS in Banking


                • She says everyone on planet earth is going to get a free health care card, 30-60 days to go, she is a tarot card reader.
                  She wants to attach herself to this idea, why? She has changed after 9 years. Why? To twist our reality. She is repeating Kim Goguen and has good points. However this lady is a white witch and I would not follow her. She is clicks off of Kim's bullet points.

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                  • New medical cards coming David Croeni explains THE FED is being cradled
                    by The Global Repository


                    • MIT predicted in 1972 that society will collapse this century. We’re on schedule – Vice

                      7/14 Forget 5% CPI, prepare for double-digit inflation like the 1970s – Kitco

                      Fed President Blames Never ending QE On High Incarceration Rates Of Blacks And Latinos!

                      The Financial Times Is Carrying An Argument For Central Planning Of The Economy
                      FT is the mouthpiece for the self-appointed elites. They want EVERYTHING locked down and controlled.

                      "Then you have Gates buying as much farmland as he can and with political pull, he gets Biden to claim there is a surplus of food (a lie) and he then pays Gates for not growing food while over 20 countries are on the verge of starvation."


                      • Getting to know who Kim A Goguen is other than the fact that she is issuing a global health assurance card / program next month. Sounds crazy. Rakes Trump over the coals (min 18) last Sept a message that is so right on. See news channel

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                        • Next Month the new Govt is issuing a global Health Card. It will cover homeopathic cures and same day payment. USA INC is broke. Be ready to bypass this lame duck Govt. Be ready to take your children to the Doctor or Dentist with no Co-Pays. I tried to explain. Pets are also covered. Animals such as cows that are sick from eating round up chemicals. Don't you get it?

                          The current admin's do nothing and killing us is what they are all about by playing a never ending waiting game. It is going to be a long cold winter for the homeless who will freeze to death. No more waiting.

                          The new assemblies are forming.

                          The New Govt is "THE USA RESTORATION REPOSITORY" only those helping to restore our people and the ECO system will gain access to gold back money. The QUANTUM MAPPING SYSTEM already knows who is who and what is what. Make my day DEEP STATE.

                          This was the original plan from the beginning but evil men took it away. THEY agreed and then stole our health Care and taxed us to death.

                          The new plan is simply called

                          ASSURANCE not insurance


                          There is enough money for everyone in their wildest hallucinations not just the USA but every country has their own restoration repository. This is the money that was stolen from the people for the last 100 years. 3X the GDP of every country is waiting to be issued to the right people.

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                          • How Breakdown Cascades Into Collapse

                            As Fed And Treasury Spend $1.2BN Every Hour Biden Says Inflation Is "Temporary", Respects Fed "Independence"
                            "the Fed is spending $336 million every 60 minutes buying bonds, while the US federal government is spending $875 million every hour this year",

                            7/19 The endgame has begun: prepare for what is coming – Egon von Greyerz

                            "Stunning Divergence": Latest Bank Data Reveals Something Is Terminally Broken In The US Financial System


                            • Private banks create the (debt) money supply. The CBs plan to take over this function.
                              4 cycles peaking about 2022

                              Saudi Aramco Targeted In $50M Crypto Extortion Scheme After Major Data Breach
                              Oil giant downplaying that it was "ransomware attack" - instead suggesting a serious leak...

                              Senate Republicans Vote To Block Opening Debate On $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

                              The FEDs need YOUR money

                              Equities are at more than 200% of their historical value. This demands a constant influx of new money.

                              The FED, PPT, ESF and treasury have been buying everything that was offered for sale.

                              A rise in equities is GUARANTEED.

                              Come join the party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Larry Fink, CEO of giant investment company BlackRock, now recommends that would-be retirees allocate 100% of their nest eggs to equities.


                              So, if the terrible neuro-degenerative effects of the vaccine don't kill you,,,,
                              The fleecing & slaughter from the crash will wipe out your retirement money.
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                              • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                                Private banks create the (debt) money supply. The CBs plan to take over this function

                                So, if the terrible neuro-degenerative effects of the vaccine don't kill you,,,,

                                The fleecing & slaughter from the crash will wipe out your retirement money.
                                New Govt coming, stand your ground. If the USA people fall the world will fall. The world is not going to fall to these evil vaccine pushers. The carnage has already been here 50 year we just didn't see it as clearly. How about now?The fact is I have been living at the bottom 40 years waiting for this moment. Look around and you will see the debt and the interest plus the revolving credit cards that no longer function. However everything we the people worked for was stolen and saved up in barns of gold now under the control of the global repository.

                                Help has already been underway, The repository has held up the FED temporarily and will not let the system fall. The repository has more stolen money it will give back to the people in your wildest hallucinations. New assemblies are forming (new govt) and what the people deem good with be lavishly funded. 30-60 days a new health care system goes live globally and you will know. No co-pay and free to all. This is the first step.

                                USA INC is an empty hull of debt

                                This is the plan

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