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  • QFS takeover

    What is the new Quantum financial system?
    This new Quantum Financial System – QFS runs on a quantum computer, based on an orbiting satellite, and is protected by Secret Space Programs to ensure that it cannot be hacked. ... The purpose of the new financial system is to put an end to Cabal corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking world
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      This what is coming back to you for a house and a car


      • Gold backed crypto QFS


        • Nesara And Gesara, Current Times

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            • Federal reserve crashed.



              • A little more detail.
                The Federal Reserve’s critical system for interbank payments which serves as the backbone of virtually all money transfers in the US, went down Wednesday afternoon as trillions in payments suddenly ground to a halt. The outage, similar to two significant disruptions suffered by the Fed in 2019, was widespread across all payment systems maintained by the central bank,
                “A Federal Reserve operational error resulted in disruption of service in several business lines,”
                So, an error trashed the whole system. Imagine that.

                A couple of years ago, Hawaii received a warning of an incoming missile. After 20 minutes, the warning was cancelled. Blamed on a "fat finger". Yeah, RIGHT. 20 minutes.
                Fulford reported that it was a real missile launched from a sub in the vicinity of North Korea to get a war started. Boats at sea saw the interception/explosion.

                Microsoft: SolarWinds attack took more than 1,000 engineers to create
                So, was this some kind of dry run?

                Charles Hugh Smith has a couple of good articles.

                Just read it.
                Bubble symmetry
                "Needless to say, few are expecting bubble symmetry to manifest now, because, well, of course, "this time it's different." Indeed. It's always different and yet always the same, too. '
                "1. All speculative bubbles pop, regardless of source, time or place. (100% of all historical evidence supports this.)"
                The dot-com bubble offers a classic example of bubble symmetry and scale invariance. (See chart below.) Note how the bubble arose in two legs of X duration and it crashed in two symmetrical legs of X duration. In both legs, the crash returned to the same levels from which the bubble took off.

                Scale invariance: this same symmetry is visible in bubbles that soar and crash in 6 days, 6 months or 6 years. The symmetry also holds whether the instrument soars from $1 to $5 or $100 to $500, or whether it is in index, commodity or equity."

                GREAT GRAPHS.
                Everything erased when I posted this link.
                The important thing to remember is The time that it took to rise is also the time / duration that it will take to return to the baseline.

                Automation is NOT going to die out.


                • 2/25 M1 money supply is up $14 trillion in the past year – Sven Henrich
                  Think about WHY the PTB increased the money supply this much.
                  Previously, FED GOV increased the money supply be about 6% a year. According to Parkinson's Law, State bureaucracy grows by 6% a year.
                  At the same time, the speculators managed to ; fire up price inflation while depressing wage inflation.
                  Over time, this drop in purchasing power was "rectified" by stretching credit terms.
                  The consumer finally reached a point where further credit extensions made the interest cost higher than the original purchase price.
                  Outsourcing brought price deflation but, it also brought employment reduction.

                  We reached a point where 51% of Americans received a check from the State. The private sector was dying out and, could NOT support the public sector.
                  For every $1 of new taxes, the productive economy is reduced by $3. At the same time, new stimulus was seeing ever-diminishing returns.
                  The lockdowns pushed things off a cliff,, as desired by the communists who wanted everybody to be dependent on the State.

                  This $14 trillion of new money supply did not create any new goods & services.
                  It also did not solve any problems in a permanent way.
                  Power corrupts and, attracts the already corrupted. The State is a parasite that never fails to create new money to support itself.
                  The hocus-pocus performed on the U.S. dollar is starting to lose effectiveness. The State does NOT need to pull a new rabbit out of it's hat.
                  It has an old rabbit that it can use. Special Drawing Rights SDR
                  Keep in mind that a bazillion new SDRs do not create any new goods or services.

                  'Part of the problem is due to a process called Triffin’s Dilemma, named after economist Robert Triffin. Triffin said that the issuer of a dominant reserve currency had to run trade deficits so that the rest of the world could have enough of the currency to buy goods from the issuer and expand world trade.
                  In 1969, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) created the SDR, possibly to serve as a source of liquidity and alternative to the dollar.
                  In 1971, the dollar did devalue relative to gold and other major currencies. SDRs were issued by the IMF from 1970 to 1981. None were issued after 1981 until 2009 during the global financial crisis.
                  Since 2009, the IMF has proceeded in slow steps to create a platform for massive new issuances of SDRs and the creation of a deep liquid pool of SDR-denominated assets.

