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  • It is well known that there is a cycle to the economy, much of it dependent on confidence. As confidence rises, speculation and credit creation rise. It ALWAYS overshoots and returns to a baseline,,, or lower. This is the business cycle.
    Many decades ago, the monetary authorities claimed that they had ended the business cycle and, we were on a permanent high plateau.
    It all crashed a couple months later.
    As is very well known, the tribe controls most of the financial industry.

    The tribe can't stand any financial losses. They are always trying to defeat the business cycle. All the FED heads have been from the tribe.
    The economy was cooling down in the late '90s. This would normally involves losses to speculators. A normal correction.
    "Greenspan put was the moniker given to the policies implemented by Alan Greenspan during his tenure as Federal Reserve (Fed) chairman. The Greenspan-led Fed was extremely proactive in halting excessive stock market declines, acting as a form of insurance against losses, similar to a regular put option."
    "Shortly after the market crash of 1987, the Fed cut rates, changing course in the middle of a tightening cycle. That action has famously become known as the “Greenspan put” because of the implied promise that central bankers led by Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan would bail out market participants who indulged in risky behavior."

    They tried to stop the corrections of the business cycle. All that they accomplished was to postpone these corrections.
    "“The Rediscovery of the Business Cycle – is a sign of the times. Not much more than a decade ago, in what now seems a more innocent age, the ‘New Economics’ had become orthodoxy. Its basic tenet, repeated in similar words in speech after speech, in article after article, was described by one of its leaders as ‘the conviction that business cycles were not inevitable, that government policy could and should keep the economy close to a path of steady real growth"

    Paul Volker was the only FED head who was not of the tribe. He was Presbyterian. He wrote a book.
    The Rediscovery of the Business Cycle Paperback – January 1, 1979
    by Paul A. Volcker (Author)

    Volker wrote this in 1979. This did not stop Greenspan from trying to backstop EVERY financial entity starting in 1989.
    What next?
    "The term Bernanke put has become almost as ubiquitous as the Greenspan put was during the late-1980s and 1990s. Derived from the concept of a put option, ."
    Ben Shalom Bernanke is also of the tribe.

    The tribe constantly worked to ensure that no financial institution ever lost a penny.
    Powell's Fed Isn't About to End the 'Greenspan Put"
    "Shortly after the market crash of 1987, the Fed cut rates, changing course in the middle of a tightening cycle"
    This "change of course" is still with us.
    Now, Yellen is at the Treasury.
    "government policy could and should keep the economy close to a path of steady real growth"
    This brought a steady growth of financial assets, NOT the real economy.
    Tangible assets are now only valued at 6% of the entire asset world.
    The vast majority of "assets" have NO relationship to ANYTHING physical.

    The CBs can't slow down liquidity creation. You won't buy an asset if you don't believe that you can sell it later. If you buy very risky assets, you need to sell to a greater fool. The CBS are the self-appointed greater fools. Since EVERYTHING is over-valued, the FED must stand ready to buy everything.

    The CB is supposed to take away the punch bowl when the party gets too wild,,, too risky.
    Greenspan aka, the Maestro, doubled down on the punchbowl.
    NOW, nobody can let off the liquidity creation gas pedal.


    • Kim Goguen over global money systems under marshal law


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          • Kim and Charlie talk about the way money flows. Draining the swamp is done with money


            Kimberly Ann Goguen Talks To Charlie Ward


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              • Arrogant Commucrat Rep Says Most Americans WANT Gas Tax Increase To Help Fund Biden's $2 Trillion Green Scam...Says Most Too Dumb To Notice

                Klaus Schwab says that in 10 years, you will own nothing. The Dems are twisting the laws to make sure that you have NO accumulated wealth. It will all eventually go to the State.

                James Rickards warns that Bitcoin and Tether cryptocurrencies are a massive, illegal fraud that will catastrophically collapse

                Hedge Fund CIO - 'At Some Point, Through Inflation, War Or Confiscation, The System Will Restart'
                NOT going to happen.
                The price of energy is going way up in the West. As we pay more for energy, we have much less for everything else.
                The State is trying to support everybody who lost out to automation & outsourcing.
                It finances that through currency inflation. That can't go on forever.
                War would only destroy trade and productivity. The reflexive action from CBs would be to create more liquidity to compensate for lost productivity.
                This would have the "desired" effect of killing MANY millions of people who depended on food imports.
                Confiscation wipes out motivation. Everybody gets much poorer. The already-poor simply die.

