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  • Liquidity creation is going to the stratosphere. This has a definite historical pattern AND a definite end date.
    Who and what will set it off?
    The "death star" is now swing into view. It is GOLD. Gold was always used historically to limit the printing press.
    The current regime of NO limit on liquidity creation was kicked into high gear by Greenspan. It has reached it's limit.

    Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum preaches his Great Reset.
    So does Christian LaGarde of the European Central Bank.
    ALL the major banking regulators are headquartered in Switzerland. The WEC also.
    The New Basel III accords go into effect that will do away with almost all gold price manipulation.

    Here are the details;
    Lagarde increasingly looks like someone overmatched for her job from a money professional’s perspective. But from the political vandalism perspective, as practiced by her real boss, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, she’s doing a bang up job screwing everything up.

    Moreover, if you also are coordinating with the Bank of International Settlements and are manipulating events to transfer power from individual countries to the IMF and *shudder* the United Nations, it’s important that the institutions you have the most control over remain solvent and stand ready to offer a solution out of the incipient crisis.
    Now, because of its structure, the Fed can’t go bankrupt. It can print unlimited amounts of credit and ‘elastic money,’ as Martin Armstrong terms it to cover any and all time-mismatches within the banking system. That has been proven to be correct multiple times over the past 13 years since Lehman Bros. collapsed.

    The ECB, on the other hand, can go bankrupt, since it has no capacity to do this. All it can do is buy the sovereign debt of the member countries’ central banks and hand them back euros, while swapping around deckchairs on this monetary Titanic.
    So, why, all of a sudden is Europe so hot to implement them in June and for the U.K. to adopt them in January 2022, knowing full well that this will end the bullion banks and the central banks’ program of controlling the rise in gold prices through the application of newly-printed money to create fake supply and allow nearly infinite leverage in the gold market relative to unencumbered physical supply.

    That means, as a truly trapped ECB presiding over a banking system that has reached its terminal limit who is also sitting on trillions in deteriorating sovereign debt, what can you do to shore up your balance sheet at that point?
    The answer is simple, the one thing the Fed cannot do, allow the price of gold to rise.
    The Fed has the problem of rising inflation and real yields now running -3%. Moreover, they can’t taper QE or raise rates until they are done cutting the commercial banks out of the transmission system for dollar liquidity first.

    Like Basel III’s changes to funding ratios, the FOMC opening up its repo and credit facilities to non-banks, REITs and anyone with a pulse, means there are big changes in store for the big commercial banks who have been running roughshod over the financial landscape for decades.
    In order for the ECB to avoid bankruptcy in the coming sovereign debt crisis, which in many ways The Davos Crowd is engineering, the price of gold will have to rise in euro-terms to offset the losses as that debt goes bidless.

    OK, here you see the European Central bank at complete odds with the FED. The ECB plans to survive by allowing / forcing the price of gold to go to the moon.
    The FED has no limit on printing. The ECB does. Europe is crashing much faster than the U.S.

    The old debt will be cancelled and reissued as perpetual debt. But to pull that off the ECB will officially take control over the gold reserves of the euro-zone completely, while gold rises, putting the Fed behind the eight ball having lost the battle against commodity inflation.

    So, implement Basel III, crush the incentive structure of the paper gold trade and allow real price discovery to fuel an historic rise in the price of gold. If the commercial banks in London and New York fight this they will be outcompeted and their balance sheets degraded."

    OK, these rules are for Europe in June and Great Britain in January. It is claimed that America has (8133.5 tonnes it bought from the U.S. Treasury, on its balance sheet at the price it paid, $42.22 per ounce. It has a balance sheet entry of $11.04 billion)
    Now, everyone knows that FED head Rubin started the emptying of Ft. Knox and the NYC gold depository. It has been proved over and over that the gold left. At the same time, there are a lot of credible claims that a few nations can manufacture elemental gold.
    "Will European gold flee Europe in June? Will it go to GB or America or Russia or China?
    "The Fed has the problem of rising inflation and real yields now running -3%."
    Actually, real yields are lower than --3%.
    Investors move into gold when inflation goes too high. I suspect that the gold will move to whatever jurisdiction has the lowest inflation rate.
    That would probably be Russia. They are essentially a commodity currency.
    Armstrong continuously stresses the importance of confidence.

    what’s the only real weapon the central banks have to maintain credibility?
    Their gold reserves.
    How do you, if you are the ECB, use that weapon simultaneously against your two main competitors, the commercial banking interests in New York and London and the nascent crypto anarchists? You deploy your gold and steal everyone’s thunder.
    In the end the Free Gold community will get what they want, but not for the reasons they ever thought they would — a bidless paper gold market and true price discovery in gold.

    Some years ago, FOFOA predicted that the price of gold would reach $55,000 an ounce in (then) purchasing power.
    He was very methodical about his prediction.
    The problem is; the higher it goes, the more likely that it gets confiscated.