                  On January 7, 2011, the IMF issued a master plan for replacing the dollar with SDRs.
                  The IMF study recommended that the SDR bond market replicate the infrastructure of the U.S. Treasury market, with hedging, financing, settlement and clearance mechanisms substantially similar to those used to support trading in Treasury securities today.
                  Now, the IMF is planning to issue $500 billion of new SDRs, although some Democrat senators are lobbying for an issue of $2 trillion SDRs or more.
                  One of the ECB Board members says that negative rates (really confiscation) will be applied as a “penalty” against “hoarding” cash. In plain English, that means they will create digital money, force you to spend it, and if you don’t spend it, they will take it away as a “negative rate.”

                  The U.S. dollar is America's currency.
                  The Euro is nobody's currency and, soon to collapse.
                  The SDR would be nobody's currency.
                  BUT, everybody would be demanding that more and more of them be issued.


                  • The economics of government default
                    2/26 Yes, this time we’ll have inflation, and here’s why – AIER
                    2/26 Copper jumps to 9-1/2 year high on inflation fears – Reuters
                    2/25 Powell pushes back on concerns of prices rising, overheating – Yahoo
                    /25 Is rising inflation about to hit U.S. economy in big way? – Kimble Charting Solutions
                    2/25 Jerome Powell is lying and we will all pay for it – Zero Hedge
                    2/25 Powell disses inflation and ignores questions from Congress about leverage – Mish

                    2/25 66 analysts now see gold at $3,000; $10,000; $20,000 – even $50,000 – MunKnee
                    2/26 Albert Edwards: we are at the breaking point – Zero Hedge
                    Monetary inflation: the next step – Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney

                    Housing is the place where the upper loop of the economy meets the lower loop.
                    House prices have risen at 6 times the rate of general price inflation.
                    Price inflation is tracked by MIT,,,,, a billion at a time.


                    • Due to global warming, Texas did not winterize their power grid
                      BTC is an attempt to escape negative interest rates
                      "With global debt now totaling a record $281 trillion, the ratio of debt to global GDP has risen 35 percentage points to over 355 percent,"
                      It is believed that the point of no return is when debt is 85% of GDP. The debt can no longer be serviced at normal interest rates. Interest rates are rising
                      2/26 In a flash, U.S. yields hit 1.6%, wreaking havoc across markets – Yahoo

                      China Declares ‘Complete Victory’ Against Poverty amid Food Supply Concerns
                      THAT is all you need to know. We see an official denial. This means that the opposite is true.
                      "The 832 “impoverished counties” were also allegedly removed from Communist Party statistics in November, when Xi first declared the war on poverty was over. At the time, the Wall Street Journal, questioning the announcement, noted, “a report this year from former World Bank officials said that if a uniform standard of $5.50 a day in income, or around $2,000 a year, were applied, some 373 million or about 27% of the population would be considered in poverty.”

                      Britain gave away Palestine when it was NOT theirs to give away. They are being sued for this.

                      A French village says NON to Starlink because of radiation concerns

                      2/26 World’s first bitcoin ETF soars past $500 million in assets – Yahoo!
                      Imagine that 1/2 $ billion worth of smoke.


                      • The FED took over every market that threatened to collapse. By printing & pumping, they bought up every failing bank, corporation and government.
                        They essentially nationalized everything. All this currency inflation was destined to create price inflation. The price inflation is starting to emerge in a big way.
                        "The Fed is now trapped by the very success of its PR. The Fed wanted inflation, now it's unleashed self-reinforcing feedback loops"
                        Bank of America gives 10 reasons why it expects a crash in the second quarter.

                        For Bonds, This Is Now The Second Worst Bear Market In 40 Years
                        No worries, the FED will buy everything.
                        Federal Judge Rules Nationwide Eviction Ban Is Unconstitutional

                        2/27 G20 promises no let-up in stimulus, sees tax deal by Summer – Reuters

                        2/27 ‘Brace for rampant inflation’: billionaire stunned at “market craziness” – ZH

                        In a normal economic system, price discovery is controlled by supply & demand. Since the Central Banks are buying up everything under the sun, there is NO price discovery.
                        You can only sell an over-priced asset for more than you paid if you can find a greater fool. The CBs are now the greater fool that will pay any asking price.