                Russian gas exports to Europe surge 30% in 2021 as harsh winter forces foreign consumers to boost energy purchases
                Sure, go ahead and attack Russia. See what happens.


                • As I've repeatedly said; the State is only going to look out for the State. Parkinson's Law says that the State bureaucracy grows by 6% a year regardless of work load.
                  So, how does the state plan to finance this.?
                  "The Boris Johnson government is now funding companies to produce facial recognition technology that will utilize digital face scans to check people’s vaccination status and allow or block them from entering pubs, stadiums, and other venues. In order to do that, it means everyone who is vaccinated must submit to have their face scanned. People never understand that legislation that says billionaires must now pay a 25% wealth tax because their are billionaires, means that EVERYONE must report everything their own down to their watch and computer to PROVE they are not only of those billionaires."
                  You cannot use face recognition to identify those who are not vaccinated unless you create a database of everyone’s face who gets vaccinated.
                  When they imposed the INCOME TAX in 1913, only millionaires were to be taxed. How do they know who those people are unless they know what everyone has? Welcome to the REAL WORLD of regulation.

                  When our computer has been projecting that the British pound would fall below that of the 1985 low of par $1.03, never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect the prime minister to deliberately destroy his own country. He and his family’s association with Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation and proponents of reducing the world population are most disturbing.

                  The Marxists have always claimed that socialism would work great if only they had absolute control. Big Tech has enabled this total control.
                  Socialism always impoverishes the people. Poor people have fewer children. Is that the whole point of purposely crashing the economy?

                  4/05 US national debt passes $28 trillion, +$4.7 trillion in 13 months – Wolf Street
                  4/05 The great covid power grab, as leaders’ push for ‘pandemic treaty’ – RT
                  JUST IMAGINE WHAT THEY COULD DO,,,,,, TO US?
                  4/04 Do we now need permission to be free? – Spiked


                  • "With incessant deficit spending, governments must finance the new debt at virtually no cost to avoid default. That is why we are seeing $18 trillion of negative yielding government bonds"
                    "Greece just launched a 30 year massively oversubscribed bond issue at 1.95%. For comparison, US 30 year bonds yield 2.36%. Both these borrowers are virtually bankrupt"
                    "So the government bond market is biggest bubble of them all. That won’t stop it from expanding further.

                    Just take the US. When Trump was elected in November 2016, US debt was $20 trillion. Based on history I forecast that it would reach $28t in January 2021 and $40t in 2025. At the time most market observers found this forecast preposterous but sadly they hadn’t studied history which told us what would happen."
                    "Based on the current situation of the US economy and the forecasted deficits and credit expansion, $40 trillion in 2025 is too low and we are now looking at a US debt of $50t."
                    Side note, Klaus Schwab says that you will own nothing in 2030. He has plans for your money and possessions.
                    "Remember that when Reagan took over in 1981, US debt was under $1t. So 44 years later the debt is forecast at $50t in 2025. That is an astounding compound annual growth rate of 28% of US debt between 1981 and 2025. And this figure doesn’t include potential defaults in credit or derivative markets which could increase the $50t exponentially. Total US debt of $84 trillion can never be repaid and nor can it be serviced"

                    "When bubbles burst, the domino effect is incalculable. In addition to debt default of $10s of trillions, derivative defaults, which are very likely, could add $100 of trillions and more."
                    "every single event of hyperinflation in history has arisen as a result of the currency collapsing. It is not the increase in demand for goods and services, nor central bank interest rate policy that causes hyperinflation."
                    "Just look at the table below. All the major currencies have lost 80-86% in real purchasing power (gold) since 2000 and 96-99% since 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window."
                    "The Dow peaked against gold in 1999. The ratio came down from 44 to 6 or by 87% in 2011. We have now seen a 10 year correction with the compliment of the Fed and massive money printing combined with credit expansion."
                    Gamblers BELIEVE that they are making money in the stock market.
                    As I showed in last week’s article, gold is today as cheap in relation to money supply as it was in 1970 at $35 and as cheap as in 2000 when gold was $290.