    • 5/28 Main inflation pressure hasn’t come yet, experts say – Epoch Times
      5/28 Is this type of vicious inflation closing in on USA? – GoldSilver
      5/28 US dollar index looks primed to breakdown to fresh 2021 lows – FX Street
      5/28 Inflation risk takes center stage – part I of II – Claudio Grass
      5/28 Larry Summers sends stark inflation warning to Joe Biden – CNN
      5/28 US inflation surprises are the highest on record – Zero Hedge

      5/28 Biden’s budget assumes a massive retroactive capital gains tax – Mish
      5/27 Biden to push $6 trillion U.S. budget for next fiscal year – MSN

      5/28 The Fed misses the biggest threat to financial stability: The Federal Reserve – AEI
      The FED is on a mission to get rid of the private banks. The bankers bought up politicians and reamed everybody. Yes, the FED is a threat to financial stability.
      YES, they planned it that way. There is no way for the West to escape the crush from the NYC and London banks..
      I don't know if FED head Powell is following some kind of plan put forth by Trump. BUT, the FED is on a mission to destroy private banking.
      This is hard to understand considering that the Federal Reserve is owned by private banks.

      Armstrong has 2 articles that lay out his claim that most of what is going on is the collapse of socialism.

      Ever since the "Greenspan put", the FED has rescued every facet of every market. In the long run, this destroys the currency.
      A friend asks “is the Fed trying to destroy the US dollar?” – Mish
      Retroactive taxes and a monstrous budget are an indication of a socialist attack on investors. They have fleeced all of us so, I won't shed a tear.

      It remains to be seen just how much inflation we get before the WEF pulls the plug on the whole system,,, probably in October.


      • Friday is D-Day. Watch the markets open Tuesday. Good luck, there is nothing you can do. The Fed must pay up. better here this!
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        • Banking Collapse is here.

          Now that is what I call sticking your neck up so it can be chopped off.

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          • While the WEF is going to "build back better", the self-appointed elites are going to improve the whole human race.
            "They" are using climate change as a justification to drastically reduce the human population.

            5/28 Cryptos will lead the next financial crisis, here’s why – Kitco
            5/28 Peter Schiff: Cryptocurrency fans are in denial – Explica

            5/28 US inflation surprises are the highest on record – Zero Hedge
            It's running close to 11%

            Microsoft President Warns 2024 Will Look Like Orwell's '1984' If We Don't Stop AI Police State
            The STATE only thinks about control to continue it's funding.

            And Now Prices Are Really Soaring: May Rent Jump Is Biggest On Record

            US Mint Delays Silver Shipments Due To "Global Silver Shortage"

            China Is Paying Less Than 8 Percent of Tariff Costs. Americans Are Paying the Rest

            EDIT, Under the 2020 CARES Act, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued nearly 168 million stimulus checks totaling $280 billion. However, the IRS mistakenly sent about 4.5 million checks to individuals who did not meet the requirements, including people who are no longer living
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            • "The standard debate about the future of the economy is: which will we get, high inflation or a deflationary collapse of defaults and asset bubbles popping?
              A recent conversation with my friend A.T. raised a third possibility few seem to consider: increasingly chaotic volatility will be the new normal, as wild swings between inflation and deflation will increase in amplitude and ferocity as the system destabilizes.
              Increasingly chaotic volatility is a classic sign of a system that has lost equilibrium and is attempting to regain its dynamic stability by going into overdrive.
              In the economic analogy, the system is responding to the decline of surpluses and efficiencies by pumping ever larger sums of new money into the system
              But perhaps the future is not one or the other, but a rapidly destabilizing system that will become increasingly prone to semi-chaotic swings of ever greater amplitude

              Maybe we need a gold standard to prevent these swings.

              "In other words, both critical mechanisms break down: the economy no longer responds to new injections of stimulus and the issuance of money no longer functions as desired."

              "As technological developments and markets go parabolic, we observe many market “experts”, even intelligent ones, forecasting that we are now in an exponential economic era. Thus many believe that this will go on forever."
              "Anyone studying the economy and history of markets knows that exponential moves indicate the end of an era and not the beginning."
              "Just as exponential moves up are spectacular, so are the reversals. And although few people understand it, exponential moves always reverse, at least temporarily. The problem is that the reversal is always faster, more violent and more hair raising than the advance."

              Despite record-breaking drought conditions, California officials are draining reservoirs
              SAVE the Snail Darter fish.

              "wildfires were off the charts in California, and could be even worse this year with the way things are going.
              Experts are already predicting that this year’s wildfire season will be unlike anything this country has ever experienced. In fact, some are warning of “permanent drought” conditions that could become the norm every single year."
              "Much of the Southwest and large swaths of California saw as little as 25 percent of the normal rainfall for the season."
              "At the California-Oregon border, the situation is also dire. Farmers throughout the region say lack of rain combined with federal officials shutting off their water supply is creating disastrous growing conditions.

              “In what is shaping up to be the worst water crisis in generations, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said it will not release water this season into the main canal that feeds the bulk of the massive Klamath Reclamation Project, marking a first for the 114-year-old irrigation system,” reports explains."