                    The PTB must massively pump in liquidity into the markets so that you will believe that you are gaining.
                    At what point do you just walk away,,, run away?
                    BofA "Sell" Signal Triggered Any Moment... The Last This Happened Time Was May 2007
                    Back in mid-December, when stocks were melting up furiously daily amid unprecedented retail euphoria, which would only get crazier and crazier until eventually it forced Citi to use a bigger chart two months later to capture the market's retail euphoria...


                    • Kim-Tank-erous yuck yuck



                      • Follow the money.



                        • It is very clear that the idea of a lockdown came before the virus appeared. It took years for Fauci to develop an "adequate" virus.
                          China was very much onboard with a lockdown. Evidently, China didn't believe their social credit system to be adequate control.
                          400 million cameras connected to AI just wasn't enough.
                          The world economic forum at Davos was the world center for creating & executing the virus & lockdown.
                          This is all part of the great reset . Christine LaGarde spoke of the great reset in 2015 when she was head of the IMF. She is now head of the European central bank.
                          The long planned for lockdown was intended to completely destroy the economy so that it could be built back better.

                          Klaus Schwab and the WEF give themselves away when they tell us that, "you will own nothing and, be happy".
                          WHERE does this come from?
                          Klaus Schwab was born in Nazi Germany in 1938. Little information is available as to his upbringing – i.e., the degree to which he was educated to believe in Nazi doctrine – but whatever he was taught in his youth, he is, today, one of the most ardent believers in, and proponents of, totalitarian rule.
                          The term “Nazi” refers to Nationalsozialistisch, or “National Socialism,” and its overall concept was fascism – a concept that encompassed a corporatist economic system, socialist political system and totalitarian rule."

                          The WEF advocates building "back better" with national socialism,,,, in NAME ONLY. It would require the total control from BIG TECH to accomplish this fascist dream.
                          The fascist system would guarantee the profits for big tech.
                          The socialist part would guarantee perpetual financing for the runaway bureaucracy of the State.
                          Klaus says that "you will own nothing". EVERYTHING will be a service.

                          The basic concepts are perennial in their attraction to those who seek to dominate:
                          1. Create an uber class of those who are highly positioned in both industry and politics.
                          2. Cripple the middle class economically, so that they no longer have the power to make their own life decisions.
                          3. Offer dramatically increased dependency on the State as a relief from the economic hardship created by the state.
                          4. Remove freedoms, in trade for the promise of largesse from the State.
                          5. Institute a police state and totalitarian rule to ensure that the new paradigm will be lasting.
                          6. Once controls are fully implemented and the populace has become dependent on the new system, begin to remove the promised entitlements.

                          The idea behind this final bullet point is that, once the population is thoroughly dependent upon the state, they will have lost the power to object or rebel if entitlements are removed. They are then fully dominated.

                          But today, the jurisdictions listed above are now solidly in the completion stage of bullet point #2 and have begun to provide the offer of bullet point #3: the promised solution to the populace.

                          And so, we return to our poster boy for totalitarianism: Klaus Schwab.
                          Professor Schwab’s video offers an idyllic state in which people can rid themselves of all the personal debt, the political upheaval and the social unrest that is now expanding so rapidly.
                          The proposed solution is that you sign over your right to own possessions on a permanent basis, in trade for a life in which there is minimal responsibility. The world government will provide you with a basic income. You will rent whatever you need – a residence, a vehicle, appliances, even your clothing.

                          There will be no more wars. A “handful of countries” will rule the world cooperatively.
                          The government will have full control of every aspect of your life, plus the task of removing any obstacles to your happiness.
                          For one thing, you give up all rights at the beginning of the deal. You will have lost all your possessions and all your freedoms. You will be 100% dependent upon the state
                          Yet, somehow, the result, no matter which group theoretically holds the reins of power at any given time, has always been a larger, more powerful government and a populace that was increasingly robbed of its freedoms – social, political and economic.
                          Editor’s Note: There’s no question the elite are eager to promote policies like negative interest rates, the abolition of cash
                          Doug Casey and his team just released an urgent new report titled Doug Casey’s Top 7 Predictions for the Raging 2020s.

                          Click here to download the free PDF now.


                          • No money for the dying sale ole


                            • US is short on cash unless you are rich. Drug selling pays the bills $5000/wk

                              Selling young trim hungry homeless girls brings in the cheddar.


                              • Good drugs make the world go round