              Brazil on drought alert, faces worst dry spell in 91 yrs ...World Food Supply Getting Shorter and Shorter

              5/29 Social Security benefits may be cut sooner than previously suggested – Birch

              5/29 The Federal Reserve robs you of your wealth (unless you’re already rich) – Birch

              Any "taper talk" freaks out the markets. Megatons of money pixels are added daily to fight back deflation.
              Deflation talk – Mauldin Economics
              5/30 No immediate end to QE – Upfina
              OK, the markets love all this happy talk about continued pumping.
              5/29 Fed drains $485 billion in liquidity from market via reverse repos – Wolf Street
              Fed Alert: Reverse Repo Usage Nears Record As Repo Market Set To Blow

              The stock market is the easiest market to manipulate.
              5/30 US major indexes consolidate – watch for aggressive trending soon – Technical Traders
              They say to watch for aggressive action.
              They have NO IDEA if it will trend up or down.


              • Homeless girl needs food. Perfect for traffickers. DUMBs hoax of course.


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                • The American people are lazy and are getting rich off of Covid money. Useless slobs won't work for free. $200 a week is all they are worth.

                  Elderly Homeless Man Worked All of His Life Just to End up on the Streets of Los Angeles


                  • Anyone one catch going potty with be jailed or worse. No poop plz


                    • Millions are homeless and the CNN and ABC paints them as hot legged wkores who are making it big. Or fat lazy pigs that are mental or worthless. And most of you believe the news. Without a glass of milk, low on energy, cold no warm bed. Disappearing in the DUMBs 40 years and you think it ain't real. You are all next, just so you know. It doesn't matter what class you are in, you are target by the controller structure. You turn a blind eye and consent, you are next. Our nations policies are such that the controllers steal of the money and the energy of the enslaved. They all hate you and are part of this dictatorship called USA INC

                      If you love lies? What then?

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                      • The Fed is out of mula for the last time, printing press is all worn out. The ship is going down, it's okay to weep.



                        • Here is how the money loop repeats. Take out the space between bit and chute



                          • First, it was the pipeline attack.
                            I'd say that the WEF people are practicing for the big showdown.

                            Visualizing The Snowball Of Government Debt

                            Perhaps a more prescient question would be: how long can the world’s central banks keep interest rates at near-zero levels?

                            A Sinking Ship Of State Drowns Everyone

                            ...spending bill creates a national debt so massive that it has the means to destabilize a democracy dependent on a functioning economy.

                            Bill Gross: The Fed Can't Keep Its "Pedal To The Metal" Much Longer

                            "Cash has been trash for years but soon it may be the only haven for investors sated beyond reasonable expectations of perpetually low yields and supportive bond kings and queens..."

                            Desperate Netanyahu Threatens "Elimination" Of Iran Threat Even If "Friction" With US Results
                            "If we have to choose between friction with our great friend the US and the elimination of this existential threat, the elimination of the threat will come first."
                            Well, israel bombed the U.S. Liberty so, I guess that we can take their word for this.

                            "A Reset Is Required": Why Morgan Stanley Sees Pain In The Next 6 Months

                            Excellent articles
                            6/01 There are no solutions – Burning Platform
                            6/01 The three rivers of angst – James Howard Kunstler


                            • Yup USA INC child trafficking head quarters is imploding. Ding Dong the FED is dead. Time for the FED to roll over.



                              • Parkinson's Law states that GOV bureaucracy will grow by 6% a year regardless of work load.
                                The plandemic is an effort to lock down EVERYTHING to gain absolute control,,,, to fund the eternally growing State.
                                The whole digital currency is an effort to track every last penny.
                                ALL socialist States eventually go broke. "They" want to extend the lifespan of the current socialist system by converting to communism, AND stealing every cent that they can find.
                                Armstrong writes about the difference between digital money AND crypto currency.

                                "I find it interesting how nobody seems to distinguish between a digital currency and blockchain cryptocurrency. The former is not traceable other than that transaction. To eliminate cybercriminals, the World Economic Forum is pushing ending paper money and moving to cryptocurrencies – not digital. With blockchain, the government would be able to trace the money to the criminal. The side benefit will be to ensure everyone pays taxes on everything they ever dreamed of. This is the REAL purpose of cyberattacks that are private decisions and outside the jurisdiction of government to trace and prosecute."

                                "This is why Klaus Schwab is warning of cyberattacks. This is to end commerce globally without government-trackable cryptocurrencies.
                                The difference between a digital currency you use today with a debt or credit card is that is not traceable beyond a single transaction. Bitcoin using blockchain allows the government to trace every person who had that Bitcoin in the flow of money. Crypto is far more than digital and they never want to talk about that either."
                                "They are desperate to get China and Russia into their Great Reset because just as the US dollar is the world currency with 70% of paper dollars circulating outside the United States, that could be replaced by the Chinese currency as was the case back in Japan. Will history repeat? Will we be using Chinese currency because Schwab succeeds in 2023 to end paper money in the West?"

                                EU Launches "Digital Wallet" In Latest Step Toward 'Cashless Society'

                                CCP Mouthpiece Says Beijing Needs More Nuclear Weapons After Trade Talks
                       that U.S. policymakers would “tremble” whenever they thought of having a “military confrontation with China.”

                                6/02 There are no solutions (part two) – Burning Platform
                                Very informative article